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Ranchers Want Our Public Lands for Their Livestock, and Want the Govt. to Stick It to Wild Horses and Taxpayers

By Vickery Eckhoff as published on AlterNet

Ranchers who graze their cows on federal lands are hellbent on taking wildlife and the public along with them for the ride.

What prompted them was a BLM request seeking voluntary reductions in livestock on public land suffering damage during the long drought. Faced with the loss of cheap forage for their cattle and sheep, the ranchers found a way to deflect the blame and economic burden.

Wild horses make an easy target; but that’s only as long as the BLM’s and the ranchers’ case for removal goes unexamined. The news media so far has done little probing into the issue—not in Utah, nor elsewhere ranchers lobby to get rid of wild horses.

Instead, the ranchers and BLM simply assert that the mustangs—and not privately owned livestock—are “overpopulating” and “overgrazing.” This claim is made without any scientific proof. Overgrazing as compared to what, exactly? Cattle and sheep? Neither the BLM nor the ranchers will provide data.

What is known is that the ranchers have nearly two million acres of grazing allotments in Iron and Beaver counties that overlap eight herd management areas (HMAs) where wild horses are protected. The four HMAs making up the Bible Springs Complex are just a fraction of the more than half-million acres where the wild horses (and private livestock) graze together under “multiple use” land policies. Another nearly million and a half acres of public lands provide further forage exclusively for cattle and sheep…(CONTINUED)

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  2. Again, Vickery…job well done.

    Welfare Ranchers are the biggest bunch of whiners that blight the west.

    I have nothing against cattle ranchers, my next door neighbors are cattle ranchers but the difference is they bought their OWN land, they fenced their OWN land, they maintain their OWN land and they pay taxes on their OWN land.

    I am just flat sick and tired of working, paying taxes and then watching the Federal Government hand over my hard earned money to a bunch of Bozos like these clowns.

    They need to go out into the real word, get a real job and stop suckling off from the teat of the BLM.

    Time for the spoiled little boys to man-up!


  3. Drought: Some Utah ranchers want elk dead for cows
    Group asks increase in elk permits so public land cows can continue during drought-
    Even though cattle graze for just $1.35 an animal unit month (an AUM) on Forest Service land, a group of central Utah livestock operators has asked the Utah Wildlife Board for an increase in elk permits because there isn’t enough forage to go round during the drought. The Salt Lake Tribune reports on the issue. As Western range suffers, should Utah cull wildlife?.


    • It’s all about money and who can screw who to get it. Big Ranchers are asking the government to screw the little Ranchers and they’re steadily doing it. Plus they’re reducing our wild horses and increasing the amount of public land the government controls. Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah are all targets of the BLM and money boys. Harry Reid is the leader of the pack…..Get rid of him and his henchmen in the BLM and this will all go back to normal……


  4. What should be removed from OUR PUBLIC LANDS are the Ranchers and their Bovine mowing machines , This :Land belongs to the Mustangs, and their making a Margin Call !!!!!!!!


  5. ranchers are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the world of totally ridicule . what are they going to do when they have no one else to blame it on ? just what do we expect though when people are being appointed from the likes of dirty harry reid . wildlife and horse advocates it would seem have been talking to def officials who know better then us how to treat the land . i guess experience shows that this adminastration just knows how this great country should be . i truely wish congress would grow a pair and start to bring this country back and commander what ever would back off his pen and exucutive orders before he buries us . i don’t might being the laughing stock if i’m making the right calls but omg . i just don’t understand. and i’m getting on a roll so i’d better stop now . the whole thing just stinks!!!!!!


  6. The land belongs to the horses, so the cattle need to leave and the horses need to stay , this is bull crap for sure…..We need to stop letting them force us to more the horses and get it in their heads the land has been belonging to the horses.


    • I agree with you Daryl. Those horses have been there for years. Let the ranchers buy their own dam land, fence it in and maintain it instead of living off the land that has always been the freedom for these beautiful animals


  7. I think the government should take helicopters on lands where cattle are grazing illegally and herd them up and ship them to market. that should stop the welfare ranchers and their non intelligent rantings. ALso would help our prices at the store.


  8. MAYBE everyone is looking at the wrong culprit here. Hay (and grain) prices are going off the planet because both government and private enterprise have their own self-interest before the needs of the American buying public. Hay is being sold to Japan and China FIRST and government regulations and welfare incentives for growing corn, rather than hay are making responsible horse and cattle ownership unaffordable. As an owner of 15 horses…7 of them RESCUED TB, I can tell you it is not going to do a thing (on behalf of the horses) to be distracted by what the government is really up to. The government wants the cattle and horse people at each other’s throats so they have cover for what they are really up to….REGULATING AND PRICING ALL AMERICANS out of INDEPENDENT existence. Pretty soon we wont be able to afford to feed our horses OR ourselves if this is allowed to continue. It is about the UNEVEN trade and unfettered ability to EXPORT our basic staples of existence, WHILE AMERICANS get in line….the bread line!!! Global banks are going to stop carrying the U.S. Dollar (allegedly scheduled for July 1st.) Then what do you think will happen to the value of our hard-earned dollars?


    • Thank you for being a grounding voice in a sea of emotion!!! Can add on to your comment? – does anyone know that in the past 5 to 10 years cattle numbers have been lowest that they have been in decades? so you tell me whats going on here


  9. My prayer is to show the world that in the land of the free…we do not kill wild horses in our Americas Free Land… is not the ranchers decision or their right to decide that the wild horses are slaughtered for their pocket. To destroy
    Gods beautiful creation ‘wild horse’ is
    wrong & I believe that we will all answer to God for our wrongs. Stop This Now!


  10. Wow!! The horses are protected! Get over your self and stop being so greedy and cheap Ranchers. It is disgusting. You dont get everything!


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