The Force of the Horse

Videos: Equine ‘Feel Good Sunday’ Collage

Food for the Horse Lover’s Soul

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and we are, once again, going to take the day off from pressing issues so that our dedicated advocates can take a deep breath and recharge their batteries.  Over the past week we brought to you a cornucopia of success brought to you by the hard work of Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Debbie Coffey and this upcoming week will bring some additional highlights that will showcase the legitimate efforts that are going on behind the scenes to protect the future safety and welfare of our American equines both domestic and wild.  Enjoy this Sunday installation and prepare yourself for the upcoming week…we have a lot of work to do. Be safe and keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

How many of you have one of these talented individuals in you barn, we do but he is much smaller than this mare and his name is Pele!

Here is a dog that has a plan in mind but the horse has other things he would rather be doing, like EATING!

And finally, every equine caretaker has one of these helpers on their farm/ranch (still photo)


Have a Great Day!

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  1. Heheheheheh when you weigh 900 pounds or more you can do anything you want !!!!! hehehehe ,,,,,,Thank You RT for the wonderful Sunday morning smiles and laughs. and giggles……………..Gotta love them dont you !!!!!allll that unparalleled Beauty and smart tooooooo…………


  2. My two Cattle Dogs both eat manure. It’s either fresh muffins in the Spring or frozen in Winter. Then they lay in the house with the worst smelling gas you could ever imagine. My husband and I have stopped asking each other, ” did you do that?” When they started eating their own I drew the line. I now put meat tenderizer on their food. The food tastes great; but their poops taste horrible. One down. One to go. Anyone have I manure eating remedy?


  3. I know a burro who can go through any fence and she does it so quietly that one moment you can see her out in the pasture and the next moment she is standing next to you … HER name is HOUDINA.


  4. Just love to watch them do these things especially with a sliding door. Have never seen them take off their halter, but some can do that too.


  5. Not only are they beautiful, but incredibly smart! Not too sure about Annie, although she’s adorable too. (-: Thanks for sharing RT….the videos are a real pleasure to watch. (-:


  6. Just reading this on Monday…He truly ls a master. My Lipizaan, Elmer, was good at letting horses in from the pasture when he felt the barn owner was taking to long to let the horses in. The barn owner would put the chow in the stalls before the evening meal. He came down to let the horses in and found them wandering all over the barn. He thought he had left the gate open until he found the same situation the next day. He watched the next day to see who the culprit was. Sure enough it was my horse flipping the gate lock open. It was a funny thing because he made sure the gate was open wide enough to let everyone through. Amazing isn’t it….they are so very smart.,,that’s why we
    love them so much…Great stories!!! Thanks RT..


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