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Wild Horse Advocates Go to Air Waves and Rally to Protect Nevada’s Virginia Range Herd

Update by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer prez of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

On the Radio Today, Before the Nevada State Legislature Tomorrow

usa_to_europe1Today, Thursday, the Nevada Matters radio program is giving an entire hour to the story on the Virginia Range Wild Horse issue.   The hour will be called, “Mustangs Matter.”  On air guests will be Carrol Abel, Willis Lamm and  John Holland from the Equine Welfare Alliance, a wizard when it comes to horse welfare and the slaughter issue, will be joining us via phone.

“Mustangs Matter” will air on Thursday, January 3rd, from noon (Pacific standard time) until 1:00 PM.  It can be heard in the Reno – Fallon area at 101.3 FM.  If you’re out of the reception area you can listen to a webcast on your computer or smart phone by going to and clicking on the “Listen Live” button.

By the way, Eddie Floyd, the main host and producer of Nevada Matters, along with his wife, Shari, decided to not run cattle at their ranch this year and are providing Foster care for a large number of Virginia Range mustangs that the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund rescued from the livestock sales in Fallon.  Our horses clearly have friends in the right places.

They also have enemies.  Tune in to find out who and how.

There may be time during the show to take a couple of additional callers.  We won’t know until we see how the show flows as we have a great deal to cover.  But the call-in number is 775-827-8900.  If folks call, we will try to get them on.  Please wait to call in until John Holland’s segment is done so we don’t jam him out!

The next day the allies, coordinated by the Wild Horse Preservation League, are holding a “Slaughter is Not the Answer” rally in front of the Nevada State Legislature building in Carson City, NV.  Everyone who is concerned about our horses going to slaughter should be there.  Bring your own sign, bring an American or Nevada flag, or use signs provided by the League.  The Capitol Police are always good to us, so this needs to be a civil and well behaved rally!

When:   Friday, January 4th, 10:30 AM (assemble and organize) until 1:00 PM  The actual rally starts at 11.
Where:  In front of the Nevada State Legislature building 401 South Carson Street, Carson City, NV.
Notes:   Dress warmly.  There will be hot beverages available.
Watch the parking regulations.  The two-hour parking zones on the public streets are patrolled!

For more information please contact Bonnie Matton at 775-720-6086.

Willis Lamm contributed the information for this announcement.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear the program. I’m so glad the media is taking up the cause against the Ag departments decisions against working with the local advocates and sending the horses to auction. Hopefully they will soon realize “Barbee’s way or the highway” is not fair and just for the animals.


  2. Please stop the cruel round ups of these beautiful wild horses! Since I was a little girl, I have been in awe of these magnificent creatures that roam our western prairies! To me they have always represented the freedom this country stands for! I do not live in the west, I live in NW Arkansas but people from all over this country enjoy the beauty and freedom of our native wild horses!
    I will continue to pray for them and for those who are trying to destroy them because all horses are God’s special gift to us and I do believe He listens to all of our prayers!

    Sincerest regards,

    Karen Curnel
    A concerned American citizen and avid horse lover.


  3. How happy am I ??????? WOW !!!!! I only wish I could be there !!!!!!!! Has a been a long time coming, I am thrilled !!!! Huge Kudos to all !!!!!!


    • Grrace, You are out of your ever freaking mind, you know that!? You are hanging on the dark side and can’t see the light! It is one thing to learn what is what on your own and another to take up with jealous, slanderous and misleading people! I was told the same thing by a certain self promoting con artist a few years back and the campaign to save our wild horses and burros has yet to heal from the damage caused by this type of lunatic bashing of good people who do all the hard work themselves such as Willis Lamm!

      You are just a sheep posing as a wild horse advocate! baaaaa


      • Seems I’ve struck a nerve, which tells me the information is true. I have more than two reliable sources. Are you implying Willis Lamm has NEVER worked wih Kill buyers? Or sent horses to slaughter? Maybe it is you that should back to her “motel room” and live with the “baaaaaa”sheep.


  4. For anyone in the Bay Area that can’t make the Carson City rally there is a sister rally at The Book Depot in Mill Valley at 6 p.m.


  5. Hi All:
    I cannot be there, but will send an email to the Governor supporting the need to save our beautiful horses. Good luck I will be there in spirit.


  6. I really tried to listen to this broadcast but could not because i was in my trick on my way to work during it and my stupid phone doesn’t support java or the other one. Maybe post transcripts so we can read them? I’m sure it was a great show.. Thanks.


  7. I went back & read the RT Fitch post that Grrace referred to. And from what that post and an earlier post from George Knapp said -Mr. Lamm hasnt always had the horses best interests at heart. So now hes no longer persona non grata???? Just asking –


  8. I was not able to listen to the show live – is it possible to listen after the fact? Really would like to hear it.


  9. Reblogged this on HEAD IN THE CLOUDS and commented:
    These Northern NV residents do SO MUCH to HELP our region’s WILD HORSES-as well as ‘estray’ horses..SHAME on the STATE OF NEVADA for allowing a NATIONAL TREASURE such as these BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS!! The city we enjoy today was built on the backs of these Horses-and the GOVERNMENT WANTS TO KILL THEM???!!! makes me ashamed to be a member of the human race..just sickening!!


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