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Update on Cloud in the Pryors


After Cloud’s brutal battle with Doc several weeks ago in the Pryors, Cloud was finally sighted, but reported injured.  R.T. traveled to Wyoming to look for Cloud with our dear friend, Ginger.

R.T. sent this report this morning: “It took us all day but Cloud had moved his band up the mountain and his left rear causes him to limp while walking and his right front is swollen.  There is a lot of ‘change’ up on the mountain in the way of shifting between and within the different bands so we have a concern over Cloud’s ability to protect himself and his mares.

Ginger and Cloud

We are going back up today to check on him and to continue our census of who is with who and to attempt to lay our eyes upon every horse that we can so as to verify their survival of this past harsh winter.  We leave early and stay out late so little computer time but I am attaching a photo of a very relieved Ginger photographing Cloud.”

(Note from Debbie – R.T. also sent a video, but I’m having difficulty posting it.  I’ll post it as soon as I can.)

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  1. hey debbie & r.t. will you document an actual count of how many horses there is and is their any one in utah who can document an acurate count of horses there .maybe if advocate can have proof of the count of horses and that they are not in overpopulated state ,we might be able to use that against the ranchers and the blm in the news. diane sawyer seems to be one that might be on our side . i sure hope cloud is ok and he is able to keep his family together . how many horses are in his band . i have followed cloud”s story for many years be safe , how is the wildlife there?


    • Hi Cindy – In the Pryors we do have an accurate count of the horses and the horses there are followed closely not only by The Cloud Foundation but by the Pryor Mustang Center as well. As far as Utah we are still looking for folks there. The Sulphur HMA has many followers but I have not seen any documentation.


  2. I hope and pray for Cloud and Ginger, who has followed him for so many years with dedication and devotion that he will recover. Thank you R.T. for providing the update and being such a loyal friend to Ginger and our equine friends.


  3. Cloud is a beautiful horse. I am so glad there are those who care enough to chronicle the lives of our precious wild horses


  4. Thank you for the hard work and the updates for all of us who follow your path .. following Cloud and all .. every day matters to our wild horses


  5. Its so hard to realize this wonderful stallion, who help bring the spotlight down on so many mustangs, might be coming to the end of his story. What a wonderful journey he has taken so many of us on. I came to the Pryors to see the horses based on my love of Clouds story


  6. This is so heart breaking💔 have been very interested Cloud and his band forever. Will pray🙏for protection & healing over him.


  7. I also have been following Cloud for years, I am so saddened and worried for him, is there anyway we can intervene in some way and help him to recover ????? He is precious to say the least !!!


  8. Thank You Ginger and RT waiting for the video….. Prayers are sent for Ginger, RT and Cloud !!!!!!


  9. Oh so sorry about Cloud. Im very happy he’s still alive & still able to be free. Cloud is getting up in age & there will be other stallions trying to get his mares…& all too soon it will happen that he will have to take a lower ranking or die fighting. Hate that when we all get old. Cloud will always remain a favorite!


  10. Injuries from fighting are one thing, but fighting to protect your freedom, your life and health, and those whose lives you love and which you have helped create and live to live and to protect yourself and loved ones from the likes of this United States governmental malfunctioning agency who continues it”s evil and destructive chaos, stupidity and eradic, unfounded actions attempting to eradicate beings who are cherished by multitudes of American citizens and supposedly protected by LAW. this is a different kind of weird sickness that can not be defended against without going into that uncivilized, unlawful realm of being!

    I hate this so much! Where are the Angels?!! PLEASE, Angels protect these innocent beings from the crazed!!


  11. I have followed the Cloud story since he was born. I beg all to please not intervene to “help’ Cloud recover from his injuries. Instead, please allow him and all the other wild horses to be wild. Allow their story to unfold as if we were not watching at all. That is the best way to honor them.


    • There are no worries, there, Carol. It is against the law to “intervene” and there are other rules regarding your conduct around wild horses, we follow them all. We are only there to observe, record and document so that information can be used by the public as well as the scientific community. Ginger is the world’s greatest resource on wild horse behavior due to her two decades of active observation. It is an honor and a privilege to spend this very special time with her and the horses.


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