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Wild Horse and Burro Advocates Say Enough is Enough to the BLM’s Continued Stampede Tactics

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“The BLM is forcing a crisis by stockpiling over 50,000 wild horses in holding facilities while pursuing the same failed management strategies”

RENO, Nevada — Federal land managers say the drought is prompting plans to remove an unspecified number of wild horses from a large swath of the range in northeastern Nevada — two years after they removed some 1,400 mustangs from the same area.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management this month released the final environmental assessment for its plans to cull the herd around the Triple B, Maverick-Medicine and Antelope Valley herd management areas in Elko and White Pine counties.

While they haven’t said how many horses they plan to remove, BLM officials said the 1.8-million acre area they’re targeting is home to roughly 1,500 wild horses, but it can only sustain from 548 to 1,015 mustangs.

The plan is based on limited water and forage to support the current horse population, BLM spokeswoman Lesli Ellis said, and on adverse impacts to the range caused by horses concentrating around springs.

“Our goal is just to leave the appropriate amount of horses on the range that can be sustained,” she told The Associated Press.

Horse advocates criticized the agency’s plan, saying the animals should remain on the range because the number of wild horses in government holding facilities has reached an all-time high at a growing cost to taxpayers.

According to a recent BLM report, 49,369 wild horses and 1,348 wild burros are currently housed in short- and long-term government corrals and pastures. By contrast, 31,500 wild horses and 5,800 burros remain free in the wild.

“The BLM is forcing a crisis by stockpiling over 50,000 wild horses in holding facilities while pursuing the same failed management strategies,” Neda DeMayo, founder of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, said in a statement. “The tragedy is that humane and cost-effective solutions like birth control exist to keep wild horses wild, but the BLM is not utilizing them.”

DeMayo’s group is collecting signatures for an open letter to new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, asking her to end the BLM’s policy of removing wild horses from the range. It costs American taxpayers more than $120,000 per day to keep captured mustangs in government holding facilities, according to her group.

Jewell has said she won’t act until after a National Academy of Science report on the issue comes out in June.

Ellis said the northeastern Nevada gather will take place in various spots within the targeted area beginning after June 13 based on need. But specific dates have not been determined due to budget constraints and other higher priority gathers, she added.

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  1. WTF. No mention of cattle of course. Surprise me — there really aren’t any “out there” anymore?. Where are the AP reporters with both brains and cajones or ditto the eco-journalists who fail to follow up on this one simple question? Have they been spayed and neutered too?


  2. Really sick of the LIES, the BLM tells , is there no one to call them out???? Whats wrong with the Journalists ????? Have they no backbone to fight for the lives of our Mustangs and Burros ?????????????????


  3. My biggest fear is Ms Jewell will accept, at face value, a study paid for by the BLM and we all know what those reports have been in the past…half truths and redacted statements so the BLM is made to look like a shining star always with the welfare of the horses and burros in mind.

    Tweet her @secretaryjewell and ask that she require the NAS to deliver this report directly to her without any editing by the BLM. Secondly she needs to fund a second study by independent experts to see if in fact the reports jive. In the meantime stop the stampede roundups. Make future decisions based on actual science not the ‘made up’ myths of Federal employees that need to all be replaced…starting with Guilfoyle.


    • Just like the poop called a GAO report from the Congressional committee, which in reality was reverse engineered to support HCHS and delay Congressional actions.

      NSA report is to DELAY action FOR the wild equines….not help them.

      Actually, I think this is all about of the rape of public lands, resources and corporate welfare..


    • NAS was instructed from the beginning to not factor in livestock grazing effects. Populations in the wild have not been counted. This report will not be actual or beneficial for the wild horses/burros.


      • This report will be a lie. It will be useless and this stupid woman is going to use the lies and the overwhelming omissions of the sheep and cattle to keep damning our wild equines off their lands. This is so CRIMINAL!

        Sally Jewell is just another mustanger making a living off their lives and deaths.


  4. I am so sick and tired of the lies……..I want to Scream!!…Our Wild Horses incarcerated with no end in sight!!…..DOI needs to step in and take over, the Corrupt BLM out of control needs to be reorganized and managed to specific goals so our Wild Horses stay where they belong…….the BLM is dancing to the tune of cattlemen, oil & gas facking,……and sheep that do not have rights to the land…WTF????? Our Wild Horses are the most important here!!!!!!


    • I have been sick of this senseless rounding up and maiming and stock piling of the Mustangs for years , the Mustangs were given their freedom to Roam in 1971 , by Congress, unanimously, for anyone tamper with this there should be Criminal consequences , I have always been wondering why ??? that Laws can be tampered with???>?????? This should be Criminal Indictments for this !!!!! What do the US people have if they dont have their word and the Honor of their written Laws………….!!!!!! The Mustangs were deemed free …………………………… That is how it should be………………. If there are any issues on the need for water or anything else the Mustangs need , it should be given , we PAY FOR THIS , we are the caretakers who now have to deal with an an agency so internally corrupt that they brutely remove Mustangs from the Land that clearly belongs to them……………….. THIS IS CRIMINAL and should be viewed by every American in that way !!!!!!


      • I totally agree with you..senseless acts but the real reasons are coming out but not so the general public and see and hear them. Ulterior motives are always suspected. Big Money comes to my mind.


      • Definitely, something corrupt going on here …..:( just because they can’t kill them in the U S doesn’t mean the BLM can’t make money off the horses ….:( We need to be watchful of this agency and their actions ….


  5. Rob, right on! We’re talking 1,500 horses ….and how many cattle? The other thing I notice is that when reporters do any interviews on this subject, they ask softball questions. Why don’t reporters ask about how many other animals are living on the 1.8million acres, at what cost is cattle grazing to the taxpayers & the cost to the environment, what about birth control measures, what about the failed policies of the BLM….and what about the 50,000 horses who are living in pens…that’s cruel in itself. I hope Jewell does the right thing, but she needs to hear from the horse advocate side who has the facts!


