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Woman Rides Horse to DMV in Protest of Poor Service

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Rather than take a bureaucratic nightmare sitting down, she saddled up

“It’s feel good Sunday and it is our most sincere pleasure to take the day off from the war of words, politics and the law over the safety and future well being of our Equine companions.  Today we share with you a story of a woman who has had, just like us, enough of the stupidity that is generated by our government at all levels and she took bold steps to set it all right while on the back of her horse.  May God bless her for a job well done and she is surely a heroin in my eyes as I tip my hat to the brass that she has shown.  Keep the faith as we are all bonded as one through our love for the horses.” ~ R.T.


Enough is Enough

A Virginia woman has become an inspiration to fed-up citizens everywhere after she rode her horse to the local DMV in protest of poor service.

NBC 12 reports that, after getting the run around from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, Amelia resident Ashlee Owens decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. Despite sending in her insurance information — both via email and through the postal service — DMV officials claimed they never received proof that Owens was insured. As a result, her license was suspended, and a new one would end up costing the 26-year-old $645 in fees.

“I’ve been trying for the past three days to get through to the DMV,” Owen’s  told NBC12. “And between the answering service telling me it’s too long of a wait and hanging up on me… and trying to talk to someone to get this straight, I don’t feel like I should be in this predicament at all.”

Rather than take this bureaucratic nightmare sitting down, Owens saddled up.

Due to her suspended license, Owens was legally unable to drive herself to the Richmond DMV. Instead, she enlisted the help of a friend, who ferried both Owens and her appropriately named pets — a dog named Tuff and a horse named Sassy — into town. From there, the Owens rode Sassy to the DMV, where she hand-delivered her paperwork, drawing a crowd of onlookers in the process as well.

To Owens’ surprise, her stunt did the trick.

“I went in. The lady that’s the head of the DMV came and found me, and she asked me if I was the lady with the horse outside and said ‘well come over here,’” said Owens. “[She] took me to the side, and she took all my paperwork upstairs and handled it immediately and sent me on my way”.

With her problems solved, Owen has everything she wanted, plus a good story to tell.

via TIME

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  1. I just noticed that someome has come up with a brilliant idea !! What if everyone who could, converged on the WHITE HOUSE with their horses to protest horse slaughter ????

    Surely Obama would get the messgage and the media would sure take notice! By laws would have to be checked to see of horses are allowed on the road but I bet you there is no actual law .If is there no law then it cant be enforced and the cops cant arrest hundreds on horse back

    We could carry placards of photos of horse slaughter and horses could have placards saying ” I am not a food animal” That would get the public and politicians to sit up take notice

    We could organize horse -back protests all over the US I also think we should try to do this outside BLM offices. I know its crazy but sometimes issues like this need crazy drastic measures Petitions do work but many times the ” visual” aspect is what gets the attention we need and then chnages do/can happen


    • Sarah West, there is a Facebook page called “Support the Safe Act Across America” whose admins are planning an organized ride to the White House sometime in May. I’m not sure if they have their permit yet, but I think it’s in the works. We’d love for you (and everyone) to join us!


    • I would love to do that. I said that a long time ago. how can they stop every one that love animals. some people do not get it if it hit them in the face. we put them in office. they can be taken out just as fast.
      how about not paying the politicians that got the BLM in office.


  2. Amazing!!!! the horses always find a way to help us dont they !!!! they inspire us on all levels !!!!! WOW what an awesome Feel Good Sunday RT !!!!! Thank You !!!!! Not one word ever spoken by the horses, yet they always manage get their message across , they had me at LOOK SEE ME !!!!!!!!


  3. I loved this story. I loved her animal team, not everyone can take a horse into town with a dog on a lead line and not have some kind of train wreck. I also would be interested in joining the relay ride in some capacity in May. Be it riding myself or assisting in some way,


  4. Wow! What a great idea. Thanks R.T. for sending this. I wish I lived close so I could join those riding in May, but since I am in California, it’s not possible. My best wishes go to those that do ride and I hope this ride will put an end to the horrible tactis of the Dept. of Agriculture and the BLM. It’s about time these agencies are dissolved and new one with compassion and love for our beautiful equines will replace them.


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