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Letter to Editor: Allowing horse slaughter plants could lead to more thefts

Source: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“34 percent decrease in horse thefts after horse slaughter was banned…”

When Deborah Peterson laments that “horse slaughter gets all the attention” (“Crackdown on cattle-rustling pays off,” July 19), I assume she is not talking about the Post-Dispatch, which has not penned one negative opinion on the subject and doesn’t seem to understand the difference between the nature of horses and cattle. It is my understanding that horses are not suited for slaughter due to their skittish nature and excitability making it difficult, if not impossible, to slaughter horses humanely in large numbers.

Ms. Peterson goes on to assert that cattle-rustling is a bigger problem than slaughtering horses in Missouri. What does she think is going to happen once Missouri opens up a horse slaughter plant? Horse theft will become as big a problem as cattle-rustling, if not more so, based on experiences in years past when many horses were stolen out of pastures and barns for slaughter in return for a quick profit. The only known statistical reporting on this subject was in California, which reported a 34 percent decrease in horse thefts after horse slaughter was banned in 1998.

We should not encourage or ignore the inhumane practice of horse slaughter just because cattle-rustling is a bigger problem. These are two separate issues and should be dealt with as such.

Diann Valenti  •  Lemay

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  1. The Iowa slaughter plant is not even open yet and reports of attempted theft are already filed. WHO-TV had a warning on their news cast about it.


  2. I don’t think here we are comparing apples to apples. First of all cattle have always been rustled in the west even in the old days. That’s why branding came into being. Second cattle have always been raised for food. Horses are not raised for food and are wild. I guess more secure operations will have to be used in securing tame horses.


  3. There is an Anti-Horse Slaughter/ Save Our Horses from BLM Abuse PROTEST happening at 11:30am ,Friday Aug 2nd at the west steps, in front of the Colorado State Capitol. Please attend and share this event with your friends and families. We need as many people to attend as possible to show their support for the American horses both wild and domestic. Thank you.

    Here is the Facebook page link


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