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New Mexico Residents Ask Governor to Ban Horse Slaughter

Source: Wild Horse Observers Association

Open Letter to New Mexico Governor Martinez

Governor Martinez Office of the Governor
490 Old Santa Fe Room 400
Santa Fe, NM 87501 505-476-2200
Date: 3/25/2013

Re: Please Ban Horse Slaughter in New Mexico – Petition results (every 5000 report) Dear Governor Martinez,

Placitas Wild OnesI am writing to you on behalf of New Mexican Citizens Against Horse Slaughter and more than 5800 petition signers attached to ask that you to please sign an Executive Order to ban horse Slaughter in New Mexico.

These signatures are representative of the 80% of Americans who like you, are against horse slaughter for Human consumption per the recent Lake Research Poll.

This petition is closely followed by a SECOND petition to Ban Horse Slaughter in New Mexico and now a THIRD Petition to STOP THE RED NECK NATION killing of prairie dogs, coyotes, bears, cougars and horses in New Mexico. This petition supporter numbers are still growing.

There are also other multiple relevant petitions regarding New Mexico and killing including;

Stop Animal Killing Contests in New Mexico ; Currently at 22,474 signatures on
Though there are folks in New Mexico who are pro-slaughter, most of the pro-slaughter forces are outside our

state as shown by those who have joined in the lawsuit with Valley Meats against the USDA.

Folks in N and S Dakota, Wyoming, and a national cattle association have joined in the Valley Meats Lawsuit v. USDA while only 2 New Mexicans have joined.

One might ask why Dakotans want a horse slaughter plant here in New Mexico. Why? This makes little sense logistically. From N. Dakota to Southern New Mexico is essentially equivalent to the trip from N. Dakota to Mexico or Canada. Why then doesn’t North Dakota open a horse slaughter house? This should tell us all something. Perhaps they do not want one in their back yard.

New Mexicans are no longer duped by pro-horse slaughter propaganda.

1.  New Mexican now know that “unwanted horse” stories are largely just that. They know that the horses we constantly hear about being abandoned are not the fault of “poorer” families, or Indians. Rather they are being dumped, at the border, at auction houses, at ranches, and other places by kill buyers who could not sell these sick, pregnant, ungelded, and drug tainted horses into the Mexican slaughter for human consumption pipeline, because Mexico has to comply with European Union standards.

  1. New Mexicans know that Mexico is using the captive bolt (albeit ineffective) just as an American slaughter house does. Again due to the European Union standards.
  2. New Mexicans also now know that horse slaughter cannot be accomplished humanely or within the law as stated by the 1958 Humane Slaughter Act due to the anatomy of the horses head with the skull being thicker than a cows and the brain being anterior. A horse cannot be reliably knocked unconscious by a captive bolt much less with one blow to the head as per this law.
  3. New Mexicans understand also that slaughter is the systematic cause of abandoned horses. Per the EU report attached, pg 24, over 19,000 horses were rejected at the Mexican Borders in 2011. These horses are then dumped all over New Mexico and are a disease control threat per the cattle associations in this state in their letter to you on April 19th 2012. See last document in link above. Hence proximity to slaughter is the cause, not the “solution”, to the abandoned horse problem in NM.
  4. Importantly, as a former District Attorney, a student of the laws of our lands, you understand as New Mexicans now do, that a letter, a petition, or a call, to the USDA, is no more than a dressing, or a rant, as the USDA is in no way, a law making body. The USDA has no choice but to follow the law. However you can use the legal authority of your office to change it.

We invite you to review The Unintended Consequences of Horse Slaughter for the US and the EU Report pg 24 attached. These reports support the statements above.

Please also review the Draft Executive Order attached for your convenience below. We have much more information for you on environmental justice issues with a horse slaughter house. Let me know if we can be of any further service.

Governor Martinez, we are counting on you, on your leadership, and on your strong commitment against horse slaughter for New Mexico.


Jessica Perdue Guttman
Amie Selecman
Paula Todd King
Nancy Henry
Patience O’Dowd
Kimberly Harris

Attorney at Law Pia Gallegos states “There exists sufficient potential for public harm so as to justify an Executive Order by Governor Martinez banning horse slaughter in the State of New Mexico.” (NMSA 12-10A-5)

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  1. The government, no matter local, state or Federal, does not listen to the people anymore. If our “representatives” really did, there would be guaranteed background checks on gun purchasers.


