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Nevada County Commission Says No to Horse-Roping Event

Source: By of the Las Vegas Sun

Several equine veterinarians testified that roping horses by their legs can have “disastrous” consequences…

Horse TrippingThe World Series Charreria event scheduled for the South Point in late September has been effectively canceled after Clark County commissioners decided Tuesday not to suspend a county ordinance forbidding horse roping, a key part of the traditional Mexican rodeo.

The issue of roping horses by the legs and when it crosses the line to become horse tripping has been a topic of intense debate and scrutiny over the past month.

Tuesday was the third meeting in a row commissioners have taken up the issue, and a standing-room-only crowd packed the commission chambers to weigh in.

On one side of the debate, animal rights advocates argued that any type of roping of a horse that could trip and injure it constitutes animal cruelty.

Others, including many leaders from the Hispanic community, said the “catch-and-release” style ropes used at charreria events don’t harm the horses and that the rodeos are an important celebration of Mexican culture.

Across more than three hours of emotional public comment, dozens of people, including several members of the Nevada Legislature and a representative from the Mexican consulate, shared their thoughts with the county.

One point of contention was whether roping horses was any different than roping steers, a common event in other rodeos.

Alejandro Galindo Jimenez, Nevada president for the Mexican Federation of Charreria, who is helping organize the South Point event in September, said many supporters of charrerias felt their events were being unfairly singled out for regulation by the commission.

If the commissioners have concerns about animal roping, they should examine all instances of it, not just with horses, Jimenez argued.

Several equine veterinarians testified that roping horses by their legs can have “disastrous” consequences for the animals, in part because of their long necks and legs.

Current county ordinance forbids horse roping in all circumstances, the result of a small tweak to a larger animal cruelty ordinance passed in 2010.

Jimenez said his organization was unaware of the change to the county code when they began planning to bring the event to Las Vegas for the first time this September.

A tip from animal rights advocates alerted the county to the discrepancy, Jimenez said, bringing the issue to light.

The matter was further complicated by a new state law passed by the Legislature during its past session that prohibits intentional horse tripping, but would allow the type of horse roping that occurs at charrerias.

But after an attempt to amend the county’s version of the horse roping law and bring it in line with the state statute failed at a commission meeting earlier this month, the World Series Charreria organizers found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Three of the nine events that traditionally make up a charreria involve the type of horse roping currently banned by the county.

Removing them would be like taking the quarterback out of a football game, Jimenez said, and because of the way the team-based rodeo is scored, the lack of horse-roping events makes it impossible to hold the rodeo, potentially costing the county millions of dollars in economic activity.

On Tuesday, commissioners considered the unprecedented move of suspending the ordinance forbidding horse roping from Sept. 26 to Sept. 29, a moratorium that would have allowed the charreria at the South Point to take place.

Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, who has worked extensively on the issue for years and recently proposed several changes to the county’s ordinance in an attempt to assuage animal rights advocates and charreria supporters, said she supported the moratorium to allow the South Point event to take place, although she doesn’t necessarily support changing the ordinance permanently.

“Allow the South Point event to go through, monitor it, report back and then see what we want as a community,” she said.

Other commissioners expressed reservation about the possible harm to the animals, especially after several graphic videos showing horse tripping incidents were played during public comment.

Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, who voted against the moratorium, said he was concerned about the potentially unprecedented move of suspending the enforcement of a criminal ordinance in the county.

“I’m troubled by the fact that I cannot find any instances in the last 17 years where we have instituted a moratorium on the enforcement of an ordinance,” he said. “That’s troubling to me that we’re potentially doing that for the first time today.”

Commissioners split evenly 3-3 on whether to issue the moratorium, resulting in a de facto denial, meaning the ordinance will stay in place. Commissioner Larry Brown was absent and excused from the vote because of a previously scheduled meeting.

Giunchigliani was joined by Commissioner Tom Collins in supporting allowing the moratorium, although the two have traded competing proposals in past weeks on how to best amend the county’s ordinance.

With the moratorium being denied Tuesday, Collins and Giunchigliani said they would look to form a working group with community members to review the county’s existing laws on horse roping and animal cruelty.

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  1. And they said they do not intentionally rope the legs to make them trip. I guess they lie since they canceled the whole event.


    • Businesses from Mexico who sponsor these cruel events use the word “Hispanic” (instead of Mexican National) loosely because they’re trying to intimidate the American public into believing that Hispanic Americans are behind them, which they are NOT. I was born & raised on the border & I also don’t know of any Hispanic Americans who would support these cruel practices, either. Expecting Americans to “suspend” our laws just for them is par for the course – they laugh at & break our laws nationwide on a daily basis.


  2. I will go to the Sun to comment but wanted to say here that it is no siurprise the charro represenatitve trid the discrimination card and then tried the slippery slope angle. The cruel ones are losing and they know it. Just as do not allow bullfighting, cockfighting, dogfighting, horse fighting – and God knnows what else is done in the name of tradition. Yeah, we are prejudiced – against abuse to animals. And wanted to remind everyone that SunPointe iHotel hosted the first slaughter conference back in 2011 (I believe that was the date).

