Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday Update

International Equine ConferenceThis is a quickie as we are smack dab in the middle of the International Equine Conference where good and wonderful things are occurring.

 Can’t go into details but good things on the horizon and good things happened yesterday,  thanks to the team work of the Advocacy none of the Badlands Horses went to kill buyers at the auction.  They are all in safe hands.

 Details to follow.

 Keep the faith!

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  1. AWESOME FEEL GOOD SUNDAY !!!! Wooo Hooooooo None of the Beautiful magnificent mustangs went to Slaughter !!!!!! Thank You RT Looking forward to hearing more good news from the Conference, SURE WISH I WAS THERE TO HEAR FIRST HAND !!!!!!!


  2. Thank you, RT! These beautiful horses are now Free. ALL horses are beautiful, & continued good work, as this *Conference, ensures All horses will be Free. Yes! It will happen! Free to roam wild. Freedom from slaughter. Thank you.


  3. Great news about the horses. Wondering what else is coming (and i how it happens soon and i hope it happens for all horses, wild and domestic).


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  5. THANK YOU to ALL who are so dedicated to making our world a better place for Horses and Burros…wild and domestic. Even though we all couldn’t be there in person, we are all there in spirit.


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