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Equine Advocates Question GAO Report on Horse Slaughter

Source: HorseTalk

“Not only did the GAO misrepresent the data, they completely missed the importance of hay prices and availability,”

Equine Welfare Alliance

Equine Welfare Alliance

American horse advocates have called into question the reliability of a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) which it said helped open the way for the resumption of horse slaughter on US soil.

The Equine Welfare Alliance and the Animal Law Coalition allege figures in the report, entitled “Horse Welfare: Action needed to address unintended consequences from cessation of domestic slaughter”, were presented in a misleading way.

In doing so, the GAO misrepresented horse abuse and neglect, the groups allege.

Click (HERE) to read the article in it’s entirety at HorseTalk

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  1. Well I commented on the article & the Capsha code erased it. Apparently I didn’t put the correct letters in. Usually you get another chance!


  2. I also tried to write something in the article and could not get the code to work keep even refreshing to another nothing worked so I gave up…. I do have a question if anyone can answer?? Will anything be done about this GAO report, officially looked at and righted, if you will?? Or will this be ignored like everything else, I am so hoping someone will investigate the truth of this report??? Does anyone know if this will happen??


  3. Get the GAO to address the root of the problem, the business model of irresponsible breeders who produce horses as disposable products. They make their money of off stud fees, mare and foal care, training and showing young horses that peak at lucrative 3 year old futurities. When there isn’t big money for competing older horses and their animal’s mental and physical injuries can’t be disguised with medication, the horses are sent to slaughter, and the cycle continues. Horse slaughter has been shut down long enough for the problems with this practice to become apparent. Bigger prizes for older horses and banning breeders, owners, and trainers that send their horses to slaughter would make a start.The pro-slaughter American Quarter Horse Association alone registers about 85,000 foals each year. Shine the spotlight where it can provoke some positive change!


  4. This is such an important issue to so many (including those without a voice) and it is imperative before we are set to go to Federal Court in 30 days that this report be retracted and corrected to show the truth. Misleading the American people is something that should not be tolerated! It is unconscionable that this agency misled everyone. We pay with our hard earned money in taxes to support this agency and we demand that they get this right!


  5. John Holland needs to SUE the GAO to force them to go before a judge to reveal their sources of misinformation and to enter in the correct information, to have a judge correct it and withdraw it from the Argument for the Valley Meats case as a point of reason for the resumption of horse slaughter in the US. They should also be forced to make a public apology for the lack of fact checking and misinformation that has led to the current chain of events and stricken from using the old misconstrued facts as evidence for the Congress to use to reconsider opening slaughter, but in fact make a more informed decision based on the TRUTH. Then they should also issue apology to the agencies that are involved in stopping this trade because they made our work much harder with accepting false information as factual evidence. Some one TELL MR HOLLAND to sue immediately the sooner we get this straightened out by a judge reviewing the evidence the more quickly we USE the ACCURATE information to permanently stop this horrible trade from misleading the innocent people who are basing opinions on a fraudulent report. The TRUTH will set our horses FREE! Please! SUE THEM! The state agencies will be able to present the factual evidence and support what they are stating are the correct facts! We NEED the TRUTH in the hands of the horses. SO Front Range and John Holland and any one else who can pile on to straighten this out, strength in numbers, and in this case, truth in numbers!


  6. I believe the three crooked politicians that requested this study have friends that work for the GAO. The reason all of the so called veterinarians and other anonymous persons that was interviewed for this report weren’t identified is because they don’t even exist. If the GAO did contact anyone it was someone that was suggested to them by one or more of these politicians.


  7. Send the EWA revelation and video to your congressmen, senators, state senators and assemblymen. I even sent it to y local supervisor expressing ouitrage that our democracy has been corrpted ad. Beggong them to investigate. I have not heard back but I willl start calling now.


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