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AG: Is Horse Meat a Threat to Health in NM?

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“”I will vigorously pursue all legal remedies available to me if we discover any violations…”
New Mexico AG Gary King

New Mexico AG Gary King

(SANTA FE)—Attorney General Gary King today expressed grave concerns over the potential health risks associated with consumption of horse meat processed at the proposed horse slaughtering plant in Roswell.

“As Attorney General, I have specific authority to enforce New Mexico food safety laws that are applicable to such a facility in our state,” said Attorney General King.

New Mexico has had laws on its books for more than seven decades protecting our citizens from Adulterated Food. Scientific studies show that horse meat fits the legal definition of an adulterated food product due to the presence of many chemical substances routinely used on horses that are deemed unfit for human consumption.

“Recent occurrences of food mislabeling and horse meat contamination have been widely reported in Europe,” adds AG King. “The European Union will ban the import of horse meat from North America effective July 1, 2013.”

The AG says experience in Europe shows that there is no foolproof way to be certain that horse meat will not enter the human food chain here in New Mexico.

Should the horse slaughtering plant be given the green light to open by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the AG’s office will closely monitor health and safety practices at the facility.

“I will vigorously pursue all legal remedies available to me if we discover any violations of New Mexico food safety laws,” AG King promised.

Last month the Attorney General was outspoken in his dislike and displeasure over the Valley Meat employee who recorded himself murderering a defensless young horse:

“The needless killing of a horse is abhorrent behavior and the AG is saddened that such a repulsive depiction would be used to make a personal statement. AG King comes from a ranching family and is unaware of anyone he grew up with that would think this was appropriate behavior.”

The office of the AG also offered assistance to the DA in persecuting the hardened animal abuser.

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  1. It’s total madness to approve “Valley Meats” Creep and any others to operate Horse
    Slaughter in this country.

    We Don’t Eat Horse in our Country……..”INSANITY”.

    We need the Safe Act bill passed NOW!!


      • I took the survey. It is short and tricky. Be sure and register your opinion. I think we should also reach out to these ethnic groups, fur farmers, big cat, and celebrity chefs mentioned as a target for horsemeat in the US. These pro-slaughter freaks are depending on ignorance to push adulterated meat (I love AG King!).


      • Yeah, I am veg, so I had to tell a white lie right off to continue. In the opinion section I did a little Bible thumping, not that they types ever read any scripture.


    • It just does not make any sense why they are reopening “Valley Meats” to slaughter horses. This guy was closed down already. He couldn’t even slaughter cows right. What is wrong with this picture?


  2. I know a good way to keep horseflesh from the food industry!!!!!!! Don’t slaughter them !!!!! Soon there will be no market for it anyway, why use OUR tax money to send OUR horses to slaughter. Just to feed foreigners that have the taste for horseflesh??!! Disgusting!!!!!!


  3. I agree with AG King. There should be more like him. Unfortunately, the prosecutor doesn’t want to bring charges against Sappington.


    • SAD!!!!…..They should have….. It was a display of pure intent and brutality of horses and
      hatred to horse advocates……..showing the “Sociopath” he really is…..
      I would bet Sappington as a kid brutalized animals…………..


  4. This man is one of us and I for one, am grateful. I am holding breath for passage of the AG budget, July 1, 2013 and the signing of the SAFE Act.

    Please call your DC reps and demand they go now and cosponsor the bill for passage to Obama. Repeat to them this sentence: “Scientific studies show that horse meat fits the legal definition of an adulterated food product due to the presence of many chemical substances routinely used on horses that are deemed unfit for human consumption.”


    • That survey was a little misleading….at the end they switch it to horsemeat and making
      it sound how healthy, low fat, high iron and good it is??????????????

      This is really SICK to even talk about our horses like this…and none of us would ever consider it…including no desire to eat our dog or cat no matter how low fat, healthy it was………….Our Society is dipping into some serious lows……………


  5. Gary King will you and your family sit down to Sunday dinner and have horse roast?Its a pretty horrid thought isn’t it?Please use your influential position for good.Don’t be evil!


  6. Here again, the poor horses are the victims and it appears the criminals go free. Faith your right, let
    Gary King sit down with his family for Sunday dinner and lets remind his family that this was once a very loved horse..perhaps stolen or given up because of this intolerable economy. Why don’t they eat their dogs and cats? I think the whole World has gone mad! Are they going to force Americans to buy horse meat? Americans are already cutting back on different types of meat. So who do they think is going to consume horses? Just the other day I heard that there was another recall of thousands of pounds of beef. If the truth were known the WORSE JOB FOR THE USDA INSPECTORS WAS INSPECTING HORSE MEAT..This was told to us when we finally closed down the horse slaughter plant in Illinois. It was through the efforts of many Illinoisians that we got that cruel business out of Illinois through a bill that was finally passed. We can all say what we like about our prisioned Governor Blagovich, but he signed the slaughter bill into law with no hesitation what so ever. It appears it certainly is not headed for any place in Europe..I’m sending and calling my Legislators again to remind them that there IS NO MARKET FOR US SLAUGHTERED HORSES ANY MORE…Its too bad we couldn’t raise billions of dollars to attend all these low life auctions where the “Killer Buyers” loom..or make the deals with owners before the auctions…I would like to see all of them OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD!
    We all can NEVER EVER GIVE UP THIS FIGHT! I just pray for this to end soon.


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