Wyoming State Rep Defies Logic, Reason and White House in Quest to Kill and Eat Companion Horses

Source: By JOAN BARRON Casper Star-Tribune

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Ignores “Burger-Gate” Crisis in Effort to Fatten her Wallet
"Slaughterhouse" $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

CHEYENNE — State Rep. Sue Wallis says the Obama administration’s proposal in its 2014 budget that would effectively ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption is “a pretty sorry situation.”

The Republican legislator and rancher from Recluse, in northeast Wyoming, leads the International Equine Business Association and has promoted and proposed operating horse slaughter plants in Wyoming and Missouri. She doesn’t think Congress will follow the budget recommendation of Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to ban such slaughter.

“The word that we hear is that directive was coming straight out of the White House, which is the only explanation for the Department of Agriculture to be doing something as anti-agriculture as that,” Wallis said Thursday.

A similar spending ban on horse slaughter plant inspections was established in 2005. It effectively closed horse slaughter operations in the United States until Congress didn’t renew the ban in 2011. Since then, there have been private efforts to reopen horse slaughterhouses.

“The fact is there is no basis for them to single out one species out of all the species that we eat in this country — to pick out one and destroy the industry,” Wallis said. “It just boggles my mind.”

Wallis said the entire agriculture industry is “adamantly opposed” to the ban.

Horse slaughter plants are ready to open in New Mexico and Missouri, and one is coming along in Iowa.

“They have customers both domestic and international waiting for this product,” Wallis said.

Organizations that advocate for the humane treatment of animals oppose the slaughter of American horses for human consumption because they believe the practice is inherently cruel to the animals. These groups also claim that horse meat poses a potential human health risk, as horses are not raised for food in the U.S. and are consequently treated with a wide range of drugs not approved for use in animals intended for human consumption.

Patricia Fazio, of Cody, works with humane organizations. She said it is possible that a member of Congress will remove the language banning money for inspections from the Department of Agriculture budget. Fazio, who holds a degree in animal science and biology, said she is not an animal activist.

“But the fact that the secretary of agriculture has gotten involved shows he supports the removal of funding,” Fazio said Friday. Fazio said she doesn’t know Vilsack’s motive, but there have been many studies that show the meat of domestic animals is contaminated by such veterinary medications as “horse aspirin.”

Europe, she said, will no longer accept horse meat that may be contaminated as a result of “Burger-gate” — the revelation that some beef on the market there contained horse meat.

“It doesn’t look good for the pro-slaughter people who are trying to make a dollar,” Fazio said…(CONTINUED)

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39 comments on “Wyoming State Rep Defies Logic, Reason and White House in Quest to Kill and Eat Companion Horses

  1. Sue Wallis YOU are some where in space, why they singled out one species, MEDICATIONS FOUND IN HORSES NOT MEANT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION…I guess you eat aything but then again we all know why you are in for the KILL because you rub elbows with all the breeders and want to be praised and called Queen Bee Wallis, well we do not eat our horses..Maybe your brother raises his Halfingers for eating and that would not shock me, being related you probably think a lot alike…..Do everyone a favor and retire and stay in Recluse, take up knitting or something, or apply to drive garbage trucks, that would be a job you would fill well, GARBAGE


  2. Banning horse slaughter is not “anti-agriculture” and it does not take much to boggle your mind $ue. There obviously is not much there to boggle. This is not an industry that is being “destroyed” is not being allowed to start up again. Out of all the animals we eat why do we need to slaughter horses? Why can’t we eat just beef, lamb, mutton, pork, buffalo, elk, venison, moose, chicken, duck etc, etc….. Don’t you think that’s enough to fill your plate? I don’t want my horses ending up on someone’s plate and if they get stolen that is exactly where they will probably end up. Any state that opens a slaughter plant for horses can count on me not coming to or through their state.


    • Be very suspicious of “Right To Farm” legislation, also known as “AgGags.” This is a movement supported by The Farm Bureau and the American Economic Legislative Council (ALEC) in every state, well funded lobbies that do not want you to see how your food is produced – especially factory farms and slaughterhouses. We are just “sheeple” to them. They want to manipulate us for our vote and they want our $$$. Moral considerations and health issues are not their focus.

      Sue Wallis is in direct violation of ethics standards as she has a personal financial conflict of interest in making sure horse slaughter resumes in America. I know the House of Reps investigates some of its members because those who profited from insider trading by manipulating our financial laws were censured. How is this any different? Who do we need to contact to see that she is properly brought up on ethics charges?


