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Are Our Horses Better Off Than They Were Four Years Ago?

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Dicey Question, Difficult Choice

We are late in publishing a commentary, today, because one of the cardinal rules of this blog has been to avoid discussion on both politics and religion with good reasoning; the above two issues are personal, intimate and to many very private.  I have delayed posting so that Terry, my truly better half, could weigh in on my commentary and I do feel that I owe this readership a word or two, we are family.  I believe I am now at edit number seventeen under Terry’s direction.

Remember several months ago when I commented on how Ann Romney found solace and healing from her MS through contact with her horses?  I was shocked and dismayed at the lashing that I took for simply bringing up Ann Romney’s name.  From my perspective I thought it was a good thing that someone with a bit of a media footprint spoke to the heart of where we equine advocates reside but I paid for my naïve outlook with a backlash of political commentary and fallout.  Lesson learned.

So today, the day before a historic election, I will not speak of parties or political persuasions as both Terry and I vote on issues, not on party or candidate’s personalities…it’s all about getting things done and we are dead serious about our decisions.  With that in mind, I pose this question, again:

Are our Horses, both domestic and wild, any better off than they were four years ago?

If you actually contemplate that question for a cool and solid ten seconds the sensible and educated mind will answer with a simple, non-divisive, “Hell No!”

This election is not about Democrats or Republicans.  Historically Republicans have been anti-animal while our strongest elected advocates have been Democrats.  For us, Rep. Jim Moran stands tall and with whom we maintain a very open dialogue.  So this election is not about parties, it is about issues.

Many of you have stood with us outside the White House and protested, you have organized demonstrations in your home towns, you have lobbied along side of us in D.C. and joined us in letter, email and fax campaigns.  Do you feel that you have ever, for one fleeting moment, been acknowledged…from my perspective the answer is simply and unequivocally a sterile and lonely, NO!

Our final flash in the pan effort to get this current, incumbent administration at least give us a nod was when Jerry Finch, Terry and I flew to D.C. in September to hand deliver over 15,000 of your letters to the President to stop the roundups and allow us to take an actually accounting of what is left on the public lands…and what did we hear in reply, NOTHING, NADA, ZIP.  In return all we have received is the arrogant, “don’t bother me” attitude that has been the hallmark of the current leadership of this country.  It is not as if we have not tried.

So for me, I have become weary of voting for the lesser of two evils; instead I am focused on the issue of the horses and at this point in time I am furious with the current, appointed cattleman who is the Secretary of our Department of Interior, Ken Salazar, who is supposedly in charge of overseeing the welfare of our wild horses and burros…and has done a piss poor job.  Also a point to consider is that his cozy, next-door neighbor has been fingered with selling over 1,700 American wild horses to slaughter.  Pretty telling don’t you think?  It is not a pretty picture and this appointee needs to go away and needs to be axed, yesterday.

I am not talking about electing a President but instead denouncing an appointee…I guess in a nutshell I will find myself voting AGAINST Salazar instead of endorsing his current policy of managing our wild horses and burros to extinction; we HAVE to make a change and on Election Day we do have that option.  Now how we go about effecting that change is yet to be determined.

Tuesday will prove to be a most interesting day, indeed.

Vote for your love of this land and the horses; they can only verbalize through your selection…the power of change, for them, is in your hands.

Listen to your heart, consider the horses and do the right thing.

Keep the faith and God Bless America.

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  1. It is unfortuneate that the talk on someone who took solice in horses to help with a medical condition was turned into a political matter. We have faced similar in Canada when a private members bill to ban slaughter was turned into a political rallyto support one party even though there was support from members of all parties. Will be nice when the good of the many is again of more importance than that of the few


    • You don’t come out and say it, but you are strongly implying Romney would change things for the better for horses if elected, and I don’t agree that is a valid assessment. Anne loves her dressage horse, but Romney is not sensitive to animals, look at him putting his dog in a kennel on top of the car and driving hundreds of miles during the summer on vacation! What an idiot! I do not believe he would be at all concerned about wild horses and burros, and I believe there is far more Republican cattlemen that will continue their power control over the BLM. I do believe the current administration just had their hands full with more pressing issues over the economy, and if reelected, would be better able to address other issues in the next four years.


      • I agree that the Obama adm is not directly to blame & the alternative does not give much hope if at all


      • No President is not willing to save Our Mustangs , we and we alone have to do it, we must Unite for this , there is no power stronger , then the power we can generate with the Love we all of us have for the Mustangs and all Horses they are our and have always been our link to each other they are here as the gift to bring all living things together……This I am sure of……………… We cannot compromise them , they are Freedom if they lose it we lose it and all living things, this is how important they are !!!!!!!! I have known this from the very first time I encountered them……………….


      • He’s going to address Agenda 21, and that will involve doing away with mustangs as well as ranchers. So, you’ll be half happy.


    • ……agreed, Louie.

      So what does that leave intelligent humans? What to do?

      BTW….I understand that for speed of cabinet nomination approval, the Obama Administration backed off and took Slaughterczar….notice how quickly he was approved.

      Dear God, where do we go from here…rioting in the streets?!?


      • There is a lot at stake here not just for our wild horses, but for our domestic horses as well. The President’s energy policies have dramatically in creased the cost of fuel.. This, in turn, also increases the price of hay. Some of the people who used to grow hay are now growing corn, and we are also exporting hay to China. We need to have less expensive energy that what we will have if the President is re-elected.



    • Right, Louie. It feels wrong to keep settling for same-old same-old — whether the subject is horse slaughter and wild horse extinction or another important (ignored by the mainstream media) issue of the day. Which is why I’m voting for the first time ever for a third-party candidate — the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

      Some recent media comments on Stein include:

      I hope when the results are tallied I’ll be pleasantly surprised by a stampede of voters heading for the exits of the two-party system and embracing a new alternative.


      • There is another way to look at the third party vote. If you vote for a third party, your vote will not do anything for the horses. The only way we say any of these horses is to Salazar out, but I am not sure that Salazar is not doing what the President wants him to do.


  2. Keep writing, keep sharing information and keep praying GOD will help America. America needs couragous people. America’s horses, mules and donkeys are depending on us humans to be their voice. I agree America’s horses are NOT better Off Than Four Years Ago. GOD bless you!


