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New Mexico AG Gary King Sues Slaughterhouse to Stop Horse Slaughter

From Gary King

Dear Equine Advocates,

Gary KingToday I announced that I have filed a lawsuit asking for a temporary restraining order to prevent Valley Meat Company, the proposed horse slaughter plant in Roswell, from opening in two weeks.

Valley Meat has a very poor track record of compliance with environmental and safety laws, racking up literally thousands of violations over the years, and we have no reason to believe they plan on improving their practices. These violations pose serious dangers to public health and safety. For example, the company has requested a state permit that is required before it can discharge wastewater, but has now stated publicly that it will begin operating on January 1, 2014, whether or not it receives the permit.

The slaughter of horses, no matter how it’s done, presents a genuine risk to New Mexicans’ health and to our natural resources. Horses in the US are not raised to be eaten, and therefore are administered drugs that are banned for use in food animals. These drugs are either harmful to humans or their effects are unknown. Combined with the risks to our groundwater, I simply cannot stand by and let this plant open.

Thank you for standing with me on this important issue. Please visit my website to find out how you can help in this continuing fight. Together we can do what’s right for New Mexico.


Gary King

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  1. Please stop all these inhumane cruel acts against horses let these beautiful animals run free what is wrong with this world where we commit such cruelty on loving animals who love us unconditionally stop now please


    • That could very well happen,Terri. The Karst topography of the Pecos Slope where it meets the Pecos River is carbonite and limestone. There are numerous karst lakes or cenotes that have formed in this area, indeed, within a mile of Vallley Meat.
      Theses are circular , deep holes reaching the deep aquifer , then fill with crystal clear water. The Big Blue Hole at Santa Rosa is an example of this phenomena. Divers come from around the world to dive there. These formations occur along the Pecos Slope to Carlsbad Caverns. Carlsbad, gives you an idea of the enormity and fragileness of this Karst-forming topography.
      From Google-Earth you can observe what may be a Karst formation in the making. The water table under Valley Meats rotting offal-mountains was measured at as little as 4 feet, according to a man who refused to dig a lagoon there. The job must have gone to someone with disregard for the environment. As, you can see the 350ft. long, blood and debris-filled pond on google Earth. The offal piles were estimated at 400-600 tons. You can imagine the weight of such a blood-filled lagoon!
      Catastrophic collapse of lagoons have happened in MN and other locations. This prion-laden, bacterial soup would immediately make it’s way through the Pecos River, just a mile away, on a downward-gradient.
      Valley Meat has already proven itself to be a disaster in the making.
      Kudos to Gary King. Boo-hiss to the New Mexico Environment Dept. for even considering re-issuing him a Permit.
      USDA needs to be dis-mantled.


  2. Thank you Gary King. US horses are not raised or regulated as food and should never enter the food chain. With all the medicines we have to give them that says on the packaging not to be used for food animals why would anyone think that it would be ok to slaughter horses for food— does not make sense! Some people need to get educated for sure!


  3. I went to the website to take a look at just who this guy is, wow, hes got a pedigree an mile long. Also he is a scientist with a P.H.D. in organic chemistry so he does understand about the Vet drugs given to US horses. Also hes a lawyer so he knows what to do to stop this slaughter plant from opening up. I’m hoping that if this plant can be permanently stopped it will also stop any of the rest of the copycats in other states.


  4. Finally someone with some “pull” that is actually standing up for the horses and the environment. Hope this plant can be stopped.


  5. Thank you, Gary! Im not in your state but if i could, i would vote for you for sure! Finally, someone of official standing that is willing to listen to the people! I cant believe that we cant get this horrible practice stopped! One thing i would like to know, is how can the FDA ban all these drugs for use in horses meant for food, and the USDA turn around and approve the meat, knowing full well that these drugs have a high incidence of use in most all domestic horses and ponies? This is crazy! Two federal agencies working against each other! This shouldnt be legal!!


  6. Thank you BRAVO Mr. King, the point being they Slaughter Horses there !!!!!!Americans Love Horses we do not want them horrifically slaughtered


  7. Bless you, sir, for this gift to all of America. I would vote for you but live in another state. Wishing you full sails for your gubernatorial run.


  8. Its up to the State of New Mexico to give the final approval for the opening of the plant, apparently the AG was smart enough to file the lawsuit against Valley Meat.
    This is not up to the federal government anymore, it is in the State of New Mexico’s hands and they seem to be doing something about it….who wants that kind of negative publicity??


  9. Thank you Mr. King, for standing with the 80% of american taxpayers who are against horse slaughter. I applaud you, for not wanting for New Mexico, what communities in the past have had to deal with, such as Kaufman TX. It pleases me, to know you, as a politician have common sense and compassion, not only for the people you represent but also the animals they own. Best wishes, on your journey, to prevent this vile, contemptible business from opening in your state. Bless you, for what you are doing is admirable.


  10. I thank you for all that you are doing and have done for the wild horses. I hope that the slaughtering plant never opens ! Sending prayers that you will win your case !!!