      • Contact ypur representative and ask him/her to investigate her activities outside of her role as a legislator. She takes herself way too seriously. I am sure she is very disappointed – last year she was bragging about her successful lobbying effort to get slaughterhouse approvals on the fast track. And think of all that money her Belgium friend tossed buying votes. Bad money. Blood money.


  3. Language can be used to enhance or soften. A “PRODUCT!” That is “PROCESSED, HARVESTED!” Sue Wallis keeps a-trying to kill. I believe it is for $$$, but very importantly, Sue Wallis is on a mission to kill horses because they are horses. Why? Her now deceased husband was severely injured by a horse. Is this why? …… But then, Sue Wallis has NO respect for any animal…nor humans. She wants to inhumanely butcher horses & feed toxic horse meat to all, including vulnerable populations: pregnant women, children, elderly…….. One tries to understand the reasoning, the rationale behind Sue Wallis’ seemingly delusional thinking & running around the country in her quest to kill horses. There is no changing of Sue Wallis. There is one word to understand Wallis: SOCIOPATH. And I do not say this to enhance or soften. It is the verifyable truth. To understand, to have knowledge about a person who defies normal reason, is the only way to deal with her.


  4. Sewing her mouth shut would benefit from her poor “Leadershit”…..what else can you say about a sociopath that shouldn’t be in office……………


  5. Just a thought regarding the proslaughter folks..They think if a person shows love and compassion for another creature…we are wrong and are called “animal activists” when actually the opposite of that.. is a person that is considered hateful and unmerciful, shall we call them Evil Activists then? Everytime I hear the word animal activist now, I picture Sappington actually taking a shot at my head and I take it personal now. Really this is not about proslaughter vs. animal activist…this is about food intended for human consumption. Obvisously the evil activists wants to feed our foreign friends by killing them with kindness. I guess the root of all evil is the LOVE of money, who cares if God commands us to love our neighbor which includes our horse friends too!


  6. The simple concept the pro slaughter advocates and the “claimed” entire agriculture industry fail to understand is the MAJORITY of American people will NEVER EVER support horse slaughter

    Not ever


  7. Aww….ol’ Suey is still at it, huh??? LMAO I can just see her ranting, raving, screaming, and stomping her feet over this one. Does she even understand the FACT that most horse meat that ESPECIALLY comes from the U.S. is NOT safe to eat??? Does she understand that not every horse that gets slaughtered is tested for drugs in it’s meat??? I think she needs to go back to school and learn about percentages…..80% of Americans are OPPOSED to our horses being slaughtered and eaten. 80% is much larger than 20% Suey!!!

    She keeps saying that horse slaughter in this country will be more humane than it is in Canada and Mexico. THEN, why wasn’t it before they closed??? Why were horses cruelly transported and tortured in these places before??? They had more than enough time to correct the issues..but they didn’t! Fact of the matter is, they were and still are perfectly happy with how it was done before, and will be done again IF allowed to open up here again.

    I HOPE the defunding language remains intact when the bill gets passed and signed. I also hope the SAFE ACT gets passed soon and puts an end to this disgusting nightmare.


  8. The Sorry situation here is Sue Wallis and her band of blood thirsty people who use no sense when it comes to Slaughter……………………………of the most Magnificent horses in the World Bar None !!!!!! What is the matter with her and her clan ???????????>


    • With that logic Agri-slaughter would be force feeding everyone dog meat burgers from all the puppy mills that over breed, too. They would rationalize that all the “meat” from kill shelters who euthanize cats & dogs is just going to waste. Never mind that these animals are full of phenol barbital – obviously the deadly poison that killed them.

      FYI – do people know that horses, road kill, dogs & cats that are sold to rendering companies end up in our companion pet food? Big UNREGULATED business. Despite any drugs in the animal’s system, this is what comprises “meat meal” along with left over slime from slaughterhouses. Does your dog or cat ever just throw this garbage up???


      • Yes they have and that is when I stopped feeding them processed food.
        Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


      • When I discovered what was in my meat products, I immediately stopped feeding my cats canned food(and yes they used to throw up a lot and seemed that they never got full.) I now hand grind all their food and it’s fresh and organic, they are fat, healthy and happy.


