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Video: Lawmakers Fight Pro-Horse Slaughter Bill


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WELLINGTON, Fla. — Horses are slaughtered by the thousands nationwide, including here in Florida. The meat is sold overseas where it’s served as a delicacy.But now, a major effort for federal legislation to end this torture. The epidemic is nationwide. But a local woman living right in Wellington – one of the most famous horse communities, is rescuing theses horses and demanding change…(CONTINUED)

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  1. What outstanding work…oh to be able to help more. I’d rescue them all if I had the chance. Horses and dogs have special connections with mankind, there is a kindred spirit, a mutual respect, an honest love between us. I applaud Ms McCullough and her big heart!


  2. Bravo !! Horse angels here on earth

    Thank you so much for all you FL. guys do !

    The sweet donkey in the background says, ” Yea, what she said…..rally on !! “


  3. Very interesting – the gist of it certainly makes the BLM’s litter theory baloney! Thanks, saraannon.
    Wonderful what Ms.McCullough has done.


  4. She’s a godsend for sure!! Very Thankful the horses have her on their side… WISH I had the mullah too, to help more, BUT then we would be saving more horses with more money impute, but NOT the PROBLEM and it is just a vicious cycle. Needs to end THIS YEAR….


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