Wild Burros

BLM Issues Deadly Permit for Wolf Derby

Source: The Teton Valley News

The BLM’s self-righteous propensity to play God over the native creatures of our public lands stretches far beyond the destruction of our wild horses and burros but all the way to the very predators that would naturally regulate the herds, IF they even needed to be regulated.  Nature has been doing just fine for eons without the interference of human management but the rouge feds prefer to deal with special interest groups and the collusion of monetary gain instead of making sound decisions on scientific data and facts.” ~ R.T.

The BLM Idaho Falls District received 40,000 comments on the environmental assessment, many indicating concern over the proposed type of action occurring on public lands.

shot-wolfLast week the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a decision to approve Idaho for Wildlife’s special recreation permit for a competitive event to have a wolf and coyote derby on public lands in southeast Idaho. The proposed event is scheduled to occur January 2015.

Just hours after the BLM’s decision on Thursday, Nov. 13 four environmental groups filed a lawsuit.

The BLM Idaho Falls District received 40,000 comments on the environmental assessment, many indicating concern over the proposed type of action occurring on public lands.

“We are aware of the social controversy regarding the event,” said Joe Kraayenbrink, Idaho Falls District Manager. “However, from our analysis, we could not find significant conflicts with other environmental resources that would prohibit the competitive event from occurring.”

In a press release the BLM said every year thousands of hunters and recreationalists conduct dispersed activities on public lands. The proposed activity comes under review only because it is advertised as a competitive event, where individuals register and compete for prizes. Without the competitive nexus, no permit would be necessary.

According to the Associated Press, Defenders of Wildlife, the Center for Biological Diversity, Western Watersheds Project and Project Coyote say the BLM’s actions are contrary to the federal government’s wolf reintroduction efforts.

The permit request came from Idaho for Wildlife a group who’s mission is to protect Idaho’s hunting and fishing heritage and fight against animal rights and anti-gun organizations, according to their website.

Last year, Idaho for Wildlife held their first ever derby on private and U.S. Forest Service land. They reported that no wolves were harvested during the derby in 2013, and 21 coyotes were taken.

The derby is a two-day event where two-man teams compete to harvest wolves and coyotes for prize money. Last year there was a $1,000 prize offered to the team who killed the biggest wolf and another $1,000 awarded to the team that bagged the most coyotes. The event drew around 100 hunters and 230 people in total in Salmon, Idaho.

Further explaining their decision, the BLM release said “hunting is legal in the state of Idaho, is a protected right under the Idaho constitution and is managed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDF&G). Wildlife populations are tracked and managed by IDF&G, not by the BLM. Competitive hunts are allowed by the state and no federal law forbids this type of activity. As a land management agency the BLM is tasked with ensuring resources such as cultural, vegetation, air, water, soil, etc. will not be significantly impacted by participants.”

The permit analyzed whether up to 500 people recreating on 3.1 million acres of public land would negatively impact the resources within the BLM’s jurisdictional authority to manage. After analysis and discussion with other agencies, the BLM determined a finding of no significant impact, read the release.

A copy of the decision record, environmental assessment and supporting documentation is available online at: https://www.blm.gov/epl-front-office/eplanning/planAndProjectSite.do?methodName=dispatchToPatternPage&currentPageId=53582

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  1. This is insane. Just this last weekend they had a coyote kill in my town. They even give a prize for the smallest carcass. They only “bagged” 97. Hopefully the cold drove most into their dens. THEN, 1/2 of them are drunk by day one and NO one regulates anything! What happen to the young left behind to fend for the winter? Wound up over the coyote kill. Our local paper proudly posts a pic of some of the slobs that participated and of course 3 of them held up lifeless bodies. Now, horse slaughter rears it’s ugly head again in this town.


    • Only 97? one is too many. What happened to the right to life in the case of animals? Oh I forgot that only pertains to useless overpopulated humans..


    • In some places they’ve been killing them too. No respect for life. No concern for genocide of any species. People are hypocrites.


  2. The person in the photo above is one of those sub human beings , How dare he smile like that holding an innocent dead wolf……………….. Its horrifing that anyone could do that !!!!!!! What an miserable excuse for a Human ……


    • So up to 500 morons with guns out shooting at anything that moves. They should all be required to wear faux wolf fur coats and hats to make things a little more sporting for the wolves. Too bad the wolves can’t be driven out of the area until the “competition” is over. What a bunch of Neanderthals!


      • Makes you wonder do they hug there children with those MURDERING hands , worse yet they reproduce mindless murdering offspring !!!!! Those who murder animals for the sport are mindless cowards and are all sick and demented !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each and every animal has a reason for being and are contributors to the ecosystem and to all things within their realm…….Mother Nature handles the balance , she an expert at it and charges nothing to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Her methods sometimes are not pretty but always humane…………………………………..


