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The Canadian Battle for Wild Horses (Part 3)

Source: Habitat for Horses

This is the third and final part of The Canadian Battle for the Wild Horses as presented by Virginia Fisher.  Their story echoes our very own battle with the BLM over the rights of our “wildies” to the land.

The other parts of this series:
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~ HfH

Our Battle with the ESRD – Part III
By: Virginia Fisher


Our story in Canada is almost identical to your story in the U.S.  We have been lied to and mislead by our Government.  We are labeled as “bleeding heart horse petters”, our “vegan brains protein starved”, “we all live in condos in the city”, and we “don’t know nuthin bout hosses”. Our wild horses are called “feral invasive pests” and the remaining herds of 880 are destroying the rangeland and gobbling all the grass intended for the 40,000 head of cattle, who are on grazing permits on our Public Lands.  ESRD claims the Advisory Committee doesn’t actually “vote” but rather makes “recommendations” as to what is to be done each year.  We asked, since ESRD has hand-picked this, “ain’t no conflict here” Committee, and stacked it with pro-slaughter “kill dem hosses and squeeze every last cent outta dem”, gun totten “gotta bag me some deer”, “want the cheap grass for their cattle grazing permit holders”, how any recommendation could possibly be anything else BUT capture and slaughter?  We’ve asked how the 3 mares, killed within days of capture, and confirmed by Jason Bradley, managed to slip through the Government’s “guaranteed safe, ain’t no tainted meat here”, mandatory 6 month holding period where no medical records are available, and we’ve asked what was put on the Equine Information Document our Government swears prevents tainted meat getting into the food chain. Another thing that came to light, is that ESRD admits they have no true information about what effect, if any, the wild horses have on the rangeland, nor can they state how many horses the environment can sustain, but that doesn’t stop them from issuing Capture Permits! No answers have been forthcoming to our questions.

We are determined to continue to be a voice for our wild horses.  We are asking that the contraception program be given a fair trial, and Bob and WHOAS are working on opening a Rescue/Adoption facility.  We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent another cruel and inhumane capture season.  Plans are already underway and if ESRD thought we were a pain in the backside this year, just wait till they see what we can do with several months to organize. Maybe ESRD thinks we’re kidding…….HA!

Below is the complete gallery of photos Virginia sent me. If anyone knows more about these photos, please comment on our website or on Facebook and I will update as I am able. Duane Starr Photography took the majority of these wonderful pictures – you can find out more about him here:   

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  1. See what being nice and playing by the rules gets you? We’ve lost herds of horses to these renegades in the BLM, many shipped to slaughter unless purchased from the auctions… OUR HORSES!!!!! The BLM has their backroom assemblies to declare and decide whata to do with the horses thqt they get their hands on after lying to the people to justify their villainous actions… these roundups are vile, illegal and inhumane and all spurred on by the ranchers and big corporate business. Dammit, when will people see and punderstand that they are robbing us blind??? Or will we continupe to be sheeple and just let them send us to slaughter along with our horses. Makes me sick!!


  2. “The big system can be pretty overwhelming. We know that we can’t beat them by competing with them. What we can do is build small systems where we live and work that serve our needs as we define us and not as they ‘re defined for us. The big boys in their shining armor are up there on castle walls hurling their thunderbolts. We’re the ants patiently carrying sand a grain at a time from under the castle wall. We work from the bottom up. The knights up there don’t see the ants and don’t know what we’re doing. They’ll figure it out only when the wall begins to fall. It takes time and quiet persistence.
    Always remember this: They fight with money and we resist with time, and they’re going to run out of money before we run out of time”

    Utah Phillips


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