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International Equine Conference Kicks off with Kentucky Press Conference

“Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves”

IEC Press Conference

Lexington, KY – (SFTHH)  Yesterday, under the blue skies and on the rolling green hills of  Old Friends Farm in Lexington, Kentucky keynote speakers held a kick-off press conference on the issues of horse slaughter and the miss-management of America’s wild horses.

Representatives of Old Friend’s Farm, Equine Welfare Alliance, Humane Society of the United States, Respect for Horses, Cloud Foundation, Wild Horses of the Abacos and Wild Horse Freedom Federation clarified for the press and public the intent and mission of the two day International Equine Conference that is being held at the prestigious Kentucky Horse Park this weekend.

IEC Logo“This is our third such annual conference,” stated John Holland, president of the Equine Welfare Alliance, “and with each passing year we continue to grow both in content and audience.  Our intent is to clarify another year worth of bogus propaganda perpetrated against our American equine by special interests who want to open horse slaughter plants in the United States.”

Simone Netherlands, director of Respect4Horses, and organizer of the press conference added, “We are better than this, 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter yet a deviant few are attempting to put not only our horses but our human food chain in jeopardy for the all mighty dollar.”

“The destruction of our wild horses and horse slaughter are joined at the hip,” stated the president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s R.T. Fitch, “If you take away the ability of selling our wild horses to kill buyers the BLM may reconsider their “management to extinction” plan for the few remaining wild horses who rightfully reside on our public lands.”

The two day conference begins today at the Kentucky Horse Park, North Exhibition Hall, Room A.  For further information contact IEC@equinewelfarealliance.org

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    • YES, you are right BARBARA, this NEEDS to be done, and I am not sure WHY it has not been tried or even presented OR maybe it has and I don’t know about it?? BURNS AMENDMENT HAS GOT TO GO and NOW,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. Public awareness is key. Often times we tend to rely on posting to FB or “tweeting”. Unfortunately this limits our concerns to the same audience day after day and all we end up doing is preaching to the choir.

    Events like this are imperative to our eventual success. Even living in a rural area where just about everyone seems to own a horse or two it amazes me to find that most of the population have no clue there is even such a thing as a wild horse.

    I had business cards made (vistaprint 250 free) that say “Wild Horse Advocate”. I use them often and invariably it invokes a conversation so I can “tell the tale”!

    Even older folks who don’t own horses remember Trigger, Champion, Silver, and Topper. Just mention to one of them about the idea of eating a horse…omg!

    In today’s world a great many have seen the artfully told story of “Cloud” unfold for the past many years but we cannot rely on PBS. It’s up to us to pass along information and to help educate the public. If they are not on our side we cannot overcome the ill conceived notions of ignorant members of Congress or the deep pockets of the government in lawsuits.

    One advocate recently had a great idea…find someone new each day and ask them to join our cause!

    Thanks to everyone involved in this conference. Your hard work is very much appreciated!



  2. I sincerely hope that this press conference will “open some eyes.”

    I agree that there are so many people who have no idea what is going on, not only with our wild horses and the attempt to reinstate horse slaughter, but with other important issues in this country/world as well. Our government and the corrupt that are associated with it are counting on that very thing. They not only believe in their arrogance and ability to control the masses, they are convinced through their causes and actions that people are easily mislead, or better yet, don’t really care. We as “activists” find it difficult ourselves to deal with those kinds of perceptions. We hope to educate and enlighten as many as possible and hope that the majority of those do care and are willing to stand up for what it right.

    We have been saying this all along and it’s worth repeating here. We are indeed at a “cross-roads” in this country/world. It’s time to do the right thing and make ourselves worthy of being a part of it!


    • Good Comments Steve. My thoughts for awhile too we need to draw in new people and new ways to reach the public.
      I see so many on FB and Social Media but it’s time to reach the rest of the
      millions of people we are going about their business not connected to
      the circle of Advocates currently.


  3. Standing up and clapping for those who continually put the facts and information out there. I may not be there but we are strong in support of the value of Horses and be sure to point out that just yesterday scientists finally admitted that global warming is a direct result of humans and that we have disturbed the natural balance of the earth. Not Horses.


  4. To R.T. and everyone at the conference … Thank YOU!
    Many many many of us are with you there in spirit.

    Signed the petition – thanks Steve.


  5. Miss not being able to attend, but with you all in spirit! Thanks again, as always for your loyal and strong support of our wild and domestic horses. Educating the public is imperative, if we are to stop the brutal business of horse slaughter and it’s negative effects on society and our environment. In addition, saving our wild horses and burros is a must, if our children and grandchildren will be able to continue to enjoy these living symbols of our Western heritage. Keep up the good work everyone and enjoy your weekend, in the great state of Kentucky! (-:


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