    • The government certainly is not listening to the vast majority of Americans in every state and every locality that oppose horse slaughter. Still, there is some hopeful news.

      The SAFE Act, however, has 44 co-sponsors in the house of representatives. That is an amazing # of bi-partisan legislators willing to come forward and support a bill to oppose horse slaughter. Now, that bill needs to move out of committee and onto the floor for a roll call vote. Same thing in the senate. Then it can go be combined and go to the president who will sign it into law.

      We need to see to it that our government works for us by putting pressure on our representatives to carry through with this. Write to them, and send a copy to your local newspaper(s). Get everyone to do this and show an avalanche of support for this bill.


  2. An excellent document showing just cause to not only disable horse slaughter but also the practice of animal killing contests. I just don’t the mindset of people capable of such uncivilized acts.


  3. Thank you R.T. for posting our letter. We are fighting hard here to keep this industry out, but there are tremendous political forces behind him; and those political forces are more sly than the ones in Oklahoma. They’ll tell you to your face that “this is the best thing we can do to help these animals.” It’s downright sinister.


    • You are dealing with low lifes that want to make money killing horses. Please be careful with these types. Thank you for your hard work for all of the horses.


    • The key to that is the old saying, believe nine of what you hear and half of what you see. Research and data backups prove that any rise in unwanted horses (as they call them) is in fact the result of the horses left to die that the slaughter plants rejected for whatever reason. Most people can see that things don’t add up. These ignorant cattlemen are killing their own business if they persist with the horse slaughter issue. The confidence in meat has dropped since the EU horse meat scandal. I’ve elected to go vegetarian because of it and my knowledge of horses as well as the drugs that i use on them. I don’t want to compromise my health any more than it already is. If i represent 100 people in my state, then what is that saying about the while country? I think that castle businesses, insurance business should mind their own business and keep their noises out of the horses. I don’t stick my noise in their business and i resent them sticking their noises in mine. As fir the AQHA they need to just get OUT of business because they don’t know the front end of a horse from the back end of a cow.


      • Sorry for the spell check. Android aren’t really all that smart.. I think you get my meaning..


  4. Great letter…Thank you so much..Its residents of the prospective state that makes the difference. We can call your Governor and Legislators but we cannot vote for them. RT, thank you for keeping us all abreast of the latest information. We can only hope that she can find it in her heart to stop the madness and stick to her original position.


  5. PLEASE do not let this Roswell slaughter plant open to our wild horses. They are part of our Western Heritage. The plant is for cattle. Find the funding or start one for a horse preservation area or large ranch.


  6. Very good post… If it doesn’t bring to fruition the law to stop ole Ricky baby from mass murder of the horses, them nothing will.


  7. I agree with every word written by these intelligent, caring women. They are right on the money. And the money is the issue–the selling out of our horses so a few people can make a fast buck. This travesty just can’t happen in America.


  8. I hope and pray that they stop all the horse slaughter and every single day and Country it disgusts me it’s so sad the horses have a heart and soul!


  9. I think that we need to fight even harder to get the SAFE act passed, I think the best thing to do is not only put presssure the senators and representatives, but call the chairmen of the energy and commerce committees, and ask them to schedule a vote on hr 1094 as soon as next week and pass it quickly.


  10. NOW will they move forward??? WAIT WAIT and WAIT some more until it is to late!!! OUR representives that we have elected do NOT listen to us anymore ( WE THE PEOPLE ) is no more!! SAD


  11. Where will this chemical meat be shipped? The EU is smart enough to ban it. Will it be fed to school children? Prisoners? The elderly? Will it be tested for Bute and PZP? Will elected officials eat it? Will it get into our food supply, as in Europe? Who will we sue if it’s in our burgers- the slaughter house , the USDA, or the Government Officials? What happened to America?


  12. Thank you for a beautifully written letter and please stop the horse slaughter plant. As a former Santa Fe resident, I applaud all of you for being their voice! These are majestic and gorgeous animals who deserve so much better. If over-population is the problem, there is a more humane way. It’s called euthanasia.


  13. Too bad that these politicians do not listen, like the politicians in Oklahoma. Of course these politicians will give many answers to the public who do not know and do not listen to common sense and research. These politicians also live in the State of Arkansas, where both senators will probably cave to the horse slaughter industry since Oklahoma has decided to ignore previous legislation that bans horse slaughter and the sell to horse slaughter. Of course, they have to cover the people in the Dept. of Interior, too. These people would go to prison, as stated before, so many of them that they would have to start over hiring…but there is another example of an excuse. However, it is a good letter and I hope that New Mexico does not cave to the pressure of the horse slaughter industry!


