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Guest Editorial by Grandma Gregg

Twin Peaks Horses, photo by L. Sterling

Twin Peaks Horses, photo by L. Sterling

Referring to today’s upcoming capture list – it says 100 wild horses will be bait/water trapped on the Murderer’s Creek HMA in Oregon starting tomorrow!  This HMA is jointly “managed” by BLM and USFS, who said in their recent EA:  “The AML for wild horses within the HMA is 50-140 wild horses with an objective of managing for a herd size of 100 animals.”

Now, take a look at the map that shows the census count.  The census count as of the spring of 2012 was 171 (foals not counted) and I have the payment invoices from the bait trap contractor to BLM that says last fall they trapped 100 wild horses and then last winter they trapped 100 more … and now they have authorized another 100 wild horses be captured.

Assume that the 200 (last fall and last winter) would include the original 171 wild horses plus the foals and likely some on private property/outside HMA but there is no way there will be another 100 taken this summer and still leave 100 which was the stated plan in the EA.  ZERO or more accurately stated … minus zero will be the result and thus Murderer’s Creek HMA will be the next HA land since there will be no horses to manage … thus no HMA.

And this will be the continuous plan (already going strong) for all of our WH&B … except for a few in a “zoo”.  I hope I am wrong!


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  1. Sadly, Grandma Gregg, you are not wrong. This “managing for extinction” has about succeeded.
    It is an American tragedy the general public is unaware of and is lied to repeatedly by Tom Gorey and others with the BLM. Sally Jewell has evidently not even read the NAS report .


    • Sally Jewell is probably being told what to do and what not to do regarding WH/B’s by the BLM Good Old Boy club. They ignore Congress, they ignore the NAS, the ignore the public….. they run their own “program” with their own lack of rules.


    • As I’ve been saying for years now, we need to choose our battles, quit worrying for instance about shelters for wild horses already in captivity which they don’t NEED and MANY will not use, and spend our money on hiring LOBBYISTS whose sole purpose is to represent the wild horses and burros ONLY in Washington D.C. where all of the decisions are made, and that are then passed on to the peons in the field who are mostly interested in retaining their jobs, so they will carry out the orders whether they agree with them or not.
      The eradication of ALL of the wild horses and burros is a very well-organized and LONG TERM racket that the BLM, the Forest Service, the Department of Agriculture, etc NEVER deviates from……..they may appear to “try and play nice”, “throw us a bone” like they are going to work with we advocates, etc, but what no one should EVER forget that the end goal IS for our government in cahoots with the mostly corporate factions, and ALWAYS has been, is TOTAL ERADICATION of ALL of the wild horses and burros off of OUR PUBLIC land with we tax payers being forced to continue to pay in subsidies for these PRIVATE BUSINESSES to continue to run their businesses on our dime…..

      I’m also having a debate on someone’s Facebook page with a guy who is very representative of the “uninformed, naïve general public’s” viewpoint, and he is actually siding with “the poor ranchers who are so harassed by you fringe groups”……
      It would actually be laughable if it wasn’t so terrifying to realize that not only are the majority of the general public uninformed, if they aren’t indifferent to the whole issue, many believe the BLM and government propaganda and truly believe the wild horses and burros are out on the range breeding like rabbits, are eating all of the other animals, – including well over 4 MILLION cattle – out of house and home, the ranchers are trying to steward and take care of the range but there are so many horses damaging it that they MUST be captured and disposed of (and these people are so uninformed they don’t know the difference between “euthanasia” and “euthanasia by COMMERCIAL horse slaughter), that the mining operations are “clean” and efficient (I’m sure they wouldn’t see it that way if they actually lived by mining operations like I do……but that’s why I’ve been saying that ANY politician who votes in favor of opening slaughterhouses that slaughter horses here in the United States should be REQUIRED to live within 1 mile of the slaughterhouse and see what it’s like with the sound, the smell, the pollution, and also the fact that violent crimes like murder, rape, armed robbery, assaults, etc ALWAYS rise significantly in towns and cities where slaughterhouses are located….), and on-and-on……

      This sh*t always seems to be O.K. with people who are not directly affected by the issue at hand, who are too self-centered and self-absorbed to care about anything other than themselves, and most importantly, it’s always O.K. for people who MAKE MONEY and GAIN CONTROL and POWER off of it too.

