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The Horse Who Picked Up A Paintbrush

By as published at NPR.org

“a vet told them that Metro Meteor’s condition was terminal…”

This is a Thanksgiving story about a horse. Actually, a horse artist. I don’t mean an artist who paints horses, like Degas or Remington, but a horse who paints — and thereby also raises money for less fortunate horses.


Metro wields a paintbrush as owner Ron Krajewski looks on at Motters Station Stables in Rocky Ridge, Md. ~ Jeffrey B. Roth/Reuters/Landov

Metro wields a paintbrush as owner Ron Krajewski looks on at Motters Station Stables in Rocky Ridge, Md. ~ Jeffrey B. Roth/Reuters/Landov

Metro Meteor was a well-bred thoroughbred, foaled in 2003, who specialized in sprints on the turf. He competed at the top tracks, like Belmont and Saratoga, earning just short of $300,000 in purses. He was born with a knee condition, however, and he needed surgery twice to remove bone chips. Each time he came back a winner.

But his knees did him in, and he ended up losing cheap races at a minor-league track named Penn National. At last, the track vet wouldn’t let Metro Meteor back into the starting gate. Gelded, he couldn’t stand at stud, and, like a lot of broken-down thoroughbreds, Metro Meteor could have simply ended up as horse meat.

But Ron Krajewski, an artist who lives in Gettysburg, Pa., and his wife, Wendy, adopted him. Soon, though, the Krajewskis found that the horse’s knees were so bad they couldn’t even mount him to ride trails.

Worse, a vet told them that Metro Meteor’s condition was terminal. He had two years, maybe.

But the Krajewskis so loved their horse. And when Ron noticed that Metro Meteor liked to bob his head up and down, Ron somehow decided that if he put a brush in the horse’s mouth where a bit used to be, and put a canvas in front of him where a finish line used to be, Metro Meteor could, yes, paint.

And, incredibly, he did. Big, colorful brushstrokes. Soon, in fact, the horse was the best-selling artist in Gallery 30 in Gettysburg. With half the money from his paintings, the Krajewskis sought to find a way to save Metro Meteor’s life.

And a young vet, Dr. Kim Brokaw, worked up an experimental treatment that reversed the bone growth. The knees are still a problem, but, thankfully, Metro Meteor can at least walk the trails now and, after all, an artiste has to devote more time to his craft.

And the rest of the money that Metro Meteor makes painting? It goes to the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, which helps retired thoroughbreds find homes and get new careers.

How many old horses can give thanks that an equine pal has donated almost $45,000 from the sale of his works to keep them alive and loved?

Now Metro Meteor has also signed a licensing agreement with Dream Green USA. The decorative pillows are my favorite. And, as Ron Krajewski says, his artist partner is “the unofficial spokeshorse for racehorse adoption.”

So on Thursday, along with the turkey and stuffing, please pass Metro Meteor his favorite treats: oatmeal cookies and Twizzlers — yes, Twizzlers.

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  1. A great story of what love is all about. Never judge by one’s weakness…but by their strength. I know because I just adopted a wonderful horse named Takoda who just happens to be blind!

    Blessings to all this Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays…


  2. Just Liked his Facebook page (who DOESN’T have one?), and this is the latest post. Let’s share help this inspiring boy get to the Winner’s Circle again!

    VOTE FOR METRO for the Vox Populi (Voice of the people award). Award to the horse that “best captures the attention and affection of the public”. Click http://www.secretariat.com/fan-club/vox-populi-award/ and ***WRITE IN*** “Metro Meteor” as your vote. To find out more about Metro and his work for charity, visit http://www.paintedbymetro.com. PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE.

    Voting in the online poll ends December 21, with the award presentation to the 2013 winner scheduled for the weekend of January 11 at Santa Anita Park.



  3. Metro, I also love you. Also, God bless your owners who love you so much. I have lost three horses I loved enormously , one to a heart attack and the other two had to be euthanized one because of laminitis and the other because of breathing problems. I miss all of them and wish we all could enjoy these horses – they give so much more than they get in return and there is not one of them that doesn’t deserve to be loved and taken care of until they go over the Rainbow Bridge. Metro Meteor


  4. Continued from above. Metro Meteor, may your knew problems be a thing of the past and you and your owners have many years of loving each other and that your paintings will help so many other deserving horses. God Bless you and your owners.


  5. What a beautiful heartwarming story, which proves what love and patience can accomplish in difficult times. Metro Meteor is an exceptional horse and thank God the owner had the wisdom and commitment to give him the life he deserves after giving so much of himself to racing. His talent is yet another bonus that will benefit so many of his equine friends. Amazing! (-:


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