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Not All “Judas” Horses Have Four Legs

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Executive Director, HfH Advisory Council

Diarrhea of the Mouth Claims Another Victim

"Betrayed from Within" how does such conduct help him? - Photo by Terry Fitch

Our recent flurry of rational, planned and effective legal assaults, along with others,  upon the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) defunct Wild Horse & Burro policy has caused the agency in question to activate one of their most covert and unethical instruments in their arsenal of offensive and unscrupulous weapons used to cover up the truth and facts.  This instrument of deception is aimed right at the heart of the wild horse advocacy movement and is, allegedly, considered by a few to be one of us.  This is a clear example of just how low this agency will stoop in an effort to perpetuate its agenda and speaks volumes on the absence of integrity relevant to the individual involved.

This “person” has been around wild horses for years and on a local level he has done good deeds to help horses within his small area of influence.  He thrives on being the center of attention considering that only what he spouts from his lips is correct, only he knows what is of worth and if the focus is not on him, but on someone else who is making more of a difference than he, then that individual is automatically deemed to be an “enemy” by himself and his few followers.  (Jason Meduna had a few followers at 3-Strikes and where are they now?)

For years he has shared his bed with the BLM and collected many a paycheck with the BLM’s logo firmly stamped onto the check.  He hangs out with them, drinks coffee with them and does his best to “control” the advocates so that no one upsets his BLM buddies, many times at the expense of the wild horses safety, liberty and lives.

In his little corner of the world he has lost his vision and, perhaps, never even achieved a global perspective on not only the wild horse issue but the general perception of our equine friends across this world.  Instead of being a leader in furthering the cause of humane treatment of horses in general this individual, along with several good folks duped by his beleaguering dialog, is now doing far more harm than good and misrepresenting the very horses he once had a passion for and cared about.

I could have lived with the drivel that comes out of his tiny world in a small part of Nevada as I accept tunnel vision for what it is, discount the narrow mind set, feel pity for the individual and then move on.  But when that single minded whining turns into slanderous and malicious lies and accusations directly aimed at individuals who are sacrificing everything to make a difference for the horses, and succeeding, then that is more than I can tolerate and I will no longer quell my tongue.  There is something in me that snaps when a bully kicks a puppy and that is just what this blow-hard has done and he is not smart enough to call it quits even when he is losing.

I had hoped to put a stop to it with my article “A Few Rotten Apples Do Not a Herd Make” as I attempted to weave the message without going into specifics; my concern was the solidarity of our union and the moral constitution that begged me to keep it in the “Upper Loop”.  But his continuous BLM fed ramblings and false accusations require a response.  I am fully aware that you will never win an argument with someone who has cotton in his ears; all you can do is shine a light on the fact that he is talking out of an orifice other than his mouth and from that location there is no association with the brain, hence the information delivered is of no value and is exactly what it looks and smells like, crap.

Our steadfast media champion, George Knapp, can wordsmith a reply to this BLM apologist and sympathizer far better than I could ever hope and George did just that back in 2007 with great flair, professionalism and attention to the facts, something the offending “Judas” advocate cannot lay claim to.

Reprinted here is George’s reply to one of this individual’s lengthy, draw-out, hyper inflated emails which Cindy MacDonald lovingly placed on her wonderful blog, American Herds.  Although lengthy this piece will have you rolling on the floor with laughter as George tells this pompous, self-righteous blowhard where to put it and how it should be placed.  Credibility for this roadblock to the wild horse’s freedom has long since disappeared and is now and forever shall be, in the toilet.

Amen. ~ R.T.

Lead us into it, Cindy…

George Knapp, a champion for the Horses

“George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter for the I-Team – KLAS-8 TV in Las Vegas, NV recently aired a hard hitting two part expose highlighting some of the serious issues facing the Bureau of Land Management’s mismanagement of the Wild Horse & Burro Program.

Despite being THE Chief Investigative Reporter for the Las Vegas I-Team with a solid reputation earned over decades of in depth coverage and breaking news, apparently George is no match for the one, the only, the incredible, the invincible, the all knowing and all seeing Willis Lamm.

It appears Willis graciously took a few moments out to drop George a line and tell him where he went wrong, which from the sounds of it, was everywhere – at least in the World According To Willis!

The Knappster has answered back……”

Dear Mr. Lamm,

First of all, please accept my apology for taking so long to respond to your lengthy and highly detailed email of Nov. 22. I hesitate to call it an email since it is more akin to a book or term paper on wild horse management. In light of the many issues you raised, I knew I would need to carve out some time to craft an appropriate response. That said, I won’t address every single point you made because I’d probably need to take a week of vacation time to get to all of it. I’ll try to respond to the most salient points you made, along with a few glaring omissions.

After my stories aired here in LV and arrangements were made to broadcast them in Reno as well, I was warned by several wild horse enthusiasts that I would be hearing from you. They basically told me about the role you’ve assumed in the wild horse debate up north and described the type of response I would likely receive. The predictions were amazingly accurate.

To begin, let me assure you that I welcome input from all sides, especially with a story as complicated and emotional as this one. I found your letter to be both cordial and condescending, informative in many places and overtly misleading in others. I’ve been a professional journalist in Nevada for more than a quarter century, and while I appreciate your admonitions and advice, I don’t really need to be lectured about the importance of accuracy in news reporting. This is a lesson that is basically encoded in my DNA. This isn’t a hobby for me. When someone accuses me of being inaccurate or unfair or misleading, I take it very seriously. I’m sure you feel the same way.

That’s why I was so surprised by some of the things you wrote. If your mission is to set the record straight, one would think you would be more careful about some of the assertions you made. Here’s an example. Toward the end of your letter, you informed me that BLM had recently staged an adoption event ‘near Las Vegas’ in which 100 horses were placed. Really? I’ve been reporting on wild horse issues for close to 20 years. To my knowledge, there has never been an adoption event in Las Vegas that placed 100 horses. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there has been no such event in recent memory. Your statement is absolutely false.