  3. Although I totally agree with you….Salazar is a disaster & Obama is not listening…I’m afraid it WILL BE between the lesser of 2 evils. The only saving grace I can think of is that Obama was poised to appoint Rep. Raul Grijava of AZ as head of the DOI, before Obama CAVED to republicans and appointed Salazar. Grijalva was astrong voice to save the Salt River wild horses in AZ. I have been, for the last several months, bombarding Obama with emails & tweets to replace Salazar with Grijalva. I hope if he’s re-elected that he will do that. There’s just way too much PRO-slaughter on the republican side….Ryan, Steve King of Iowa…just to name a couple. Just my two cents worth!


    • Obama did come close to appointing Grijalva of AZ as head of the DOI, however gave in to the Republicans their choice of Salazar which ensured that the DOI/BLM would continue business as usual for the benefit of the few and the hell for public lands and animals (except cattle). Romney did state that he would have fired Salazar long ago, but only because he (Salazar) held back on oil drilling where unused oil leases were lapsing and for being (momentarily) critical of BP during the Gulf of Mexico catastrophic oil spill. It is all about business and plundering ALL resources.

      Voting always been ” the lesser of the two evils’, voting for either party is getting the same thing you have got before.


      • I am surprised that you are saying that the Republicans wanted Salazar. I don’t think that Salazar is doing a single thing that Republicans would choose to do. Governor Romney told the President in March that he needed to fire Salazar. There are a lot of people both DemIocrats and Republicans who would like to see him gone, but the Democrats are being funded, some of them are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros funds. The only think George Soros would want with horses is to sell them to Russian or China—and since he funding so many Democrats and causes that are identified with the Democrats, I seriously doubt if you are going to get hit real support for either of these bills in this session in Congress.

        I know that a lot of people see this as Democrat vs. Republcan race. Neither candidate is truly representative of his party. It seems to me like someone who loves animals, considers them as part of the family, will treat them better than someone who does not consider them a commodity.

        When my students wrote President Clinton and President Bush, they received a letter that acknowledge that the President had received the letter. I do not kow if a single advocate has reived a post card from the President or his aid. It is isn’t like this President spends a lot of time studying up on the issues. He would rather spend time talking to the Pimp with a Limp so he had a chance to show his coolness when he could have talked to R. T., Jerry, and Terry.


  4. I think it is important; that you wrote this. I consider myself a Rep; but will vote Dem; depending on the issues. I definitely think the Wild Horses are way worse off; than 4 years ago. For one thing; I don’t believe the White House listens; AT ALL. I have called or written countless elected officials. I only heard back from Paul Ryan ( my state) and he sent me a “congressional report” from last Fall..that I am still digesting. Actually, I wonder how or if I should; forward it too you. I also got an e-mail from the Romney’s also. Pretty standard; but a reply anyway. I also recieved a more personal letter from a Campaign (Romney) staffer; that promises me; they will look in to it farther. That’s it. The white House has an open to the public forum….I have applied numerous times; it is open to ALL Americans…..and 5 weeks later; I am still not able be “accepted”. Wonder why??? I am deeply worried @ the fate of our wild ones. And I do not understand the main stream media either. I remember the outrage in the 70’s and the law passing; meant to protect. I truly believe this is not in the OPEN (NEWS) enough…..I would hope that Americans would be more outraged…..but they need to know. I try; with my limited friends; I will always try. I absolutely believe that the roundups have to STOP. Leave these animals and their families alone; they know how to survive out there. Don’t get me started on America’s corporate Beef industry…..UGHH!!!!! I will always believe Ken Salazar is an Evil person and the rest of his BLM cronies; I hope they rot in hell; money grubbers.


  5. Will anyone here join us in an injunction to stop BLM from selling horses to Tom Davis until he can tell the public where he has taken our horses to?
    Please contact Lorna @ 831-644-6160 if interested. Congressman Morans office is writting a letter to BLM about this and appearently it is illegal to sell wild horses to slaughter with tax payers money in the Ag Appropreations bill.


    • The pro-hibition to sell wild horses is in the Interior Appropriations Bill. Representative Mike Simpson is Chair of that Committee. Congressman Moran is on both the Interior and Agriculture Committees.

      President Obama created the Rural Council through an Executive Order. The Rural Council is working to integrate some of the policies that are part of the President’s agency that is related to cutting carbon emissions, taking more control of public and private lands, and several other big issues. It may have been through this council that he game Secretary Slytherin Salazar the ability to issue Administrative Orders. I do not think there is a ghost of a chanse the President will cut ties with Salazar unless he has just been playing around with him for four years. Secretary Salazar has been henchman for the President over the past few years.


  6. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}

    As much as I admire what you and Terry are doing for our horses, I regret to tell you, that I believe one issue voters deserve nothing from their Country. I pretty much knew you guys were Republicans from the start but, I believed in your cause. No more. If you are so dumb to imagine that Mitt Romney gives a rat’s ass about the welfare of horses, you are sadly mistaken. I will be removing Straight From The Horses Heart from my facebook page.    


    • Please, remove me from your Facebook page post haste as your response indicates that you missed the entire point of my comment. I did not ever mention Mitt Romney and only spoke of the abuse I sustained when observing the good that horses seemed to share with his wife, period, full stop.

      What you portray, here, is the narrow minded bigotry that I was speaking out against. For all you know we voted independent…my comment was for and about the horses with a jab made at Ken Salazar, the rest you fabricated. Sorry you missed the point but did you portray for all to see the problem that we face when attempting to discuss serious issues with those who have less than open minds.

      For that, I am sorry for you but wish you luck, tomorrow.


      • Friday I met Congressman Whitfield (R-KY) He will be replacing Brett Guthrie who is for horse slaughter IMO. Whitfield co-sponsored the anti-horse slaughter bill that passed the House and is the co-sponsor of the Transportation Act and the bill to inrease the penalty for soring TN Walkers. He is very courageous by taking a stand for horses and I will be voting for him. I vote for the man and not the party. His aide told me today that he has all the wild horse info with him that I gave him so hopefully he’s looking it over . I will be sending him a letter also.


  7. Our current Administration in Washington, has been a failure in many respects!! Whoever will show our horses, burrows and our wolves, respect, will have my vote!!!! I have also, attempted to bringthis matter to the attention of my State Senators (Ohio) and my local Congressman. When President Obama stripped the protection for our wolves, I vowed that I WOULD NOT vote for him, again. Only Sherrod Brown, of Ohio, has acknowledged my inquiry.. It is the “individual,” not just the political party!!


