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Utah ranchers plan to illegally roundup wild horses starting on Thursday

To Live FreeEven though BLM’s Juan Palma caved in to illegal threats made by the Iron County Commissioners for wild horse roundups by private citizens  and told them he’d have a plan for removal in place by Friday, the Iron County Commissioners (with support from Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower) broke off their meeting with the BLM and plan their illegal activities to commence on this Thursday.  Iron County Commissioner David Miller claims “we have to get those horses off the range immediately.”  Once again, private (livestock) interests are treating PUBLIC LANDS like their own PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Please write to the BLM and ask them to post Federal Marshalls around the HMAs to stop this illegal activity (thank you Janet Schultz for demanding this action from the BLM), and to remove livestock immediately from the same area, since there is not enough water and forage for the wild horses. and

SOURCE:  The Spectrum

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  1. What the hell is going on here? There are NO repercussions for these ranchers ( whose sole claim on the range is a grazing allotment) that are taking the law into their own hands? The BLM is going to just sit back & let them remove horses because they cant afford to??????? As Janet Shultz said in her letter – the BLM hires security at their roundups to protect themselves from the advocates! But these ranchers, to back up someone who has broken the law, can remove OUR wild horses?


  2. The horses will DESTROY the land in three weeks, but how many cattle over how many months WON’T? If things are really that bad, the BLM should be required to do complete EAs on EVERY allotment in the area. In the meantime, all cattle should either be kept off the land or removed to the ranchers’ property if they’ve already been released.


  3. Well, we are finally looking at “the day the music died” here in our country. Unless we are willing to fight an all out “civil war” again…we have now seen where it’s all going with the horses: the BLM/our government has figured out a way to let it all be “handled” by “the people” and in the process they can throw their hands up and say, “but what else can WE do?!” Wouldn’t suprise me to find out in the long run that the BLM has made a deal with the ranchers to pull this defiant crap to make them look like they “are trying” to resolve this, but “the ranchers are out of our control…..” As a friend of mine use to say: “Don’t piss on my leg and then try to tell me it’s raining!” I am ashamed of my government, my country, and humans in general!


  4. “Pointing to Utah Code 11-51-103, Miller argued the county has the right to remove the feral horses without permission from the BLM.” I thought this was happening in Nevada. What does Utah’s code have to do with it?


    Goldman’s big Utah bet pays off handsomely
    Friday, 17 Jan 2014 | 9:24 AM ET
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc has been quietly moving thousands of jobs from pricey places like New York and London to cheaper cities like Salt Lake City in recent years, and executives said on Thursday those efforts are finally starting to show up in the bank’s results.


  6. Who’s next?

    by Debbie Coffey

    This is about the wild horse roundups. BUT, ranch owners who own cattle and sheep should pay attention to the following, and wonder what water or land will be left for your livestock grazing in the future. Why do you think the DOI is removing all of the wild horses off our public lands?  For you?


