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Permit denied for NM horse slaughter company


By JERI CLAUSING, Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The New Mexico Environment Department on Monday dealt a new blow to a Roswell company’s hard-fought attempts to begin slaughtering horses next month, declining a request to renew Valley Meat Co.‘s wastewater discharge permit.

The denial came the same day that actor Robert Redford and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson joined the divisive debate, announcing formation of an animal protection foundation to fight a return to domestic horse slaughter.

The NMED says it won’t renew the permit without a public hearing, noting it has received more than 450 comments against letting the former cattle slaughterhouse open as a horse slaughter plant.

Valley Meat Co. attorney Blair Dunn cried foul, saying the agency was unfairly targeting a small family-owned business. He says the plant can still open, but would have to haul its waste.

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  1. I don’t think the town of Roswell wants to hear anything about hauling its waste. from this guy. Furthermore how does the public know this would be carried through by this LOW LIFE….. Lets get behind this LOW LIFE and get him booted to a land far away. His lawyer is calling this a small business, well its a LOW LIFE BUSINESS. TAKE IT elsewhere.


      • The mayor should be ashamed to be involved in something like this. The idea of hauling away the waste of dead horses is disgusting. Horses don’t deserve that. They were part of what made this country.


  2. WOW, so what I am hearing they are not giving a permit AT ALL or waiting to see what the public meeting brings??? I just read it again and I am reading it could still happen am I right. or wrong and if this permit has been stopped for good what does this mean for the suit??? QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS……. I am SO SICK of hearing Blair what’s er face mouth SOOOOOO sick of it…. WHEN will they call it quit’???? Stupid, invest money in a business that was NOT a guarantee, that’s what stupidity and how cocky they are>>>> Cause one sentence says it is denied, then it says will not renew permit until they have a public meeting??? but what ever this is good I would think Coming together YES YES YES


  3. Small mercies. And – hauling waste to where, exactly? This guy would probably go dump it out in the desert in the middle of the night. Wonderful. Hopefully by the time the public meeting process is completed, there WILL be a SAFE Act and NO SLAUGHTER ACT in place. Go Redford! Go Richardson!


    • 0038190000BLM Nevada News
      Nevada State Office No. 13-26
      For Release: July 19, 2013
      Contact: Heather Jasinski, (775) 861-6594,

      BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program Looks to the Reno Community for Ideas at Upcoming Public Workshop

      Reno, Nev. – In light of recent public concern over shade at the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Center (PVC), the BLM will hold a public workshop in coming weeks to provide an open forum and allow for information sharing, suggestions, and ideas on how the BLM can best provide for the horses at PVC with available resources and within constraints.

      In addition to the workshop, the BLM is consulting with animal welfare experts Dr. Carolyn Stull, Ph.D., and Dr. Kathryn Holcomb, Ph.D., of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine who are scheduled to visit PVC to assess environmental conditions. Dr. Holcomb has conducted research to determine if horses prefer and benefit from shade and Dr. Stull is known for her animal welfare work with agricultural animals.

      “Although PVC doesn’t typically have triple-digit temperatures for prolonged periods of time, as is the case in other areas where shade is provided for the animals, we know this summer in Reno has been especially hot,” said Joan Guilfoyle, Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief. “The well-being of the wild horses and burros under BLM’s care is important to us, both on and off the range, and we’re interested in constructive input and dialogue with the public.”

      The PVC facility has been an important part of the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption program for many years. Horses and burros there have a continuous supply of water and are fed daily. A veterinarian regularly visits the site and sprinklers were installed in late June to three large outside wild horse pens and five mare/foal pens to help keep the animals cool on warm days. No evidence exists that any animals being held at PVC are experiencing life-threatening conditions as a result of high temperatures.

      The Center is the largest BLM preparation and adoption facility in the country with a capacity of 1,850 animals. It serves as the primary preparation center for wild horses and burros gathered from the public lands in Nevada and nearby states. Visitors wishing to adopt are encouraged to call the Center prior to arrival at (775) 475-2222. Public hours for visiting are held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m.-noon.

      Photo caption: At the BLM’s Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Center outside Reno, a sprinkler attached to the panel of a large wild horse pen sprays water while horses eat in the distance.



  4. Heather: Do you mean the mayor owns part of this slaughter business? If he does, you’d think he’d be worried about the waste too???? It’s going to be “his” tax payers who have to clean up any messes (land/water) in the area…. if they still want to drink clean water.


  5. With all the problems that those horse slaughter plants caused in Texas and Illinois, i can’t see how any state would allow them to open up anywhere here..damn the money.


    • I think they don’t REALLY believe us when we tell them what it’s like. Even when we post the link to, who knows if they really click on the link and see for themselves – I’m betting they don’t even bother. They all think we are nothing, that we know nothing and that they can step on us like a bug.

