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It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel

Source: Children 4 Horses ~ Declan Gregg

“I decided to start a new project and I need your help!”
**Pictured is Declan with his favorite horse up for adoption at the NHSPCA, Scarlet**

**Pictured is Declan with his favorite horse up for adoption at the NHSPCA, Scarlet**

I have been thinking about how people think that if guys like animals that it makes them “uncool” or “whimpy”. The message out there seems to be that is ok to be cruel to animals if you’re a guy. I don’t think this is right at all and I know that that is not the truth. It is VERY COOL to like and help animals, even if you’re a guy!

I decided to start a new project and I need your help! I went to the New Hampshire SPCA today to talk with guys I met there to see what they thought about it. I also brought a sign I made that says “REAL MEN are kind to animals” and asked if I could take their picture. Everyone was impressed with my idea and they were happy to help and let my professional photographer (my mom), take their picture! My idea is to use the pictures for a special project and here is where YOU can help! You can do the same thing I did, make a sign and talk to guys about how they feel about animals and ask them if you can take their picture. I bet you will be surprised by the answers you hear and it will be great to spread the word, that “IT’S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL”. Women can help me too! Hold up your sign and let everyone know that you think *REAL* Men Are Kind To Animals too! Please post your pictures and stories here on Children 4 Horses, so I can use them for my project 🙂 I have set up a special album on my page for all the pictures titled “IT’S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL” and I can’t wait to add yours!

Please join me in my “IT’S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL” campaign and help me raise awareness all over the world, that guys can love animals too! And have fun!!” ~Declan

"Moose" and his trusty human, R.T. Fitch

“Moose” and his trusty human, R.T. Fitch

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  1. Thank You RT for another feel good Sunday, Thank You Declan you are truly an inspiration !!!!!! I have always found comfort and beauty and have enjoyed throughout the years the Horses and animals they have taught to me everything good that i am …………….


  2. On my little crusade to stop the local round-up here in Idaho, I found it was the children who understood the concept best…it is wrong to hurt animals in order to “help” them! The children really stepped up to help me gather signatures, and no one says no to a pleading little one!!
    Good job young crusaders!!! Go BIG!!!!! Go LONG!! You will get the job done!!


  3. Thank you so much Declan for your inspiring and uplifting effort. You’re so right that “real” men are not only kind to animals, they are genuine and caring, period. Your campaign to spread that truth and encourage kindness is the kind of message we need more of. Keep up the good work!!


  4. great job Declan! You are so smart!
    check out:
    Don’t Ban Cameras from Farms and Factories: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/554/280/770/?z00m=20536581

    Target: United States Congress
    Sponsored by: Care2.com

    Thanks to the efforts of animal activists, we know now just how badly animals are suffering at many farms. By capturing the squalid conditions on camera, activists have effectively exposed the horrible living conditions many livestock endure in the US. But instead of cracking down on big agriculture, the government brought an illogical proposal to the table: outlawing cameras from the workplace, including at family farms.

    These videos often show animals who are forced to undergo huge amounts of stress and pain before heading to the slaughterhouse. Banning cameras is not the solution to this inhumane treatment. If anything, a lack of transparency will only make things worse.


  5. Much needed campaign. In this world of de-sensitizing people against the horrors inflicted on animals by the Farm Bureau through 4-H all the way through college AG programs – it’s encouraging to see a young man that recognizes something is amiss!


  6. You are so right Declan to remind us that being tough does not mean turning your back on letting love for others into your heart.

    You are very brave Declan.


  7. This is an excellent idea, Declan! Thank you so much for all you do to help protect and raise awareness of the plight of our horses! Now if we could get some pics of those representatives that are sponsoring the Safe Food Act together holding that sign, that would really help!


  8. It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel, Stop Bullying | Facebook
    It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel, Stop Bullying. 33 likes · 3 talking about this.

    It’s Not Cool to be Cruel :: Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    http://www.nationwidechildrens.org › Our Services › Education Classes

    You may need to find another b name “Its not cool to be cruel “has been around for some time see above? I The name of the campaign is strongly linked with/to anti bullying so its not good to use the same name and you need the word ” horses: in the campaign

    You may also be infringing on copyright laws!

    How about:

    “Kind Courses for Horses” or ” No Cruel Courses 4 Horses” or “Be Kinder Courses 4 Horses”

    As CFAWR Founder I have extensive background in non -profit animal advocacy campaigns and PSA production If I can help I would be glad to


    Sarah West Victoria BC Canada


    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your thoughts. We are aware of the two postings above and have already spoken with an attorney. The campaign has a more broad message that encompasses all animals, not just horses, although tied with a horse advocacy organization.

      Thanks so much for your offer to help! Working together we can accomplish so much!



  9. I dumped a millionaire back in 1996 because he made derogatory comments about my cat. Don’t regret it for a minute. I am single and number ONE on my criteria list for dating is ‘loves animals’. I wouldn’t even consider a mate with anything less.


  10. In my experience men who are kind tend to have more education and greater powers of perception in addition to empathy. Declan will discover when he grows up that he will have to beat the girls off with a stick, because grown up girls like kind men. hope its ok to say that…..


  11. This is the most STUPID THING i HAVE EVER HEARD…so now it is macho to be cruel??????? Intelligent women know that men can show you how manly (and trustable) they are, by how they treat their Mothers and animals. This really does say a lot about the kind of man they really are. We listen to what they say about themselves to try and impress us, but WE WATCH WHAT THEY DO. No woman in her right mind would be attracted to a guy who abused innocent animals. We are much smarter than that, and I wish men would wise up too. Actions speak louder than words!


  12. We conclude a man’s actions as being what a man is about in life. How a man conducts himself speaks volumes as the type of person he is and will be. We call this responsibility. As an American I must ask, “Where are the leaders, our representatives-legislators at a time of great and blatant ignorance and abuse happening daily to our Wild Horse Herds and Wolves? Where are the responsible men?”
    John Cox – Animal Advocate


  13. Dearest Declan,

    So glad you get it! I love and agree with your “real men are kind to animals” motto and the “it’s not cool to be cruel” slogan!

    Scarlet undoubtedly has high hopes that YOU will adopt her from the NHSPCA one day, Declan. I’m sure she appreciates how kind and respectful you are, not just to equines like her, but to ALL animals, from little ants and crawly caterpillars and slimy slugs to portly pigs and giddy goats and cuddly cats.

    May your campaign go viral, and may it cause men — and women — everywhere to “just say no” to uncool guns and ammo, rods and bait, bows and arrows, snares and traps, kill boxes and cutting knives, fur coats and leather couches, beef burgers and BLTs, milk mustaches and over-easy eggs.

    Yup, Declan, it’s definitely hip to give all creature-killers the slip! 🙂


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