However, I agree with your subsequent conclusion that there is a viable market in Nevada for horse adoptions. The problem is, BLM has been unwilling or unable to tap into that market, a policy decision that has prompted many to question the competency and the agendas of those who have so profoundly mismanaged this program. My personal suspicion is that the animosity which has developed between certain BLM managers and the community of wild horse advocates has degenerated to the point that it affects policy decisions within the bureau. I suspect…but cannot prove…that a few BLM managers have become so hostile toward wild horse groups and individual advocates that they actively and purposefully work to thwart successful adoption efforts in the state that is home to half of the horses still in the wild.

This brings me to another issue that is central to our exchange. Your letter focused on issues of range science, a subject that was addressed in part two of my two-part report. Did you miss part one? There is nothing whatsoever in your letter about the most important questions I raised in this series. The impetus for the two reports was the adoption program, or, more accurately, the lack thereof. I wanted to know whether BLM Nevada is managing the program as prescribed by federal law. Based on what I found, the answer is no.

It took me 7 months to obtain basic budget information. The numbers don’t lie, but I can’t say the same for BLM managers. As you know, the law which created the wild horse program provides for a management strategy which includes adoption efforts. The budget figures show that BLM Nevada commits vast resources to roundups, and considerable funds to the warehousing of horses, but very little for adoption efforts. It’s pathetic. The result is that tens of thousands of wild horses are stuck in government pens. It costs millions of dollars each year just to feed them, a bad deal for horses and a bad deal for taxpayers. When I interviewed Susie Stokke about the disparity, she was less than forthcoming, to put it mildly. She made a bad situation worse by flat-out lying to me about adoption efforts and then engaged in blatant—and transparent—attempts to manipulate the budget numbers. This isn’t a he-said-she said situation or a gray area subject to interpretation. Not even close.

I’m told that you know Ms. Stokke pretty well. There are those who think you are an agent for her, perhaps because you hope to secure a contract when certain programs are green lighted. Based on my own experiences over the years, I’d say that BLM is generous with wild horse groups that toe the line, and openly hostile with those who dare to criticize the program. I don’t know enough about you to offer a guess, but there is no question that you are widely perceived as an apologist for BLM, the person who always makes himself available to the media when the wild horse program receives criticism. You certainly wasted no time in contacting me after my stories aired, but—as mentioned above—you completely ignored the central focus of my reports, namely, the pathetic, seemingly intentional failure of BLM adoption efforts in Nevada. You don’t seem to be shy about expressing your opinions, so please feel free to give me your appraisal of the current management regarding adoptions and the blatant budget disparities. Susie thinks the program is just peachy. Do you agree? In your letter, you objected to my characterization of Nevada’s ridiculously low adoption rate. Okay, let’s hear how you would characterize it? Is it a success? You criticized my statement about the ‘rate of adoption’ by asserting that Nevada ranks 14th in total numbers of adoptions. Comparing rates versus total numbers? Come on. Are you serious?

Several times in your letter, you disparage those wild horse advocates who disagree with you while bragging about your own lofty status as a wild horse authority. Can you please elaborate. Did you work for the program prior to moving here? Do you have a degree in animal husbandry or range science? What is your level of expertise? One reason for the questions is your claimed status as the voice of reason in the wild horse debate. You say ‘most of the mainstream media’ have low regard for ‘the lunatic fringe’, meaning, horse advocates who don’t agree with your view. You seem to be saying that you are credible and everyone else isn’t. If this is how the news people in Reno see things, shame on them. No one has a monopoly on the truth, and no one is the ultimate authority on these issues. There are many viewpoints which deserve to be heard. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are lunatics and it seems incredibly egotistical for anyone to assume the position as the supreme arbiter of all questions about wild horses. This is the U.S.A., after all. It’s our duty as citizens to get involved and to speak up. No offense meant, but you didn’t invent wild horses. You aren’t the arbiter of truth. You’re one guy, not THE guy. There are many honest and compassionate people who’ve been working with wild horses far longer than you, and they happen to see things differently. When you refer to them as lunatics or “The Hysteria Corps”, it says a lot more about you than it does about them.

I see from your letter that you filed the paperwork to create a non-profit group and then you helped to form another umbrella organization. That’s admirable, but the formation of a 501c3 doesn’t make you an expert. The IRS doesn’t require a competency exam when it approves non-profits. You say your volunteers are out in the field every day, studying the range conditions, gathering info. That’s awesome, but what happens to the data? Do you give it to the BLM? Honestly, in all the years of reading BLM documents and public filings, I’ve never seen any reference to you or your group. You mentioned that your daughter is a DVM, that she reviews your observations and concurs with your conclusions. No offense to your family, but there isn’t a scientific organization in the world that would ask a daughter to do a peer review of her dad’s research. What’s she going to say? Hey Pop, you’re a nitwit? More pointedly, what does she review? What happens to this information? Where does it go? If the primary purpose of this research effort is to buttress your position as the ultimate authority on all wild horse issues, then I have many other questions about your goals, plans, and motives. The inference might seem unfair, but if you look at this from my vantage point, I hope you can see why I would ask.

A couple of other items deserve a response. You objected to the title of one of my stories because it mentioned “the science behind BLM roundups.” You say the story itself isn’t based on science. Can I get an amen? This is what we in the journalism biz refer to as irony. The entire point of the report was that there is very little science involved in BLM decisions to gather horses. I interviewed Craig Downer, who not only grew up with wild horses in his backyard, but earned advanced degrees and was employed as a range scientist by BLM. He quit in disgust because he knows the decisions to round up the horses very often have nothing to do with science and little to do with the health of the range. If you have expert testimony from someone who is MORE qualified than Craig Downer, I’d like to see it. BLM is rounding up horses for reasons that have little, if anything, to do with science.