      So it is obvious to me that the wild horses and burros for their issue, and horses, mules, burros for the horse slaughter issue, NEED LOBBYIST’S to REPRESENT and speak and convince for ONLY them………

      Lobbyist’s are NOT cheap, but if all the big and small rescues pooled their money to hire a couple of good lobbyist’s, I believe we could win the wars of stopping the eradication of wild horses and burros, have them primarily managed in the wild, implement SUCCESSFUL adoption programs, have sanctuaries and facilities for unthrifty, older, animals with issues, etc where they could live out their lives paid for with tax payer dollars which would still mean the tax payers would NOT be spending as much money as they are now on capturing wild horses and burros by the thousands annually, warehousing them, running a broken adoption program, etc, and if we also stopped being forced to pay with our tax dollars for the subsidization for the factions that are not only operating on OUR public land but are actually thriving and profiting with their private businesses being paid for by us with NO return or benefit to us, and we didn’t also have to take up the slack in the loss column of the ledger to the tune of approx. $125 MILLION dollars annually for the short-fall on what is collected from the ranchers grazing their cattle at $1.35 AUM and what it actually costs for them to graze their cattle on the open range, all of this would lighten-the-load for we tax payers on what we are paying annually and not only getting nothing in return, we don’t even get to have the happiness we feel having OUR wild horses and burros out on their NATIVE land grazing peacefully, living their lives, and being FREE……..


      • Laura – Most of what you write goes over so many heads. Lobbying has been discussed at length priivately and publically if you can get the attention of anyonne who slows down so enpough to separate the urgency of iSsues, you will find that aveenue is being pursued privatey. There are so many who struggle for recognition. But suffice to say the best use of your effort is to use it. Don’t expecct alliances, and unified effort – though that is what is needed. You hit the nail on the head – it is all about money and power – even on this side of the fence. Sorry if that offends anyone, well – I take that back. This was a well thought out post that no haad the decency to acknowledge. Not that you expected it, but I think you’d have enjopyed some discussion


      • Laura Bell and Jan, What is needed is money and numbers and people who are not a part of this ongoing competition within the advocacy. Just folks are needed who hear injustice and can connect this to the misuse of public lands and wildlife. It was just kids and parents who saved the wild ones once before. We need ordinary folks who want our Western lands to remain a part of our heritage. They are out there. And yes, it would be great to have someone in DC. With money we could do this. I remember when Ginger Kathrens asked the advocacy if they could start a relief lobbyist system and someone go for a few weeks another a week and more and more… and keep someone always there while they are in session. It still is possible. We have a couple groups big enough to help make this happen. Ask them to provide a part of the funding. There are hostels to stay in that are reasonable and safe. We can do more. But the shelter is an emotional issue and this brings out the competitive nature of many who are setting themselves up as wild horse groups. They have been having a feeding frenzy and a big dose of adrenaline over this. As I said before; why fix something we want torn down? Yes, Give Our Wild Horses and Burros shelter for the YEAR ROUND EXPOSURE TO THE ELEMENTS! By all means but don’t forget we want them all out of these places and this removal machine and BLM off limits to wild horses and burros in the future!

        Laura Bell and Janet, Money will stand up to BLM. This is the the hard lesson I have learned and and it is we, the public, who, must pay for all sides in this issue. But we need to be sure we have a side that we control and use well. So far we don’t have the numbers and the public all on one informed page. We are scattered and divided by those who want recognition and income and fame. I wish these people would back off. They have been the bane of this entire movement.


