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Carol Walker with Jane Velez-Mitchell

In case you missed this news segment on wild horses, with Carol Walker being interviewed by Jane Velez-Mitchell, we are providing the link so that you can watch it.


Click Image to View Video at  CNN

Click Image to View Video at CNN

Thank you to Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, and to Jane Velez-Mitchell for showing the plight of the wild horses & burros.  Thanks to ALL advocates who are pushing for shelter in ALL BLM facilities.  (Note that in this news segment, Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, doesn’t mention attrition in BLM’s fuzzy math equation regarding their “estimates” of wild horses & burros on the range.)  DEMAND PROOF!  We want to see photos and videos from BLM’s  aerial population inventory flights.  THERE ARE NO “EXCESS” WILD HORSES OR BURROS, SO THE BLM CANNOT LEGALLY REMOVE THE WILD HORSES & BURROS FROM THEIR FEDERALLY PROTECTED AREAS.  And the BLM has NO PROOF or hard evidence to support their claims of the number of wild horses & burros on the range.  –  Debbie Coffey

Thanks to the Cloud Foundation for referring CNN to Carol

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  1. Thank you Carol Walker and Jane Velez-Mitchell for bring to light, to the public, of the inhumane treatment of our Wild Horses and Burros in holding pens with no shelter in single digit temperatures and below! This is unacceptable to the American public. Why is the BLM allowed to get away with this?? How can we stop it and get the needed shelters up for these animals? I hope to see follow up segments on this with a solution.
    Thank you again on a great job!! Well done.


    • The BLM Has Been Offered Solutions But They Won’t Do Anything For The Horses. They Are ToO Busy Lining Their Pockets With Tax Money So That After They Kill Our Horses They Can Retire On Their Cattle And Sheep Ranches In style And Collect Their Subsidies On Our Land From More Of Our Tax Money.


    • I agree, Mary, Carol did a great job!!!

      But Carol did not get the chance to explain that in an effort to be transparent not all of the 50,000+ captured horses are in pens. Many are in gender specific herds on private, contracted land in the Midwest, primarily Oklahoma and Kansas. But we have worries there, not over the shelter issue, but over the quality of life as herds of gelded stallions are massed together and mares are likewise put together with their entire family band (herd) natural lifestyle totally shattered. It is very, very sad.

      Freedom lost, families destroyed….


  2. Nothing has changed! Bureau of Land Manipulation at it again. Got an idea where they can reroute the Pipeline and its not on Their map!


  3. I don’t like Sally Jewell’s attitude re this either. I wasn’t thrilled about her appointment, but I thought I’d at least hear her out. Now it appears she’s all about energy. The energy secretary at least says that conservation will be a big part of our energy future. The comment she made about the horses’ reproduction rate was terrible. Our herd is the one that is out of control!


    • Ida, I am wondering why the Secretary is allowed to say “no comment” in answer to repeated questions. I would expect this from a CEO of a private corporation but not from someone who is a public servant. The public is paying her salary and the option of not answering should be illegal. It is already unethical.


      • PS has anyone taken a look at Ms. Jewell’s stock portfolio? I bet it would be an interesting read. Maybe the NSA knows.


  4. Thanks for posting. I couldn’t find it on tv or online. What a shame for these animals. So many hundreds of thousands have given their lives and suffered cruelties beyond imaging for us to build our societies. And now they are nuisances, trash, unwanted.

    Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 22:06:28 +0000 To:


  5. It is time to march to Washington calling all advocates of wild horses and burros. March right into the Capital to Mrs. Jewells office and ask to have our hearings on this important matter with our solutions. I am one that has solutions to this serious problem. It will take a lot of work without government intervention but we still have to tread on their shoes and ask permission to do so. I call all enduring and tough as well as the smartest lawyers to come to the table with us to present our ideas and solutions that the government needs to address about our wild horses.
    They have created such a mess, well we are hear to clean up their mess and put back some of the peace and some measure of kindness to our wild horses and burros. They are suffering greatly because of mans demise. I am so sick and tired of the captures, round ups so unnecessary. Leave our horses alone and let them be free. I demand a moratorium to halt all roundups for now, until we can get some of these horses into permanent living conditions where they can live free from the chains that are binding them now.
    Thank you Carol for your good report and photos. Photos capture everything. They tell us a lot and we know as horse lovers and owners how they are feeling. So sad to see our beautiful Mustangs being treated with such disrespect. My heart is so heavy for them. I am in pain and agony for them. I cry for them. I love them. I want and desire them to be free now.
    We have to have someone that can pick out family members that belong together. I worry about how our wild ones are being affected psychologically by this mess. I know horse families bond and this is horrible to see the destruction of our horse families broken apart. I am going to go my best to bring them back together somehow, some way we will do this horse advocates.
    I think about this everyday. I plan and feel we have so much work to do and we can do this. Believe me the govt will continue on the war path of destruction. We must be the change for them, fight for them, love them, be there for them. Yes we must.
    We must find private land for them to survive and be free. Sally Jewell is so wrong with her statements. She does not understand this plight, we do very well. Many years of this turmoil. A conspiracy yes. Our wild horses are being used as escape horses (goats) no pun intended. I wish with all of my heart, soul and mind that we find our solutions will work and so we must try to make a dent in this huge government mess created. So let us get busy and do something. Get out of your chair, speak up around the country and educate others on this horrible problem. I do everyday and my heart will not rest until I see them free again. We can save them. We have to you and I, thousands of us. We must help them.
    Just do it and get it done is my motto. The horses are depending on us now. They need us now more than ever.
    I am going to Spokane and will attempt to get over to Burns Oregon to take my photos of the horses over there. I hope to get some important photos and video. You will see my report later. Anyway, it is winter, they need shelter, they need our love, they need our prayers. They need so much and we will continue to work together to help them all of my friends and advocates so involved in their lives. These horses belong to us. We are their caretakers and we must help them, not the government. The government needs to listen to us.


