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BLM Caves to Utah Welfare Ranchers

Privately owned welfare cattle being herded onto public land and wild horse habitat  ~  photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Privately owned welfare cattle being herded onto public land and wild horse habitat ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The federal Bureau of Land Management will likely clear most if not all the wild horses from a West Desert block of state land in July as part of a newly approved plan to remove 200 wild horses from Utah rangelands this year.

The Interior Department this week greenlighted Utah BLM’s request to gather these horses in the face of mounting pressure from state and local officials concerned that overpopulation of wild horses is damaging a parched range and could force ranchers to reduce cattle grazing levels.

“It’s a bittersweet thing to me,” said Beaver County Commissioner Mark Whitney. “Juan [Palma, BLM’s state director] means well, but it’s only a drop in the bucket in what needs to be done in the West Desert because they’ve let the problem get so out of control, especially in drought conditions.”

BLM’s plan calls for rounding up 140 horses on the Blawn Wash herd area that overlies 26,000 acres overseen by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) west of Milford.

Blawn Wash has been a source of tension for state trust lands managers who amassed this block of rangelands several years ago with the expectation that horses would no longer be allowed to graze them, according to Kim Christy, SITLA’s associate director.

“This goes beyond revenue generation. This is a severe resource degradation issue that’s attributable to overstocking of horses,” Kristy said.

SITLA’s Blawn Wash holdings cover 2,000 animal-unit months, or AUMs — the amount of forage that support a cow-calf pair for one month.

“For the three grazing permittees, it’s vital for their survival,” Kristy said.

Under the new authorization, another 50 “nuisance” horses are to be trapped in corrals on private lands, and ten more are to be removed from public lands in Beaver County because they hang around State Route 21, posing a threat to traffic safety, according to BLM spokeswoman Megan Crandall. These numbers include the eight that have already been trapped on private ranch lands this spring.

The Blawn Wash gather is part of a string of West Desert roundups undergoing an environmental assessment. This proposal envisions the removal of 600 to 700 horses, mostly from the Bible Spring Complex in western Iron County. This would be accomplished in four roundups over the next 10 years.

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  1. I just don’t understand! This land does not belong to the ranchers!!!! The cattle are ruining the land, not the horses!!!! The feds need to get a backbone and stand up before every single wild horse is slaughtered!!!! Shame on the ranchers and the White House!!!!!


  2. Pass the safe Act stalled in Congress , contact your State reps, i have been trying for months, finally did get a Meeting with Aid to Sherrod Brown , John Ryan,I spent an hour and a half covering all aspects , with john Ryan, waited I month for answer,to what I thought was an amazing Meeting ,he took notes and asked questions i was told after <Mr Ryan spoke to Senator Sherrod Brown didnt want to sign as he said it would never reach a vote???? What we need here is a posted running list of State reps who are refusing to sign….. under this kind of flimsy excuse…………


      • I do not have a List yet , I think we need to depend on our advocates who have already contacted there State Reps, and find out what each one encountered in there meeting with their State Reps, i am sure it will be interesting and informative on what is occurring in each State!!!!!! In an half hour conversation with Mr Ryan, he actually asked me not to Post what Sherrod Brown said ?????? on here????/


      • Just had a phone conversation with Sherrod Browns office Manager Bradley Dean, about requesting a meeting with Sherrod Brown himslf in reference to The Safe Act for Horses, he said i could send in a Request for a Meeting with Sherrod Brown , but if i have already received a Meeting with his Aid john Ryan, it would be highly unlikely to be granted?????? I explained the high importance of this Meeting and The safe Act for Horses is for millions of horses in the US, he said that Sherrod Brown has already answered this, by saying he wouldnt sign because it would never reach a vote????? his reasoning for this is because there are more important Issues facing our Senator??????? i will send a Request even enlight of this answer………………………………………..I again stated that this answer will be posted to the Millions of Horse advocates to view …………………………Ohio may not be the horse Capital of the US , but voting Constituents here in Ohio Love their Horses and the Mustangs out west who are in deep peril would not be pleased !!!!!


    • My senators from Virginia say the same thing. They won’t sponsor S541, but if it ever comes to the senate floor for a vote, they will keep my thoughts about in mind. The Farm Bureau and VQHA and Va. Horse Council play into their decisions. The fact that 80 percent of Americans polled are against slaughter isn’t a feasible argument compared to the big 3.


      • Thank You timparmly, Please would everyone here please post what kind of response they have received for their State Rep!!!!!!