      • Hello I am the ordinary folk and got BLM scared here:
        0038190000BLM Nevada News
        Nevada State Office No. 13-26
        For Release: July 19, 2013
        Contact: Heather Jasinski, (775) 861-6594,

        BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program Looks to the Reno Community for Ideas at Upcoming Public Workshop

        Reno, Nev. – In light of recent public concern over shade at the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Center (PVC), the BLM will hold a public workshop in coming weeks to provide an open forum and allow for information sharing, suggestions, and ideas on how the BLM can best provide for the horses at PVC with available resources and within constraints.

        In addition to the workshop, the BLM is consulting with animal welfare experts Dr. Carolyn Stull, Ph.D., and Dr. Kathryn Holcomb, Ph.D., of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine who are scheduled to visit PVC to assess environmental conditions. Dr. Holcomb has conducted research to determine if horses prefer and benefit from shade and Dr. Stull is known for her animal welfare work with agricultural animals.

        “Although PVC doesn’t typically have triple-digit temperatures for prolonged periods of time, as is the case in other areas where shade is provided for the animals, we know this summer in Reno has been especially hot,” said Joan Guilfoyle, Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief. “The well-being of the wild horses and burros under BLM’s care is important to us, both on and off the range, and we’re interested in constructive input and dialogue with the public.”

        The PVC facility has been an important part of the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption program for many years. Horses and burros there have a continuous supply of water and are fed daily. A veterinarian regularly visits the site and sprinklers were installed in late June to three large outside wild horse pens and five mare/foal pens to help keep the animals cool on warm days. No evidence exists that any animals being held at PVC are experiencing life-threatening conditions as a result of high temperatures.

        The Center is the largest BLM preparation and adoption facility in the country with a capacity of 1,850 animals. It serves as the primary preparation center for wild horses and burros gathered from the public lands in Nevada and nearby states. Visitors wishing to adopt are encouraged to call the Center prior to arrival at (775) 475-2222. Public hours for visiting are held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m.-noon.

        Photo caption: At the BLM’s Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Center outside Reno, a sprinkler attached to the panel of a large wild horse pen sprays water while horses eat in the distance.



  2. Who are these horses bothering???? When I look at the map, the horses are so widely disbursed, you would be lucky if you even caught a glimpse of one. This is all BLM BS!


    • You are absolutely right Suzanne,they arent bothering anyone. My husband went dirt bike riding here in Reno up a mountain somewhere and saw 4 beautiful wild horses running free, the way they are supposed to.
      My opinion and my husbands is this: In Reno, housing developments were built where the wild horses were grazing,some people in the Damonte Ranch area didn’t like the idea there were wild horses on “thier” property. My thought then you shouldn’t of moved there. Then we have the cattle ranchers who here in Reno want thier cattle to graze on open range. Well they don’t want the horses there. The ranchers are big business who supports the BLM. My story on which aired Wednesday outraged alot of people. I mean alot !!. The media needs to know about this and anyone who cares about the horses and that live near these facilities need to get this to them. I want my story that I did with KTVN Reno to go national. We need to get this out to the public’s living rooms on the 5:00 news.


      • Our Wild Horses are being removed in record numbers!!

        The closest to me here in Colorado is “The Little BookCliff’s” scheduled anytime now to round up 50 of the only 150 that exist in that area……It’s a Disgrace!!!


      • I know what you mean by seeing them Free is really an emotional experience!!…..I lived near and rode Bookcliff’s with my horses it was Magnificent to see their bands!!……………and for them to be rounded up is making me NUTS!!….
        They use to come right up to us while riding in their territory…………


      • thank you nancy. i am in reno..isn’t it horrific to know what these comments say and the now outcome? they are gone. most are dead. it has been a horrific summer and continuing now they are taking thousands more. right ow. im sure u heard about the meeting in carson. advocates were thrown out and threatenend with arrest. meaning w need hundreds of thousands of citizens to stand up. now. we cannot comment anmore its not helping so what you did was great and other individuals..but we all must march. do you agree? they are out of time. genocide. heck ppl worldwide are marching in the streets over many wrongs. why dont we do this and why didnt we do it sooner?