  8. Wild horses/burros can not be separated from politics. Remember that Paul Ryan is pro-slaughter and a republican administration will “kill them all” asap. This repub congress has been the worst ever on environment/wildlife; they aim to render the EPA, Endangered Species Act, and Clean Water Act useless and with their “puppet” head they will do just that. The two party candidates are competing for head “puppet” to pander special interests. It’s too bad that Americans don’t look past the media to realize there are other candidates/parties they can vote for.


    • I believe you will see a much different Omaba in his second term. During his first term, he tried to reach across the aisle to the Republicans and they rebuffed any attempt he made. Please don’t forget that we were in the doorway to a great depression as he went into office. Granted, we have a big deficit to contend with, but I don’t believe anyone would have done better under the same circumstances, much less Romney. The economy is ticking up.

      I’m from Masschusetts and lived under Romney as governor of the commonwealth. Please, don’t be fooled. He was aloof and ineffective and MA ranked 47th in job creation. He raised every possible “fee” (instead of calling them taxes) in the state and actually hurt small business in the process. Although things eventually got better on the job front, MA still recovered at the slowest rate in the nation with the exception of Louisanna! Romney went around the country making very negative comments about the state and his only objective was to run for the White House. Republicans will not help the mustangs…to the contrary. This group would not even help the unemployed and laid off people during the worst downturn we have seen since the great depression. Their record on the environment is obscene. Do you really believe this group will save wild mustangs because Ann Romney happens to like horses and uses them for physical therapy? If it is expedient to save money, this man will slaughter each and every one in captivity and clear the plains of whatever remains. Let me close this long dialog by quoting the book of Mormon:

      “Animals have been given over to the care of man. The Lord decries the wasting of flesh. Therefore, hunting for pleasure or fun is in opposition to the Lord’s plan. Animals killed should be eaten. The Word of Wisdom instructs that it is permissible and intended for mankind to use the meat of animals as food, though sparingly. Likewise, anyone who teaches against the consumption of meat is “not ordained of God”. (D&C 49:18)”


    • LNorman,
      There is much more to this Wildlife, Endangered Wpecies Act, Clearn Water Act than meets the eye, and there are reasons that necessarily mean that Republicans are against any of these in principle—it’s complicated, but since I have been studying UN Agenda 21, I am getting a better handle on this.

      Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, and Earth Justic sue the government frequently for the purpose of preventing human beings from being able to use the land. What happens usually is that the government settles with these groups, there will be some littel compromise, and then our tax dollars are used to pay for their attorney.

      However, if you believe the evidence of how UN Agenda 21 is beling implemented, you can see that having these environmental groups to sue the government to preserve a species, for a rock formation, is gradually closing down public land for human use.

      I have talked with a number of leaders in the NC Republican Party and they are aware of what this UN Agenda 21 thing is. It isn’t really about saving the environment, it is about the government gaining control of the land and eventually being able to control our behavior through environmental rules. What I get a sense of is that the Republicans are recognizing how this is playing out—so while they may support the cause itself, they may or may nnot be tryinto to prevent the permanent ban of humans on public land.


  9. Vote w/ your heart for the horses? Does anyone even know where Romney stands? Just b/c they are into dressage does not make them against slaughter or round ups. Romney wants the pipeline & drilling all over. I don’t think that would be good for OUR horses – having the Canadians decide essentially… Romney would def be worse for our environment, which means the horses would suffer as well as the rest of US. Sorry, but a better article would find out where Romney stands & let us know so we can make a better decision. Bottom line, Romney wants the Canadian pipeline that would not be good for US.


      • All due respect, but you mentioned Salazar as an “appointee” and the only way to affect that “change” in a cabinet would be to vote Republican. As you said, “Vote for your love of this land and the horses; they can only verbalize through your selection…the power of change, for them, is in your hands”. Seems pretty clear that to me and I respect your opinion. Nonetheless, I think it would be a huge mistake and in my opinion, a death sentence for the mustangs. Romney would definitely want to control the Secretary that controls the permits on public lands. Nonetheless, it’s what I would call “going from the frying pan to the fire.”


      • Kathy….the President can nominate til the cows come home. The Senate approves and they have been a problem with regard to wild equines and food safety and HCHS since this subject came up save for the few times they did pass something positive and the House failed to pass.

        You decide who the obstructionists are.

        Hint: It is Congress most of the time.


      • Hello all-a most importantpoint to remember, having written to and spoken with Senator Bob Menendez and his staFf extensively on the subject of the November Farm Appropriations bill and how to proceed from here-in fact both Romney and Ryan have terrible records on animal rights issues whereas Biden had a superb record in the Senate and Obama had a decent record. An Obama Presidency, sans Salazar, would be workable for animal rights activists whereas a Romney/Ryan Presidency would be disastrous. If Obama wins (as a New Jerseyan recovering from Sandy and impressed with Obama’s coalition with Chris Christie (Republican Governor who just )passed a NJ anti horse slaughter law)I hope Obama wins! -we will have our work cut out for us with a decent chance for success.Running a private sanctuary for 58 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules as I do I am adamant about a No-Kill America period-horses, dogs, cats, farm animals etc-I feel that a bi-partisan effort towards this end is more likely with a return to the Presidency for Barack Obama.


    • Fact Romney’s people have stated that he will support the Americans Against Slaughter Act.

      Fact Obama signed the bill allowing for the horse slaughter to continue and thrive (with numbers at an all-time high of horses and mustangs being killed).

      Fact after billions of calls, letters, media attention, overseas government involvement (against Americans horsemeat) Obama has never fixed his wrong or made an attempt to make it right let alone acknowledge his wrongs (on any account).

      Obama is not the salvation for horses he is the murderer of them!

      Another fact the government would not have shut down had Obama amended the part in which opened up horse slaughter. Also the part was in the AG Bill the entire time they didn’t just scribble it in there and throw it on Obama’s desk. It has to be approved on all levels before reachin…g the president’s desk. Also in reality had he not signed it the USDA would have boycotted and AG related agencies (there are 3) would have gone on strike. THAT ISn’t THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT! I remember because they were getting military members ready to fill positions until an agreement was reached!


    • We do not know what Romney would do as President. His wife has dressage horses and he has either a Rocky Mountain Trotting Horse or a Missouri Fox Trotter to trail ride with her. He spent most of his adult life in the East, was not a rancher or breeder, but clearly if he enjoys riding with his wife, he is probably very familiar with costs of horse ownership. Mrs. Romney and his kids say that he is very tight about some things.