      Wonder if they’re getting a clue YET that it ain’t gonna be that easy?


  6. Well, its about time….Thank you Robert Redford and the past governor for standing up for our horses, burros and the environment. As an Illinois resident, we were glad when Cavel finally
    closed. The residents of the potential slaughterhouse states have no idea what they would be
    in for. Thank God..


    • I got to personally see them hauling the waste as they term it. Dead bodies parts, blood, leaking fluids out the trucks. Guess what, farmers found some in their fields! They dumped some in Indiana, they dumped in Michigan a couple of loads that we are aware of. This was all turned in but the paid officials just ignored such things. The farmers were so angry they could have spit nails. This is really a crisis to have them “haul” anywhere. This stuff leaks ou out and the loads are huge, and even when they weren’t supposed to be hauling it guess what? midnight runs….people get sick of the surprise stench in any open ditch, ravine, and field they can run from,


  7. Gee…let’s look at this for a moment. If it wasn’t for the services of the horse, N.M. would just be a piece of land out west somewhere…and to think these people want to slaughter the animal that gave them the ability to breath the air out there. TOTAL dis-respect.


  8. Thank you to the New Mexico Environmental Department for making the right decision for their state, by declining his request to renew the permit. No matter which way you look at this horrible business….there are no winners! At least, not for the taxpayers, the detrimental impact it has on the environment, which causes much destruction to the communities, the chance of toxic horsemeat entering our food supply, as it did in Europe, and of course, the real question, why do we need or why would we allow horses to be slaughtered in such a cruel and barbaric fashion?! I believe most Americans oppose the slaughter of horses and hope the truth and facts will eventually prevail for the safety and future of our equines. Thanks also to Robert Redford and Bill Richardson for speaking out against the return of horse slaughter.


  9. I too have questions. If Valley Meats isn’t allowed to dump their waste water and has to haul it elsewhere–plus all this testing they keep talking about–just who is going to make a buck or two? You don’t open a business with the intent to lose money from day 1–but it sure seems like this is exactly what is going to happen.

    Someone’s going to make a bundle. Because they’re going to claim lost revenue. What a tax write off. And we’re left holding the bag! Gee thanks Valley Meats.


    • I don’t know where on earth they can haul it – legally that is. You can’t just dump that stuff off anywhere – it’s toxic to the environment.

      I’m not sure this would qualify to a tax write-off. The old slaughter plants never paid taxes anyway.


  10. We need to outlaw these horse slaughterhouses as well as stop the round ups of wild horses and burros! We need stronger laws to protect our wildlife from the government and other unscrupulous entities! This is all about greed and exploiting our wildlife and natural resources for private gain. The only reason it is happening is they is don’t think the majority of the public cares what happens to our wild horses and burros! Let’s prove them wrong!


    • The Utah plant is a farse. The politician behind it states in an article on the internet the States of Utah doesn’t have a ban on pet food using horsemeat, so they can use it in horse meat. We need to drive home to UTAH sorry but the Federal Law prohibiting horse meat in pet foods is still in effect, that was his primary selling point on opening the plant to put in pet foods, now according to the Federal Law they cant sell it to any business intending to make it into pet food, chicken feed, etc, so they cannot ship out of the country to have processed into pet foods either. The pet food trade is illegal, which is also to apply to the New Mexico “nice” businessman who obviously doesn’t care the meat kills animals here and wants to kill animals overseas. The only reason they were able to get by with it in lions was because the bute was killing smaller species however, there are now concerns the medications in horse meat going to big cats may be causing them to turn on the owners, zoos, etc.


      • Could you please provide the U.S.C. or FDA, USDA regulation (usually based on law) that stipulates “prohibition” of horsemeat in pet food?


  11. We celebrate that we have allies for the good everywhere. The attorney speaks of hauling the waste – tankers would be needed to haul the blood – three times the volume of a cow. Valley Meats failed in handling the residuals of slaughtering cattle.
    Wherever you are in the U.S. – call your Washington legislators ad demand they pass theSAFE Act to President Obama who has promised to sign as soon as it hits his desk.


  12. I can’t believe that the attorney, Blair Dun for New Valley “cried foul” when the mayor of Roswell is part owner of this slaughter house. We the people against slaughter cried foul all along this slaughterhouse for horses being able to open its doors. What is wrong with these low lifes which includes the mayor of Roswell.


  13. It’s a start folks and slows down NM…but we have a long way to go until slaughter and incessant wild equines are stopped.


  14. I don’t believe that there will be any way fool–proof or cost-effective way to haul waste products from this plant. They would have to have permission to dump it somewhere and wherever that may be, there is still the problems with the toxic substances contained within. I think they are going to learn soon that they made a bad and risky investment and that there is no way in hell that this plant is going to have the means to open it’s doors, period.


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