You stated that my information about the Jackson Mountains roundup is ‘misleading’. As noted, the exact line was that the roundup was authorized ‘supposedly because there wasn’t enough forage to support them.” You say the problem was lack of water, not forage and that your team saw ‘thousands of acres of grass’ in the area. That is very interesting information. I hope you will pass it along to your colleague Ms. Stokke because the information she has directly contradicts yours. In our on camera interview, Ms. Stokke told us the horses were starving, that they barely survived by ‘eating brush’, and that this is the reason BLM rounded them up. (A side issue–If the problem was lack of water, I’m curious to know what role BLM played in cutting the horses off from their water sources.) I also hope the two of you can resolve your differences over whether the horses were starving or dying of thirst…or maybe it was both. If you think my information was misleading, you might want to go to the source and tell her that she’s full of baloney. Let me know how that goes.

There’s another reason why the forage-or-water issue is relevant. I questioned Ms. Stokke about why all of the horses dropped dead at Palomino Valley. She told me—again, on camera—that the horses had been surviving by eating brush and that when they were fed rich hay at PV, it caused an inflammation of the salmonella already in their systems and they died. I reported it exactly as it was told to me by BLM, that the animals already had salmonella in their systems and they started dying because of the feed they received. In your letter, you said this was FALSE, in capital letters, ‘so patently false that it boggles the minds of those who understand these issues.’ By that, I guess you mean that Susie Stokke doesn’t understand these issues. I’m glad we agree on something.

You also expressed the opinion that the horses ‘were properly handled’ at PV, that they were fed grass hay because that’s what ‘any experienced veterinarian’ would recommend, and that the stories about horses dying because of their feed were ‘rumors.’ Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe everything was done by the book and, as Susie said, the horses got the best care possible. Then again, they’re dead. They keeled over dead, dozens at a time, but I’m sure they were grateful for the great care they received. Are you telling me there was no alternative to this, no other approach that could have been taken, no way to ease them into a different diet? Really? If, as you suggest, they were dying already, then why go to the trouble of rounding them up and bringing them in? On the open range, they were alive. In the corral, they were dead. I guess it’s just one of those things.

One final bone of contention. You went into considerable detail about the impact of cattle and sheep on the range versus the impact of horses. I’m not even going to try to hassle about all of the specifics except for this central point. If you are suggesting that the plight of wild horses is not directly related to the competition for resources posed by cows and sheep…and housing developers…and oil companies….and mining conglomerates, then I don’t see any reason to continue the dialogue. There’s always a reason to remove horses (and the ‘best’ reason is that it’s for their own good), but when it comes to competing uses for public lands, the horses always seem to rank at the bottom of the list. Always. Anyone who thinks the ambitious, revved up removal program is unrelated to the influence of cattle interests with the current administration is not being honest.

The program is a mess, an embarrassment. The people who are calling the shots in Nevada should be ashamed. Putting resources into adoption efforts makes even more sense now that the roundups are so relentless, but it isn’t happening for reasons that have little to do with logic or good public policy.

I don’t know you, but I know OF you. I don’t like some of the things you say, not because I disagree with your conclusions but because, by personal decree, you assume the mantle of authority on all things related to wild horses. You informed me that mainstream media in your neck of the woods consider you to be the go-to guy for wild horse questions. Well, I’m not them. If you want a dialogue, that’s fine with me. But I’m not someone who is particularly impressed by posturing or intimidation tactics. As for the invitation to join your team sometime out on the range, if you’re still willing, I might take you up on that.

George Knapp

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  1. Wow. George Knapp, the more I see your broadcasts, and read your missives, the more impressed I am. You are my hero 😉 I wish I were there on the front line helping horse advocates save the mustangs. Thank you for your persistance and your advocacy for horses.


  2. Mr. Knapp wrote:

    As you know, the law which created the wild horse program provides for a management strategy which includes adoption efforts. The budget figures show that BLM Nevada commits vast resources to roundups, and considerable funds to the warehousing of horses, but very little for adoption efforts.

    Anne’s comments: imo; the BLM Adoption program is “the front…for the illegal scheme involving roundup America’s Mustangs and Burros and either “selling them @ on line “auction;

    and or warehouseing them as Mr. Knapp says; it is good to know Mr. Knapp has been studying this issue for 25 years…however;

    I have seen pix of BLM Adoption events; a sham; the Mustangs hooves are soft and overgrown from standing in trucks; see the BLM will roundup a Mustang in Nevada; truck a band of the Mustangs all the way to Conn. Do you have any idea how far Nevada is from Conn.? then if not adopted; blm trucks ’em back to NV? Do you have any idea how expensive it is to truck 100 Mustangs to any adoption event; to have no adopters; then truck em back to the corrals; the darkness of the trucks for 7 days; this is far worse than what the Barnum Bailey + Ringling do to Elephants…; why does the BLM do this? Truck Mustangs to the East Coast; possibly stopping along the way in MD then up to IL;

    because IF THE MUSTANG IS NOT ADOPTED IN 3 TRIES; meaning if the Mustang GOES TO 3 ADOPTION EVENTS AND IS NOT ADOPTED…THE BLM “CAN SELL THAT BAND OF MUSTANGS…and so the BLM Adoption Program is just a “front; a ploy for the essence of the BLM which is “rounding up/selling Mustangs and Burros and Estrays ! and Mules ! young ones; old ones; to the BLM age is inconsequential; 2. Why would the BLM have an online highest bid sale authority auction (sale authority means: the mustang is over 10 yrs. old; or is unadoptable (3-strikes rule)? where people BID on the Mustangs; A SALE IS NOT THE SAME AS AN AUCTION; for example: If I sell my automobile to an individual; I did not auction my auto; but If I put my auto at an “auction car lot; then I would auction; so to auction Mustangs to the highest bidder should be abolished and there should be:
    ONLY Adoptions; sales to individuals (4 a yr.); with thorough background checks; and or Sanctuaries; OR Set up Sanctuaries on the Range and have qualified people run those Sanctuaries;

    and above all….STOP THE USE OF HELICOPTERS TO ROUND UP MUSTANGS AND BURROS; because too many get harmed;

    and “oh so many perish inside the corrals; 115 @ Fallon;NV 2010

    and the way they put mares and foals in pens and some foals cannot find their mama’s or the mama’s milk is dry; very distressing to see grown men and women act like Bafoons…!

