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Sale of Fresh Meat Soars as UK Loses Appetite for Frozen Food After Horse Meat Scandal

Source: The Mirror

The RSPCA-backed Freedom Food brand reports a leap in meat stamped with the logo since the scandal in January

UK Horsemeat MessUK Families are losing their appetite for ready meals, sending sales of fresh, ethically produced meat rocketing by 36%, a report has revealed.

The RSPCA-backed Freedom Food brand reports a leap in chicken, pork and fish stamped with the logo since Britain was rocked by the horsemeat scandal in January.

And butchers are also reporting a 30% increase in demand for meat as shoppers increasingly cook from scratch.

According to the animal welfare charity, consumers have lost faith in ready meals after horse-gate and no longer trust ingredient labels.

We spent £3.8 billion on ready meals, pre-cooked pies and pasties last year but the RSPCA claims the recent food scandal has led to more families looking for ethically sourced meat.

In a survey of 2,000 adults, it found 81% of adults would prefer to cook from scratch, but didn’t always have the time.

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  1. UGH! I hope that doesn’t mean they’ll be slaughtering more horses OVER THERE? Meat has to be frozen to be shipped to UK from Canada, MX, but then again, they could super dooper fast ship fresh meat but very expensively… hoping this news is a good sign for our HORSES!


    • Asa rule, Brits and Irish do not eat horses if they can help it. That’s why they’re going for unprocessed, fresh beef, so that they know it is not horse.


  2. Yes i read this and two other articles verifying that their reluctance to consume the suspicious unauthorized horsemeat continues. I cant blame them for their newfound love of fresh meats they can confirm. See a small research of countries intake of horsemeat that i conductec in January did Not match the amount of so called demand. The french have been closing abbaitoirres at a high rate of speed. The lack of demand is because no one really wants it. Pro slaughter makes other countries sound like they are raring to go, yet its impossible for people to find in counters, why? Because its probably hidden there as well. The Dark Mask of beef covering the horsemeat has a place in the Hall of Shame for certain. People do not want it, they are rebelling and if these food providers do not listen they will be out of money, customers, and consumer confidence will close them. My wallet or your wallet makex a difference to how they stay in business. We need to Demand a full check of the compromised Nestle brands in America to make sure its real beef here too. The USDA should have spearheaded an effort to check it as soon as foreign supply was compromised. We cant trust the USDA to protect us anymore when they Ignore such highly publicized scandal and are not proactively checking. Thats their job.


  3. Geri, thanks for posting these. I’ve seen a few but not these particular clips.

    They raised a question, though, about what happened to the frozen products that were pulled from stores? It isn’t mentioned but due to the volumes involved, disposal wouldn’t be an easy task and the temptations to unload into third world markets would be high. Does anyone know where these products went/are going now? Perhaps to other countries? Or were they landfilled or burned or? This would seem to be important information not considered in any of these reports.


  4. Unfortunately, my question would be: How do they know the fresh “product” that’s being bought is beef? I doubt its being tested, right? And there is horse slaughter in Europe – so how can we be sure there is nothing being sold as beef but actually horsemeat? I sure would be skeptical.


  5. As a consumer, you must be informed and be willing to spend some time and money doing the same.

    “Convenience” and “Speed” may be cheap upfront for the consumer, but they are ALWAYS expensive for the environment, animals, plants and eventually….the consumer at the backend because of illness for humans, animals and corruption of earth resources. And I eat meat (less and less) and NO BEEF! Dairy is looming on my dietary karma too.

    I hardly buy anything pre packaged or frozen and ALWAYS check origin (which is also suspect).


  6. Thank you Geri. Now I am puzzled about Iceland’s involvement… maybe it’s a typo for Ireland, but nevertheless it appears these products will not reenter the food supply (hopefully not anyway).


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