    • I believe that any and all information from horse advocates is being filtered out by staff. I believe that is why Obama took so long to do anything. The censors are keeping information from those in charge.


      • HUMMMM That would answer the delays ????????? Since the Pres blocked Horse Slaughter , why is NM still trying to open one isnt NO enough ????????????????//




    • That’s pretty sad Shirley!…Exactly the problem really seems to be much higher than the BLM…. it’s’ going up the ladder to more corruption……………….

      To see our Wild Horses living in such filth and disease is MADDENING!!!


  7. Did anyone read about the Billionaires putting bison on Montana lands so they could hunt them……
    Could that be the reason the wild horses were removed?


  8. 30K + wild equines left on the VASTLY reduced ranges and so called protection are LIES.

    Deceive, divide, confuse and greed are the order of the day.

    And honestly….I think this method of extermination started with the Nixon Administration.

    Not sure? They put women in charge NOW after the 50 years of mess, thievery, murder and equicide. They (the equine enemies) KNOW the end is coming.

    Hmmm…who is responsible for Deepwater? A chick.

    Who is responsible for the IRS tax scandal? A chick.

    Who lied about Bengazzi? A chick.

    Think there is a trend here?

    I don’t agree with that, but by goodie….they get hammered.


  9. Salazar was about to speak about what he had been hired to do before he saw that Dave Phillips was not alone. Remember the part when he said that there was omething about the horses that had needed to be talked about for a long time…then, the threat and the misdirection.

    Why anyone thought that Obama would hire someone who would preserve our wild horses is beyond me. He has not even said the word horse.


  10. Funny, they cry broke when it comes time to feed and care for them yet they manage to come up with $6 million for the helicopters to stampede them again. It’s all bull. Disband the BLM for their corruption and graft!


    • Terri that is so TRUE!!…They come up with millions to round them up and then can’t take care of them…………It makes me so “ANGRY” that our Wild Horses are living in filth, and disease…. I believe they want them to become sick so they can use the excuse to “Euthanize” the sick group and the next and so on……..


  11. yes i care to that i can.i am nolonger waiting on a blm grant for that area but was waiting months for an answer to a horse and burro sanctuary there in that winnemucca.nevada.89945.the only requirement was to have land there.which i do.and am buying.i have 4o acres.i aplied from there to get that blm grant one of the conditions was i was not supose to tell anyone.but i did.on here.on bloggs and on face book.under my aka of took several months 6-7 for them to give me an answer.itwas big time money too your talking lotts!500.000 a year.i wanted a 20 year contract they would do it five at a time.they never gave me any reasons.i never asked.they turned me pretty sure i was the only one who aplied for that grant.i was all ready to move there and start building.they gave me the run around over n over no reasons.then i found out they desided not to have a horse n burro sanctuary there because they just funded madeleines..the multi billion aires wife,correction..multi billion aires wife.and thats that.they desided a 6 million dollar jet is more worth the there doing that life was on hold waiting waiting waiting i was for sure thinking i was going to get that partner n good friend was willing to move there from texas.and i from michigan.we were ready willing and able.only to be disapointed.bumbed big time.i was more sad than anything.i know we could of made a difference maybe small but still we were area my land is in that the area they also mine.big time.i just wanted everyone to know this.peace!julea


  12. Oh Lord. That NAS study was good in its intention until Dean Bolstad got up and started telling them what they could and couldn’t look at. If BLM had opened its doors like they said they were going to the horses would be sitting pretty right now. Instead it’s back to another roundup.

    Another advocate has a standing TRO for helicopter abuse so we need to make sure that BLM doesn’t fly in this HMA. They’ll have to do bait trapping. That advocate is also going in for breast cancer surgery later this week. Please say a prayer (or think good thoughts)for her. No matter your belief system I’m sure she could use all the positive vibes.

    And they really want to WASTE 6 million dollars on a roundup that no one wants done, they don’t room for much less food. Guess if they don’t use it they’ll lose it.

    All I can do at this moment is shake my head in bewilderment once more. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result and not getting one.

    Here’s a novel idea. Treat and release. Dart the mares with PZP, leave the stallions be.

    Well I’m headed out that way in several weeks and expect to take lots of pictures. Not sure exactly how to check on the range and conditions–so if anyone has tips for me it would be much appreciated.


    • Great Idea LNorman If I was there I would help You !!!!! I am so sick of this crap !!!!!! LEAVE THE MUSTANGS ALONE BLM !!!!!


  13. “The plan is based on limited water and forage to support the current horse population, BLM spokeswoman Lesli Ellis said, and on adverse impacts to the range caused by horses concentrating around springs.

    “Our goal is just to leave the appropriate amount of horses on the range that can be sustained,” she told The Associated Press.”


    The appropriate action is to remove cattle and keep removing them until the horses have what they need to live on their own lands. Removals are a ‘last resort’ and not meant to be permanent. The branding and processing are all done to make our wild horses into domestics. The BLM harvesting machine is illegal. This is a land grab and the arrogant deliberate breaking of a law the BLM has every US authority so afraid of they will not stand up and support it.

    It is also time to get the corporate cattle off the public lands. Time to retire more allotments. Time to refuse to allow this illegal activity to go on and on and destroy true native species.


  14. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that NV is a all high desert…. our average rain fall for a year is something like 6 inches…. WE ARE ALWAYS IN A DROUGHT


  15. It’s sad they do this so they can rent the land out to rich ranchers then subsidize them to kill more animals. So much money, so much murder, to fill our never-ending desire for burgers and steaks.


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