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No Wild Horse Adoptions During Shutdown

SOURCE:  Department of the Interior

Just a short update to inform our readers that the Department of the Interior has opted to eliminate wild horse ADOPTIONS during the government shutdown.

We are left to wonder if there will still be any bulk sales of horses by the truckload going on during this same period of time.  Also, we can probably assume that the costly bait trapping (unannounced and with no access or accountability to the public) will still be going on during this same period of time.   Debbie Coffey

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  1. I think you assume correctly about the water/bait trapping continuing since those are BLM contracts with private contractors (including Cattoor) originally signed in June of 2012 with recent re-authorization. I can also tell you that even after an ongoing FOIA from a year ago … NOT ONE of the hundreds of water/bait trapped horses and burros that come under those contracts has been accounted for.


  2. Somewhere sue wallis is standing behind a rock, holding out carrots to lure horses into her kill buyers trailerz meanwhile giving the Judas bag of gold to the BLM as they set up and clap like seals for it. What happens when they run out of wild horses and the funds are dried up? apparently they forget the extra cash is gone when they have no horses, and they forget the less animals they habe to cate for they cannot account for the government overspending. Lets face it, the BLM is nothing more than a.smoke screen to male tax payers money disappear and blame the horsez, the drought, the persperation on their desperate necks! es


  3. Are you saying roundups will still go on during the Gov Shutdown? I thought all non-essential DOI/BLM employees were being furloughed?


  4. It seems that this would also apply to our Federally Protected Wild Horses and Burros.

    Click to access RL34395.pdf

    International Illegal Trade in Wildlife:
    Threats and U.S. Policy
    Liana Sun Wyler
    Analyst in International Crime and Narcotics
    Pervaze A. Sheikh
    Specialist in Natural Resources Policy
    July 23, 2013

    The U.S. Congress has played a role in responding to these ongoing challenges and evaluating U.S. policy to combat international wildlife trafficking. Over time, Congress has enacted a wide range of laws to authorize conservation programs, appropriate domestic and international funding for wildlife protection and natural resource capacity building, and target and dismantle wildlife trafficking operations. In recent years, Congress has also held hearings and events that have addressed the growing problem of wildlife crimes and raised key questions for next steps. Interest
    in wildlife crime may continue in the 113th Congress. Congressional activity may include evaluating the seriousness of the threat as a national security issue, as well as raising questions regarding the effectiveness of existing policies, ranging from biodiversity programs to anti-crime activities.


  5. I wouldn’t be surprised that all sorts of disgusting activity that would make all of us both cry and be angry could be going on during this nasty shutdown. This may just be a smokescreen for all sorts of horrible and unfair actions. Imho, with each horse killed, we lose a little more of our precious liberty and freedom.



    Bureau of Land Management and DOI Missing $168 Billion Dollars;
    Taxpayers Have a Right to Know Where It Is!

    It becomes quite obvious where the budget cuts should be made. It is also quite obvious that the DOI and the BLM are too large, and have indeed become a monopoly not for the American Public, but for lobby groups and special interest groups, and at taxpayer expense, wildlife expense, and the ruination of our Public Land environments and ecosystems!

    This is a problem not just for Legislators, but for Americans. This problem must be resolved in order for America to continue as a Democracy, and the overall Public interest to not be ignored any longer. The reality is American’s Rights have been replaced by short term profits received by corporations and conducted by criminals within our government agencies. We as Americans are being led to believe, by these same government entities, that everything is okay — But it is NOT OKAY!


  7. Meanwhile Congress fiddles while the USA burns. What has happened to our country? Have corrupt corporations completely taken over at the cost of what is really precious like our wild horses, burros, wolves, etc? Why has the “managing for extinction” gotten even worse? Perhaps Americans are being robbed of their public lands and any wildlife that interfers with big oil, fracking, etc.


  8. I cannot get my mare now…. I am torn, on 1 hand I can’t get my mare and on the other hand they have halted the roundups……


  9. We really need to send a few drone cameras to see whats going on with the Captured pensioner mustangs !!!!!! This our time to do something !!!!!!!!!!!!


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