  7. So what the Iron Commission is saying if you take his cows we will do this, but now they are going to take them anyways….so really the BLM just takes the cows anyways and the commission faces prosecution especially applying the Wrong laws to the Wrong state. As well doesn’t this really sound like looting? Think about this… they do something in one location and then they Take something in another location…its exactly like looting. The rancher didn’t pay his bill, feeds his cattle, now if they blm had said no problem its ok then all the other ranchers who have paid their bills would just quit paying, they know they can strong arm the agency. The other day I was accused by the ranchers of siding with the BLM…..What? No, I don’t SIDE with the BLM. The BLM should enforce their codes and I could care less about the ranchers issues EXCEPT they put OUR public lands and OUR wild Horses at stake in the middle of it. I am insulted my tax money supports the land that is public to have a man who doesn’t pay his lease when its so low our taxes pay for his (supposed) right to be there. The welfare programs cracks are turning into caverns and they don’t want anyone to say its obviously happening. They expected me to run back to my post and say, oh good golly, this poor fella. I am all in for the little man standing up to big government, the little man is the guy who does the right thing and is reprimanded for it, this isn’t a little man scenario, this is a vigilante county supporting the non-payment of debt to managed lands and they will cause undue harm to another species of animals to prove their point! So in the EAST and Midwest they want us all to believe that NO one else can understand their position. I understand they put wells on public lands and then hold ownership of the water rights-nowhere else have we allowed this to happen except in the west, these people use the lease on land they actually do not own to show their NET worth and get LOANS against public lands! :Yes amazing what you find when you look. The banks and lenders see the land as in a 10 year agreement of ownership and that should be eliminated. The fact is, its a tenancy and not ownership. The horses are being used as pawns and whether they remove them or not they will levy against the horses to encourage the uprising against the blm. The BLM has to take the posture we cant allow this: neither the cattle being there without payment nor the wild horse removal without the agency. The next thing is for the blm the removal of the wild horses in their opinion would be less horses for them to manage so we cant be sure what all this is really. The last point of notice is the fact that if you don’t pay your bills actions are taken, so in the old west if you don’t pay your bills this is how you act? What about all the honest hard working people who have paid their bills and are struggling with the BLM land, who eb and flow with the droughts and the economy….shouldn’t they be allowed NOT to pay their bills too? I mean really, sounds more like a temper tantrum instead of reasonable communication between individuals. In the time it took to have this public battle they may have used the time to actually raise money and pay the debt and ask for the revocation overturned, they also could have found the time to relocate his cattle to various other ranches to help this man out feeding them. In all, they chose not to stand and fight but to demand. As for our perspective it once again raises awareness of how the cattle industry has to improve itself and its image overall!


  8. Follow the money

    The 10 Biggest Corporate Campaign Contributors in U.S. Politics

    Goldman’s impressive lobbying effort leaped into overdrive in 2006, when its payouts to politicos more than doubled. Since then, the bank has kept up its heavy lobbying payments, which topped $3 million in 2008. At the same time, it has benefited greatly from financial deregulation — which it strongly supports — and government bailouts, which it accepted in 2008. In the 2009/2010 election season, most of its money has gone to Democrat candidates,

    including Nevada’s Harry Reid
    New York Representative Michael McMahon,

    although it has also contributed mightily to
    Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri.


  9. For each horse those ranchers take one charge. That’s a 1000 dollar fine PER HORSE. Plus a year behind bars. No time off for good behavior cause these are federal charges not state. There is no time off when there federal charges against you.

    BLM could easily put this down now. You take any horses you LOSE your grazing rights. End of story. No waiting 50 years for the damn thing to go to Court.


    • The thing is they are conspiring to do this. They are NOT using a law applicable in their state. AND once again it brings to light why UTAH is on the list of most anti animal law states there are.


  10. I participated in abortion clinic defense when I lived in Sacramento. This situation sounds like wild horse advocates need to stand their ground to protect those horses. Is anyone willing to organize?


    • nope Sue…they just like to flap thier jaws…I tried to get involved as a private citizen here in Nevada and I was charged on and out down by these so called advocates. So I do what I can on my own….


    • Not good at organizing , but would be there for Mustangs any place , any time , any where…………………………………………I Stand always in their HONOR !!!!!


  11. According to the 1993 OTA Report on Harmful Non-Indigenous Species to the US published September 30 between President Clinton’s signing June 4, 1993, and the treaty’s introduction in the Senate in November, Article 8 (h) of the CBD started out as an effort by an alliance of US Fish Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Conveniently, some of the TNC’s experts and Board of Governors do double duty with the IUCN. Although the Senate did not ratify the CBD, the United National’s Environmental Program’s Food and Agricultural Organization met in Rome in April to update the 1979 International Plant Protection (an update of the original US signing in 1972). So in June-July 1996 the Secretariat of the CBD approved a global education group to fund the Invasive Species Specialists Group successful strategy to integrate Article 8 (h) into the 1997 IPPC though the drafting was not yet complete.

    The U.S. Senate did not ratify the 1997 Update to the IPPC until October 18, 2000. In fact, in June 2000, Congress passed a federal version of the international treaty on plant pests through Title IV P.L. 106-224 originally scheduled to expire December 31, 2005. This act included non-human animals as plant pests for the first time, which is part of the IPPC. The 1997 IPPC was introduced on March 23, 2000, but not voted on until October. Madeline Albright was able to then cite the laws that Congress had already passed that the 1997 Updae to the IPPC included [(although I did not see her where she included the piece about Article 8 (h)].

