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Professed Horse Eater Beats Slaughtered Horse with Computer Keyboard

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Unable to Give Up a Perverted Lust for Horse Blood, Dave “Doink” Duquette Plays Copy Cat
"He's BACK!!!" ~ clear evidence that horse meat does not enhance one's completion.

“He’s BACK!!!” ~ clear evidence that horse meat does not enhance one’s completion.

As the world reels over the 27 nation scandal of tainted horsemeat contaminating the human food chain, the Obama administration beginning to take a stand against predatory horse slaughter and Americans rally in Oklahoma to stop special interest bills from becoming law, ole Dave “Doink” Duquette, professed horse eater and alleged horse trainer, crawls out from underneath his slimy rock and gurgles, “We gonna do a rally too and show the world that Americans love to kill horses for food”; it’s enough to make you hurl your lunch.

Yesterday, Duquette’s ever changing organization, now called the United Horsemen, issued a communiqué wherein it states that Doink is attempting to rally their membership of educationally challenging individuals, if they could read they would already know that horse slaughter is not welcome in this country, to a rally in Oklahoma next week.

Not being one to have the mental fortitude to formulate original concepts Duquette rides on the coat tails of the recent successful Press Conference and Rally staged FOR the horses on March 4th in Oklahoma City, OK by the Cloud Foundation, Repect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

“The radical anti-slaughter side staged a protest on March 4th that brought in 75- 100 protesters who were far outnumbered by members of the news media.”

The above is an actual, unedited excerpt from the “Doinkogram”.  75-100 protesters outnumbered by the press, WOW that’s a lot of press, I was there and I did not see over 100 reporters, there were a lot, but I know that I would have noticed over 100 reporters.  (Dave is not real good at putting his thoughts in order or knowing the facts, in fact, he doesn’t have a clue.)

This copy cat call to arms says that Doink knows how hard it is to attend such things because all of Doink’s members have animals to feed and/or to take care of but for the folks who follow his trail of blood to try to find out creative ways to get to his rally.  Yeah, do what we did; we have animals, including horses, that we asked our neighbors and friends to care for so that we could be in Oklahoma.  In fact the four speakers at the press conference all have farms/ranches and multiple equines yet had the intelligence and logistical presence of mind to coordinate an out of state trip.  (I have to insert a “Doink” here, sorry)

And the big draw to drive to Oklahoma to be fingered as a fringe, blood crazed, Looney tunes is; are your ready for this…drum roll please…a FREE lunch.  Yahoooo.

Wonder if it will include some freshly slaughtered quarter horse steaks that Doink claims to have served to his Quarter Horse clients several years ago, yummm.

Now I take quite a bit of heat for bringing attention to “Doink” and his partner in this predatory crime, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis but when I see stupid, hear stupid and can even smell stupid I cannot help but call it out.

For years these two have spouted untruths, incorrect facts, failed promises and have publicly documented the fact that they are social outcasts yet the press continues to ask them for their opinions that are such an abomination of proper and correct journalism.

Why are these losers still around saying that horse slaughter needs to come back when in reality it has simply moved across our boarders where over 160,000 American horses were slaughtered last year?

Why do they allege that horse slaughter is humane when reams of documentation, first person testimony and weeks worth of video proves otherwise?

Why is it that they talk about what a great thing a bloody plant would be for local communities when the profit and all the money goes back overseas to a foreign company leaving the local tax payers with the bill to subsidize the operation?

I don’t get it, is it just me or am I simply screwing up by trying to crawl down into their lower loop and attempting to comprehend something that I just am not wired for; simply put, I don’t get the cold cruelty.

But there is ONE thing that I do get and that is that Oklahoma does NOT want this carnage and obscenity to come to their fair state and I am an eyewitness to that.  Last Monday I was both shocked and awed by the massive turnout to the PC and Rally.  The energy was high, the social demographics were across the board and sincerity ran true; horse slaughter is NOT OK in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma, this is your chance to show Doink and his minions how much you do not want either them or their predatory obsession in your state and in your house.

Below is a link to the Doinkogram with specifics on their demonstration scheduled to be held on March 14th, at the state Capitol from 10am-2pm.  Please see if you can grab a few family members, friends and neighbors and show up to tell Doink what you think of his perversion; hell, they don’t even like him in his own town of Hermiston Oregon where he is despised for trying to build a horse-killing factory there.

Call to arms good folks of Oklahoma, the Darkside is saddling up to invade your castle but I don’t think they have even a faint inkling as to what they are up against.

When you take aim, aim low because they will be riding rats.

Good shall always prevail over evil.

Keep the faith.

<GAG ALERT> Click (HERE) to view “Doinkogram

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  1. that man and all his “followers” are crazy in their fool heads!
    anyone can justify anything but I say they will get a hard slap of karma for this!
    I gave up meat all together back in September as a way to protest my local Challis Idaho wilds being kicked off their land for cattle grazing. I never will eat the flesh of ANY animal again and I did this for all of them!


