Federally Indicted Horse Slaughter Hauler’s Court Docs Available Online

Source: Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“All that touches horse slaughter is rank, dank and illegal”
Click on Image to visit video, pics and comment

Click on Image to visit video, pics and comment

Thanks to the behind the scenes work of the investigators from Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA)and Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) evidence was supplied to federal investigators and a known kill buyer, Dorian Ayache, has been indicted.  Although court dates have not been set you can read the legal documents filed on this case by clicking (HERE).

Again, kudos to EWA and WHFF for their quiet, professional and covert work on this case.  Testimony may be forth coming.


9 comments on “Federally Indicted Horse Slaughter Hauler’s Court Docs Available Online

  1. JUST AMAZING, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. FINALLY they all will PAY for the sick crimes they have committed, and obviously thought that NO ONE would do anything, SURPRISE<<<<<< YES……. AWESOME so exciting….. 🙂


  2. Way to go Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation!! (-: Thank you both for your professional work and consistence in bringing justice for our innocent and beautiful wild/domestic equines . Exposing kill buyers like Dorian Ayache is one of many ways to help bring the truth and tragedy of horse slaughter, to the front.


  3. As a former legal secretary, I appreciate all the hard work and fact finding that went into this case. Now, we need to get a conviction!

    Thank you from those who cannot speak.


  4. I’m so glad that these people will be brought to justice – for SOMETHING! How sad is it that they cant be punished for what they have been (and are) doing to our horses & burros?
    Its shameful that only a few of our well paid politicians are the least bit concerned about the brutality & cruelty that’s being done to not only horses – but all animals. I cant imagine the frustration endured by these great advocates to accomplish this much. I also appreciate and applaud the hard work that went into this. I only hope you can continue to move forward against these people.


  5. If the government is able to successfully prosecute this guy (they don’t “accidentally on purpose flub anything)how long will he go bye bye for?

    I don’t want to see him get off with a big fat fine cause frankly his actions puts every single one of us at risk. His trucks are not maintained, his drivers fall asleep driving after working all day (and by the way what jerk off boss does that to any employee?). In the driver’s case–I don’t entirely blame him for falling asleep–Mr. Ayache had him work all day and then insisted that the guy drive down to Texas on no sleep.

    But I’m not even sure if his drivers are appropriately licensed to drive 18 wheelers. I had a friend many years ago who went to school for some 2 weeks to drive 18 wheelers. It was the toughest course my friend had ever been through.

    Mr. Ayache brings a dirty name to drivers of big rigs. Not every driver acts or behaves the way this mans guys do. I’ve spent many a long trip yakking my head off on my CB to them. Yes, you run into the jerk here and there. But by and large most are like me–trying to get from point one to point two.

    I sure hope the judge doesn’t let this guy off because he isn’t deemed dangerous (like a murderer or dope dealer). This man has clearly shown total disregard for his fellow man by actions. And it didn’t happen once. It’ happened twice last year. Now we find out that he again is operating his slaughter business and trying to hide his dealings.

    Weirdly enough in the right place with the right people teaching him–horse therapy might actually be the best therapy for him. Wouldn’t that poetic justice? From kill buyer to pro horse advocate. Or maybe some other kind of animal therapy.


  6. All you ever wanted to know about the horrible horse slaughter transport business and how long it takes the flippin’ government to do something about all those hauling violations, ODOT, safety inspections, falsified fake horse transport papers…


  7. Thank you! With hopes this puts a whole new light on this disgusting business, along with ‘the many others’ that have & continue with violation after violation – still transporting horses to feedlots, across borders, etc. to be slaughtered. HOW do they continue to ‘work’?


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