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Letter from wild horse & burro advocate to BLM

Each person can make a difference.  With Iron County Commissioner’s (in Utah) decision to start an illegal roundup wild horses by private citizens on Thursday, this letter to BLM’s Utah State Director, Juan Palma, and BLM’s Division Chief of the Wild Horse & Burro Program, Joan Guilfoyle, written by wild horse advocate Janet Schultz, asks that the BLM post Federal Marshalls around the HMAs to stop this illegal activity.

“Subject: Utah Controversy

I’m following with interest the story evolving over the Bundy cattle case and the threats of the Utah citizens.  I’m also reading the comments enflaming the population of “ranchers” threatening to roundup wild horses, if the law is followed in removing ther cattle, which have apparently illegally grazed public lands for more than a few years.

It has not escaped my notice that BLM is not threatening these ranchers with arrest by federal marshalls.

This is on its face unequal application of the law against citizens threatening violation of the law by using animals as their excuse.  Armed guards stand post a every wild horse roundup.

I will now demand that armed marshalls be posted at the boundaries of the HMAs presently being focused on with orders to use force to protect the wild horses.  If this action is not taken, charges will be filed with the Inspector General and articles will be filed with the BLM Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Stories of the horses being rounded up and maintained on private property under emergency contracts is ludicrous.  That offer has been made many times by advocates for the protection of the wild horses.  Undertaking that effort on behalf of those who want the horses disposed of is UNEQUAL protection and favoritism.

It will be plain that our government is out of control and a stringent review of its budget and authority will be undertaken.

Janet Schultz”

If you want to write to BLM’s Juan Palma and Joan Guilfoyle, their e-mail addresses are: and


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  1. Good for you Janet – I sent emails to both “parties”. I sure hope everyone else does at least that. Blow the BLM’s “ears” off.


    • You might be partially right about that jadeh22… The county Commissioner David Miller is FROM Bunkerville Nevada. He is personal friends with Ryan C. Bundy, Cliven’s son, who also lives in Iron County. The Spokesperson fro Cliven, Steve Miller is VP of an Anti-Fed Thinktank and also from Bunkerville, NV/
      These are not spontaneous, unrelated incidents and BLM knows it….What BLM mining/drilling plans are there in Iron County?
      Sheep Springs is in Iron County.
      BLM spent months counting and identifying Bundy’s cows.
      We must demand a Count of these horses.
      BLM’s present count is much , much less than the County Commissioners count of 1200.


  2. The real issue here: a federal gov’t agency is confiscating privately and publically owned animals … under their own “Marshal Law.” All Americans should be very concerned about this DOI regime. They no longer regard the citizens of this great Land as their employers, but pests in the way of their plans to frack and drill, mine, and sell off our land to foreign investors. WAKE UP AMERICA!


  3. Food for thought: perhaps the Feds have pitted the ranchers against the wild horse advocates. Distract, divide and conquer. We all should not be at odds with each other … but stand united against this Government’s abuse of power and the loss of our Constitutional rights!


    • attempts to make cattlemen see that they were going to be next and really ought to join us have failed. They see the native wild mustangs as feral horses that are in competition for their grassland. Which is ludicrous when you count the vast number of cattle and divide by the small number of remaining wild mustangs. When one party is so determined to eradicate the wild horse it leaves very little room to work together. If you know of a group of ranchers that are more enlightened we would be more than happy to see about networking.
      What I see with Mr. Bundy is that he has gotten away with not paying for the range that he grazes his cattle on for $1.35 a calf/cow. This is a mere pittance esp when you see that other people who are not lucky enough to be a part of the welfare ranch system pay up to $20 for the same privilege. There is no law to protect those acting illegally. There is the Wild Horse and Burro Act that is to legally protect any unbranded free running wild horse or burro. If these ranchers go through with their threat to roundup the wild horses they should be punished to very very inch of the law.


  4. BLM Arrests Two Citizens During Contested Arizona Wild Burro Stampede
    By Sonu Wasu of Tucson News Now
    “A couple of them seized my arms, it seemed like they wanted to break my arms,”

    An independent journalist and a woman in her 70′s who was observing the event were taken into custody by BLM officials
    Mrozek said their view was obstructed by a line of trucks. He noticed an older woman step around the line to get a closer look at the action, when BLM officials approached her and took her into custody.
    He started filming the arrest. That’s when Mrozek said two BLM officials approached him and asked him to speak to them.

    Mrozek said they suddenly jumped on him and started putting hand cuffs on him.
    “A couple of them seized my arms, it seemed like they wanted to break my arms,” said Mrozek.

    He kept asking them if he was being arrested. He said the men said they did not know, and told him to “just relax.”
    “I felt like the burro. I had no rights. I was under the control of the posse of men with machines and guns. I felt like one of the burros,” said Mrozek.

    He said the officials then put him in the back of a pick-up truck, he was crouched in a back seat with his hands still cuffed behind his back.
    Mrozek said he sat there for a long time. He says it was over an hour, when he started to feel hot and faint.

    “I started feeling light headed and fainted. At one point when I woke up I had trouble breathing. My circulation was bad. It was 103 degrees outside, we were parked in the sun for over an hour. It was unpleasant, very unpleasant.


  5. wow, i’m sure going to writ. you did a good job janet , you all need to go to that natural resources page at peter defazio’s the director and scroll down the page and read the comments around jan. 2012 . someone right around that time hatched this plan but you need to read . it’s really horrible .. they are clearing the way of all animals the predators, too . look what their doing to the wolves, too. it’s really scary what they are doing to us. on that page they plan to make the u. s. ,an oil rich nation .


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