      We do not know what we will get, but we know what we have, and it is hard to imagine it being much worse than it is. I am not susre if there is a single land management rue let tat hasn’t been broken.


  10. Another great article RT, which I know is written from the heart. The facts are the facts, we are not better off than we were four years ago and our wild horses certainly have paid the price with losing their freedom and many with their lives. We must look past party affilation and look for the person who has the integrity needed to run this country. All I know is our wild horses are suffering, along with the many compassionate advocates who have fought so hard to help these magnificent creatures. God only knows, we have tried, but we must never give up on them. My hope is, whatever the outcome, our wild horses and burros will be given the respect and dignity, which they so rightly deserve and be allowed their freedom, once again.


  11. I will go with the horse owners. and so like before when I said that, I got bombared with how the Romney’s drugged a horse, when their trainer did it. There were over 14,000 horses rounded up in 2010 alone, thanks to Obama\Salazar. To me that is the same as horse killers.


    • Lin, I got very suspicious of that whole Ann Romney and her drugged horse story because when I read the story, it looked quite possibly as if she were set up, and second, since I board at a large barn, and usually participate in one of the several days each year when my horse’s vet makes a farm call, so I have an idea about “drugging”. My mustang must be sedated for any kind of mouth work, and she is drugged to the hilt. I am always afraid she may fall of something. However, there are horses at the barn where I am who would probably test possitive for the same medications Ann Romney’shorse had. The Vet stuck that very critical comment in the report even though he knows that she is an absentee owner. Also, the vet that testified against Ann Romney, did not make any mention of teh fact that her horses was freqently testrf.


  12. RT:

    Somethings are better.

    As for the wild horses and burros….that is a definite holocaust, but even then there is some good with regard to advocacy, cooperation, oversight and activism; some herds have been roundup delayed.

    It is very close in impact to a complete holocaust…..but there are pockets of hope.

    And every day that we don’t go away, is something to cheer for (and DOI/USDA…even states are beginning to realize they will and DO have to deal with us/US).

    We have some really sharp, smart “cookies” on our side; they don’t… fact they have to break the law with the full power of an apathetic and incompetent government behind them to get what they want.

    We hold the higher moral ground.


    • You are spot on, Denise. The advocacy has grown and we are getting the attention of lower agencies…but I suffer from a type A personality that wants results NOW, not two years down the road. Found that out while in D.C. in September; “We will address that after the first of the year”, sorry boys…tens of thousands of more horses will be slaughtered and thousands of wild horses and burros will lose their homes and families forever. I just don’t do that delayed gratification thing.



  13. If you think that the present administration cares about horses.. look how well they handled the Ambassador and the Navy Seals.. dont think I want them watching out for the Wild Ones.. Ken Salazar is so far up obummer he has not seen daylight in several years.. they are two peas in a pod.. good article.. RT and sorry that you have to tip toe around for the ones that cannot see daylight..


    • Sorry….but Slaughterczar is up special interests’ and big Ag’s rectum. He was NOT Obama’s first choice (rumor has it). Would you like to know how many vacancies there still are and lack of funding for some agencies because of the Senate (and at times the House)?

      As to Ben Gazzi……don ‘t even go there. I could rip every Administration from TR to Obama on foreign relations fails AND wild equines, including food safety.

      Vote for whom you want and thank you for voting, but special interests have both parties by the cojones (genitals).


  14. The problem is that you really don’t know what they will do when they are in office. Just like what has happened to Obama. He made a lot of promises and didn’t keep them..


    • I agree with you. I was concerned about the President’s failure to vote on so many issues.

      I have no patience with him at all on horse slaughter. He was in the Illinois Senate when the bill passed by a huge margin to end horse slaughter. Of course, he could have skipped committee meeting like he skips national security briefings, so perhaps theoretically i guess it is possible he doesn’t know a thing about horse slaughter

      However, he and many other Democrats are being funded by a man who funds different groups throughout the world. This funder is the one who is anxious for the US economy to collapse, and this man has made a fortune from collapsing economies. Apparently he is quite talended in sending out signals about a stock that makes its price drops. When it drops, he buys it up, and then he sells it. When the President banned Deep Water Drilling in the Gulf, this financier decided to buy some deep water oil drilling rights off the coast of Brazil. Then Bingo. Our President decided to take $2 billion dollars of our tax dollars to invest in the development of this oil company, and his friend and funder just continues to rack in the millions, so he turn around and fund the President. Meanwhile, the people in Louisiana, Florida Mississipi and Alabans, Texas who made their livelihood from working on oil rigs were out of jobs.

      The whole UN theory is based on a goal that the undeveloped countries in the world get access to the natural resources on our federal lands because we owe it to them. Why? Because when we were becoming prosperous, we took what was theirs plus we released carbon that damaged the atomostphere and they can no longer earn a living.


  15. There are a lot of conservatives that do care about animals. I believe we have a chance this time to elect someone who can reach across party lines. I also believe that through Ann Romney there is a greater chance of being heard. Being ignored after collecting 15000 hand written letters and making a trip to Washington pretty much sums up an administration that finds the issue of wild horse eradication of little importance. Get used to being ignored for 4 more years if Obama is re-elected.


    • I am used to being ignored by Congress and expect it for four more years….they are the ones that make the initiatives, bills and appropriations with some input by the Administration.

      Vote people…VOTE and in many cases vote the incumbent out of office. The two parties have consistently put up candidates that don’t serve America or our equines….and I am definitely NOT a one issue voter.

      If you live in Moran’s district…he’ll support the equines AND humans.

      You live in Steve Krazya$$ King’s district?…vote him out!

      Live in $uey’s district….vote her out!


  16. Federal crews are out evaluating the storm damage to the Statue of Liberty an American icon who’s torch represents a beacon for all the world to see. Yet, a living icon one even more symbolic of American freedom is having its freedom taken by the very same federal government. We might as well melt Liberty down for her valuable copper since our symbolic icons are so expendable.