  14. It’s too bad it only applies to “New Mexican” Citizen’s. The horses go over the border in Texas do they not?


  15. I wrote my congressman and he either has no clue of what is going on are thinks I am stupide. In his reply he gave me the history of horse slaughter houses in the US up until the last three closed in 2006. And that we did not have a horse slaughter house in the US right now. Can’t wait until I get a reply to my second e-mail where I told him I know the history but also knew that as of April 29, 2013 unless he and other congressman didn’t step the first one would be opening its doors in Roswell, New Mexico. Since they let the ban on USDA lag and that he need to take action to pull funds for horse meat inspection in the US or we would have them opening in Georgia as well. Then I had to toss in that USDA reporting about shortage of meat that we do eat and us having to pay for USDA inspection so why did we have to pay for horse meat inspection when we didn’t even eat horse meat in the USA. Then the big one about the EU pulling the plug on US horses and horses me ban for oversea import because of toxic residue and would all this toxic horse meat in the US end up in our meat products since the USDA doesn’t have the fund to inspected everything.

    Can’t wait to hear back from him.


    • Good. Keep the pressure on. My US Senator, Jeff Merkley (D-OR) has been very responsive. He or his staff have been sending me emails every day. He is knowledgeable and supports the SAFE Act.

      If your lawmakers are not representative of the 80% of us that oppose horse slaughter GET RID OF THEM! They work for us – not the other way around.


  16. Remember people to also start working the ads, get the sad horse prices pushed upwards, unsuspecting people are being victimized by shady dealers that are buying horses from good homes and can afford to keep them but they think the prices are just low so they are selling. The cries are coming out after the fact. Once they buy a cheaply priced horse its hard to get them back. Please we have been endlessly emailing, advertising and pushing the prices so people will not sell to killer buyers-we are asking for verifiable references from the buyers. People that live near a killer buyer know what they do. So their neighbors usually will speak up. So we have people that if your neighbors wont give refs-you cant buy. So please spread the word: get those animals prices upwards. We have to save any horses we can-Illinois prices are based at 800 and up small animals we are notifying all advertisers of for sale horses don’t advertise minis or ponies under 600 at all. U get the background on the buyer and you can negotiate. Don’t trust people just because they say they have a large farm, etc. check these details. The net is a great way to find out if you think they are a killer buyer, auction, trader, bad trainer, or even get a criminal background check. It’s important to ask animal control if they have any issues prior to sale. Sound like a lot to do? Takes less time to save a horse than it does to sell one! So we need to work quickly-they don’t like to spend money on animals, and the word is expensive horses are moving so higher ticket prices. We also need to train the new to horses people, they don’t know that aged horses kids and inexperienced riders can use are worth money, that geldings have value, that a great stud is expensive, that foals thru 8 years of age are the premium money horses, so we need to get the newbies learning how this works, we also know the breeds that are more rare and of a lot of color are pricier, so lets get on the ball, we have to do everything we can to save whomever is within our reach-its my part time job-haven’t had a bad response yet! Everyones happy I told them via email, text, or calling them. Some people are so busy they are out of the loop on the seriousness of this issue.


    • Your idea works if the kill buyers don’t have a contractual agreement with a slaughter-house facility to full-fill the quota of a certain number of horses. Some kill buyers are sent in with money to spend; thereby raising the prices of horses out or reach to good prospective buyers who would give excellent care to the horse, but they also have budgets for the horses they already have. For instance, some of the horse rescue sites have some money when they go to auctions knowing certain horses are going to be auctioned – but kill buyers can outbid them knowing that the higher the bid is the less number of horses the rescue sites can buy. I’ve read about this several times, and the kill buyers would raise the price of the horse until they were out of range for rescue buyers, believe me, auctioneers know these kill buyers. Maybe the place to start is the auctioneer, who, if you get to know them and they understand what you are doing to save horses and take care of them, understanding the problem is the first step. Of course, an auctioneer can’t stop a kill buyer from outbidding a prospective buyer that wants to keep and care for the horse(s), but it doesn’t hurt to try and get to know these people, to see which side of the fence they are on, if any. Just my thoughts…but the price of the horses can stop rescue sites from purchasing certain horses, or many horses to save.


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