    • Arlene: THis idiot is just that. He has no compassion and can only beat an animal that is smaller than he is. If he met a person his own size, he might end up the loser.
      What a disgusting individual. That poor wolf, and who knows if it was a mother with babies left behind to fend for themselves. What an a___.


      • Dear Lynne, these kind of sub humans usually dont stop at animal abuse , you can almost bet that he or she is abusing there families also , if you wonder where this type of people get it from , you can take this to the Bank !!!! they were ABUSED THEMSELVES AND WILL CONTINUE TO ABUSE EVERY INNOCENT ANIMAL OR PERSON THEY ENCOUNTER ! Until help is given and recieved…………………. They are miserable with themselves and live tormented lives, sick individuals, how sad that they find no pleasures only demented folly , the smile on that persons face tells it all …………… the normal person finds this appalling to say the least , we are all here and are caretakers to all that come our way , true pleasure is only recieved from giving love or getting love……… hence the narcisstic socialpath……………………. There is help for them they must realize this is NOT NORMAL………………………………..and seek the help they need !!!!!!!


  3. NHS Ortiz, your comments are so accurate. They claim to have no interest in wildlife management, since when?? At this point I am beyond angry.


  4. I can only hope all who are responsible for this will go to hell. The whole balance of nature has been upset because of things like this.


    • You are so right Barbara. They are sending all of us to hell right here on earth. This it’s what hell on earth really means. I’ve got coyotes. I’ve got other wildlife but the only damage that I’ve seen done is by humans..disgusting, saddening..


  5. I’m wondering how they determined no particular impact would occur since some of this hunt will occur in two HMAs (as I read recently). At a minimum if any wild horses end up shot during this free-for-all there should be very stiff penalties imposed, and an automatic cancellation of this permit.


    • Okay, Garry.

      So what about the nature of our food production? Do you plan to eat GMO and artificial chemical foods the rest of your days? There IS a way for ranching and open-range farming to co-exist with Nature. Our ancient ancestors did well with this for many thousands of years.

      Our big problem here is, too many super-billion-dollar companies wanting to control the food market, while they starve out the small-to-medium-sized family farms who did a far better job of stewardship of the lands. The BLM and Parks Department have done nothing more than cater to the wealthiest “robber-barons”, at the public’s expense.

      Our open-range raised food is by far healthier than the factory-farmed alternatives we are only now seeing the clear evidence of its disastrous effects upon our general health and well-being.

      Is all of that to also be thrown out like the “baby with the bath water”?


  6. Right, Garry! Does this surprise anyone though? The governor of Idaho was the one who wanted to get the first wolf tag when they were delisted. 443 wolves have been killed (slaughtered) since the season started. Idaho-90, Montana-74, Wyoming-17 (now protected), Wisconsin-142 (since 10/15), Minnesota-117 and Michigan-no hunt. These are the wolf hating states (and not to forget “our” other apex predators, “our” Yellowstone Bison and “our” wild horses and burros). The mentality of these states is scary and it is taught from birth. That is not an adult in the picture, if you ask me. Killing with bullets and arrows, snaring, trapping, poisoning, torturing and chasing with dogs – welcome to the 1800’s again.


    • Don’t forget the bears down south and Alasaka. Oh and the baby seals for fur hags to have their coats. This country is being trashed right in front of our eyes.


  7. That is very manly of them —NOT!! that is cruel. Let mother nature take care of this Ecosystem. There is NO Compassion in this country for life anymore?? This action is just waaaaay tooo much! Greedy morons


  8. It looks like a proud female clutching a dead wolf in the photo. Unfortunately, demons come in both genders. I am at a loss as to what to do to change the behavior of these demons who populate the BLM, the Idaho Fish & Game Commission and Department, the Idaho Governor’s Office, Wildlife “Services,” and the common demons out with their guns and ATVs salivating for something to kill and barely able to conceal their arousal when they succeed. I say we shun and shame them all as the pariahs they are. No one is safe from them, not wild horses nor wolves nor coyotes nor endangered grouse/fishers/lynx. They truly are demons, and I place them in the same category as serial killers who prey on humans and perverts who enjoy fondling the genitals of young children. They are truly that vile.


  9. Our awareness of the importance about wild horses and burros goes beyond just those two – it includes ALL of the ecosystem that nature put together and that we have no right to ignore or destroy.

    The below link is about a mountain lion killed (under highly suspicious circumstances) in Idaho by the President of the California Fish and Game Commission – good news is that due to loud citizen outcry this guy was ousted from his position – the bad news is that the mountain lion was still dead. The Commissioner deserved what he got — the cat deserved better.