    as to Willis Lamm; I luv the dappled grey beauty in his pix; however; willis lamm does not give credit to those of us in front of computers as opposed to those out in the field building fences…

    no offense Mr. Lamm; but what do you think I would rather be doing? sitting in my apt. typing; reading; researching the BLM?

    or outdoors building a fence on a warm sunny day; “conclusion:

    the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence; Anna


  3. COMMENT: So I agree with Mr. Knapp 99% and I learned a lot;

    concerning the Meduna Ranch; that was an illegal scheme involving the placement of hundreds of Mustangs on an unknown ranch and the problem was: The BLM was supposed to go to the Meduana ranch periodically…and make sure they were being fed;

    The BLM did not do this; they almost never do; never seen such liars; and the theory I have is: the Meduna mustangs have “digestive disorders; certainly not from Samonella (Samonella can be helped by giving equine certain wild herbs…)


    • Meduna actually had the cojones to come to ABR and ask for funds. He accused his neighbors of trying to poison the horses. ABR members did give him money and it wasn’t pretty.

      The creep kept all the funds for himself. He starved many horses to death. It wasn’t wrong feed that caused the deaths–IT WAS NO FEED PERIOD.


      • i hear ya; it was the wrong feed which sets their digestive systems on the wrong path and then scarce scant or no feed as you say

        however THE BLM SHOULD HAVE CLOSED THE RANCH before; but they did not check on the mustnags as they are directed to do

        I am sorry to the Mustangs and I apologize to them on behalf of us


  4. I know we aim to “rise above” and ignore those who would try to shift focus away from our wild horses and burros, but sometimes you just have to confront the lies head on and then walk away with your head held high. Kudos to RT and George.


  5. I too thought this had been laid to rest and that there would be no further opinion pieces. My slings and arrows are pointed directly at Congress with MANY, albeit it should be unnecessary, forays into the agencies that should be protecting not only the wh&b’s but all this nations wild ones, wild spaces and hopefully still wild people. Let’s hope that anyone that needs to look into a mirror and say “ouch” does so and then moves on to use their energies on what seems to be working for them and just applaud anything that anyone else does or even has the grace to say “I would not have done it that way but……..” I think the horse warriors are an amazingly focused group of people that really deserve kudos from each other.




  7. That article is SO timely that I had to scroll back up and recheck the date! Pretty discouraging that a three year old article sounds like it had been written yesterday.

    George Knapp is one of the most valuable assets the wild horses have ever had. May he live long and prosper – AND have many more stories and videos exposing the ugly underbelly of the organization that has been entrusted with their protection. As he has certainly done since 2007!


    • So what if this article is 3 yrs old. This is still happening!


  8. The “one and only Knappster”, said it all! I agree 101% with him. The adoption program is a complete failure, reason being; it is just a “front” the BLM intentionally “de-value” the Mustangs, when they put a pricetag of $10/head. Just last week I bought a beautiful grulla mare, 12 yrs old in PV for $10…..she could be twin sister of my reg.SPMustang/Lipizzan cross, who was appraised at $ 10000! If I’d know how to post photos here, I would do it to make my point. They are so similar, even in character and personality. I was also shocked at the rough treatment in the loading chute. The wrangler just yanked up on the tag, on her neck, and whipped out a knife to cut it with. The poor mare reared up in terror, hit her head on the top bar, then came down hard. Needless to say, she suffered a huge laceration, and upward cut over her Rt eye. We only norticed as we unloaded her at the Wild Horse Sanctuary. Let me tell you something here; this very same mare just minutes before, almost came up to smell our hand, when was spoken softly. So I am asking, why do they need to handle them so rough? I can guarantee you, that if my Mila, was handled the same way, she would have behaved exactly the same way….and she was raised with love and she is a spoiled princess and had 4 mos of professional training. I got myself off topic here for a minute. So as I was completing paperwork at the office at PV, I noticed, all the photos on the walls were of helicopter roundups and frantic “wild eyed” Mustangs trying to escape, or fight. I told John, head of PV, he could hang up some performance photos, and I offered to share mines. He was hummed and said; oh we have one of “Mustang Lady”, who was a National Endurance Champion and did FEI races as well. (World Championship). The trouble is it was hanging in the back office, so no one could see it! I am thinking, if the BLM was allocating a fraction of the money, it spends on expensive helicopter roundups, to people like myself, who do serious promoting.(….I have been promoting my Mustangs for over 25 yrs! my Mustangs excell in two of the toughest of the equine sports; endurance and eventing, some are successful in dressage and jumping as well!!) , people would be lining up to adopt the horses and they would make more $$$ then $10/head. Next year I have plans of running 5-10 Mustangs in the World Famous Tevis Cup Race, a gruelling 100 miles Endurance ride across the Sierra Nevada Mtns. I am looking for sponsors, and you bet the BLM is on the “Top of my list”!!


  9. I see advocates being criticized for “going out on their own” “doing things that give the opposition ammunition”. This is moving fast and there is not always time to get a Posse formed. It’s hard to FIND a Posse. The ones out there in mass are those who are getting paid to take the horses. Wild horse country is vast and desolate and ANYONE that has the courage to go out there alone does not need to defend her credibility or her motives.


    • Louie I don’t think these comments are critical–just seriously concerned with the safety of these ladies, as we have established most of the advocates are ladies. Believe me I know how hard it is to get a posse up, I can’t even get someone to walk with me in my rural neighborhood in the mornings. Its is through love and concern these comments are made and not to criticize their taking this incredibly brave action nor does this reflect negatively on anyone’s credibility. Esp in the case of Leslie and her Sheldon observations–who would not have gone down a road that was not marked closed and who amongst us would not have followed the sound of the horses. My question is why was there no one there from the agency and contractor taking care of these horses?


  10. Being searched by prison guards and having one’s possession confiscated–being treated like a criminal–how many are willing to go that far? Someone who goes through that, does it for ALL of us and for the love of these animals.


