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NM Public Meeting to Address Horse Slaughterhouse Permit

Source: By Elizabeth Reed,

Horse Eater Presses Forward

Rick De Los Santos, owner of Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, stands in the slaughterhouse where he plans to butcher horses for the foreign meat market. (PAT VASQUEZ-CUNNINGHAM/JOURNAL)

Rick De Los Santos, owner of Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, stands in the slaughterhouse where he plans to butcher horses for the foreign meat market. (PAT VASQUEZ-CUNNINGHAM/JOURNAL)

ROSWELL — The public can soon weigh in on whether or not the state should give a horse slaughterhouse a permit it needs to open.

Valley Meat Company tried to open the slaughterhouse in Chaves County last month, but a district court judge in Albuquerque granted a temporary injunction to stop the plant from opening.

While the legal battle continues, Valley Meat is still trying to obtain a groundwater discharge permit.

The environment department will hold a public hearing on the permit at the Chaves County Courthouse on Tuesday, October 22 at 5 p.m. The courthouse is located at 400 N. Virginia Avenue in Roswell.

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  1. This story is a few days old. My friend had nightmares about this “person”, now I do too. He was such a coward that he posted jobs on the NM State website for FREE & didn’t say what company! Just a “Butcher” job and the STATE had to screen employees! I had to quit MY JOB! I was sick of having people who I couldn’t even understand come in & ask for the Horse Kill job! I feared everyday that he would come n when I was there to pick up the applications. Maybe it was better that I left, then to be arrested………..


  2. If anyone allows this man anything as serious as a water discharge permit for this potential horror house after what he pulled in his last failed business, I would be stunned!


  3. Why have a hearing on a water permit? People need to know what they’re in for. Besides these sewage problems, water is becoming scarce in Texas and needs to be committed to frugal uses.

    From testimony in the Texas State Legislature on the closing of the Kaufman, TX plant in 2006:
    “There is an enormous burden the plant places on a city’s environmental infrastructure, including its water
    treatment facility. For example, during the mid-eighties, the Kaufman plant was closed for nearly a year
    because neither the plant nor the city’s water treatment facility was able to process the amounts of blood
    from the slaughtered horses, which was full of antibiotics. According to testimony, “blood was coming up
    into the streets, and into people’s bathtubs.”


  4. We still can hope that the 2014 budget will contain defunding language for horse slaughter inspections, and we still need to push Congress to pass the SAFE ACT!!!! Have you called your congressmen today? Are they co-sponsors of HR1094 and S541.


    • Something disturbing on the Webpage of Sue Wallis regarding what the Wyoming Representative said regarding the Slaughter Legislation.


    • Is there a way to get the people who have signed the boycott beef petition to have their friends and family members they joining them in the boycott, to go online & ALSO sign individually, to raise the numbers of signatures on the petition?? AND – maybe some free PSA radio spots around the country to get more attention to the boycott – it can be a success if there are enough people.


  5. End all horse slaughter. The way and method the horses are treated during handling at auction and feed lots is horrible. Transportation is cruel and the ending of these beautiful animal’s lives is barbaric.


  6. This is really important to get the word to anyone in or Near New Mexico who can arrange to be at the courthouse for a peaceful protest of course. They can make some signs and be calm and still get their message across. We have to make this clear, it is UNWANTED anywhere! After what the Navajo Nation just did I can’t believe we are still discussing it. This is the most disturbing drama playing out before our eyes, kill buyers wrecking trailers, killing horses, stolen animals, falsifying records, major players including the USDA backing slaughter, and spreading lies, the GAO, please people a quiet organized effort following the rules to simply say, WE THE PEOPLE ARE HERE! WE DONT WANT SLAUGHTER! We Don’t accept animal cruelty, maybe take pictures of FAT horses


  7. Oh and seeing him in that getup makes me feel like I watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the guy just clean shaved! And his hard hat reminds me of the helmets they put on people who injure themselves easily. Sorry, but between Sue Wallis burning my eyes out by seeing her on a horse, then this pic again. God.


  8. This town needs to close him down, I live in N.M. and have called and emailed our state reps. This man and his shoddy business just needs to get himself out of town. This picture of him makes me sick also. He could not run the cow meat business right. What a piece of shit!!


  9. What the hell keeps this man going, considering his horrid past with the cattle business and all the negative issues horse slaugher creates?! I believe there’s more to him than we know….being backed with funds, by horse slaugter proponents?! Or, is that a given ? Whatever the case, he should never be given a permit to run another slaughterhouse, anywhere!


    • He’s a closet psychopath (maybe not so closeted) – he obviously NEEDS to have this kind of attention for doing this kind of thing – why didn’t he get busted for the arson at his own facility – he’ll do anything for attention


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