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UK’s Tesco Horsemeat Ad Banned for Damning Whole Food Industry

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“It’s about the whole food industry. And it has made us realise, we really do need to make it better.”

unexpected_horse_in_bagging_area_horsemeat_horseburgerTesco’s press ad entitled, “What burgers have taught us”, which it ran in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, has been banned for implying there are issues with meat standards across the whole food industry.

The ad, created by Wieden + Kennedy, appeared in national newspapers and said: “The problem we’ve had with some of our meat lately is about more than burgers and bolognese. It’s about some of the ways we get meat to your dinner table.

“It’s about the whole food industry. And it has made us realise, we really do need to make it better.

“We’ve been working on it, but we need to keep going, go further, move quicker. We know that our supply chain is too complicated. So we’re making it simpler.

“…Seriously. This is it. We are changing.”

Two complainants, including an independent butcher, challenged the ad’s wording and claimed it was misleading for implying that issues with meat standards ran across the whole food industry.

Tesco said the ad was published to show it was taking the horsemeat issue seriously and to demonstrate it was listening to customers. It argued that by being proactive in issuing the communication to the public, it showed its own commitment to customers to make its supply chain shorter, less complex and more transparent.

Despite Tesco outlining that at the time of the ad and the scandal, the media was naming brands and specific operators who had been directly implicated in the selling of horsemeat, the Advertising Standards Authority banned the ad for being misleading.

The ASA said the ad implied that all retailers and suppliers were likely to have sold products contaminated with horsemeat, and because relatively few instances of contamination had been identified at the time the ad appeared, it has been deemed misleading.

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  1. i Agree. It Is The whole Industry. Food Safety Is A Myth. Boycott Beef Because The Beef You Eat Could Be Some Poor Kids Stolen Pony.


  2. Of course it was banned. We don’t want people to rethink “things” do we? Now, that the upset, ah wrinkle, has been smoothed. And we especially, do NOT want to imply our friendly butcher (suing as an individual, with “standing” no doubt) had any knowledge the meat he ground was not pure beef. Nope nope nope. Ban the ad. Slap the muffler across that mouth! No free speech allowed. Now just move along folks.


    • In the U.S we call them “AgGags” and various states are attempting to pass these laws making it illegal for those who would tell us what is in the “food” we eat and/or how it is “produced.”

      The Farm Bureau is behind these initiatives with backing from the “American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC)” – the multinational corporation’s assemblage at the state level that provides $$$ for super PACs to elect (buy) amenable legislators and expensive propaganda ads. They grind up (pun intended) all animals, including horses, in their $$ making machines. They call it “freedom” to make money – regardless of the consequences. The rest of us get it stuffed down our throats (pun intended again).


  3. This is truly a problem with the entire food industry and to ban awareness of it is another attempt to fraud the system and it’s unsuspecting consumers. Beware!


  4. The food industry want consumers to be a bunch of sheep. Bah! Bah! Consumers are not sleeping and want to know what they are eating. Some additives to beef, etc. cause cancer and other illnesses. Most consumers are savvy about what they put into their bodies. Food kills is an understatement. I love this ad with this beautiful horse on top of the check out counter. Consumers wake up and know what you are putting into your bodies.


    • Yes, Patty, we all need to wake up. And, for those of us that believe slaughtering horses is cruel, I challenge you to think about all the other animals we put in the “food” category and the intense pain and suffering they go through to get to your plate. If you boycott all meat, you know you are no longer contributing to animal abuse. Besides, you are right….meat is not good for us. I personally don’t eat animal flesh anymore and feel better in so many ways. When people are so outraged about horses being in the beef…my response is…”what difference does it really make?” That cow wanted to live too. The only difference between a dog, a horse or a cow is the label we put on them and whether or not it’s “pet” or “food”. They all feel pain and want to live.


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