  3. I can not believe this kind of cruelty is aloud to continue. My Great- grandfather was right. Never trust the government,they talk with a split tongue. Ever since the beginning of the settling of the west man has destroyed all he could about the land my people loved. The buffalo,wolves,now the mustangs and burro’s. When all else is gone. What will be left for them to hunt and destroy? Man, himself? This is heartbreaking. I know God is not happy what man is doing to His creatures. In the end God will get his revenge for the cruelty brought on to His creatures, that He gave us to enjoy their beauty.


  4. This film is more than a film about horses and horse lovers. It is one of the most moving documentaries I’ve seen about human compassion and the desire to connect. The various persons followed in this film have chosen to take in a wild mustang, train it and bring it to competition in just 100 days. These are not polished or wealthy people with time on their hands. These are ordinary people who are passionate about horses and willing to take on what at times seems an impossible task. From an old Navajo man who is terrified to get on his horse to 2 young brothers in New Hampshire who learned to work with horses by observing and imitating the horses natural behavior, -every single one has a wildly different approach to achieve the one goal they all share: developing a trust with their horse. At times it is heartbreaking just knowing that all their intuition, creativity, commitment- and the deep love that inevitably develops is all with the purpose of getting the horse to competition and being auctioned off for adoption. This is what unconditional love really means.


    • What I would love to see rather than ONLY offering the Mustang Makeover competitions (which I was selected as one of the 100 trainers for the very first Mustang Makeover that was offered but then decided to withdraw because I don’t train horses that are younger than 4 years old in “career training” and they couldn’t guarantee that they would select a 4 year old for me to train and I couldn’t take the chance I’d draw a three year old) are incentive awards for people to follow through in competing in mainstream competitions and events against other breeds and cross-breeds of horses to show that Mustangs can be competitive AFTER the Makeover competitions.

      It would also encourage people to not rush through training with a Mustang who may turn out to need more than just the 90-120 days allotted to get ready for the Makeovers to not only lay a solid, CORRECT foundation in training, but in case they are not ready for that competition, they will continue on with training their Mustang knowing that the Mustang Heritage Foundation really cares what Mustangs do AFTER the Makeover competitions and the horses don’t just disappear into obscurity.
      I and also other trainers who happen to love Mustangs have observed when there is money on the line, many people will sacrifice solid training that lay’s a foundation that will be with the horse for the rest of their lives, so we’d love to see incentive programs offered for those of us who train more slowly and also compete in Open competitions against all breeds of horses.

      I’m old school and believe in training for success AND mental and physical longevity, so no, I don’t think 90-120 days is enough time for me personally to lay a correct foundation AND be competitive with most horses if I wish to compete beyond the Makeovers in Open competitions, and I have spoken to Makeover trainers that said they often have to re-start the horses they have from the Supreme Extreme competitions where the horses belong to them and aren’t auctioned off because they didn’t have enough time to train without there being “holes in the training”.
      I simply like to train correctly the first time through, and not have to re-train, so since I and others I’ve spoken with have come to the conclusion we can’t train most horses correctly in 90-120 days for the Makeover competitions, longer range incentive programs offered by the Mustang Heritage Foundation would be really nice to encourage people to go out there and show what their Mustangs can do in Open competitions….

      Sure, we can do that anyway, but it is nice to have incentives and have your horse be recognized through awards for being a great horse, and it DOES also encourage people to keep going with their Mustang too and not just have them drop out of sight.
      If the United States Dressage Federation can offer Breed awards (, it would great if the Mustang Heritage Foundation could and would do it too.


  5. Per the 1971 Congressional Act, the land is to be devoted PRINCIPALLY but not
    exclusively to the wild horses and wild burros welfare in keeping with the multiple-use management concept of public lands.