    • As unpleasant as it is being searched by prison guards — and I’m sure they weren’t as nice as they could have been — it is standard protocol to go through a search before entering prison grounds.
      When my sister worked for Congress, I remember that I had to go through a metal detector and have my belongings searched before entering the Capital or the House or Senate buildings to visit her. Security is even tighter these days.
      The hard part is the attitudes of those who are doing the searching. Often, it’s a control/power trip for them and I think some enjoy putting ordinary civilians through the humilation of search and confiscate.
      You’re right, Louie — not a lot of people would be willing to run that gamut for the sake of a good cause — namely our wild horses. Takes a brave person to walk into that situation with open eyes.


      • YO! I thought that when I read your description of your visit. Every attempt to deter you from continuing on. There has been too many photos come out of prisons for this to be the norm. That the horses are put into prison is an abomination. Bad enough we can’t view LTH but by putting formerly wild horses into one of the most controlled environments is a slap in the face and an extra layer of protection to the agencies that abuse the horses.


      • L, They should realize by now you are still a force to reckon with even when they deny your rights or take your cameras! What good has it done them??? The more they violate rights and deter your work the more they jeopardize their world. mar


  11. http://terrifarley.blogspot.com/ Pix of the day from Terri Farley; posted by Anna; just scroll down to Sept. 29th I think it is…

    and see a “downed mustangs coughing his lungs out; lying on the ground with no one helping; then see the pix next to that of a Mustang with “leg gashes from top of thigh to hoof…

    then compare that to the mare on the hill “the BLM shot from man’s silver bird machine ! the blm is “off their rockers imo…

    you don’t leave mustangs with big gashes standing in mud manure
    you dont ! the end anna


  12. EXCELLENT! The truth does indeed set us free. I am sick of egotistical, self-serving “horse advocates” who put their own little agendas ahead of the welfare of the wild horses. It is time for all the real wild horse lovers to clean house and expose these people for who they really are.


  13. Right Now, we All need to write and PROTEST the spaying of mares IN THE FIELD! What kind of an Auschwitz program are they running now? They did ENOUGH damage when they castrated the stallions. There is NO comparison to a domestic horse given surgery under the protection of his owner. There is NO oversight for these animals.


    • I simply cannot believe these extreme measures are allowed or even needed. It reeks of experimentation. It is outrageous. These people who are making these decisions have done all but allowed the programs to have outside influence. The disdain they hold for us will be their downfall. The public must be involved and these horses at Sheldon are, according to Steblein, the same as the Calico and the CA horses that all migrate through. This needs to be stopped. No One would do this but these idiots. mar


      • To the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any studies that show that it’s safe to spay a wild or even a domestic horse in the field.
        When I questioned my equine vet about having my rescue mare spayed, he talked me through the procedure, which involved quite a lot of stall rest and follow up mare care. My vet is a specialist in equine reproduction — and he doesn’t even offer this surgery! He refers to UGA’s vet school because it has the sterile facilities and the follow up care necessary for this kind of procedure. In other words, it wouldn’t be safe to do it at my barn or out in a paddock.
        So, we have EVERY RIGHT to be suspicious of the experimentation that may be perpetrated on our wild mares. It’s risky to castrate wild stallions — especially the older guys — but even more so to invasively remove internal organs from mares. How many are dying? It’s scary to even think about…


      • Nora, they Are NUTS! The opposition implies that all kinds of things are done just to have an effect upon US, the advocates. If this is even remotely true then these people need to be shut down. Now. My country should not be involved in this kind of monstrous behavior towards beloved wild horses and citizens. mar


    • I have not heard of anything like this being done in any country. This whole concept gives me nightmares. I will attempt to find out what other countries do as far as field surgery. This is not a triage setting along the Western front where it is do surgery in the muck or immediately lose a soldier. This is healthy living horses who can only have horrible outcomes from the minute anesthesia is administered–if they even are going to administer anesthesia. And to describe this as even experimentation gives it too respectable a ring. Although I can’t think of another word except the concept of death (which will surely be the outcome) while under medical torture. I work for an oral surgeon–we don’t pull teeth in people’s backyard, they come to us and have a clean, sterile environment with meds and followup care.


  14. I would compare those who have worked closely with the agency for a long time to a counselor who, when giving her reason for leaving the career that she had worked in for so long (child molestation–she counseled the child molesters), gave this reason. She was “losing her outrage”. She had begun to rationalize the actions of the molesters. She was becoming desensitized to the pain of the victims. She was wise enough to realize that and stepped back.
    Does that happen? When people see so much abuse–does it no longer bother them?
    Sometimes, new people NEED to come in with fresh eyes. Eveyone gets weary after a while.


  15. Your timing is perfect RT, I addressed the first round of sleezy e-mails in a very direct way with the individuals who sent them and let it go..I have more important fish to fry with my time..not finding sucess in their backdoor approach-they have lauched a public round..the latest at TMP, where Tracie has taken leslie to task for not minding her manners, and being where she shouldn’t be…a very typical approach of blaming the victim for what happened to her…enough is enough..call youself the willis choir girls and not advocates..When you have asked for a contract and to be paid from sue catoor, for consulting and the BLM for adoption services- you have lost the right to claim you advocate for the horses-your primary goal is for your own self interest first and the horses second..when you have to prostitute yourself to the BLM in order to get favors and access..IT IS for you and you alone.. I know people who have created organizations decades old who have not received a dime for promoting and putting on adoptions and finding homes for horses, and they were surprised that someone actually expected to be paid for that service as they fundraise to conduct theirs, and they are not clamouring for attention and are just humble dedicated people trying to do the right thing in their HMAs..and before i leave this subject-I would like to say-if I publish some of the e-mails I have received from individuals in this group..they would not only define hysteria-but warrant being put on a no fly list somewhere.


