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Breaking News: Federal Court Extends Equine Advocate’s Injunction to Third Wanna-Be Horse Slaughter Plant

Source: Front Range Equine Rescue

FRER’s case has now kept horse slaughter from starting in America for roughly three months

Good News by Terry FitchThe New Mexico federal court, yesterday, extended the injunction barring USDA for inspecting horse slaughter at Rains Natural Meats of Gallatin, Missouri (and thus preventing any slaughter) until the court rules on the case, which will happen by the end of October. This increases the length of the injunction previously issued against Rains Natural Meats by almost four weeks. FRER’s case has now kept horse slaughter from starting in America for roughly three months, after keeping USDA from even considering the process for all of 2012 and the first half of this year.

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  1. FRER and the other plaintiffs are giving us time to push our poliotical reps to get off their butts and vote on the ban. I’m sick of my own, McClntock, who said in an open forum that he will not vote for the ban, even though it is law in California, because HE thinks it is necessary. If you have someone like this representing you, I feel your frustrattion. I’m describing his power fetish in our local papers. Hopefully he will be replaced by someone who knows where he gets his paycheck. And I’m not referring to who bought him out.


  2. In Colorado they recalled two senators….it was a grassroots effort, hardly any money spent, just people getting together and making the effort. We all need to consider that with our deadbeat reps
    and senators….


  3. Amen! Blessings from all the hard dedicated work that you have done to save these awesome horses. You are not alone, but they will be!


  4. Janwindsong- The GAO report omitted all information showing that the relationship between horse slaughter and criminal activity is direct and appalling. Make sure that your rep and all his constituents know that incidents of horse theft dropped as soon as horse slaughter was banned. If you frame a vote for horse slaughter as a vote for horse theft, that might start things moving.


  5. Court win creates public transparency and ends two-year roundup plan
    September 26, 2013
    Legal victory stops illegal USFS Gather Agreement that was sending horses into the hands of alleged kill buyers
    RENO, NV. (September 26, 2013)–Protect Mustangs, the California-based nonprofit, dedicated to protecting native wild horses and Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, the Oregon nonprofit, won their lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service. The groups fought for public transparency and to end the government’s two-year roundup agreement.
    The United States Forest Service and the Fort McDermitt Tribe signed a Gather Agreement on May 30, 2013, which directed taxpayer dollars and federal personnel to illegally roundup unbranded, wild and free-roaming horses on Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest lands and tribal lands until May 31, 2015.
    However, as a direct result of the lawsuit filed by Protect Mustangs and Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, the United States Forest Service terminated the Gather Agreement on September 3, 2013.
    The groups specifically requested the court order “the USFS and the BLM to withdraw the Notice and 2013 Horse Gather Agreement until such time as the agency demonstrates to this Court that it has adequately complied with the law.” Instead of litigating the legality of their Agreement, the United States Forest Service did exactly what the two groups requested and terminated the Gather Agreement.
    “The USFS-McDermitt roundup nightmare was the first of what could have been two solid years of heinous roundups authorized by the USFS Gather Agreement,” says Anne Novak of Protect Mustangs. “We are grateful our lawsuit resulted in the Forest Service terminating the agreement because so many horses were ending up in the hands of kill-buyers. Many were saved by equine welfare groups but sadly a lot of horses ended up allegedly being slaughtered.”
    “It’s unfortunate the first roundup wasn’t stopped before hundreds of horses were sold at auction,” explains Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM, President of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, “but we’re glad we got rid of the underlying Agreement that made the McDermitt roundup possible and authorized any number of similar roundups until May of 2015.”
    Academy Award-winner and member of Protect Mustangs, Michael Blake (Dances with Wolves), stated in his declaration that he received “great inspiration watching wild horses roaming free in Nevada.” He believes if they are rounded up, removed, killed, or slaughtered he would suffer harm by losing that inspiration. Blake is pleased the two-year roundup agreement was terminated.
    Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting native wild horses. Their mission is to educate the public about the indigenous wild horse, protect and research American wild horses on the range and help those who have lost their freedom.
    Citizens Against Equine Slaughter is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of America’s wild and domestic horses and burros.

    Protect Mustangs and Citizens Against Equine Slaughter were represented in this case by Jones Law Firm of Reno, Nevada and Beckett Law Office of Ashland, Oregon.


  6. Both state senators in my state of Washington have refused to ever cosponsor any anti-slaughter bills. Senators Cantwell and Murray are both Dems which is surprising because almost all of the cosponsors of the House bill, Safe Act, are dems. Both of these women are also open borders. Cantwell did cosponsor a older bill about 6 years ago but after that she never cosponsored again. Both of them received about $ 5000 dollars at that time from lobbyists working to stop the bill from being passed.


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