    I am sorry to digress, but the point that I want to make is that this rancher and some of the businesses that want to sue to kill our wild horses may have contributed to or be members of The Nature Conservancy or may have done business with the World Bank. Furthermore, it is also possible that some of them may fund the FAO, so if the USDA took a look or was forced to take a look at the scientifically fraudulent listing of the wild horse as a non-native species—the authority listed at the time I found this on the web page was the University of Waikato in New Zealand and Massey University in New Zealand except the link from the USDA did not identify the blurb about the horse as being from New Zealand, but these New Zealand Universities did.

    Note the date that this little refusal to pay his grazing fees is listed as 1993. This may indicate that this rancher and his friends may have been among the initial investors behind FWS, TNC, and the IUCN’s attempts to remove wild horses and burros from federal lands. He or the original investors in the actions 27 years to get put into law and 32 years to get into force or even longer depending on when the starting date really was—and they may feel an extra dose of entitlement—and ranchers from Nevada and Utah should know better than to think some film-flam sham about the non-native horse could stand daylight.

    Again, as Louie points out above, Debbie Coffey got it right in her 2011 article when she asked the ranchers whether or not they believed the wild horses were being removed for them because cattle, sheep, pigs, and sheep are all listed before our native wild horses. Preliminary statements by the BLM and the reactions of some ranchers seem to indicate that something has changed. Let us hope and pray that this scam is ending.


  12. Is it possible that there a reason for wanting the cattle AND the Wild Horses removed from Public Lands right away?

    TriMetals Mining Inc
    In the state of Utah, TMI will be initiating the Plan of Operations permitting process in the weeks to come and expects to have approvals before the end of the year. TMI is currently permitted for an additional 56 drill sites within Utah which allows for future resource expansion on the Jumbo target and exploration activities on other gold targets within Utah. Nevada and Utah represent very favorable mining jurisdictions which should allow for the continued development of the Company’s Gold Springs assets in a timely fashion.

    DOI-BLM-UT-C010-2014-0038-EA Gold Springs Exploration
    Plan of Operations Cedar City Field Office 04/07/2014 04/07/2014 Plan of Operation
    4/7/2014 NEPA
    scoping initiated:


  13. How is it our paid professional “managers” are dealing with what seems to be a daily crisis?
    Managing by crisis is nothing but chaos.

    What seems to be in the works here is outright theft, which in Nevada not long ago was a hanging offense. If they are shipped to slaughter it could be considered a form of lynching, complete with angry mob.

    The BLM clearly is being manipulated pretty effectively here, willingly or not. We have to find a way to either make them accountable to the public or remove them from management of our wild horses. How about by Thursday?


  14. Gold in Iron County? Mining requires tremendous amounts of water.

    “Gold Springs is divided between eastern Lincoln County, Nevada and Western IRON COUNTY, Utah”

    Gold Springs Project
    Has BIG Potential

    The Gold Springs Project is a 60/40 joint-venture project High Desert Gold shares with Pilot Gold. High Desert Gold spent $1 million in exploration expenditures and paid $160,000 to Pilot Gold Inc. to get its 60% share. High Desert Gold is the manager of the project.

    Pilot Gold is the brainchild of an arrangement between Newmont Mining and Fronteer Gold. Pilot Gold is a gold exploration company led by members of the former Fronteer Gold team, who discovered or advanced seven deposits since 2003, including the development-stage Long Canyon gold project in Nevada, which is now owned by Newmont.

    Gold Springs is divided between eastern Lincoln County, Nevada and Western Iron County, Utah


  15. BLM Arrests Two Citizens During Contested Arizona Wild Burro Stampede
    By Sonu Wasu of Tucson News Now
    “A couple of them seized my arms, it seemed like they wanted to break my arms,”

    An independent journalist and a woman in her 70′s who was observing the event were taken into custody by BLM officials
    Mrozek said their view was obstructed by a line of trucks. He noticed an older woman step around the line to get a closer look at the action, when BLM officials approached her and took her into custody.
    He started filming the arrest. That’s when Mrozek said two BLM officials approached him and asked him to speak to them.