  6. Thank you Cloud Foundation for referring CNN yes. Thank you so much for the wild horses and burros fighting for their lives. Lets go and save em my friends. Yes.



    Stallions Shipped by BLM in Open Trailers in Frigid Temps After Stampede
    by admin • December 18, 2013

    GUNNISON, CO – Since TCF’s recent press release (see below) of the brutal winter conditions for the newly gathered horses currently in Rock Springs, WY. – the public has responded with great concern, and so with good reason.

    According to TCF, Stallions were shipped 300 miles to Gunnison, CO. – in open stock trailers at temp’s of 12 – 0 F.


  8. THANK YOU for posting the link to the show. I didn’t get to see it when it aired.
    It might be a good idea for all of us to thank Jane and CNN so that they keep these shows coming.
    Carol did a great job. There might still be some time to buy one of her beautiful calendars for a Christmas gift…if she as any left. That’s another good way to
    spread the word.


  9. The Asian market

    Apparently there is a dollar-store type of store but with oriental products that is based in Japan. Also there have been horse oil shampoo and other creams/oils for sale online.
    I noticed a jar of horse oil, which I brought back from Japan. Horse oil is horse fat, which is produced from a small number of farmed horses for meat in Japan. Horse meat is not widely eaten, but considered delicacy there.


  10. This is straight out of people’s worst nightmares. I wish there was a paper trail – the BLM is breaking and circumventing the laws and nothing gets done about it. Surely someone could be bribed for information, and I wish these hell trucks could be hijacked at the border and the animals taken from them if they are in fact transporting wild horse foals over the border.


    • Ida, I don’t know what happened to any of the wild horse foals, but the video clearly shows adult draft horses shipping out from Canada, so many are probably from Canada, most likely Premarin mares or are being bred for the meat market. They didn’t look stressed and dehydrated from a long haul north. Still a sorry business all around.


  11. If this is true, whoever is selling these wild horse foals doesn’t own them, so it is stealing them from the American public and transporting them across state lines is another crime. They are protected by law. It always bothered me that the DOJ refused to prosecute that Davis creature (I don’t think he was created by the gov’t, I think he’s just as bad on his own and didn’t have to have his arm twisted at all to become involved) when he was involved in such shady transport also. We really need to make big stink and protest about this so that people are aware.


  12. With NO observation allowed, we DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about the captives. We don’t know for certain HOW many were captured
    We don’t know for certain HOW many are still at the Rock Springs concentrations camp/holding facility
    We DON’T KNOW what has happened to the Stallions shipped to Gunnison Prison
    Numbers on a website mean NOTHING


  13. There’s got o be a way we, as US citizens, can demand to see and assess the condition of our wild horses and hold someone accountable for their care. The protection of these horses needs to be enforced and the government has fallen down on the job. I don’t think they really can keep people away. It should be taken to court?