    Definition of “principally”: First, highest, foremost in importance, rank, worth or degree, chief, mainly, largely, chiefly, especially, particularly, mostly, primarily, above all, predominantly, in the main, for the most part, FIRST AND FOREMOST.

    It is the LAW of the United States of America and any policy or regulation or memorandum of understanding that BLM / USFS / USFW writes or proposes that does not come under the umbrella of the law is illegal.


      • they were taken to court fed court in 2014. a fed judge told blm it was breaking the law. left unenforced they did roundups like crazy. they r criminals and were told by a fed judge. they got away with more murders than ever. because of the lack of encforcement. it shouldnt have gone that way at all. and now they dont even bother to give reasons they are out to kill the last ones. time to slam dc with calls. ryan zinke and chris stewert of utah and mark amodoie of reno are on the appropriations committee and had a secret illegal meeting to take our land and KILL ALL HORSES! fight pls pls fight.


      • The Burn’s amendment didn’t change the core intent of the law. The BLM and USFS are still perversely ignoring this! Burn’s amendment facilitated sale to open market for horses and burros who have been offered unsuccessfully 3 times for adoption or who are over the age of 10.


  6. Can we bait and trap the BLM, round up by helicopter then get paid for doing it. This report indicates the rampant fraud i have been furious with. No horses, but they are going to be paid to round them up. So what happened to the horses budget and the Old West loving horses. Both are evidently vanishing. These people are getting PAID to torture these animals into extinction, keep in mind, sue walrus is in this and the many killer buyers dying to kill them for free cash. Do they actually think we dont notice AQHA hiding behind the erradication of competing breeds? Always being Mustang haters, calling them in breeds etc,which more closely describes AQHA s intention misconduct in breeding. What amazes me the Federal Government doesnt epose this garbage the same way they exposed thd government being charged 5000 for a hammer and 2500 for a toilet seat, they need to blow the lid off this Sh@! Box of a program and expose their lies. Sue wallis just is money hungry and inciting the riot in the killer buyer of the industry and forcing uprooting of the wild horses is on her agenda, that way they force taxpayers to say reopen to save us money. Im sick of her finacial agenda, lies, and pushing death, no one in Congress should wish dangerous, felonious killer buyers on the public to kill, steal, and destroy let alone allow the wild horses only contact with humans to be horrendously cruel and violent. The West wzs won by stealing resources, laying claim to anything unowned and being angered by anything free, they nearly killed off wolves, panthers, buffalo, bison, the bald eagles, bears, and many others with their extremists me only and my land mentality. And if thst offends those scumballs, so be it, the horses should besaved, protected, alive, and thriving,


    • Nancy I saw the letter you received from the BLM…..Whoohooo!!

      Everyone must Thank Nancy for a Wonderful job GETTING THE MEDIA’S ATTENTION!!!!!


  7. BLM Roundups – RESPONSE LETTER FOR EA – Murderers Creek, Oregon

    Below is the letter we are sending to the Murderers Creek Comment phase of the roundup to take place after November 16, 2012, and following roundups. We want this discontinued due to erroneous information and misinformation, and not in accord with the EA (Environmental Assessment) what so ever!

    Whereas, my staff and myself have perused the aforementioned EA and found many flaws within the project plan and especially the EA; the erroneous information becomes serious due to the outcome of taking horses off of Public Lands for false reasons, inadequately based research and data gathering, and simply bad-management parameters. Guesses and robust averages seem to play a large roll in the BLM’s decision making process for the removal of wild horses, rather than accurate, reliable, and coherent explanations as to why.


  8. Well, the real problem is the court case has just completed, and the Federal Court stated clearly that the horses were not at fault. The litigation centered around whether or not the wild horses were destroying grazing land or not along the bank of Murderer’s Creek — undeniable evidence attested the welfare rancher, the Sierra Club, the NRA, The Safari Club, and the other organizations were in error, and the horses did not require to be rounded up and taken out of there. The other problem is the Forestry has been trapping horses since Feb 2013, and the BLM has been chasing, from BLM land, horses over to Forestry traps. Where the article above is okay, there are other significant situations that are a reality, because the numbers in the article are erroneous. A Court Action needs to take place at Murderer’s Creek to stop the roundup immediately, and attend toward the Federal Court’s decision made previously.