  9. Hope she moves to the moon and chokes on her horsemeat she makes me sick:( I can’t wait till they stop transporting our horses and killing them for nothing we all know their meat is toxic!


  10. I also stopped eating beef as I do not want to eat horses no way no how! I understand there could be some horsemeat in beef NO THANKS!


  11. The argument for horse slaughter is that too many are dying from starvation and people are turning their horses loose when they can’t afford them? Well, why not prosecute these people, they are the ones commiting a crime. The only thing horses are guilty of is trusting us to look out for them. There is a big difference in slaughter euthanasia. Horses belong in the stable, not on a table


    • Except that it isn’t regular horse owners turning horses loose, it’s horse traffickers who turn loose the horses that have been rejected by slaughter plants.

      So, the horses they say they are protecting from this horrible fate, the old, starving and sick, are the very animals they do this to. And at the same time they are committing this crime they are blaming the people they have lied to, cheated and stolen from. It’s the definition of insanity.


  12. Right on Victoria people need to take responsibility for their horses and not starve them– how would they like to starve they should be prosecuted when they starve them! No to horse slaughter now or ever!


  13. Poor people shouldn’t be punished for being poor. The economy has been topsy-turvy and with big companies like Apple hiring foreign workers and Canadian corporations doing the same, the job market has been shrinking. The problem has to be addressed where the profits are: Race horse owners who pocket huge purses should have to shave a percentage off to horse rescues (after all it is the taxpayers who provide the funding for those large purses at least here in British Columbia in Canada); All the horse councils who deceive their membership by hiding the fact that they are all pro-horse slaughter (just look at ding-bat what’s his name of the Horse Warfare Alliance and his filthy mouth) should have to contribute a percentage of their members annual fees to horse rescues. The list goes on. The money is there to look after horses it is just in the wrong pockets currently.


  14. There are some wonderful and oh so true comments on here. Think about it – if cats and dogs get sick eating horsemeat why on earth would it be okey for humans come-on get real people, banning horse slaughter needs to happen soon like today!.


  15. Personally I think instead of trying to eat more meat the woman needs to go on a diet. If she would focus on her personal interests instead of butting into the horse world she would be better served. As well, where did she come from all of sudden the past few years? I have been in horses my entire life, traveled the world with them, been there done that with quite a few breeds, even been in the same shows with Duquette, which I should point out, many people were out of joint he won because their were superior horses there and they were flawless, but Doink as you call him was busy with his wifey hobb-knobbing and won. I lost interest in reining shortly after seeing failures winning in a classy show and getting rewarded for bad behavior (beating on a horse with his spurs) funny the other riders came prepared, the horses showed without a single abuse from the riders, go figure. But I think Slaughterhouse Sue needs to meet weight watchers and my friend sent me a link to the memorial she has of her dead husband’s facebook, my friend states that this is clearly creepy as she friends people with her dead husband’s facebook page. Its one thing to keep existing page but Leslie’s right friending new people with a dead man’s page is over the top! So I am thinking she really is over the edge. I am sick of the fact she screams the activists have ALL the connections meanwhile, she is using all of her connections to be detrimental to the horse world. I also noticed that her and Dave and the “followers” are always bashing Obama. What’s funny is George W. Bush is the one who signed the official de-funding of horse slaughter in 2006. The man they all know and love is the one who bless his little heart started their problem. They snuck it out of the 2011 language deceptively using their “connections”, instead of walking in and saying her here’s our facts and figures, because they knew they couldn’t stand on their lies and win. So where did this come from? 40 years in the business and I have never seen her at a horse show, rodeo, or anywhere. I have seen and met many people from all over the world and I am shocked that I know more killer buyers names and faces and I have never seen her until she needed money. I was with my grandfather when he went into the DeKalb plant, I was 12 years old, he told me to get in the drivers seat of his Ford pickup truck and he left it running, he said anything happens the sheriffs office is other that way, hit the gas and go get them. He went into the plant- the stench never has left my nostrils since, he got 3 busted ribs, a man ran from across the street to help, he said he already called the police, the sherriff arrived as grandpa came limping out, his hair a mess leading my friend’s stolen horse Beau and another bloody mare. He yelled open the trailer, the men were yelling he loaded the animals, Beau kissed me and whinnied, I remember the other man leading two more out-they had this awful look to their faces. The sherriff asked if these were their horses, grandpa said no, the sherriff shook his head yes, I am asking again-are these your horses, grandpa suddenly said yes, the sherriff said are there any more in there? He said yes a filly, he went and came out with a sad little foal. They arrested the man who hit him. He sat silent in his seat while we carried the load home. Jeannie was so grateful we brought Beau home. For years what he saw affected him-he was DEAD SET against slaughter. He spent many years protesting auctions, speaking out, buying over the killers. I remember one auction, grandpa invited 6 men, he said at the window open a tab-the man whispered are you going to killer buy? Grandpa said come here, the fella leaned forwards, and grandpa grabbed his necktie pulling him over the window and said don’t EVER suggest something like that again! I won the contest to make a slogan for the BLM adoption program. I made logo’s for horse rescue’s. I can’t imagine where Sue Slaughterhouse is coming from. This woman neither represents Agriculture nor the Horse’s or the Organization’s behind them. AQHA is a joke, that’s why other registries got their top leaders, breeders, and show people behind them and they laugh at AQHA. It’s big-but it’s not the best anymore. I used to show at Congress-when it was a Horse Show-competitive, great horses, we have a room with trophies from it to confirm it. But something changed, and they got greedy and rewarded simple minded individuals. That’s why we have so many abuse laws and by-laws in AQHA, because they have seen so many evil people in their organization. In the past, it happened but was rare, now it takes actual rules, regulations, and laws and by-laws to contain it. I am so sick of her saying real horse people don’t know the truth. I know the truth, I have the memories of those injured animals to prove it happened. I don’t like people coming out of thin air into our horse industry and claiming they will do us justice by killing our horses. If I have a horse that needs put down in an emergency, we have a bottle of acepromazine. Its under lock and key and only happened once, a friend called, the vet was two hours away, the horse had broke her leg and was caught in a mans fence the entire night-so she injected her to ease the pain and thrashing. I don’t think Sue is realistic and if she would run the fat off her can she might think clearer. She needs to remove that hat, she’s making cowboys feel uncomfortable seeing a weasel wear FUR FeLT!


