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Nevada Requests Info to Manage Virginia Range Horses

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Virginia Range HorsesThe Nevada Department of Agriculture wants to hear from nonprofit organizations on developing a wild horse management plan for the Virginia Range southeast of Reno.

The agency on Monday said its goal is a cooperative agreement with an organization to manage and sustain the horses at healthy levels while preserving public safety.

Horses in the Virginia Range are not federally protected wild horses because they are on state or private land.

Earlier this year the department signed an agreement with the California-based Return to Freedom Inc. giving the advocacy group first dibs on horses gathered from the Virginia Range to protect them from slaughter.

Now, the state wants to hear from private groups on how to manage the animals in the wild.

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  1. After 20 million years I believe horses have figured out selection and survival. If left alone they would rule the world, maybe they did at one point. What a dirty word, “manage” human intervention no matter how well intended upsets the system so we may never have the real ultimate earth creature, but can you imagine what would happen if we were gone? Until that day seems to me we need to use the least intrusive methods even letting nature do some of the work. It’s all part of survival of the fittest and what made horses horses. Birth control must be well planed and selective as to not cause too much intervention in the selection process. Horses will sometimes cull the sick themselves. In any case who better to manage horses then those that study and appreciate them?


    • What a great commonsense comment Bravo horsedrag !!!!!! The simple non intrusive ideas always are the Best !!!!!!!! Thank You for this mornings commonsense POST!!!!!!!! Mustangs do , do their own culling !!!!!!


  2. Like any wild creature, yesterday late in the afternoon a baby robin fell out of the nest, so I thought and was still alive so got a ladder some gloves and put it back in the nest, I thought I was helping BUT next morning there it was again dead on the ground SOOOO you see the mother knew this baby was not going to live and she got the baby OUT of the nest, She did not need any help for me momma robin new what she was doing, it was sad but that is what you all just said above that nature takes it course all on it’s own….. BUT then a lot of the predators of the horses our GOV has destroyed them also…..

    These horses I would think are the LUCKY ONES to NOT be Federally protected, PROTECTED what a joke??? At least they are all working together for the better…… NICE


  3. Our grandchildren will ask us one day, “Where were you during the Holocaust of the animals?
    What did you do against disse horrific crimes?
    This time around we will not kunne say, “We didn` t know it was going on ”

    Continue to fight for your wilde horses and give them their freedom back ..
    Denmark is at your side ..


  4. Is this before thy manage them into extinction and will they really listen?i hope the BLM doesn’t get their hands onto this because we know what there outcome will be.


  5. Stall tactic and a ruse to feign a dialog with advocates…they’ll go ahead and try to remove, maim and/or kill as many wild equines as possible.


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