    • Very encouraging to “hear” you say you gave up meat. I did too, many, many years ago when I found out how the New Mexico beef ranchers killed the highly endangered Mexican wolf, just “for fun.”


  2. That’s ok. Just call him up! I did. Told him he’s got nuthin on over 80% of the US population against horse slaughter let alone 80% of oklahomans being against slaughter. Face it! You’ve already lost!” Click


  3. RULE: Those who do not study history, are doomed to repeat it…
    exception to the RULE: “bloody profiteers” who have no heart, no morals, no scruples; who are liars, cheaters, manipulators; examples – DD & SSW

    The horse world is populated by two kinds of people: folks who love horses, and people who exploit horses, and exploit the people who love horses.


  4. CRAZY!! I can’t believe people like him coming out from under a rock and think he’s gonna get any respect………..Looney tune dude….


  5. I hope there are many photos taken of the individuals there, so that their friends and neighbors can know who is living among them, and when there animals disappear from their fields, they will know the first place to look..and because these people truly do have no moral compass….at some point, I do expect them to try to kill a horse in frount of ther audience with a captive bolt, to prove it is humane..altho you can expect that horse to be heavily drugged to get it done, at that point I hope someone in that crowd tears him limb from limb, but don’t kill him, we want him to go on trial for torturing animals


  6. I too am not wired in such a way that I can ever understand this. I am profoundly grateful for that. I cannot imagine living as the type of human that would even condone this atrocity. I don’t understand this from a humane view and I don’t even understand this from a business standpoint. Is it that they got the smell of blood so far up their noses that their brain can no longer filter and process any rationality? Can they not see be past dollars and cents of these predatory businesses through the stain of blood before their eyes? What in God’s name is wrong with these people and especially these legislators who are supposed to look out for the best interests of all their constituents, not just the blood-crazed ones.


    • The other day I heard from Rep in Oklahoma who is voting according to what his constiuents want. It consists of AQUA and Farm Bureau. Loser.

      And some of those Reps really believe that horse slaughter will bring jobs. Never mind the toxicity of what the plants will bring or the quality of life. I wonder what they’ll do when they find out just how disgusting the jobs are and no one wants them.

      Are these folks really that knowledgeable about horse slaughter? They say if I don’t want to slaughter my horse I don’t have to. Well that’s great. But what happens if a person comes in and STEALS my horse and then passes it off at some auction? What about protections for the owner and the horse?

      Don’t tell us that all these Fed guidelines will protect everyone. That’s a load of bull. We know it and so do you.

      Sorry for my rant. That was actually aimed at Rep in Oklahoma and not you. It just came out.


      • That’s okay, Margaret. It happens to all of us. Every time I see a statement like that idiot’s I have to force myself to calm down before I answer or my comment wouldn’t get printed. They can’t believe the OUR horses are in so much danger from these predators. One guy said to me, “I can’t see them stealing people’s pets.” Good thing we weren’t together in person or I’d have strangled him. People who are SO clueless that they don’t even know they’re clueless and won’t listen are the ones that really get to me.


      • hey if that’s the case.. if worst really does come to worst might as well invest in electric fences and motorized gates! >_> if they are gonna try to steal ol flicka might as well give em a spanking for trying to do so..


    • Money speaks the language of greed to these people, that’s what’s wrong with them. that’s why they are willing to throw innocents under the bus, defraud their own businesses and ignore federal law and food regulation.. they will never see past the end of their own nose until they themselves are made to see the other side of their destruction.. sometimes it happens that they see they did wrong. other times they end up like your typical villian ,if the legal system don’t get em, karma will.


  7. I understand from psychologists that people who display joy at killing small animals in childhood often graduate to larger animals, then humans. This is also the pattern of mass murderers who dream of killing, even when imprisoned for their crimes.


  8. The Douche is sounding a bit desperate …I’m sure all those wives of” Hired Hands” are gonna pull their kids out of school to be rewarded for their participation with a lunch that will most likely consist of the cheapest hot dogs avail. on 10 day old buns and stale potato chips from a salvage store or food auction. “We need everyone we can get. Send the hired man’s wife and kids – be creative, folks, because this is way bigger than just Oklahoma and we need to have a strong showing.

    He really is stuck on stupid something awful.


      • shedrow:

        Depends on where they are getting the money. If Big Ag, Berman and Farm Bureau want to mobilize, they very well could pay. They could also call Central Casting from the old Hollywood “B” Western flicks. People will do anything for a buck.

        Here is a “tell” if they paid…..buses!


  9. Gee after listening to Skye McNiel the other day she sure tried to come off sounding like the savior to the horses. BARF.

    And I don’t know about you guys but Rep Armes who seem to imply that “radicals” were being bought by Hollywood–sure wish I’d see some of that money! I could afford to go to Oklahoma! He was shall we say condescending…

    So it go to me thinking. Rep McNiel seem to think of the 160,000 horses sent to slaughter–most come through her state and they have a big issue of dumping. Not I’m debating the dumping issue. I happen to know of one here in northern CA that I’m trying to help network on.