    • Cynthia,

      I loved your story… and love your grandpa…he’s a keeper…. I love men who can show
      great love and compassion for our horses and animals….

      This story certainly made my day…………


  16. Horses are not livestock like beef!! They are not fit for. … Human consumption. Are you ignorant to this or do you just not care? Both are dicpicable!!!
    Guess you don’t mind killing others…after all you font mind killing our beautiful horses alive! You must be a sociopath! You are known for being a horse killer! You are the most hated person by all l
    Horse lovers! How can you sleep at night. I live in Wyoming and plan to do every thing possible to stop you from the Holocaust of the one animal who built the country from the ground up!!! The horse is the #1 animal who deserves protection in the United States of America!! Shame on you!!!!! They cariied us and this is how you repay them??????? See you in Wyoming!! You CAN bank on this!!!!!!! Not our horses!


  17. I believe Sue Wallis has severe mental issues! She is a sociopath and enjoys watching animals suffer and die. She was absolutely giddy when Sappington shot that young horse. I wonder what else she has killed. I think anyone as blood thirsty as Sue Wallis should be considered a person of interest when people in surrounding areas come up missing. Wyoming sure has a pitiful lot of politicians and paid off judges! I will never go back! I used to love Wyoming….


  18. Sue Wallis, I guess you must make a killing, no pun intended, from slaughtering horses. This is nothing but a money making racket for you. I’m sure you don’t eat them since you know, or at least you should know, that horses are not fit for human consumption. Knowing that human consumption of horse meat is toxic, I guess you don’t give a crap about your fellow Americans, or any other human for that matter. So what makes you any better as a human than Hitler, Stalin and all the other communist bastards. May God have mercy on your soul.


  19. I can’t wait till horse slaughter is banned for good they are not raised for food and so many of them are being slaughtered that cruel inhumane disgusting way it needs to end today! NOW!


  20. Sue Wallis and other pro horse slaughter “people” are greedy sociopaths. Get her out of office and into a padded cell where she will be harmless. Anyone that supports horrific, barbaric horse slaughter is unhinged and a danger to everyone. Ban horse slaughter! Lock Wallis up along with Sappington & other psychos. Prosecute those that abuse, neglect or starve their horses. Punish the guilty people NOT the innocent horses! Set aside funds to give to bonafide horse rescues to take care of the horses and nurse them back to health. Save and Protect our Horses! NOOO horse slaughter!!


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