    Injuries, abortions, trauma and death are the common results of wild horse round-ups (or “gathers,” to use a placating euphemism). Read Wild Horses the Stress of Captivity, a report by Dr. Bruce Nock. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims a mortality rate of 0.5% in connection with captures. The agency is able to claim such a low mortality rate because it attributes to natural causes most injuries/deaths sustained during round-ups (e.g., Paymaster, NV, 2006: although 21 horses were euthanized on site, BLM claimed a zero mortality rate for the round-up).
    Few deaths are ever deemed by officials a “result” of the removal operations, and injury statistics are simply omitted. Reports of horses that later have to be euthanized due to injuries sustained during capture are common. According to a Capture Status Report obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request, 12% of the Golde Butte burros rounded up in March of 2007 were dead within six months of their capture. Just over two months after the Calico (Nevada) roundup ended in early 2010, 86 of the 1,922 horses captured had died and an additional 40 heavily pregnant mares had spontaneously aborted. Read AWHPC’s report on the Calico wild horse deaths here.
    Horses seen galloping during a round-up are terrified wild animals chased by helicopter and running for their lives (e.g., NV, 1998: nine young mares died, after a 1,000-mile truck ride to Colorado, of “capture myopathy,” a condition in wild animals triggered by anxiety of capture). It has been documented that, long after they have been adopted out, BLM-captured horses will still react in terror to a helicopter flying overhead. We are aware of at least one young girl killed when the mustang she was riding panicked as a result of such an incident.
    As wild horses are driven into holding pens, closely-knit family bands are broken up; foals may be separated from their mothers, trampled, or sometimes, too exhausted to keep up with the herd, left behind to fend for themselves out on the range; stallions, suddenly crammed in close quarters, will fight. At the holding site, BLM makes “liberal” use of its euthanasia policy: horses with physical defects such as club-feet are euthanized, including adults that had managed to thrive for years in the wild (e.g., White Mountain, NV, 2007: eight club-footed horses between the ages of 2 and 10 euthanized).
    BLM routinely turns a blind eye on abuse by its two main round-up contractors. To quote an eye-witness to the 2006 Sulphur round-up in Utah: “In all my life I have never seen such blatant abuse and neglect and just plain lack of compassion for horses, or animals in general for that matter.” It is not uncommon for contractors to drag a listless body into the round-up pen to collect their fee, as they get paid per horse, dead or alive. In 1992, BLM’s primary round-up contractor was indicted on federal charges of selling 77 wild horses to a Texas slaughterhouse after illegally rounding up the horses via helicopter.
    Round-ups are often conducted in secrecy, with heavy police presence to keep the public at bay. Once in a while, BLM and its contractors will invite the public and the media to a carefully staged capture, where a few horses are trotted into a pen. Members of the public are positioned at the holding pens, usually during the first few days of a round-up, so they are generally witnessing the horses coming in from areas closest to the round-up site. As days go by, the further out the wranglers go, the more challenging for the horses who are run in large numbers over much longer distances.


    • Louie, here’s some monitoring data I found on the Sand Wash HMA in Colorado (not far from Rock Springs, WY). It’s from a current draft EIS concerning Sage Grouse.
      (no reason is listed for the numerous surveys conducted in 2007, or why foals were counted in some year and not in others… unless N/A means none were seen)
      1995 455 N/A 455
      2006 276 N/A 276
      5-18-07 281 34 315
      7-16-07 328 64 392
      10-12-07 386 N/A 386
      7-24-08 359 52 411
      10-22-08 162 (returned post gather) N/A 162
      2-20-09 170 58 228
      11-15-10 245 44 289

      Here’s the entire document if anyone is interested. I got this data from pg. 43.


  15. Thank you, Icy Spots.
    I don’t know whether you got a chance to listen to Ginger on the radio last week, but she talked about the fact that the public isn’t being given ANY information about ANYTHING. All we know for certain is that the Wild Horses are gone and the contractors got paid…with OUR TAX DOLLARS.
    TCF also requested an accounting of how many wild horses are currently being held in the Rock Springs corrals. The BLM public information officer told Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of TCF in an email to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for this information.

    “Responses to FOIA requests typically take months and then the government may simply deny the information requested,” stated Kathrens. “Why is this information being kept secret? Have horses already died in these frigid conditions?”

    Unless TCF gets a count immediately, there may be no way to determine foal survival rates since BLM, shockingly, does not count young horses less than six months of age. At the BLM National Adoption Center in Palomino Valley (PVC) foals that die that are less than six months of age are not counted and their bodies are shipped to local renderers with no paper trail documenting that they ever existed.


    Ranchers, BLM settle suit over Wyoming wild horses

    U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal in Cheyenne approved the settlement Wednesday. The settlement requires the BLM to round up horses to meet the new herd target numbers. Roundups will occur this year through 2015, or 2016 if the population objectives aren’t met by then.

    The association’s president, JOHN HAY, of Rock Springs, declined to comment Thursday.


  17. John Hay at Rock Springs Wind Energy Forum

    John Hay of the Rock Springs Grazing Association discusses land used for wind farms. He supports Tasco Engineering’s Wyoming Wind Energy Project


  18. To Jane Velez-Mitchell, PLEASE keep the heat on. I hope you have someone on staff who calls Sally Jewell EVERYDAY until she answers the questions: 1. When will the BLM provide adequate shelter, 2. Why do round-ups continue when the BLM adoption rate is only 5% AND the American Public DOES NOT WANT our mustangs rounded-up, 3. When will the BLM stop arbitrarily make up reasons to support there brutal round-ups instead of relying on real, measurable, scientific data, and 4. When will the BLM impose on itself a “standard of care” policy for the horses they are supposed to be steward of…not destroyers of.


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