    Mrozek said they suddenly jumped on him and started putting hand cuffs on him.
    “A couple of them seized my arms, it seemed like they wanted to break my arms,” said Mrozek.

    He kept asking them if he was being arrested. He said the men said they did not know, and told him to “just relax.”
    “I felt like the burro. I had no rights. I was under the control of the posse of men with machines and guns. I felt like one of the burros,” said Mrozek.

    He said the officials then put him in the back of a pick-up truck, he was crouched in a back seat with his hands still cuffed behind his back.
    Mrozek said he sat there for a long time. He says it was over an hour, when he started to feel hot and faint.

    “I started feeling light headed and fainted. At one point when I woke up I had trouble breathing. My circulation was bad. It was 103 degrees outside, we were parked in the sun for over an hour. It was unpleasant, very unpleasant.


  16. Watching from afar in Ireland. As if the 21 herd of wild horses wasn’t enough to bring you to tears that I read. I cant believe that they all went to Canada and got slaughtered against the law of the land as unbranded wild stock. Chased by helicopters, abandoned foals left to without mothers. Last week 5 horses were left on the side of a main road in Donegal, there is no rescue centre in our county, so the authorities put poor but well bred Irish horses down and left in a heap by the side of the road. 8 more were left this morning abandoned and left to take whatever fate dealt them. Stand up guys in the US and be heard whatever it takes to save your wild horses. I’m struggling to keep my rescue horses against judges that just tell you to let go and let them be slaughtered. My heart goes out to you all that help. My very best to you all on this site try your best as I do here. God bless


    • thank-you heidi , for your kind words and god speed for your compassion for work, as here in the u .s . its a shame and crime that any horse has to face that horror . i will pray for your horses also again thank-you


  17. Re-reading this, I am wondering how much grass these guys think 3 week old foals eat? Ag 101.

    It’s especially alarming that these horses will be out of the public eye during the roundup and holding, since they will be on private land… which I understand would put me in jail if I did this.

    Also wondering, if they are using the “drought” argument why they aren’t also threatening to remove other animals owned by the public, like deer, elk, antelope etc. Maybe even the trees and sagebrush, since they take water from cows, too.

    If this was a movie I would ask for my money back and leave.


  18. Every last one of these people should be arrested, and put in Jail with the BLM !!!!! The Whole sorry a**ed lot of them are Criminals breaking the law , right in the darn face of America Home of the Brave and Free?????? !!!!!


  19. my comment would just be a useless string of very ugly expletives…with steam coming out of my ears and fire out of my mouth…I’ll leave it at that and hope I can sleep tonight.


  20. The least you can do is send a letter to,
    Here is mine. Help yourself.

    To whom it may concern at the BLM:

    The idea that the BLM who is responsible for the protection of OUR AMERICAN ICONIC NATIVE WILD HORSES and BURROS via the 1971 legislation would allow private entities to round up and remove those WH&Bs illegally is criminal. Private persons cannot use or control public lands or American owned WH&Bs for private profit.

    BLM’s Juan Palma has caved in to illegal threats made by the Iron County Commissioners for wild horse roundups by private citizens. He told them he’d have a plan for removal in place by Friday. The Iron County Commissioners with support from Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower broke off their meeting with the BLM and plan their illegal activities to commence on this Thursday. Iron County Commissioner David Miller claims “we have to get those horses off the range immediately.” This is illegal. This is outrageous. This is flagrant. This ought to generate a class action lawsuit against the BLM in behalf of the American Public who owns these WH&Bs not a bunch of unruly, greedy, private ranchers.

    Immediately post Federal Marshals around the HMAs to stop this illegal activity.

    Remove all livestock immediately from the same area, since there is not enough water and forage for OUR WILD HORSES and BURROS who are legislatively designated to these PUBLIC LANDS.

    Elaine Brown
    Sunland, CA


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