      • I get the same kind of response from my three elected congresspeople… no position, a pat on the head and a sugary promise they will “keep my thoughts in mind.” In my view the simple truth they won’t even espouse a position is sufficient proof they deserve to be thrown out of office, every damn one. They don’t have to agree with me but I can’t and won’t vote for an empty suit. We citizens at least merit answers to our questions about a politician’s position on issues forgawdssake!


      • Hi, I checked on the Kentucky Quarter Horse position on Horse Slaughter they are on Dave.D. list for being pro slaughter, well they are NOT,, although they are neutral, because they cannot make their members be one or the other, so they are neutral to me it is better than actually endorsing horse slaughter, I am wondering has anyone checked in Virginia,, cause that would to me make a difference,,, did ask them to take a poll about this matter would be really nice to know how their members really DID feel… Never heard back with that suggestion…Of course my personnel opinion but we have to stop the DEMAND for horsemeat, folks need to be educated about how deadly this meat could be…. I doubt very much our bill will come out of committee’s they were put their on purpose,, with the chair holders so tight with Big Agriculture,,, and Senators not giving it the time of day, been waiting for over a year,,, so yeah that’s where this bill will sit,,, to many bought and paid for politicians… Sad to say but the truth… I still will keep fighting for it and will also start contacting the EU more……BLM on that front is obviously a corrupt entity, that just keeps on taking the horses off the land,, WHERE are our politicians, where is our President, where is the Justice Dept. ????? DO they ALL CONDON what has been going on???????? REALLY????


  3. There is room for both! There is food for both! There is water for both! If there is not, then employ the BLM to place water troughs, with our money that we give them through the Feds, and either haul or drop them water on the range and help prevent range fires. They have to water them is they put them in holding pens, plus they have to feed them. There is great cost to round ups and it maims and injuries and kills the horses. This insanity has to stop. I am sure there is really some other plan going on here that we are no being told. Just remember that it is remove the Horses today and the Cattle tomorrow. Don’t forget the Bundy’s!!!


    • Dear Icy and Tim, need to know what State and the Reps Name !!!!!!! Compiling a List of Reps and States they are in……………….. then RT will Post here on a List so we know who is not signing to co sponsor the Safe Act…….


      • GREAT!


        Senator Mark Udall (D) running this year

        Senator Mike Bennett (D)

        Representative Scott Tipton (R)


      • Thanks Icy now hoping everyone will respond and let us know in each State who is not signing , when is comes time to vote we will know who they are!!!!!! You did Perfect with the info


  4. Reduce the amount of Cattle and sheep,they are the problem not the horses.Lets just get rid of the BLM and send them to manage pot holes in the streets.That is want they seem to be capable of looking after.Not living breathing animals that have the Right to the land.


  5. Arlene, Sherrod Brown has lost my vote. The good news in Ohio politics is that Marcy Kaptur supports the PAST ACT.


  6. Here is a copy of email sent to Senator Sherrod Brown this Morning,,, Dear Senator Sherrod Brown, I am Requesting a Meeting with you , to explain the Extreme importance The Safe Act for horses is to at least 80% of American Voters, as well as thousands of Ohio Voters, although I have already met with the Gracious John Ryan about this matter, and you have already said you would not be signing on as a co sponsor, I tend to feel that you dont understand the Importance of this Act, not to only the Horses , but to the People who Love and respect them….. I can and will answer any questions to enlighten and gain your support, i understand you have many issues on your mind which you feel are more important, but we are trying to save thousands of Horses and Mustangs who are the Spirit of the US, and who have contributed in every war, and the actual building of the West their importance and the Role they play in the saving of Wildlife and us is extremely warranted for the Survival of of in the Future………… The Mustangs are Natures Balance !!!! They should be protected from all harm as deemed and realized by Congress in the Signing of Roam Act of 1971…….. It was a unanimous Vote !!!!!!!! Sincerely Arlene Orlando


  7. Where are the BLM swat teams? Why did BLM bring out the militia at the Bundy ranch in Nevada and not in Utah? What power do the Iron County commissioners/ranchers hold over that agency in Utah? What gives?


  8. “…state trust lands managers who amassed this block of rangelands several years ago with the expectation that horses would no longer be allowed to graze them, according to Kim Christy, SITLA’s associate director.”

    From this article (above) what is this referencing? Was some “agreement” made that horses would be forever removed here from their LEGAL HERD AREA?

    If so, this deserves a legal followup. Something stinks here, and money changed hands based on an illegal promise it appears.