    “It’s a symbolic insult to the voters, saying ‘Yeah, look at me, I’m your president of the Fish and Game Commission, and I’m going over here and I’m going to wave this dead cat in your face,’”


    An ecosystem is a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.


  10. These species are listed as invasive species. Someone is supposed to kill them; they are targeted for eradication. So, the BLM and other federal agencies trying to get rid of wild horses have built partnerships with fisherman and hunters to help them campaign against wild horses. What these guys don’t know is that their livestock is on the same list, but their livestock do not have the long standing historical presence nor the record of DNA and fossil documentation that is present in the case of the horse. This is the same BLM that were armed to the teeth and killed the Bundy cattle and buried them with a back hoe—very sloppily or not at all. No one was laughing when the Bundy cattle were being unearthed.

    However, it has been noted that no animal welfare organizations showed any outrage when the Bundy cattle pictures were posted showing how they had been shot up. The BLM has been able to hide behind the endangered turtle relocation ruse even though the BLM killed a number of turtles only a short time prior to the stand-off at the Bundy ranch. Other facts that help distract the public from what the BLM was actually doing in April are the point that Mr. Bundy had not paid his grazing fees. If money were the issue and recovering the money was the point, the BLM could have easily trailered the cows to an auction and sold them. They didn’t. They killed them. And they will continue to kill whatever they want to kill because the list of invasive species is an arbitrary list of plants and animals that gives the government the power to seize anyone’s animals from any place they don’t want them to be. They can keep you from selling your house if they don’t like the grass you have in your front yard with the cooperatinon of your local authorities. This is what led to the original Sage Brush rebellion. Wayne Hage had Kentucky Bluegrass in his yard and the government told him he couldn’t have it.

    The gray wolf was on the endangered list until the invasive species list went into effect in 2005 along with the 97IPPC.


    • Don’t give that information. They’ll hunt it v down too. If you see something don’t post it because in that you’ve just signed it’s death warrant.


  11. Goes to prove that the big-money makes all the decisions.

    We CAN have sound ranching and farming practices that work well with Nature, without it costing Nature so much. Our ancestors of thousands of years ago did.


    How far and how much are these wasteful “hunts” going to continue? – Until virtually ALL of the “target species” are gone??? – I thought we were supposed to be learning from our past mistakes? – I guess not!


  12. From the Care2 Petition site

    Justice for Bear #760: Young Grizzly Killed By Wyoming Game and Fish…We Want Answers!
    author: Richard Spratley
    target: Scott Talbott, Wyoming Game and Fish Department

    A young 4 Year Old Grizzly bear (#760 – Jim Bear) was killed by Wyoming wildlife officers that are supposed to protect endangered species, not kill them!

    Bear #760 was a favorite in the Grand Tetons National Park, and I was honored to have photographed him multiple times over the past few years. He was well-known for his inquisitiveness, sense of adventure, and his peaceful nature. Even though he was never menacing, or ornery, he was relocated by Wyoming Game and Fish into an inappropriate habitat 5 miles east of the east entrance to Yellowstone. This is an area with the highest density of Grizzlies in the entire Teton / Yellowstone region, according to WGFD’s own reports. As a sub adult he had virtually zero chance of survival there.

    Bear #760 was uprooted when he should have been spending a great deal of time fattening up for winter hibernation. This relocation ended up being his demise. He eventually wandered to the town of Clark, WY. because he was most likely forced out by mature adults for the prime feeding areas. This area is simply sage brush flats, which provides very little forage for bears. He finally found some food….a deer carcass left hanging unsecured in a tree by a hunter. He instinctively claimed it his own. It was there and then that wildlife officers ended up trapping and euthanizing this beautiful bear. Basically because he wouldn’t give up the food he finally found.

    Wyoming Game and Fish maintains they exhausted their options to save this bear and that is very hard to believe.

    Why didn’t they put him in a more remote area?

    Why would they put him in an area known to be heavily populated by other adult Grizzlies?

    Why not relocate him to a more suitable location with an abundance of food he desperately needed for the winter hibernation?

    Why didn’t he have more time to adjust to his new location or allow him to move on?

    These are just a small sample of questions we want to ask. We will be putting together are series of questions we would like answered.

    Game and Fish killed him less than 3 weeks after his relocation, while he was still trying to establish his new terrain.

    Bear #760 was betrayed by the very people that were sworn to protect him. Please sign this petition to help us make sure this horrific and completely unnecessary mismanagement of an endangered species never happens again. less


  13. This it’s pure annihilation of the wildlife in the wild wasteland. Gee I wonder how the hunters and ranchers are going to feel when the labs is covered in oil rigs, fracking equipment, the rivers and lakes are contaminated to the point where everything is dead or dying including their cattle and sheep. There is a consequence to every action and I’m sorry or I didn’t know just isn’t going to get it…not good enough..


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