  17. The only way we can stop horse slaughter is to prevail upon our representatives the urgency of writting out regulations pacific to horse slaughter in the US that will ensure against corruption of passport papers on horses. They care little for the horses suffering.
    If we call ,en mass, and educate representatives on the corruption of passport papers for horses and the need to reform the laws governing them we might be able to persuade them to support the Moran amendment another year.
    Under the EU rules no horse can be used for human consumption who was given Butte. Also, no wild horses can be used for human consumption. (Look up EU rules on horses).
    Therefore , as it stands now there is no way to prove wether a horse was given these drugs. A kill buyer just has to fill out papers stating ‘as far as they know’ that horse did not recieve any Butte.
    We must insist that under USDA horse slaughter rules, to preserve health safety regulations to the consumer all horses bought for human consumption must have within their passport papers proof of all past vet records with phone numbers of vets and previous owners.
    My horse vet keeps records of all my horses shots and pain medications and he will not falsify those records because he does not want to jeaperdize his job.
    This is the only true way of keeping track of what horses have been treated for.
    To do this will cost a considerable more amount of tax payer money which might further detour horse slaughter
    in the minds of those that now support horse slaughter.
    Ask your representative to calculate into the USDA rules what additional costs this will be .
    The final people who will decide wether to keep the Moran Amendment in will be Kingston, Blunt, and Kohl (or his replacement). Congressman Sam Farr is the only yes vote so far.
    Thank you, horse advocates for your long suffering work.


    • Thank you for your comments.

      Currently, no vet has to report bute and other administered banned substances for food in US equines save for some breed show, performance or racing authorities….USDA or export laws (to date) don’t require it.


      • That is why we need to insist that under horse slaughter regulations all horses going for humane consumption must have the required proof from vets that they were drug free.
        This won’t happen of course but will help expose who in Congress is against assuring horse slaughter is fit for human consumption.


  18. This is an unbiased article and i commened your professionalism as with politics people always get ugly. However perhaps we should not vote based on a party but an actual human being this whole voting A or B has not been working time to shape up voters and get smart in your decisions.


  19. Last election, I did research into all the canidates’ voting records on the things that were most important to ME. The top of that list is animals/cruelty & the destruction of this land. Obama ranked below Clinton, Clinton below Bush and a few canidates above him. I don’t know how many people actually check into voting history of each person running or how many vote by party or how many even care, but I do know their past is probably a good barometer of the future.


  20. I truly don’t believe that one major partycandidate will be more responsive to the lives of our horses over the other. One of my senators is Dianne Feinstein who will tell you how she values the horses while I firmly believes she sells them out via a pocketful of energy companies. I don’t trust her one bit. I know I truly fear for our horses in BLM LTH more than I ever have before. I saw a quote from an accountant that looked at the budget and stated that the payments made for the LTH horses would cover closer to 10,000 than 45,000. I fear that our horses are disappearing off their rightful range and out of their prison ranges. I see a mountain of dead horse flesh as the push to get these horses off the “payroll” looms larger. We MUST fight that mindset with everything we have and more.

    I’ve been very perturbed that Obama has never acknowledged the fight for the horses. At least he cannot say he is unaware of it.


    • Rather than slaughter our horses, let’s go after the real problem. The real problem in this case is the federal agency that manages them without so much of an hour’s credit in horse science. What is even further disgusting is that they have Dr. Boyd Spratling at the advisory board meetings and other events who should know about the horses’ physical and psychological needs.

      But after 40 years there is still not a written protocol about hume


  21. It’s OK to bring politics into the picture–because that’s what it is–politics and money and greed. The horses are better off because we have spotlighted them–we keep the pressure on, we rally and petition and support. Is it working? Does it help save our Federally Protected horses from the very killers mandated to manage them? I won’t give up–no matter who is sitting in the oval office –I’ll be calling for a Change and a New Beginning–and all those other buzz words. The news is now global–not just local….Save Our Horses. Just keep their light shining…..and keep dialing…..


  22. So how about something like a rally/protests at all the BLM/Gov holding pens where these horses are being imprisoned/abused with tons of media coverage to expose what the BLM is truly doing to the federally protected wild horses and burros? Outta sight, outta mind…Somethings gotta give and so far writing letters has done nothing. The BLM needs to be exposed and fast before we lose anymore horses/burros. This whole thing makes me sick that no one/nothing is stopping them. This whole issue needs more media coverage on prime time tv/ads etc. I hope they can all be saved before it’s too late. I applaud all the great work you do for the wild horses and burros. Thank you.


    • I agree with you Amy…..we need more media coverage and to all rally and make a stand at those holding pens….like you said, out of sight, out of mind. It’s disturbing how few Americans really know the truth about what’s happening with our wild horses…and how many of them believe the lies the BLM.


  23. I second that ” AMEN ” to “hell no ! This 77yr old Loyal Equine Warrior is very much aware of the fact that it isn’t getting any better,quite the contary it is continuely becoming horribly worse and when it is horriribly worse for our Equines , so it is for us ALL , after all aren’t they just an extension of our life !?! WE need to heed the unprecedented message from Rev. Billy Graham to vote for Biblical values, Conscience, Life, and Constitutional Leadership ,,

    If the betrayal of our country men , as they fought for their lives and was purposely denied aid by the person who has the title of Commander in Chief, the highest position “IN” the millitary,
    Does not wake America up nothing will !!


  24. RT– I get how tough it was to write this. When I voted it was the toughest decision I ever made. But I did it. I don’t think we have the luxury of being a one issue voter anymore.


  25. When I first read this article a couple of thoughts came to mind. First and foremost “HELL NO” the horses are not better off than they were 4 years ago. BUT I had to think to myself…’what if John McCain had won?’ Who would his Sec. of Int. have been? What do we know of them?

    So I went and did some research and found John McCain was a huge fan of Gale Norton who was the Sec. at the time. Now do not get me wrong, I would have never voted for McCain/Palin as Senator McCain’s thought processes had been slowed tremendously over the years. Even this morning on Morning Joe his grasp at reality was questionable. Not to mention I know Sarah Palin from when I lived in Alaska. Personally you couldn’t ask for a finer person but let the spotlight go on and she’s on stage doing her version of the female Rush($$$).

    So let’s assume Ms. Norton would have been asked to stay on (and hope that she would have). Secretary of Interior Gale Norton ***indefinitely*** suspended the sale of wild horses and burros that had been order to be disposed under the controversial Burns Rider. This action occurred after 57 wild horses turned up at the Cavel International Slaughterhouse in DeKalb, IL.

    Six horses sold to a Dustin Herbert, of Meeker, OK, had turned up about a week prior to 51 horses that had been sold to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.