    • I too thought this whole issue had been laid to rest since some time had gone by. I wholeheartedly support Leslie’s actions, wish she could have had help just to make her safer and give added support. I bless her for taking the other road and for finding those bones, which seem to have disappeared from the topic somehow, and for hearing those horses and doing what any concerned person who have done whether they were a horse advocate or JQ Citizen–gone and looked. As far as her promised tour being cancelled–BS, we are all adults and don’t need to be put over the various agencies knees.


  16. I posted in several places that Mr. Lamm and the others are COMPLETELY missing the point. It’s not about helicopters or trucks or who said what when. It is about Ms. Peeples being harassed for TAKING PICTURES, and the USFWS program leader not giving her the access to the rounded up horses for photographs because she was a “danger.” <> I didn’t know someone getting a “warning ticket” for some unstated violation gives a government bureaucrat the right to throw the First Amendment out the window. These guys have been fighting a war of attrition for 30 years on the Wild Horse and Burro issue and their methods have NOT worked – things are getting WORSE not better and have been for years. “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity,” according to Einstein.

    Get over the fact that someone else has decided to step up to the plate and do things a different way, since the war is being lost. We all need to work together to make a difference.


  17. There are so many advocacy groups- and groups claiming to be advocacy groups, that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Some want the horses returned to their original lands. Others want to form sanctuarys to create safe zones for the horses. Still others think that adoption is the solution.

    I have read a lot about the plights of the USA’s wild horses, and I have also written a lot about this plight. I’ve written on my Facebook page and my blog, I’ve written letters to Congress, signed Madeleine Pickens’ petitions, signed everyone else’s petitions, and I’ve talked about it ad infinitum in person and in emails to friends- asking them all to do the same things I have done.

    Now, after months and months of this ‘keyboard advocacy’, I cannot tell that one single thing has changed (except Madeleine’s announcement of a deal with BLM, which included no details).

    This is what I wonder: After all is said and done, “WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO MAKE BLM CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR TOWARD OUR HORSES?” Is there a better way to band together in some way- some unified alliance- that will be of a size that is significan enough to MAKE them listen? Individual advocacy is great, but I’m starting to feel like we’re all just screaming into a hard wind, and that we are not being heard (much less, respected or valued) by those in control.

    We need REAL AND IMMEDIATE PROGRESS, not just more voices shouting, “BLM, stop hurting OUR horses!”


    • Yes , they do not respect or value us..but they do FEAR us. BLM shows it in every action they take these days..trying to hide roundups, changing dates, keeping us as far away from the horses as possible. it.is because they fear our ability to expose them with pictures and articles..its not to “punish us..its to save their butts from congress and being held up to public contempt for their actions..so we try harder..many of us work on all angles, providing comments on EAs that are a permenent record that can be held as evidence…we are building our case and that is how it is done..one step at a time, there are people who call the white house every single day and keep them up to date and ask for science and a moritorium..we have made it to the ‘issues list” at the white house..groups have gone to DC and lobbied congressmen and senators, we have gained support from many, and 50 some signed that letter asking the BLM to halt the roundups…we have lawsuits, we have won and lost..but we have shown our intent is serious and we will not go away-no matter the road blocks put in our way..we will FOIA you till the cows-go-home, we will follow your trucks to every border and auction yard and prison..we will find out where those unaccounted for horses are-dead or alive..The word is that salazar will be dumped after the midterms..the new appointee will no doubt get rid of Abbey..an albatross..why…because they want our vote..my senator would probably like to get me off his back..we have learned how to do so many things in these last months, we have people who excell at certain things..much of what we do goes on behind the scenes and offline..and we do it on our own dime..we empty our pockets to donate and donate again..we pick each other up when we are down..and it is always about the horses, not the people..we have come through fire like steel and it is our intent to win for the wild horses come hell or high water..there is no quit in us..no matter what happens.


      • Very interesting, Sandra. Thank you. Professional and well spoken! I hope there’s a big pay off soon for all that work, before there are no wild horses to protect. It’s really heartbreaking!

        One thing that saddens me so is how the BLM breaks up herds with no thought about the pain that causes. Anyone who’s interested in an eyewitness account of how that can affect horses may enjoy my piece, “The Story of Dom and Keebler” on my blog at http://www.SomeAreBrainstorms.Blogspot.com.

        Long live the wild horses!



    • there is only one way that I can think of I think will Shut the blm Wh & b program for good…and that is for the Congress law to

      “slap the blm with an overt federal animal cruelty charge indictment

      this is my thought…and anyone knows putting a GASH IN THE FACE OF A FOAL; AND THEN NOT TREATING THE “wound

      but putting a tag on the foal with treated the wound

      that is animal abuse to the HILT ! “a true blm concentration camp !


      WHY ? WHY CHOOSE ONE BREED TO HATE; stupid evil + dumb


  18. It has been untrue that we are ’cause’ of the situation the wild ones are in now. The decisions are made and and whatever the impetus behind them the fact remains that the horses and burros are being removed, their lands confiscated!!!!! and used for private industry and we have been kept by our government and this agency from becoming involved and changing the direction of this violence and cruelty.

    Our campaign has done all it was asked of it but we did not shut up and go home. We are here and waiting to be worked with fairly because these management practices are some of the worst in Entire World. I do think a wonderful project for someone out there is to contact the different countries that have wild horse populations from South America, Europe, Africa and Asia and ask them what they do for management and what do they think of the extermination of our wild ones? This would be an excellent over winter project and it would possibly help us use the international expertise of others who would not ever do these hideous things to any of their animals.

    Last winter the snowstorms were so severe in Mongolia that the herdsman lost 4 million head of cattle and horses. 1 million horses perished. This is amazing. They would look at us and ask; “How can you expect your herds to survive bad years when there are so few?” And BLM removes them and makes them vulnerable and underpopulated while telling the world they are overpopulated and reproducing at an impossible rate. This lie cannot be upheld any longer. The games with us and the violence against the horses and burros has escalated into a damaging and unlawful
    war of agency against citizen.