    It is hard to believe reasonable politicians could nod on an event after seeing the tapes. I guess they closed their eyes so theoir psyches weren’t damaged.

    And for the record, I am not an animal rights advocate, although the end result will be rights for proper care and handling – I believe alllowing people to be cruel to acquiescing sentient beings is cruel to people and makes sadism a human value worth attaining by some – sch as awarding prize money for causing it to dangerously fall or stabbing a bull in the shoulders with swords until it is so weak from loss of blood it will die. Those who thrill at watching the torture of animals need tto rethink. Taking away the opportuniity helps them adjust.


  3. If my memory serves me some years back when this issue first came up Toby de la Torre of the Charros Federation came to this site and tried to feed us his bu!! sh*t line about culture, teaching their children about animal wefare, and what ever other crap I don’t recall. And I belive the girls ran him of in just a couple of weeks. At least we have not sold our souls out to immigrants yet and are standing our ground-I personally have had it up to hear with the race card.


    • Yep, me too. Sick and tired of the immigrants complaining about laws/rules/regulations in the U.S. If they want to go maim and kill horses just to proof their manhood in their own native country then get the hell out of our country. Go back, go back, go back to where you were. Many Hispanics don’t pay taxes here, just claim highest exemptions then take their earning and run back to Mexico. Fine, just don’t coming looking for a handout when you get old and feeble and haven’t paid a dime in fed, state taxes, or Social Security. Can’t have it both ways. Respect our laws and culture b4 you try shoving animal cruelty down our throats in the name of “heritage” & “culture”…


  4. Thank God! These people and their traditions need to understand that this is animal abuse and not entertainment! Lets turn it around and have these people roped at high speed and see how they like it! I am all for human powered sports where the human has the choice to particiate!


  5. I’m tired of the race card being used when these pro-cruelty groups and others have no other recourse – cruelty and abuse is cross-cultural and appears in every society at every level. It’s a human thing, unfortunately.


  6. I can’t believe they tried to pass a moratorium on horse roping, “just this once”. When has that ever even happened? Talk about corruption!! Animal cruelty is against our laws for a reason. Any politician that supports that is ignorant and heartless only focusing on monetary issues which is unacceptable. 30 year Resident of Las Vegas.


  7. Animal Cruelty is and will be a past disgrace, Animal respect is over ruling Cruelty……. Animal Cruelty is UNACCEPTABLE………..


  8. Horse Warriors have once again raised their voices to get this nasty practice of HORSE TRIPPING banned in Nevada. They call it horse roping, but watch the video… Horrendous propensity for serious injury to the horses. Why don’t they just create a dummy horse like the ropers do for practice, mechanical bulls, robots can easily replace using live animals at ALL FLIPPIN’ Rodeos. Ranch hands utilize these roping skills on the ranch, not just for Fun and sick entertainment. Competition for prize money makes the cowboys and girls less likely to give a crap about their equine, bovine or other animals. Then one mad roper runs the steer right into the gate, just because the steer outwitted his rope. Those incidents even when video taped and brought before the Rodeo Commission, are ignored. Roughing up the stock should be an automatic forfeiture of all prize money and immediate boot out of any remaining events, with no refund on their entry fees. If no one is abusing animals then why would this rule bother them???


  9. Something like this is what Obama and the Senate is trying to push down the throats of the American public. As we know he wants to open the southern border to any and all the illegal aliens that want to come across. That’s all of Mexico and points south, give millions of illegal aliens green cards to take the jobs from the less educated and throw these people under the bus, that includes Blacks and Mexican Americans. You wonder why a US Congress is ignoring over 20 million unemployed US citizens by pushing a amnesty for 11 million people living in this country illegally, that number is old, its more like 20 million or more. To grab whatever jobs are available. Its more like this congress really does not care what their constituents think of them, they go their merry way leaving a trail of destruction behind.


  10. Our borders are being flooded-and not just from the south-there are more people on welfare than work,.our water ,gas, and land is being sold off to other countries, our lands are being destroyed visually, anytihing that is a heritage to this country is being undermined Native Americans, horses, work ethics, we have to print papers in -how many different languages-foriegn business fly their flag equal to the American flag -in our own country, American children cannot fly or wear American flags-because it may offend someone-well how about we
    are offended, our POTUS sends more of our money to help other counties and he could give a rats a$$ about this one, is cutting our military and pretty soon is going to shove the muslin brotherhood down our throats-take a look around, this country is being detroyed from the inside by people that were elected to do just that-are any of us surprissed that horse meat will soon be on the menu? Just my morning rant.


    • Geri, that was a very good rant – thank you for exercising your 1st amendment rights while we still have them – couldn’t have said it better myself!!


  11. The Oregon Senate last month voted 26-6 to outlaw horse roping for entertainment purposes . Ranchers and veterinarians still would be able to do it. The measure is in the House, where it’s had a committee hearing but hasn’t been sent to the floor.


  12. horses are animals that deserve respect they do not deserve crulty people are rude to animals cause they don’t care about them???? WELL I DO!!!!!!!! animals are special.

    Liked by 1 person

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