    Inspectors, noticing BLM freezemarks on the horses being “processed in” at the slaughterhouse notified BLM in both instances. Due to the volume of horses that had arrived from the Rosebud Sioux sale, BLM was able to intervene before all the horses had been slaughtered. The Ford Foundation agreed to “purchase” these remaining horses from Cavel International who at last report is placing them with one or more non-profit horse organizations.

    In response to the increased numbers of horses appearing at slaughter plants and growing uncertainty as to whether any additional horses were shipped into Canada for similar purposes, Congressmen Nick Rahall and Ed Whitfield, authors of H.R.297, have introduced an amendment to the Interior Appropriations Bill that will prohibit expenditure of appropriated funds for the sale and slaughter of wild horses and burros. This amendment is expected to be heard in Congress on Thursday, May 19, 2005.

    The purpose of H.R. 297 was to negate the Burns Amendment but has never been acted on that I can find.

    Ms. Norton seemed through my investigation to be much more concerned about the lives of the mustangs as seen by her part in getting Ford involved and offering this letter to the public in 2005…

    Wild Horses and Burros Need Your
    By Gale A. Norton,
    Secretary of the Interior

    The crisis facing wild horses and burros on public lands has reached
    a critical point. Horse lovers have the knowledge and resources to help
    resolve this crisis. Now is the time to do it.
    Currently, some 32,000 wild horses and burros run free on public
    rangelands in the West managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Without
    natural predators, these free-roaming animals reproduce quickly. If left
    unchecked, this population growth would lead to starvation or dehydration
    for many wild horses and burros.
    To keep this from happening, the bureau removes 10,000 wild horses
    and burros from the range each year and offers them up for adoption. The
    American public adopts 6,000 to 7,000 of these animals annually, leaving
    thousands of mustangs in the bureau’s
    holding facilities at a substantial cost to American taxpayers. In fact,
    holding costs exceed $20 million a year, more than half of what the Bureau
    will spend on its total wild horse and burro program in 2005.
    In recognition of these adoption limits, along with the high cost of
    keeping older mustangs in holding, Congress recently passed legislation
    that directs BLM to sell wild horses and burros that are over 10 years old.
    The law applies to about 8,400 animals. The goal was to place these animals
    with buyers committed to long-term care.
    The sales program faced a crisis in April, however, when two buyers
    resold or traded their horses to others, who then sold the horses to a
    processing plant. In response, BLM, working in partnership with Ford Motor
    Co., intervened quickly to save those horses that had not yet been
    The bureau also suspended its horse sales for a month, during which
    time the agency revised its procedures to deter such incidents. In
    addition, the agency worked with all three U.S. horse processing plants to
    limit the possibility that any more horses would end up at those plants.
    The bad publicity has stalled the sale program. While the BLM has
    resumed sales, it has much work to do. So far the agency has sold more
    than 1,400 horses and burros, meaning some 7,000 remain to be sold this
    year. These animals need good, caring, permanent homes.
    We are asking those who have the ability to take care of these horses
    to contact the BLM at 1-800-710-7597 or e-mail the agency at
    wildhorse@…. For those who would rather adopt a younger horse, click
    on the Department of Interior’s Web site at
    Many people, however, who would like to help do not have the land and
    facilities to care for an untrained animal. Those who are not in a position
    to buy or adopt a wild horse or burro may want to make a tax-deductible
    donation to the Save the Mustangs fund, established by Ford Motor Co. in
    partnership with the BLM and Take Pride in America, a national volunteer
    organization. The Web site is
    Working together, we can preserve the 7,000 wild horses and burros
    that must be sold. In so doing, we will be protecting living symbols of
    Western history and icons of the American spirit of freedom.

    Gale A. Norton is the Secretary of the Interior

    Now obviously there is some of the same old rhetoric about not enough range, forage or water but she offered ideas in opposition to selling to slaughter.

    Maybe it was politics (BS) or maybe she was much more in tune with nature and wildlife as opposed to just mining, drilling and plumbing pipelines.

    So we did have an opportunity as Obama could have reached across party lines and asked Ms. Norton to stay on as well. Maybe she didn’t want to stay…I guess that will be my next Google. At the very least she was hands down so much better than Ken Salazar whom I’ve been told Obama owed a big favor for some reason.

    As it stands now I only hope the rumors are true KS is on his way out either at his will or that of Barack Obama.

    Now this is not my blog it is R.T.’s so even if he won’t be political I’m going to share some other research I’ve found…

    In 1997 Romney bought German animal torture company Behring and expanded its animal research to Miami, Florida renaming it Dade Behring. He invested in slaughterhouse products, brought brutal rodeo into the nonviolent Olympics, had an aggressive promotion of toxic animal flesh ads on Clear Channel, refused to sign a bill acknowledging the right of students to refuse to dissect animals in biology classes, filled the state wildlife agency with that 4.5% of the population which hunts, treated his family dog terribly while breaking Massachusetts law. He has harmed millions of animals. He said “I’ve always been a rodent and rabbit hunter.” Rob Portman, touted as a possible vice presidential candidate, is a leader of the drive to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering citizens, their children, and international tourists, not to mention the animals. Paul Ryan voted no on protecting horses and burros. Ryan has voted consistently for rancher and dairy industry subsidies which benefit Wisconsin agribusiness cartels.

    Just saying…


    • Gale Norton quit because she feared being indicted. Her assistant then became Interior Secretary and she WAS indicted and has yet to be tried and likely won’t be. Where were you when the mass exodus of biologists and scientists was taking place? Don’t you know Bush 2 told the interior and BLM to lie to the public and to no longer consider public comment necessary? The memos were made public. James Watt and animals were respected for endangered species or new animals listed. Obama was to ‘clean house’ in interior and failed. So we have been living the nightmare Gale Norton and her assistant left us.


  26. The horses and burros are losers no matter who we vote for! Yes, I have fought this battle for decades, like many of you, in Wash, DC, in NY, in GA. Why? I am a fool for justice for horses and animals. I will continue and die with my fist in the air but sure feel defeated right now.