    Time to clean out the Bushian Cobwebs and the people who were willing to follow the memorandums telling them to lie to the public at all times. We are the people and We are also the government and the government will not have a separate law to answer to from our own. We will see to that. mar


    • you know why the herdsman of Mongolia lost “millions of cattle and Equine during the winters?

      the same reason American Livestock ranchers lose thousands of Livestock each year…is the same reason


      WHY ?



      DUH…..! ! ! mark my words blm YOU ARE GOING “DOWN…

      remember the Titanic the Unsinable ? blm? you are the Titanic !


  19. It seems to counterproductive to use terms like “Bushian Cobwebs”, “Obamicons”, or any other political smear term in the blame game about who or what caused this horrific debacle that is destroying a legacy we all hold dear.

    Why would anyone who truly cares about these horses want to alienate a sympathetic person of a politicial pursuasion opposite of theirs in this battle? This movement is NOT about which political party you belong to. This mission is about trying to right a wrong. Maybe Carter or Ford or Bush or Reagan or Clinton or Obama or Roosevelt or a string of other presidential powers could have prevented or reversed what is happen, but NONE of them have– and they have ALL had the opportunity. This is a CITIZEN’S problem. ALL of US care. All of us except BLM, greedy ranchers, and their hit men, that is.

    A lot of lip service is given to bipertisanship, and ‘the other side’ is always blamed for not compromising. This is one issue where we can ALL fight on the same team- IF we will leave personal political biases out of the dialog. Please.


    • Sorry Elaine. I am not of any political persuasion. I know the Burns Amendment came in 2004 and that more horses went more openly to slaughter for that rider being passed. Indirectly responsible Harry Reid is out there with the support of the president because he is a Dem.

      I am not playing a discriminatory political game with anyone. I had more to say than just Bushian Cobwebs and I did not say Obamicom… what is that? I have not smeared anyone with what I said. It is reality. For the sake of bipartisanism should I not mention facts because they were brought about by one or another president who happened to be of one or another party??? Give me a break. I am not where you think I am. We are part of history now along side what these people have done to make this a very ugly and difficult campaign to save the wild ones.

      The DOI was one of the worst managed agencies under the Bush administration. It is a fact. We, meaning wildlife, environmental and wild horse advocates, All were looking forward to the idea of transparency and the ‘cleaning the house’ promised by the new administration. It never came to DOI, did it? It is still needed. There were memos from that time telling the DOI/BLM employees to lie to the public. Fact. Those people are still working and still lying. mar


  20. Thank you for showing the public what morons mismanage for the past 40 years the public lands and the native species, the wild horses.

    The BLM have NEVER tried to adopt horses the right way, ever!

    I demand every single horse the BLM hold have public pictures and vids up on the BLM website and be open for adoption to APPROVED real homes!! The BLM adoption contract should include taking the horse back if ay ANY time the adoptor can’t keep it as their personal horse. ALL horses should be trained with at least 120 days pro training to the point they are traffic proof, road safe and trained properly.

    I am sick and tired of seeing mustangs in the kill jobers lots and at the slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico. Sick of the BLM selling wild horses to research labs, selling wild horses to rodeos for bucking horses and ‘drunk’ cowboys stupid shows.
    I am sick and tired of seeing mexican rodeo using wild horses as fodder for their tripping blood sport. Sick and tired of knowing in mexico the stallion fights are wild horses the BLM mismanaged to a horrid death.

    What will it take for the BLM to be forced to stop using helicoptors and running horses to road founder? Why the hell is the BLM still allowed to provide no shelter for horses, the sun burns them and their skin strips off! It is a crime in america to have this kind of animal abuse BLM! what is the matter with you all??

    Its been 40 plus YEARS of the BLM and their contractor MISMANAGEMENT to death of wild horses!! why the hell are these UN american bozos not charged with crimes?

    All these horses dead are your fault BLM management!! all your fault!! your adoption system is a JOKE!! you strart training the horses the right way and caring for the horses the way professionals do!!
    Stop with your stupid 1800s cattle vs horses garbage!! Look your ‘program’ is a fraud system a scam!! you the blm have scammed to death thousands of wild horses!! The BLM are a bunch of taxpayer money sucking..horse killers!!

    I am sick and tired of paying my taxes to the BLM horse fraud idiots!


    • what is the no. 1 reason the blm rounds up mustangs and burros

      because “Congress directs the BLm to do this;

      and then the us gov. pays these morons a salary to round up America’s treasured Icons; they do it for the money…

      just like a whore gets a pimp for the money; such is the blm…imoa


  21. Morgan, I just did see your comment. I didn’t mean that there was any criticism coming from any of us. We are pulling the same direction.


    • You know it Louie, you know it. There are more and more creative ideas coming out of our exchanges. And advocates that really want to see change will hold each other up knowing this is exhausting, emotionally devastating work we all do. Anyone with a positive input is welcome aboard. Anyone who has as much true concern for their fellow humans as they do for the horses is welcome to my world. I may never meet most of you but if you are the type who can put aside everything else and pull for the horses then I will pull for you, I will listen to you, help you when you hit the wall and experience that dark night of the soul. I will say prayers, send healings and do ceremony for your health and your strength as long as you act like a friend who sticks a hand out. And if your path has not yet brought you to the place of love and acceptance I will pray for the opening of your heart. All the horses have is us and all we have is each other.



    Battle Mountain, Nev. — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Battle Mountain District, Mount Lewis Field Office is extending the public comment period for the Callaghan wild horse gather preliminary Environmental Assessment (EA) to Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010.

    The extension provides additional time to comment on the proposed application of fertility control to wild mares and the removal of about 221 excess wild horses from the Callaghan Complex and New Pass/Ravenswood Herd Management Areas (HMA). The gather would bring the number of wild horses in these HMAs to 862 animals. The proposed gather area is located 55 miles south of Battle Mountain in Lander County.

    The proposal and associated impacts are described and analyzed in the Callaghan Complex Wild Horse Gather Plan and Preliminary EA. If approved, the gather would begin in early December. Comments received during the public review period will be analyzed and considered as part of the decision-making process.


