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  1. I can’t handle watching this…So DISTURBING!…So much land that belongs to our Wild Horses…….THE BLM SUCKS!….They are out of control………..


    • You absolutely right…..THANK YOU GINGER…this is the ugly….Your mighty strong to endure such pain watching them be rounded up…This makes me ill….We need you and Thank you again for all you do….I certainly have done so much sharing and emailing my addressee’s, siging petitions over and over calling senators..etc.. ..while so many people out there are involved in themselves they do not take the time to realize and see what is going on…..we need more people to contact their senators, share on your FB talk about this to everyone..There’s still millions not paying attention to this…..WAKE UP AMERICA………..


  2. Ginger out did herself by showing the world the ‘Truth’. Thank you Ginger!

    Now send this video to every Congressional representative…post it where ever you feel it will reach the most eyes and ears of more and more folks. It’s only 12 1/2 minutes long. Not a very long time compared to a lifetime of incarceration or even death.

    You can bet Sen. Bill Nelson D, FLA and Sen. Marco Rubio R, FLA and congressman Tom Rooney R- FLA all were sent copies the day the Cloud Foundation released it!


  3. Thank you Ginger. I wish I could have shown this to the Farmington BLM RAC when they featured pictures of another round up as though it were a walk in the park.


  4. Roundups are inhumane. The BLM is doing as they damned well please…no master what advocates say. They are rogues and liars!


  5. Just makes me sick – the whole uncaring attitude towards these horses.They deserve so much better – so much.


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