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Poll Indicates Majority of Americans Want Wild Equines Protected and Free

U.S. Voters want wild horses and burros to remain free
Wild Horses under attack by BLM in Nevada~ Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild Horses under attack by BLM in Nevada~ Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

A consortium of Wild Horse advocacy groups conducted a poll that found a majority of Americans want wild horses and burros protected and that support cuts across party and gender lines. The poll also documented public support for repeal of a law that allows the government to sell wild horses for slaughter and public dissatisfaction with current management practices. These practices include rounding up thousands of wild horses annually from the range and warehousing them in government holding facilities at taxpayer expense. Presently the BLM warehouses 50,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities while fewer than 38,000 remain on the range.

Specifically the poll found:

  •     72 percent of Americans favor protecting wild horses as “living symbols of the history and pioneer spirit of the West.”
  •     66 percent think the BLM’s approach to wild horse management is an inefficient use of tax dollars. (Only 8% thought it was an efficient use of tax dollars.)
  •     62 percent believe the program is not being managed effectively. (Only 7% thought the program was managed effectively.)
  •     62 percent support the repeal of the law that allows the BLM to sell wild horses for slaughter. (Only 13% supported slaughtering wild horses.)

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, surveyed 1,247 registered voters nationwide from March 27-30, 2013.

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  1. Thank you for conducting this poll, poll takers. I am frustrated to the point of depression and need to do something productive to stop the round ups, the penning, to return the WH&Bs to their lands, to reduce the cattle and sheep grazing of those lands, to change the law, and to make sure these WH&Bs are not slaughtered. What can a horse-loving peon like me do?


  2. Is nothing sacred in this country anymore? Our wild bison, wolves, horses, bears, national parks, Alaska, etc. etc. — why do you think so many foreigners come here to vacation??!


  3. Well, there it is again. The “majority” of Americans have spoken. So, now the question is, what happens not!?!


  4. The problem with “the majority of Americans have spoken” is that it’s the follow-up/follow-through that matters. Most Americans go right back to their lives of working (hopefully), going to school, taking their kids to soccer practice, baseball games, etc and the poll is forgotten within seconds.
    Our opposition counts on the FACT that this is what always happens, so saying “the majority” doesn’t mean much at all without intent.

    If we really want to educate “the uninformed, naïve general public”, rescue groups should get together, pool their money, and put up strategic billboards on the way into Reno and Las Vegas for instance on major highways (and there are only a few, with I80 being the most traveled into Reno) that should have text, with no bad photos, no “wild and free” pretty photos….just text and website addresses so that the kids in the backseat who are on their smart phones or tablets bored out of their minds on the trip to Reno will see the billboard, they’ll go to the websites and/or Facebook pages and THEN THEY WILL SEE THE TRUTH of wild horse and burro captures and exactly what is being done to the horses and burros by our government and the various factions who literally OWN our Open Range.
    If the kids riding in the backseat start freaking out when they are seeing those photos and videos of captures, captivity, death, and also “the solution” is told which the BLM can say until they are blue in the face they aren’t considering (slaughter of those horses in long term holding just like the Jews in World War II and the public were LIED too by the “powers that be” then too), then maybe the parents would start BOYCOTTING the BIG BUCK tourism/casino towns and cities, and the loss of THAT REVENUE at the casinos/hotels/restaurants, etc will smack states and cities like Reno and Las Vegas straight in the wallet.
    Anyone want to guess how fast a powerful casino and/or hotel owner like the owners of the Grand Sierra, or the Peppermill, or the Atlantis hotel/casino in Reno (I live out in the desert surrounded by BLM and State land 45 minutes from Reno, and have wild horses at my house every day) would be in touch with the BLM raising holy hell if the money stopped coming in?
    VERY FAST is my prediction because casino cities/towns rely on tourism dollars to keep functioning, and even if they couldn’t care less about the wild horses, they DO CARE about the money coming in……

    There are ways to REALLY ENGAGE the “uninformed, naïve general public” with the short attention spans and get them to care, but we have to get to them en masse and a good way to do that is through their kids, and also through people who are animal and horse lovers even if they aren’t horse owners, and the very best way is to advertise the FACTS of what’s happening on billboards that will be seen by thousands every day instead of people havin to search with intent on the Internet for info on the issues of wild horse and burro captures which the majority of Americans will NEVER do……..


    • Laura, I do agree with you. You have made some valid points. Washington stilll calls the shots and there are always some agenda more important than the wild horses. This has been going on for years and the corruption is there right under their noses. Our Government allows the underhanded business of wild roundups to keep on going.


  5. Thats darn right we do !!!! What do we have to do to make them understand THE mustang S ARE OUR TREASURES AND iCONS…………………………. they ARE TO BE FREE ROAMING NOTHING ELSE WILL DO !!!!!!!! The People have spoken , NOW listen , we have provided constantly the truth to you people who cannot seem to count anything right , or do anything right for tthem , we have done the homework , now you need to implement it !!!!! We are willing to give you any information of the proper treatment OUR Mustangs need , we are sick of the maiming and murdering and shotty care of our ICONS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  6. I noticed too when I read the “study” that no mention of the cattle and sheep ranchers was made. So it seems the BLM already told the scientists what to study. I left a comment at the newspaper that let the public know what has been going on for years. whether anyone pays any attention is unlikely. The bad part about all of this that most of the population now lives in housing developments and condos and never see a horse. A lot of them don’t know where their food comes from.


    • Barbara, the mission was clear. This was a performance report about the Wild Horse and Burro Program, it’s employees and their failures at their jobs. It wasn’t a range report like the last one. One thing is for sure…the BLM took a lot of big hits today!


  7. If you pay attention to International horse news, you cannot help but notice that horses in different countries are being treated as excess, rounded-up (usually domestic horses), and sent to slaughter, this has happened in Spain, Itality, and Canada to mention a few. I think we need to pay attention to the fact that this is an international phenomena and not limited to the United States.

    This is the result of internal policy that has been planned for decades and is in the final stages of implementation. It is not just by chance that the internaitional economy is also struggling. The alleged attempt to create renewable energy from ethanol has decreased the amount of horse quality hay and led to an increase in the price of feed for all animals considered livestock.


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