Horse Slaughter

THE TRUTH #4 – BLM’s Sally Spencer sold 214 wild horses to kill buyer Tom Davis AFTER an “Early Alert” email notification that Davis was suspected of selling wild horses to slaughter in Mexico

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THE TRUTH #4 – BLM’s Supervisory Marketing Specialist, Sally Spencer, signed off on TWO Bills of Sales to Tom Davis, for 214 horses, AFTER receiving an “Early Alert” email informing her (and other Washington DC office BLM/DoI officials) that Tom Davis was suspected of selling wild horses to slaughter in Mexico.

Here is the “Early Alert” email dated 4/19/2012 from Deanna C. Masterson, notifying WO BLM/DOI officials, including Sally Spencer, that there was “…a Colorado Open Records Request from David Phillips, a freelance journalist, for brand inspection and transfer paperwork for horses the BLM sold to Tom Davis of La Jara, Colorado.  Phillips indicated he suspected Davis of selling these horses for slaughter in Mexico.”

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Here is a BLM Bill of Sale dated 4/24/2012 for 106 wild horses sold to Tom Davis from the BLM’s Fallon Maintenance (Indian Lakes) Facility in Fallon, NV:   READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE AND SEE MORE FOIA DOCUMENTS HERE.

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  1. Are you also looking into why Phillips was silenced, then ended up working and publishing works for a NY newspaper that took an opposing view to his work here which fingered Ken Salazar?

    Are you also looking into why the CO brand inspector who initially indicated a serious investigation would be undertaken, also seems to have gone quiet?

    And what reasons (if any) the elected officials who could bring charges have all “declined” to do so?

    This is a black eye on my beloved home state which remains explainable only by assuming the worst motives and actions from those involved, none of which supports our laws or our wild horses.


  2. I have arrived at the conclusion that my source telling us urgently for several years that nighttime collections in semis hauled off unaccounted for wild horses without public knowledge are truth. They claim the blm has a one for you one for me policy. There’s no accurate account of these horses numbers wise still just supposed amounts. All estimated high internally. This is a serious issue.


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