    • I’m really glad to have your input. As with most issues there is usually much more to the story and I appreciate your knowledge about the Murderer’s Creek horse capture and the area.

      In reality, Horse Trappers LLC has been getting paid to capture wild horses on Murderer’s Creek since 2009 per (type in “Horse Trappers” in the search box and you will see this) – some are designated to the USFS and some to BLM.
      As for the numbers in the article being erroneous, I have right here on my desk (via FOIA), three payment invoices sent by Horse Trappers LLC to the BLM requesting payment for trapping 180 (not 200 like I stated in the article – sorry – I guess my glasses had a spot on them?) wild horses from Murderer’s Creek.

      One invoice has no date and is for capturing 20 horses – $ 47,879.
      Invoice dated 11/26/2012 (payment authorized) for 87 horses – $103,101.
      Invoice dated 1/29/2013 for 73 horses $86,929.

      I believe these three invoices would be for horses captured on both USFS and BLM land – as you explained with them being chased toward the traps from BLM to FS land. It is the same trapper and it appears the contract and payment come from BLM regardless of where the trap is set.

      Per the BLM announcement on Friday, they have authorized the capture of 100 more horses from Murderer’s Creek plus you stated more have been trapped since February 2013 – thus since the last invoice I have. Does this sound like they are zeroing them out to you?

      There is no accountability by USFS/BLM for the American people. The BLM contracts state that roads are to be closed, no public can observe and if any public do come near the trapping area the process is to halt until the public have been escorted away and that no member of the trapping company is to talk to any member of the public or the media about the trapping procedures.

      Last October I requested via FOIA for copies of all contracts and daily logs and photos etc for the trapping contracts which were signed June 2012 (photos of each and every horse is part of the contract) – and you will not be surprised to learn that with the exception of a few invoices and copies of the contract … not a single photo or daily log can be found. Where is the accountability to the American people?

      Please supply us with suggestions as to what and where and whom to contact that might help. In addition, if you are an “interested party” (wrote letter regarding EA etc) then you can file an IBLA complaint/stay at no cost to you and put an immediate (although perhaps temporary) stop to this continual trapping – just a thought.

      I also would appreciate further information that you may have to explain what is REALLY going on at Murderer’s Creek. Thank you very much.


      • “Last October I requested via FOIA for copies of all contracts and daily logs and photos etc for the trapping contracts which were signed June 2012 (photos of each and every horse is part of the contract) – and you will not be surprised to learn that with the exception of a few invoices and copies of the contract … not a single photo or daily log can be found. Where is the accountability to the American people?”

        OMG Grandma! that is one big hole in the record keeping. This is so typical and arrogant. What do these people really do? What are the real numbers? We cannot even find out in a legal fashion! Amazing!

        Thank you for your devotion and hard work!


      • Thanks Mar – I am not done with them yet …
        What worries me is that there is no accountability for these wild horses and wild burros. Nobody can go to the trap site and knowing the treatment they get even when people are watching at roundups, what kind of treatment do we think these animals are getting when nobody is watching? In the trapping contracts it specifically states that hot shots (electric prods) can be used. We know that many many wild ones have disappeared under the “watchful eyes” of the BLM so how many do we think will disappear after being trapped with nobody watching? Keep in mind that Cattoor and two of his employees (past employees?) are the biggest contractors for trapping – i.e. contracts for the most states. This trapping with no accountability for the animals is frightening!


  9. Hmm, a relief lobbyist system…..very interesting idea.
    If this ever gets going, I’m in and would figure out how to be in D.C. for a week or two at a time……I have over 75 animals I take care of on a daily basis by myself, however, I could probably train someone to take care of the outside animals while my husband held down the fort with the inside the house critters and working in our business, so if anyone decides to try and organize this, please let me know.