  11. Finally someone (with education & political standing) to speak up for the majority of citizens across America that want this horrific practice stopped, once and for all time. Horses are companion and work animals (America would not have been settled without them!) And as pointed out in J.K.’s post, the drugs used in horses are illegal to use in FOOD animals per the FDA — yet the USDA will “approve” of these slaughtered horses to be sold for human consumption. Our government agencies at it’s finest…. contradicting each other. I’d vote for Gary if I could!! Best of luck with your campaign!


  12. Thank you, Mr.King, for being a man of reason and common sense. We admire you for taking a stand against horse slaughter in your state.


  13. This case reflects the kind of power that the international business community will have if the TPP goes through. One of the main tenets of that trade agreement is that companies can sue governments and require compensation and penalties if the governments interrupt their flow of profits, EVEN IF THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL.

    It is outrageous for the judge to require a bond to be posted by the STATE when the state representative is trying to prevent a business from opening whose modus operandi is “to violate state laws related to food safety, water quality and unfair business practices”, as AG King says.


  14. Great to read: DECENT News* , along with Decent ACTIONS by a DECENT official !! and 0ne who SEES the {{BiG-Picture}} for our Environment*, the equine* species, and human* species…! extremely Refreshing 🙂
    additionally, I’ve been Urging national /international Radio casters: George Noory and Art Bell (CoastToCoast AM)_ t0 demand that annual *UFO Convention* to be MOVED From Roswell NM – due t0 that location’s involvement & exposure t0 toxicities of horse Slaughter!! although neither of them “own“ the convention . they DO (along with friend George Knapp) – have tremendous SWAY with its organizers! {whatever you may think of *UFO news enthusiasts, their convention HAS provided 1000s of Roswell TOURISTS (with $$), yearly* T0 Roswell & area! So I presume the profiting businesses will *ra(ther KEEP the income?}. I dunno if this will Help, but
    I ask YOU to also URGE such action along with me! Contact George Noory or others (above) via their websites ± public emails found there. {Hey, every little bit* can 0nly HELP the cause..}. Thx, Connie. .


  15. Thank you Gary King ! Maybe Missouri attorney general Chris Koster will now follow his example and be on guard to protect our health and environment from the proposed economic, moral and environmental catastrophe which would be unleashed if they allow horse slaughter to occur in Gallatin Missouri. We are very active in Missouri right now continuing to mobilize opposition to its opening !


  16. Thank you for listening to your constituents and the voices of the American people who so strongly oppose horse slaughter and don’t want it reinstated in this country. Mr. De Los Santos should never have been awarded USDA inspections much less a waste discharge permit to operate this cruel and horrendous disaster in the making. When we win this fight to ban horse slaughter in this country, we will have to investigate and eliminate all of the corrupt individuals who have so blatantly manipulated and bought their way to reinstate horse slaughter in this country. We must return ethics and morals back into our government and the standards of this country!


  17. Anyone in TN willing to step up, too?

    Copied from another page on this website:

    Lee Stewart
    NOVEMBER 23, 2013 @ 7:18 PM
    ThetMr. Fitch
    Please let people in. TN. know. That a local appaloosa breeder. Has. Applied for a horse slaughter permit under the name of Trail. South. Meats. Most average horse owners in. Tn. are unaware of this. And. Most. are opposed.sorry posting on my. cell. phone

    NOVEMBER 25, 2013 @ 12:51 AM
    Looks like you are correct. This website came up first on a quick search, with 100+ employees already? Hope they have a permit!

    Stan Dobson, CEO USA[Member Since: 2012]Contact Now Free Member
    Rate this company | Check Member Credibility

    A state of the art meat processing facility is being constructed in the United States for the purpose of processing horse meat for export from the United States. We are building a customer base and seek communications with prospective customers who are interested.

    Contact This Company
    To: STANLEY Dobson

    Basic InformationBusiness Type:Others
    Main Markets: Asia
    Company Products / Services:boxed frozen raw horse meat
    Year Established:2012
    Number of Employees:100+
    Other InformationLegal Representative / CEO:Stan Dobson, CEO

    This company is registered as a free member and is not verified or authenticated by

    Contact Information

    Contact Person : STANLEY dobson (CEO)

    Company : Trail South Meats

    Address: 2417 Kennedy Creek Rd., Auburntown, Tennessee, USA

    Zip/Postal : 37016

    Telephone : 1-615-4648345

    Fax : 1-615-4644667

    Mobile : 615-4648345

    Contact Now

    NOVEMBER 25, 2013 @ 1:01 AM
    Stan and Jan Dobson’s Foggy Valley Farms website. Their family raises foundation appaloosas and declares “…we have never and will never loose [sic] sight of our mutual love for GOD, each other, our precious family and the “Appaloosa Horse.’”


      • Linda, I was reposting this from something a Lee Stewart posted earlier which seems to have been overlooked. I don’t live in TN and know nothing more than what I copied above. Hope someone else does!


  18. I am an appaloosa owner in Tn. I have
    confronted Mr Dobson and other app owners in TN. I can find no one to help in confronting Mr. DObson and that includes the local humane society.
    TN proud god loving horse killing state.
    Thank you all of Tn appaloosa breeders.


    • This is my last comment. Hopefully I will not be sued. Commanche 3 bars was sent ti slaughter by a farm in burns .TN. Ches my Shadow was sent to .ro slaughter by Lookout MeadowFarm.
      The Aphc. In TN is a joke.


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