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EWA & WHFF Investigation: FSIS FOIA on New Mexico Permit Request

Released by the Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation Investigation Team


Release Date: April 16, 2013

Report Date(s): 2012 – 2013

Type: FOIA

Objective | Content: NM Permit Processing with FSIS



This FOIA contains information relating to the request for communications on the permit requested by de los Santos for a horse slaughter permit. Included in the FOIA are email exchanges, photos of the property condition and documentation of violations. The emails are quite detailed and provide some very interesting exchanges. In particular, the pile of carcasses was of concern to FSIS throughout the exchanges. The photos of the piles speak for themselves.

  • Throughout the email exchanges you’ll note the numerous corrections that were required such as issues with the refrigeration and the hooks to hang the horses being too low. de los Santos would say he’d correct them and then on the next visit to the plant, they were not corrected.
  • On Page 215 there is a jab at R.T. Fitch regarding hunting someone down. We do not know what this is referencing or who because the name was removed. We suspect it is Sue Wallis since the link provided is referencing a blog of R.T.’s.
  • There is a communication from attorney Bruce Wagman, on behalf of Front Range Equine starting on page 926 that details the environmental issues.

We have additional information that was recently received pertaining to this FOIA that will be issued under separate cover tomorrow.

Click (HERE) for full Summary and links to files

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  1. He tried to play on sympathies like he just couldn’t make it because of the drought and cattle being sold off by ranchers. He pulled all kinds if theatrics and when that didn’t work he had the nerve to sue the usda. . After that he got the big head and was spotting off. Now he’s back to snivelinb…poor him my ass..i have no sympathy for him or his kind..


    • This guy is a nut case and needs help from a professional. Anyone whom kills his own horse and records it on YouTube has problems. Now he has fancy pants lawyer trying to help him. Shut the dam slaughter company down there in Roswell. Go get a real job Mr. KILLER or else leave the USA and take your life elsewhere. And yes, I live in N.M. and have been up on your poor poor life others have it worse off in our country than you ever have.


  2. Disgusting… Filthy operations.. No Integrity..No Empathy…No Nothing…He shouldn’t be allowed
    to walk the planet with the rest of us…………. the “Sociopath Next Door”….

    De Los Santos your a disgrace to New Mexico and our Society……………


    • Yes, a deplorable facility, especially when considering a “food” operation. An agency that would approve a license for such an unsanitary plant would stand to be sued themselves. Therefore, even with an inspection to produce a toxic product, this hell hole should not receive a license. Who represents the people of NM?

      In America we are free to risk our finances and if we have unclean hands, like De Los Santos obviously does, we are free to lose our $ and our investor’s capital. That is why it is called CAPITALISM. There is high RISK! Suing the government to keep that process from taking the natural course by allowing this plant to obtain a license is a perversion of our economic system.

      By the way, how powerful is the pro-slaughter lobby? Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) raised $844,000 in the 1st 3 mos. of last year according to HuffPost. He is infamous for being one of the 3 legislators that took out the horse slaughter ban in the 2011 budget. Is he being rewarded?


      • That is so right Judy…..De Los Santos made his own bad investment risk and a stupid one.

        But hey when you’re a moron you can’t think straight…….Cry wolf over his bad risk and then sue on top of it…………..

        “Dumb and Dumber” as it gets………..


  3. Have skimmed some of the report and I must say it is very interesting to see how complicated and convulted the process is. One hand does not seem to know what the other hand is doing,typical government process. Also the inspection that horse carcasses are supposed to get is quite detailed. Why do I doubt that it actually happens?
    The report of his composting is very telling as well. He does not submit for an application that would actually accomadate his proposed operation, so in my mind that means it is just an exercise that he has been forced to go through and he has no intention of doing it properly. Scary stuff indeed.


  4. DeLos Santos bad investment was by his own selfish and stupid choice and fault. He knew all the risks of a horse slaughter plant never being able to be opened. Or being closed at any time. Greed made him chose a poor investment choice. There has been many warnings and reasons not to invest in a horse slaughter plant for years.The anti horse slaughter bills have been submitted for years and has a large support trying to get it passed. Last year the moron amendment banning funding for horse slaughter inspectors again was added on the agriculture budget with high hopes it would make it through. Europe has stated starting in July of this year they would not take any more horses with out a lifetime heath passport that U.S.horses don’t have and never will. There has been anti horse slaughter laws trying to be passed for years. Europe has stated starting in July of this year they would not take any more horses with out a lifetime heath passport that U.S. horses don’t have and never will. But they chose to take the gamble and at the same time spreading the usual pro horse slaughter propaganda that it is needed as a humane measure for old and abandoned horses when all the FACTS prove otherwise. 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter and the number is constantly growing. Any one with any brains would realize sooner or later the anti horse slaughter bills will get passed. He deserves what ever poor choices he made. And may it be a wake up call and warning to anyone else investing there money in a horse slaughter plant that at some times horse slaughter will end and they will lose there money. Gloria Eighmey


  5. Considering the nature of Violations and the fact some go back to 1998(maybe even prior, haven’t finished ready) I can’t believe VM is permitted to operate at all ..


  6. Don’t you just wonder??? It appears he has been running a shoddy operation all along. I hope he loses everything! Put that guy out in the desert and let him fend for himself..No sympathy here for scum bags like that!!!


  7. Somewhere near the page that makes a targeted point about RT are some pages that point to some serious flaws in plans for Valley Meats. I admit I don’t understand it all but I do get that some serious things have been overlooked. EPA, compost, a whole litany of things.

    It’s enough to make me wonder if we are seriously looking at another Dallas Crown just waiting to happen.

    It’s possible some of these things have been fixed but USDA has some real serious things they need to check, double check and triple check.

    I wonder if there is a way that WE have a way to ask that these things can be looked into, that we can ask questions and get responsible answers.


  8. Finally opened the first 180 pages! Don’t they know pdfs are memory hogs? But this is the government, so what do we expect? Anyway, just had to comment back here – one of the emails asking if they should include the misinformation Mr. de los Santos had just provided to them regarding the inspector visit. LOL! who does he think he is? That was back in April 2012.

    I think we really have to stand firm on mandating ethical standards which include a zero tolerance when violated. No criteria. Simply, if you negligently or intentionally screw with standards of honesty, integrity and knowledge of the regulations concerning your business – your done!

    What’s wrong with that? Back to reading. This is a monumental waste of government tax money and it was done to appease the desire of what appears to be a criminal masquerading as a business man. Really, there are folks in jail for stealing food. Thanks for getting this record R.T., EWA and Deb Coffey.


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