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Nabbed, Stabbed and Beaten.. Wild Horses to go into UK “Beef”

as published in The Sun by By NICK PARKER

CRUELLY abused wild horses are feared to have been slaughtered and shipped to British supermarket suppliers to be sold as beef

Dead HorseInvestigators in Romania are trawling sales records of companies after it was revealed animals suffered appalling mistreatment as they were ferried to abattoirs.

In one of the worst incidents 54 stolen wild horses were found in sickening squalor aboard a truck heading to a slaughterhouse.

Some had wounds from being STABBED and BEATEN with sticks and crowbars. They were denied food or water for days before a 28-hour journey to the abattoir.

Four of the horses were already lying DEAD among the other pitifully thin and starving animals.They were on their way to a slaughterhouse in Saint Gheorghe in central Romania, which is understood to have exported meat.The horses were taken by a criminal gang from the Letea Forest in Romania’s Danube Delta where around 2,500 roam free.

A source close to the investigation said last night: “The meat from this racket would almost certainly have been sent abroad and there’s no telling where it would have wound up.

“You only have to look at the state of the poor animals to realise that the meat would have been of terrible quality and possibly unfit for human consumption.”The Romanian government ordered an inquiry into the illicit wild horse meat trade in May 2011 after TV pictures of mistreated animals sparked outrage. Romanian horse meat labelled as beef is at the centre of the scandal which has engulfed some of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains.Yesterday Environment Secretary Owen Patterson warned that British customers may have fallen victim to an “international criminal conspiracy” amid fears that school dinners and hospital food had been affected.

Last week frozen food giant Findus confirmed up to 100 per cent horse meat had been found in some of its beef lasagne.

The scandal deepened as a French company supplying horse meat passed off as beef to British shoppers was revealed to have been at the centre of a major E.coli scare in June 2011.

Inspectors feared that 12 tons of beef mince from the Spanghero plant in Castelnaudary, in South West France, was riddled with the potentially lethal bacteria. The firm is currently under investigation for importing horse meat from Romania which was then labelled as beef.

It was exported to the Luxembourg factory of the French frozen food giant Comigel and sold on to British supermarkets including Aldi and Tesco.

Authorities in France launched an “urgent” investigation into both Comigel and Spanghero.

Sorin Minea, president of Romanian Employers’ Federation of Food, insisted horse meat had not been passed off as beef.

He said: “The problem is not in Romania — it is a French problem.”

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  1. Thanks RT. I read this. We have a real problem right here though. Oklahoma had that long term, privately owned mustang facility. Now this Ag gag bill. The BLM set us up. This was their sneaky long term plan! The government has once again deceived the people of this country. Our wild mustangs and burros will die. That was three plan all along thanks to our lovely meat producers and what happened in Europe is coming to America soon!


  2. The crooks are all over the World. The people in the US assume that our inspection process is
    flawless. Each time I eat a vegetable or a fruit from somewhere, I wonder if that contaminated. Look at all of our recalls. Too any people looking the other way. Its really bad because its all about
    the money. God help these people who caused the suffering by their hands. I hope they all rot in Hell! It makes me sick that my tax dollars are causing torture and death to our Wild Horses and Burros. We need to pass legislation period that prevents the slaughter and transportation our horses and other equines to other countries. The wheels of justice just seem to turn to slow for our poor horses. Romania has always been known for alot of different illegal activies. What do you eat now? And who you trust????? Is it any wonder that we have cancer, diabeties, and other illnesses
    showing up in our Society today.


    • Thank you, Gail! You said it all perfectly. So very horrid & sad, but true. We all live in a sick, scary world, which seems to only be getting much worse, much to our dismay. No country or people, are better at torturing & killing horses, than any other, they’re all sick, disgusting & heartless, I don’t care where they’re from. It seems that this epidemic “evil” is taking over the world, I wish there was some way to stop them, FOREVER!! I will remain a vegetarian until the day I die, I’d much rather consume some sort of pesticides or other chemicals, than to ever eat an animal, ever, ever again.


  3. Yes, I believe we have been set up, just as Mustang Annie , was set up in 1971 , the law passed , then the Government continued on the same path. Obama signing the bill to open horse slaughter here in U. S ..He knew we had thousands of mustangs in long term holding , and they would need to go. Slaughter in U. S will be no better then in Canada. As always the animals will pay the price.


  4. There is a correlation between the BLM and the criminal gangs of Romania. Only the BLM works for our U.S. Government. It is about the money and the endless corruption at all levels. Has it gotten to the point if you are going to eat beef you better raise your own cattle or at least know the farm it comes from. Ground beef could be have anything in it, horse, dog, cat, human, who knows?


  5. I agree this is all about the money!! I am a long time horse owner and lover and this just makes me sick! I hope like the person before the people involved rot in hell for causing the suffering of this beautiful and loving animals!!


  6. No question, we need to be vigilant here, but what those subhumans do to the wild horses of the Danube delta is simply horrific.


  7. Commented on the newspaper. Unbelievable. I am sure everyone remembers when this occurred and the protests registered with the Romanian government over the brutality towards those beautiful animals. It is nauseating to see the officials turned their backs on that terrible event and allowed the horses to be shipped for slaughter. And to what end? We have got to speak loudly and constantly against this horrible evil, dark and bottom line mentality. It stinks!


    • Yes, I remember the photos were as bad as slaughter house pictures. Romania has launched a FB site about loving their horses… maybe the site maker does but these criminals have no respect for the Danube horses. I doubt the meat was just from them, tho’. It is too widespread.

      I would bet many an Irish horse became ‘beef’ also. They have had a national crisis there with too many horses and they did take many to slaughter.

      This is not over. Aldi Frozen foods are sold in the French Aldi stores here in the US… and those frozen foods need to be checked out.


  8. We have the 2 biggest horse slaughtering plants in the world across each you REALLY think we have not been getting our own horses back here in our groundbeef product, processed and fresh???..Europe is taking this seriously, I listen to the is being reported with every broadcast..16 countries infected already…I would expect the ranchers raising beef would speak up in the US..this will cost you billions..we should be DEMANDING our beef products be tested…I will buy nothing containing beef until I know..nor will I order anything in a restraunt ..I dated a USDA vet in NM..I know from him first hand how ineffectual he felt at his job as an inspector..he knew the slaughterhouse was running rejected and downers thru the plant when he went home at night




  9. Maybe now that this is out in the open, Romania will be more humane, if possible. I have signed petition after petition re Romania’s brutality to animals, including where the above photo originated. All the media publicity about horse meat in British food is increasing awareness of horrendous abuse of horses & horse slaughter, ACROSS THE WORLD. The truth was bound to come out someday, even through convoluted means as the horse meat scandal. Waiting for more revelations that horse meat is in food throughout Europe… & America… Far reaching…across the world!


  10. It just gets sadder and sadder. This one us really horrible. Those poor horses. As for the people who will actually be dining on them. I hope they choke, get poisoned, and get sick . It will serve them right for even considering eating horse meat.


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