    How instead of slaughtering horses that no one wants to eat we instead build a horse medicare program? You have a horse that someone dumped. You call in a vet and he sends in a receipt that said he put this horse down. Instead of USDA inspectors–the horse program reimburses him at a set amount. Then the same for cremation.

    Now the only glitch I see is this…can the cremated ashes be buried or used as landfill without contaminating the soil or ground water?

    How about start licensing the horses. Like a dog license. So if a horse is dumped they know who the owner is. Then government can seek to be reimbursed for their costs.

    And I don’t believe there is a law that says you can’t slaughter and eat your own horse Dave. I know I won’t be coming for dinner. I couldn’t trust you not to feed me mislabeled something else.


    • A lot of the dumping is done by the kill buyers when the horses are refused at the border. They can’t send the horse to the plant and don’t want to pay to fix whatever issue it is that is keeping the horse from crossing so they dump it out in the country. Wonder why they want a plant in the states?


  10. God article R.T. I agree that something is happening in Congress and politicians are starting to pay attention to this issue. Thanks for all you do. Only hope the efforts of all of equine advocates end the slaughter of our horses.


  11. Ever since I have been on R.T.s site Ken Salazar has been head of the BLM and we have all wonered at his stupidity about the wild horses. Well the people here in CO also have to deal with his brother John- While R.T. and the group were in OK, we here were fighting for our 2nd amendment rights at our state capital. And John’s answer to a women who is about to be raped is to blow a whistle “REALLY” a whistle or they suggest you act sick or that you have to go to the bathroom or run to a call box, we have dubbed this response the PUKE-PEE-AND FLEE response if you feel you are about to be a victim of rape. We are on our way back to the capital again to day there are 6 undecided Dems and we only need 3 to save our 2nd amendment rights. YOU ARE RIGHT YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID.

    Just heard the gentleman who introduced the bill to bane concealed carry on campus has pulled the bill because of lack of support.


    • You know years back I remember my older sister telling me to do this when I first started dating. But it was a different time. People today are far more vicious and insensitive to others. Blowing a whistle? REALLY? You think that will stop someone with a dog between his legs?

      I don’t about Colorado but the law in CA is the woman says NO, and any foreign object. After that it’s rape. And I sincerely doubt that any of the kids I use to work with would stop because I asked them to or blew a silly whistle. Come to think of it I was a victim of an assault and battery by a twelve year old several years ago. The principal did zip. Kinda like the Salazar brothers…

      In that case he had an accomplice. Kid A had kid B shove him into me deliberately. Funny thing was where kid A hit me was where I tore my shoulder a couple years later.

      And Joanie is as bad as bad as the rest of them. Spouting off about the Deer Run Herd. Spouting off about Tom Davis and BLM is no longer answering questions.

      BLM I have acronym for you beef lying maggots…


  12. From the doinkogram: “In light of the recent worldwide press about horse meat, we are ideally positioned to demonstrate…worldwide that the majority of reasonable Americans support humane horse processing.” GO DAVEY: TELL THE WORLD THE U.S. IS ALL FOR POISONING THE WORLD BY EATING HORSE MEAT!! WAY-TO-GO ~ You know, I just do not understand his reasoning by such statements. Oh, not the brightest crayon in the box ~ The light bulb is off. Doink.


  13. In the local newspaper where Duquette lives I read that he said he only earned 20K annually from “training” horses. Here in Umatilla county Oregon he is know as a cheat where it comes to horse trading among other horse people, so they do not want to deal with him. I wonder where he gets his $ to promote horse slaughter.

    Slaughterhouse Sue is a corrupt politician on the take from foreign entities and should be in prison – not the house of representatives. Do the people in OK know about their reputations? Do they care? Any investigative reporting by these “100+ press corp members” going on to uncover the truth about these two and their other cronies?


  14. I really don’t expect much of a turnout on the pro slaughter side to begun with. But i hope Oklahomans give en what them out on a like to see McNeil and her sidekick Allen sent along with them. Ignorant louts.. Thanks RT. I WILL PASS THIS ALONG TO MY FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK.


    • Oh and we need to push for the legislation to ban horse slaughter and transport in this country. That’s the only way we can save the mustangs..the only way.


  15. Let’s not forget that Duquette was very confident of a strong showing in Texas last year when this issue as on the table. I believe they had like 5 people show up compared to several people showing up for the anti-slaughter side of things. At least we can always count on the laziness and apathy of the horse eaters…


  16. One thing everyone can do is contact your rep or senator and ask them if they would encourage Obama to sign a executive order banning the slaughter of US horses. At the same time call the White House switch board and tell Obama the same thing. This might kick start these politicians into thinking about their reelections that are coming up next year. Obama might start thinking about doing this as his popularity among voters is dropping. Mention the horse meat scandal in Europe.


  17. So many crazy people out there..I hope few show up to support this evil..Horse slaughter is wrong and evil and it’s really bad that Doink is not even a bit taken aback by eating horse..Nobody who does not care at all about horses should own them….


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