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Horse slaughterhouse Bouvry loses a big customer

333                                                                              photo of Bouvry slaughterhouse by Animals Angels

Brandi Turner, Head of Investigations in Colorado for Animals Angels sends the following:

Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company & supermarket chain has decided to terminate its contract with Bouvry Exports and will no longer buy meat from the Canadian supplier. The decision was made after Migros was confronted again with horrific images from the Bouvry feedlots provided by Animals’ Angels (AA) and its Swiss partner organization Tierschutzbund Zuerich (TSB). The footage obtained by AA and TSB in October of 2013 showed mares left to die and decompose inside the pen area as well as horses with apparent, contagious diseases and severely overgrown hooves.

The graphic pictures were the “straw that broke the camel’s back” – Migros had been monitoring Bouvry Exports very closely ever since AA’s 2012 exposure of substandard conditions & horses in severe distress at the company’s Canadian feedlots. This decision is a MAJOR loss for Bouvry Exports, since Migros was one of their biggest customers and it is expected to result in a significant decrease of US horses shipped to slaughter.

source: Presseportal

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  1. Thank you Brandi!!!!! I met you in Las Vegas at the Equine Convention and you have made such a difference to horses!!!
    These are the steps needed to slow-stop this atrocity.
    WE all need to put pressure on the purchasers and importers of horse meat to show it for what it is – misery.


  2. One can only hope that more buyers will follow suit and force Bouvry to close for good. Keep up the good work Animals Angels! You are very much appreciated.


  3. Bless everyone who had a he hand in making this happen….You all are fantastic… THE BEST NEWS EVER>>>…Let’s keep it rolling……. THANK YOU so very much


  4. if this person closes down for good, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I know some one has to do the dirty work, finding this horrid means for animals, I don’t have the guts, thank you. Hope more will fallow, and wise up to where they are headed


  5. This IS the best news ever … that’s long overdue! A huge thank you to Animal Angels for never giving up on the protection and safety of our innocent horses. This is a great accomplishment for our horses, as well as; the safety and protection of consumers. It’s truly time to end this brutal practice, once and for all. Thanks to all who have taken part and continue to be a voice for our equines.


  6. Brandi I am so proud of the investigative work Animal Angels does. The thousands of horses that have died such tormenting deaths will not be forgotten.
    Thank you for all the painful work to show the world agony and torture beyond tears. The horses that feel the pain oh how awful. It is time to expose this to the world. Yes we must to stop horse slaughter now and forever. If only Europeans knew what they were eating. I met you also in Las Vegas. I will do what ever I can to stop this horror beyond words. God bless our beloved horses. Amen


  7. Thank you RT and Animal Angels for this uplifting news. Has the truth finally come to light? Let’s hope so.


  8. So after reading the Animal Angels report I wonder if the horses with twine and numbers around there necks – like horse #945 are BLM Mustangs????????


  9. I Commend Brandi and those involved who follow up on the horrific action of these individuals. As a past hooves humane investigator unless you have been there the average horse owners do not have a clue or choose to take a blind eye. Until the laws protecting our equines is passed the abuse will continue. The best thing that ever happened in Illinois was the closing of Cavel, Intl. The pressure. is mounting and with persistance these companies will eventually close. Many horse people are realizing in this economy if a horse is taken to an auction chances are it will end up in the slaughter pipeline. Its heart breaking to do this work and you are not able to save them all. God bless them all because I experienced first hand how hard it is to see this and try to remain your composer. How many will be lost before this ends??


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