  10. I see so many great comments on here. These comments would be great to tell the BLM how you all feel. They are making the opportunity for you all to do that via a webinar and public meeting in Reno NV on August 6th 5:30 pm Pacific time. TELL THEM HOW YOU ALL FEEL…register for the webinar if you cant attend in person…I will be there in person…lets show BLM that we are united here for the horses!!! thats the least you all can do!!!!
    BLM to Hold Workshop on Wild Horse Comfort
    Posted: Jul 30, 2013 1:52 PM PDTUpdated: Jul 30, 2013 2:07 PM PDT

    The Bureau of Land Management wants to brainstorm with the public on how to improve the comfort of wild horses and burros at the agency’s Palomino Valley adoption center.
    Horse advocates have criticized the federal agency for the lack of shade and shelter at the facility 20 miles north of Reno. They claim at least three horses may have died during a recent heat wave that brought triple-digit temperatures for several days.
    The agency this summer did install a sprinkler system for the animals.
    A workshop is scheduled from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Aug. 6 at Reno City Hall.
    Tours of the Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Center will be conducted that afternoon from 2-4.
    RVSP for the workshop and PVC tour, either online at: or by calling the BLM at 866-468-7826.
    For additional information and meeting materials, go to:
    In response to requests from the public, the workshop will offer a webinar option for remote participation. While internet-based participation is an option, the quality and consistency of the technology cannot be guaranteed. Participants are encouraged to attend in person, if possible. For those using the webinar, please be prepared for the possibility of technical difficulties. The BLM would appreciate feedback from online attendees to improve this option in the future.
    The Palomino Valley Center is located about 20 miles north of Reno. From Interstate 80, take Exit 18 (Pyramid Way/State Road 445). PVC is north about 20 miles to Ironwood Road. Turn east (right) on Ironwood Road to reach the facility. PVC is the largest BLM preparation and adoption facility in the country with a capacity of 1,850 animals. It serves as the primary preparation center for wild horses and burros gathered from the public lands in Nevada and nearby states. Visitors wishing to adopt are encouraged to call the Center prior to arrival at (775) 475-2222. Public hours for visiting are held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m.-noon.
    (The Associated Press and the Bureau of Land Management contributed to this report.)


  11. today in an email Obama has proposed a sanctury and protection for alaskan wildlife..please comment on horses and broken promises in your “thank you” letter. He has to remember they are SUPPOSED to be protected, so tell him that we are wary of his alaskan promise, it’s not good enough. copy and paste the best comment from here and everybody DO IT NOW some of these stories are from before they took alot more and they are dead. It is so heartbreaking. and blm had a meeting in carson city capital..advocates tried to speak up and they were escorted out and threatened with arrest!! we are not helpless but numbers for petitions are not meeting goals. pl comment oh sad..etc. we have to march in a huge way. this is illeal as hel it is a federal offense its blatent in yr face lies. and murder. !!! if we dont act now they will all be gon in a matter of months or les. Ive been saying this for 5 yrs!1 will we do anything to organize?? we need everyone against them. there were comments on the news site on the meeting in carson that blew me away..feral rats, bunch of ugly nags, lets shoot them all. ? this is a shocking mentality and we better believe with killing derbys the loss of lone wolf Echo..this is a deeper well to fix than Obama saying he is going to help some wilderness area in alaska. People are very cruel to animals these days it is worse than ever. Are we going to make a last stand for thee horses and burros? can we find a legal fed judge? do we have the heart to watch the last ones rounded up and gasp in horror or do we make a million person blockade we HAVE to come up with something. it is murder gnocide sick. civilian arrest? I will die for them if that’s what it takes to get media attention. what are we going to do besides comment?? pls check yr email from the pres. and say thanks,..BUT do it! there is a statue of a horse right by that pen of his….and btw I hope harry was kicked in the face by a horse. damn him and sally


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