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Ginger Kathrens’ Update on Cloud

by Ginger Kathrens, Exec. Director of The Cloud Foundation

The Courage of Cloud and Encore

Late May in the Pryor Mountains, 2014

When RT Fitch offered to join me in my search for Cloud, I think we both feared the worst. Were we going to be looking for a body or a live Cloud? My friend had offered to come so I would not be searching alone. The day before he was to leave his home near Houston, Texas, I called to let him know that Nancy Cerroni had spotted Cloud alive! And she said, “It gets better.” Cloud had somehow won back his mares, Feldspar and Ingrid! And she said, “Wait, it gets better still.” He and Feldspar have a beautiful new son! Our journey morphs into a joyous search for Cloud and his family.



RT and I, with our loyal companion, Quinn, spend four days together, three of them on Tillett Ridge. Quinn is particularly fond of his new friend, RT, who serves as his “seat belt,” keeping him from sliding onto the floor board on the bumpy roads.





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  1. What a Soap Opera! TV Script writers could take a lesson or two from these wild families. I can hardly wait for the next installment.
    I am so happy to hear that Cloud is doing better. The photos are wonderful.


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