  27. all one has to do is check the ratings on romney and ryan on animal rights issues..ryan is 16%,& because romney has never served in congress he has no ratings based on his votes.when asked by the humane society to fill out a standard quesionare given to all politicians stating his posistion..he refused to do it comes down to what we know…shamus tied to the roof of his car and dumping one of his many dressage propects..loaded with painkilling drugs on an unsuspecting buyer..who sued and romneys settled out of court for 100,000.. what do you suppose happened to that horse???romney and ryan have both stated that public lands shoul be sold to private interests…can’t do that with federally protected wild horses on them ..can you? My sense is we are safer with Obama..whom we can pressure with our democrats in the congress..instead– focus on gettig rid of Salazar and Harry Reid, who is the person that is stopping all these wild horse and slaugter bills from getting to the floor..they are the people with the power in our way..we have built 4 years of laying our case..don’t throw it an administration that is SURE to be worse..full of climate deniers..and do you really believe a party that would not protect 47% percent of voters would protect the wild horses and not slaughter them? yes—things could get alot worse for the wild horses and burros


    • Yes Sandra, many do not know, and/or forget, that Senator Harry Reid (R-NV) was the one behind the 2004 Burns Amendment to the 1971 WFRH&BA. Conrad Burns (R-MT) was Reid’s puppet. Reid is out of the spotlight but remains a major danger to the wild horses.


  28. To observe a sad fact: I have no hope either party will give us what we need. Whoever we are offered up to vote for is going to be a ‘party puppet’. I prime example of this is how people say we are sick of negative campaigning but they say it works. Well, just because it works doesn’t make it right. So from the very start…before either is elected for anything….we find neither is willing to lead into doing the right thing, only what is most convenient for them.


  29. does anyone ever consider we are not fighting our “best fight”? That if wild horse Annie on her own with her paltry income, lack of influence, and life problems, had given up in the short haul..there would be no wild horses for us to save??? that we need to reach more gain more have more influence..what can we do the real question we should be asking


  30. I’m extremely disappointed with Obama but let’s not forget during the first debate, within the first 10 minutes, Romney stated he wanted to increase leases on public lands by 50%. He has also stated on numerous occasions he wants to turn public lands over to the states. In either case, that will be the final nail in the coffin for our wild ones.

    This is about politics, not political parties. Many blame the republicans but exactly what have the democrats in Washington done? We’ve been trying to pass the anti-slaughter legislation since the early 2000s and have had both democrats and republicans in the white house as well as controlling the senate and house.

    And the bills continue to languish in Congress…..


  31. We are fighting against a Multi-National Corporate grab for America’s Public Lands. That is what Americans need to know. More and more of these lands are being locked up while the taxpaying public is being locked out. Folks in the East often don’t even know that they are land owners.


  32. I’m tired of wasting time dosy dozzying with the one in the BIG white hat.

    Not only No but HELL NO!!! I know for sure that if Obama is out, that bastard of keeper of our lands and all that resides on it (and in it) will be kicked to the curb!

    The clearing of the horses and burros is ramping up, even without room in their LTH.


  33. So I tooka moment and read some of the comments. We don’t – no, the horses and burros don’t have time to waste sputtering over this and that. Do what’s right, forget about safe. Do what’s right!


  34. Living in Texas where the vote was decided a long time ago, the best option of all was a write in vote for Willie. Protest votes mean nothing, but it made me feel good.


  35. Well, RT – you got results from this editorial!!! Good one.
    I vote issues too – like many others –
    At this point, the biggest issue for me is the horses & burros AND trying to prevent more fracking & pipelines. So I guess that makes me a more than one issue voter!
    Good article – may you provide us with many more.
    The important thing for all of us is to VOTE..


  36. I’m glad to see so many that have commented are aware of the intentions of a Romney/Ryan admin regarding our public lands, and their dismal humane records – or refusal to answer questions. Congress is the biggest problem – as the DOI/BLM answers to Congress, or are at least supposed to, most of which are bought and paid for by Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Mining, etc. My republican house rep has had 5 terms now and all he does is follow the party line, does what he’s told, sends out form letters that sometimes have to do with the subject I wrote to him about, sometimes not, but he will always “keep my views in mind” but he doesn’t. He’s absolutely worthless and yet he keeps getting reelected. And what has my senator McCain done lately?? Congress could’ve impeached Salazar, as many of us requested be done on our behalf – citizen’s impeachment, but they ignored us. I’m assuming because they are owned by the same “folks” that are happy with Salazar’s work, and were afraid of “political suicide”. Congress knows better than to bite the hands that feed them, and that’s not us.

    The other question would be, were our horses better off after 8 years of the Bush/Cheney admin? How many horses were annually removed pre-2001? It seems Bush set the new standard and I expect that a Romney/Ryan admin will be more like a Bush/Cheney admin on steroids. Capitalism at it’s worst.

    If only we could get “term limits” passed on Congress, then we would no longer have these career politicians that care more about getting campaign contributions and keeping their positions than doing what’s right for the country. As it is I think we’re all political prisoners to hundreds of corrupt career politicians who are indebted to the corporate world. And ‘Citizens United’ multiplied the problem immensely.

    And old guy here, long time family friend, once ran for State Senate and won. He didn’t run again. When I asked him why he shuttered and said it is so corrupt he had to get out.


  37. Jerry and R.T., and Terry,

    I want to write in Hillary so badly, also as a protest vote! But what would that accomplish besides as you said, Jerry, it would make me feel good/better… for a moment.

    What has happened during the last four years is devastating to both the land, the protected animals that live on it and to we humans who see and feel the destruction that is taking place. The realization of the truth of government and politics has been truly devastating on its own.

    The outcome of this administration’s footprints is unforgiving and not to be believed that something will improve to outweigh the loss and the betrayal that has been seen and experienced during this lengthy last four years of our country’s history.

    Personally, I hate to be ignored! I can not tolerate inhumane, unlawful treatment of beings that are protected by our country’s law. I can not sit by and know in my heart that the roundups will not cease or even lessen in FOUR MORE YEARS!?

    A commentator today stated, he thought Hillary would have a better chance in 2016 if Romney were elected…

    IF, Romney were elected, HOW in hell could things be any worse for the horses! I do not believe this is possible. The worst has happened!!! and just continues, until something different arrives….

    Until 2016, maybe Romney will listen and have a semblance of a heart.


    • It could get a lot worse. If Romney increases the leases by 50% and turns public lands over to the states, the wild horses and burros are gone. His running mate has voted against every piece of legislation having to do with animal welfare.

      Yes, it could get a lot worse.