    • thanks Louie, looks like they learned nothing from the last winter debacle, and sceduled another one..lets all hope after the midterm elections there is a big shake up at the BLM and a clean sweep of those who have been impementing and carring out this madness..the two names being bantered about as replacements are both friends to the wild horses and public lands..It could mean huge changes in the other direction and a moratorium for sure..


  23. the gather would begin in Early December? oh no another Calico Complex holocost…

    and always recall: Indian Lakes is owned by a “canned hunt co.

    a canned hunt is where a compnay raises Pheasant quails etc

    and then a hunter pays about 3 grand to hunt them for a few days

    the compnay jsut simply lets the Pheasant out onto a field to be shot; I am not totally against Hunting; Hunting for food can be a way to control over populations of some wildlife but not canned !


  24. BLM spends 3k adopts horse to some Judas for 125.00. This horse sells to kill-jobber at centenial,co. 9/2010 meatsale! Heres another one the BLM kills with their crappy “adoption SCAM”

    read the brand! whos the Judas that the BLM dumped the horse on?


    • “dam the blm; dam them up and stop them; the way mankind dams up roaring rivers and turns them into energy plants\

      destroying tons of fish and dolphins like dams do everywhere

      Plug up the blm hole…plug up the blm hole with pix of equine abuse..stop the madness speak out if u dare…anna wahpoose usa


  25. To many horses in these pens! why is it theres 100s of acres and the horses are crowded like cattle in a feedlot? This the Gunnie prison horses? Bet they don’t want cameras because they have overgrown hooves. put the number in google map, its square on the pens.



    • Laura, I have not been eble to navigate Google maps – I tried Bing – it will not let me zoom with normal clarity in this particular area or birds-eye!

      I do see 2 large yards and 2 small ones. Are those dots horses?


  26. to R.T. & All of you decent, Heart-possessing, Compassionate, Listen-to-the-Music-of-your-own-SOUL citizens–(that have ‘earned’/hope to earn the Dubious distinction of): “Wild-Horse-ADVOCATE” !!
    {isn’t it ironic that the Gov’t & its ‘Agencies’ & “4-Self-greed-Supporters” seem to Believe that we’ll be tricked into considering the moniker of “Advocate” is a Bad/Ridiculous title ??}—didn’t they think the Same of “Wild-Horse ANNIE” ?; (hehehe!), moniker that She WEARS even post-humously with great world-renowned PRIDE!!
    ******I want to say: that I recall when I 1st Read this Amazingly spoken rebut-editorial by the Infamous George KNAPP ! *I SAVED it* & frequently go back to re-read, for Inspiration …. 😉
    ** there’s just No-body that can write a “Spiked-SLAP-Down” Response as ELOQUENTLY as Mr. Knapp ! ! 🙂 **
    ** So I encourage you to Re-post it ?! (& I’ll re-tweet it)…for inspiring of Others 🙂
    —> during my re-read today::::: I was especially STRUCK by someone’s Comment, that says:
    “That article is SO timely that I had to scroll back up & Recheck the DATE! Pretty discouraging that a 3-year old article sounds like it had been written yesterday……..George KNAPP is 1 of most valuable assets the Wild Horses have ever had. May he live long & prosper–AND have many more stories & videos exposing the ugly underbelly of the organization that has been entrusted with their protection ”
    —-> **as it is More STRIKING that it sounds even More timely @over 4-1/2 Years !! I surely agree with her statement, & with SO, so many comments that have been Added over these years !
    —> hence, I Realized* that:
    *R.T. ??? —We NEED *George Knapp* AGAIN, more than ever !!! Do YOU, or Any others of You, Have personal or professional ACCESS to Contact Mr. KNAPP ???? As an avid-Fan of the world-wide nightly Radio program, “COAST-to-COAST”, “with George Noory”, among others…..
    *I know that the very Same *GEORGE KNAPP* —-occassionally fills-in for a night or 2, when Geo.Noory, Ian Punitt, or Art Bell are not available !!!!!! Once was very recently—-that night I tried & tried unsuccessfully to Call-in; to Talk about the *Plight of the Wild Horses* (altho’that wasn’t the topic @ time), AND to PLEAD with *Mr. Knapp*——to HELP them again ? ! ? —-to do Another of his Great Investigative-stories??
    —-perhaps to Do an Entire “Coast-2-Coast” SHOW about Wild Horses, & murder/deception of BLM & FS & NF&W….?????? Especially NOW !, with these *Federal LAW-SUITS* to be immenently decided…..& the FATE of either the BLM /or/ the WILD HORSES hanging in the balance !!!!
    –> I think He might DO it, don’t you ??
    {if you are not familiar with Coast-2-Coast, it is a 7-nights a week, 4–5 hour Radio Talk show, Begun IN NEVADA originally; heard in 40 countries with THOUSANDS of daily listeners ! *** Its claim-to-fame IS== taking-on ANY Topic, Any Story—that is Controversial or Difficult to ‘get out there’…(from UFO’s to Angels, from Ghost-hunters to Witches To *GOVERNMENT Corruption/Cover-up/Deceit & loss of Rights or Transparency or Financial Stability/vs.unethical Spending…….!!! }

    **in other words ==== it is PERFECT for ‘our’ issue !! especially right *NOW !
    [however, due to huge # callers + thousands of daily emails—it’s often difficult to get through to them.] I have, in the past, sent email to Geo Noory…. about this, but have no way to Know if he was able to Read it, wasn’t Interested (unlikely), or perhaps already *Asked GEORGE KNAPP* about it ?, & He was interested (more unlikely) ?! 😦
    —> thus We *NEED* a back-door-IN to them……right NOW is perfect,
    as U can see…… *Does anyone have a way to Contact* Mr. Noory, Mr. Knapp, Mr. Ian Punitt (sp?), or *Art Bell* (esp if he’s in NV again, instead of Manila) ???
    ***IF you were Impressed by the editorial above/or/linked, You’ve got to agree……This is OUR MAN for getting the story HEARD ! ? !


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