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Jane Velez-Mitchell to Open Equine Advocates 2014 American Equine Summit

Architects of U.S. Horse Slaughter Ban to Address Invitation-Only Crowd with Special Video Message from Vice President Joe Biden

EquineAdvocatesCHATHAM, N.Y., March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The 2014 American Equine Summit, which will feature presentations from some of the most prominent equine experts in the nation, will take place on Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY. Veteran television news journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell will make a personal appearance to deliver the Keynote Address. Vice President Joe Biden will also help to kick off the event with a special video message about horses.

“The 2012 Summit became the catalyst for a series of life-altering developments for America’s horses which would not have happened otherwise,” said Equine Advocates President Susan Wagner.  “I invited a group of experts to present new ideas for how to stop the slaughter of America’s equines. Speaker Victoria McCullough announced that she would use information from the studies presented at that Summit to build a case against horse slaughter – ultimately leading to a ban.”

In less than two years, McCullough, an international equestrian, philanthropist and owner of Chesapeake Petroleum, had met with the Vice President, the Secretary of Agriculture and other members of the executive branch. The end result was the insertion of language to the 2014 Omnibus Bill by Vice President Biden to defund horse slaughter in the United States. President Obama signed it into law on January 17th.

“For the first time since the historic California State Initiative banning horse slaughter passed in 1998, I feel that the will of the vast majority of Americans to permanently end the slaughter of our wild and domestic equines is within reach. I am so proud that our Summit played a small role in this.  We look forward to a future where equines from the U.S. are also prohibited from being shipped across our borders into Canada or Mexico for the purpose of slaughter.”

The full roster of speakers for the 2014 American Equine Summit includes:

  • Jane Velez Mitchell – Keynote Address
  • The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Vice President of the United States – Special Video Appearance

(In alphabetical order)

  • Senator Joseph Abruzzo, Palm Beach County, FL (via video)
  • Frank Biden, Former White House Legislative Director for the Clinton Administration, President of Mavericks Schools and brother of Vice President Joe Biden (via video)
  • Debbie Coffey, Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation
  • Vickery Eckhoff, Writer, Forbes Magazine
  • John Holland, President, Equine Welfare Alliance
  • Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director, The Cloud Foundation
  • Dr. Ray Kellosalmi, Retired physician and Board Member, The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (sic)
  • Dr. Kraig Kulikowski, Equine Sports Medicine, Saratoga Springs, NY and Wellington, FL
  • Victoria McCullough, International equestrian, philanthropist and owner of Chesapeake Petroleum
  • Allen Rutberg Ph.D., Director, The Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy
  • George Strawbridge, Jr., International horseman and owner, Augustin Stables
  • Susan Wagner, President and Founder of Equine Advocates

Founded in 1996, Equine Advocates is a nonprofit equine protection organization based in Chatham, NY. Its mission is to rescue, protect and prevent the abuse of equines through education, investigation, rescue operations, the dissemination of information to the public and through the operation of a horse sanctuary for slaughter-bound, abused and neglected equines. For more information on the American Equine Summit contact info@equineadvocates.org or call 518-245-1599.

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  1. What a line up of awesome stars for the equines !!!! a few star quality people are missing from the List !!!!!I did not see , Graig Downer. RT Fitch, J Finch, or S. Netherlands, ????? these Guys are essential ??????? This above List is not Complete !!!! Do you think this must be an oversite ???? Huge kudos to all these endearing people !!!!!


  2. Funny you should mention the California vote to ban horse slaughter. Right now, there are politicians in DC representing California who are refusing to sponsor HR1094 because they have decided the people’s referendum to protect California horses from slaughter was wrong (his words were “from some sort of romanticized Black Beauty way of thinking.”). Tom McClintock (R-CA) comes to mind. We have this same problem with most of the Republicans here in CA. I would check with your Rep if he is a Republican. Our Senators have signed onto S541.


      • saraanon:

        US banking is involved with laundering money.

        And I know of several Democrats that will NOT listen to anti-equine slaughter advocates, much more food safety issues.

        Like I said SHAME THEM!!!! Politely, respectfully and factually POUND IT HOME!!!

        No LOONEY pet hugging ka-rap! No loonies…to the point, FACTUALLY BASED AND DEMAND, politely a NON ROBO REPLY. Find out who their staffer is on these issues (because these non elected individuals are the gate keepers to that rep/Senator). Talk to them. Send letters with supported data and NO RANTS.

        And just DO NOT STOP.


      • If you look at my post, you will see that I do lay out the facts, offer the supporting links, discuss the drawbacks of the business models that claims to requires slaughter to sustain the horse industry, and the fallacious claims of those breeding AQHA horses for slaughter. By the end it is clear that the whole horse slaughter scene is far uglier and more overtly criminal at every facet than anyone not involved ever imagined.


      • saraannon:

        The link appears to be extreme based on tag line alone. Tip: communicate without expletives, especially if your link is your blog..

        But in the mean time, please post here for readers what criminal codes the prohorse slaughter contingent are specifically breaking. It might help me in my correspondence with every AG in every state and DOJ/Holder. I would really appreciate info to send an intelligent letter.


      • I used no expletives. Crime is not a four-letter word. I stated the facts in my comment and in my blog. If you take the trouble to look at the post you will find the information and links you requested.


  3. This kind of public education is vital for our wild ones.
    “An honest heart being the first blessing, a knowing head is the second”.
    -Thomas Jefferson


  4. Glad to see one of the “good guys” of racing, George Strawbridge. He takes excellent care and aftercare of his racers.


  5. Let us all take this venue from event to opportunity to reality.

    Thanks to all behind the scenes making the event a reality.

    p.s. to those facing toads in the state houses and Congress…shame them! Tell them they are ruining the reputation of US food production, foreign and domestic with their inaction or outright rejection of the bill.


  6. Although I can’t make it, I look forward to listening to the recorded sessions afterward. Please don’t forget to video tape the whole thing so that those if us who can’t be there can still see and hear the information. Thank you, in advance.


  7. I wonder if Equine Advocates will put out a flyer with a Saturday (4/26) & Sunday (4/27) timeline of speakers. And hours beginning & ending, breaks, etc. Also, recommendations where to stay, hotels… And the cost to attend.

    I emailed them yesterday for more information, as they asked for, but have not heard back yet.

    It may be too early to put out a flyer/brochure, but I would think one was needed.
    I would like to attend, but will not drive out to Chatham, NY without more info.

    This is a spectacular list of speakers. Lots to learn! And meet other advocates.

    Thank you.


  8. wonderful list of folks,make a way for them ( b. l. m.) to be more transparent with their little projects and countings of actual herd numbers,please. i’m really tired of the lies. i pray that we can get these horses back on to their home ranges. hey,we haven’t heard anything about the wild hoses in a while, are any of them being snuck across borders or does anyone know whats going on?


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