  38. Oh dear… goodness me, I don’t have time to read through but just a few comments today but that was plenty! As always thank you so much for taking time to write RT! Happy Monday everyone! Excited for tomorrow! Happy voting, try to be nice and remember – no fighting in line! 🙂


  39. But they are almost gone now… the land has been sold, divided, leased, sub-leased and destroyed.

    If voting for Romney would rid us of Salazar, would it not be worth a gamble?


    • what makes you think Salazar will be back the next 4 years? Traditionally administrations change heads of departments..liberal democrats and environmentalists have been incensed bypublic lands policys that have nothing to do with wild horses..I expect a turn about in Obamas policies and I do not think the democratic party will go along with the same direction in the next 4 years.against the will of their constituents…but it will be up to each of us to heavily lobby our states reps to DC


    • Yes, but we still have a shot at saving the remaining horses and burros. If public lands are turned over to the states, they lose what’s left of their federal protection. If the leases are increased, they’ll all be gone. I would be curious to see how they would handle funding if turned over. The states would be responsible so would that mean no more hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at the federal level for the welfare ranchers? You wouldn’t need the BLM any longer, so that’s more taxpayer savings. Rumor has it that Salazar is gone after the election no matter who gets in. I’d like to see Grijalva get the position. He’d be great.

      Many postions change after an election so we can only hope he’s gone whether it’s Obama or Romney.

      I’m just sick of always having to vote for the lesser of two evils – either case, you get evil.


      • Any back up to that rumor. Aren’t Obama and Salazar buddies. I don’t think Obama has the spine to get rid of Salazar.


      • OK. The election is over. Now we get the chance to see if the rumor has any merit to it. I truly think Salazar is Obama’s buddy and he is not going anywhere. I hope I am wrong.


  40. I am scared. I am scared for our environment. I am scared for the mustangs, wolves and all creatures of our earth. I am scared for my retirement benefits. I am scared for my future healthcare. I am scared for our educational system. I am scared when I see the attitude of the young people who are now entering the workforce. And whatever happens tomorrow it will not be good. The last four years were horrible. I will definately be having nighmares tonight because of these two candidates. No matter what anyone says about Congress, if there was strong leadership, Congress wouldn’t be so bold.


  41. Thank you R.T. as always for a article of great discussion. Ken Salazar is a disgusting example of a human being. And, our choices for someone to save our beautiful equines is non-existant. Let’s hope we make the right decision. The bottom line is we need to save our equines. We need to get the wild horses back on their home ranges with their families intact and we need to save our domestic horses from crossing the borders, as well as, any wild horses and burros. It’s a big task ahead of us but maybe we will get lucky and have big “a__” Salazar out and a new person that will look after our equines and save them with Salazar’s replacement. I hope Salazar is out and we get someone that loves these animals. We need to start getting tough with the money grabbing big boys that have bought our Congress members. This is not America as it has always been. It’s about time we get our “America the Beautiful” back. God help us to achieve this NOW.


  42. I am going to say this down here and out of the way. I get what you mean… and I think many a representative is in for a change. I also believe that we would have ended up homeless or dead by now if Obama were not president. I believe he gave over the reins of the Interior Department under the advice of other aides and advisors because he is not a man of nature but a man of law and logic. So in that vein he needs to be appealed to. With law and logic. If Mr. R is elected we may survive but our already narrow choices on how to survive will get even narrower and be all the more difficult. So, we should be attacking vigorously the strangle hold that Salazar has in the Interior and their most prized agency; BLM. The Davis connection is like an albatross about old Kenny’s neck. And you all should know it is bad JuJu to kill the albatross of good JuJu, or the unicorn or the wild wild horses.


  43. I don’t believe either candidate is going to slow the process of energy independence for America which is connected to big oil & gas that want /need our public lands without wildones of many species. They do however have different policy beliefs in handling this process when considering which man you vote for.

    I have to agree with R.T., I am damn mad at Salazar and want change!


  44. RT I totally concur with your thoughts. But I found myself still voting for Obama. I refer to him as the horse hater. For me it was definitely who was the lesser of two evils.

    R&R’s war on women scares the bleepers outta me.

    At least with Obama we know what we are getting in advance. Big question is WILL HE ATMLAST FIRE SLAUGHTERCZAR? Don’t count on it. SLAUGHTERCZAR has faced the chopping block before and somehow worms his way free and clear.

    R&R I fear would put women into burqas.

    I love being able to do what I want when I want and not have to ask someone for permission. I fear losing that with the above.

    This is the ONLY reason. I VERY strongly DISLIKE Obama. I dont trust him. I hate that he won’t step up to help the horses as well as our precious public lands. He has sold us all out.


  45. It has been stated that there is a rumor that Salazar will be gone after the election no matter who wins. Well the election is over. Now we can see if the rumor has any merit to it. I have always believed that Salazar is Obama’s buddy. We shall see if he is removed.


  46. can show maps of the HMAs side-by-side how over the past 6ish years they have cut the wild horses off from their traditional range. Can pull in science that horses have evolved only on North America, they are the best animal for improving the grasslands.Horses are a native species and should have the same protections as the eagles. Department of wildlife should over look their care.

    The Burns bill needs to be gotten rid of..that bill was a dirty trick on the wild horses. Late on a sunday night in one hour that bill was crafted along with the gravy-train of long term holding gov. money. Can petition website removing that bill. Can expose Sue for her dirty political tactics.

    Salazar is an ass, he is probably ‘in bed with’ slaughterhouse sue and they both snooker the extreme ‘greenhorn’ Obama. Obama should not trust Salazar on any deals with our public lands and the wildlife. Obama should dump Salazar and contect a few of the long term wild horse people that the BLM has used millions in gov money to stifle and silence.


      • Dear Laura I also fully agree , they are ecologically perfect for environment and Perfect for wild life………….They are so perfect for all living things , there can be no agreement otherwise !!!!!! with this said and easy to prove , they need to be set free to the Land to which they are the custodians for !!!! We promised them !!!!! Freedom and Freedom it shall be at all costs. !!!!!!


      • Arlene, you said it so perfectly. They are the U.S. icons of beauty and elegance and we need to do all we can to save them from these cruel individuals that are rounding them up and trying to kill them at slaughter plants. We must stop this from happening. Future generations need to see these beautiful animals in all their glory, either wild or as a pet and/or companion.


  47. I have been wearing a sweatshirt most everyday when I am off.


    Stop your roundups!
    Save our tax $$$

    America’s Wild Horses


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