  9. Duquette must be fullfilling Wallis prophecy. The last interview she did with Loos was one of impending doom for the BLM horses. She had threatened Congress would Learn their lesson with the BLM horses. There was must ennuendo of what would come for these horses and how Congress woukd RUE the day and the horses would die. The interview was Odd as often was with those folks, but it was Only her and she was lashing out Directly at the Wild Horses. Then you have Duquette who is Still starting brush fires againstthe horses and fighting the fire to close to the slaughter plants. Another story of impending supposed doom issued on the KOAT tv news stating in September they WILL open in NM. So folks we need to remember dirty politics reopened this Pandoras box, dirty politics allowed the GAO report, dirty politics allows horses trucked like sardines instead of even livestock across any state. Dirty politics runs the BLM, dirty politics are run by politicians who by the way,YOU can VOTE OUT of Elected offices! These people arent concerned with the environment or cows would be withdrawn for methane reduction such as the case throughout the midwest has happened. Please people we need to USE the Voting Rights bestowed upon us. We also Need to broadcast these underhanded deals in the News. The Public at large thats not advocacy Needs to know this clear and present danger to the horses.


  10. WHERE is the land that was LEGALLY DESIGNATED, by and ACT of CONGRESS?

    88 Million Acres?

    Recently, I have again asked BLM and USGS to address where are they getting “…88 million acres of public lands” from? Obviously, if USGS is reporting the accurate acreage versus BLM, we are looking at a loss of over 53 million acres since wild horses and burros became “protected”, not 19 million acres as currently believed


  11. Now that the ranchers in Utah just got their way. The ranchers in Northern Nevada will probably fallow suit. With the commissioner of Tonopah requesting the removal of horses at Little Fish Lake Valley. She is also part of the NACO. Nevada Association of Counties. This is just the tip of the ice berg. God help us and protect our wild ones.


  12. So who are the ranchers going to scapegoat when all the wild horses are gone? About the only positive I can think of about the systamatic removal of our wild equids is that then the truth will be there for all to see; that it is and has always been the cattle and sheep that are destroying the range.


  13. Many of the Public Lands ranchers are also bankers, legislators, or corporations. There are probably write-offs that make ranching a desirable sideline.

    Ranchers, BLM, Settle Suit Over WY Wild Horses: the Horses LOSE
    The settlement stems from a lawsuit filed in 2011 by the
    a group of ranchers who run cattle on a vast area of southwest Wyoming known as the Checkerboard
    The association’s president, JOHN HAY, of Rock Springs, declined to comment Thursday

    Click to access Agenda-_Rock_Springs-2014.pdf

    Page 4
    JOHN HAY, President
    Rock Springs National Bank

    Click to access ExhH.pdf

    Page 11
    23. JOHN HAY, from ROCK SPRINGS GRAZING ASSOCIATION, a surface and mineral owner in the checkerboard area…


  14. Public Lands Ranching

    Hobby ranchers and corporate-entities hold the lion’s share of grazing permits on hundreds of millions of acres of public lands. Most of the rest of public land ranchers rely on service jobs in small towns as their primary source of income. Rural communities support public land ranchers not the other way around.

    Public Lands Ranching and Politics
    Public land managers are routinely subject to political interference. Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service scientists and other staff work in a professional atmosphere of coercion. Land managers have lost their jobs and avoid scientific inquiry for fear that the results of such inquiry will undermine their careers.


  15. Bogus Nevada Cow Committee Takes Impotent Swipe at Wild Horses
    article by George Knapp of Las Vegas KLAS – TV
    “Cattle-driven Rhoads Pushes Bulls**t Horse Law”

    “Those hardy Nevadans who make a living by raising livestock on our oft-parched ranges have my unqualified respect. It’s a tough life, fraught with peril.”

    Sen. Rhoads is a cattle rancher.
    He believes that the public range is for cattle, not wild horses, even though federal law says the mustangs have a right to exist on the public lands, while cattle grazing by private ranchers is, at best, a privilege.
    Rhoads has campaigned against wild horses in pretty much every session of his long legislative career, even opposing a campaign by fourth-graders to declare the mustang as Nevada’s official animal.
    He has frequently urged the feds to round up as many wild horses as they can capture, to get them off the public lands, even though private cattle outnumber the horses 40 to 1.


  16. These low life welfare ranchers are getting their way again..I hope that once the horses are gone that their whole range area dries up and burns. Let their cows die out there.and they have nobody to blame but their stupid selves.


    • We are not going to let them destroy our Magnificent Mustangs , are we?????We must get the Safe Act Passed , Please all here put that pressure on your State Reps,get in touch with them , PROVE to them it is important enough for them to STOP what ever they are doing, and address this Issue immediately !!!!!!!! This Must be a UNITED Issue for everyone here……. We preach to the Choir everyday here , NOW LETS PREACH WHERE IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!! We voted these people in , we pay them !!!!!!!!! now MAKE them Work for what is important to everyone of us…………


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