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Slaughter-horse hauler’s sentencing delayed


Reported by Nancy Amons


A man who made his living shipping horses to slaughter in Mexico was in court Friday, but his punishment was delayed because of a hidden infusion of money.

This would have been the final chapter in the saga of Dorian Ayache, but there was a snag in his sentencing.

Ayache did not want to talk about his criminal case Friday, and he won’t learn his fate until January.

Ayache was the slaughter-horse hauler whose trucks overturned twice on the interstate, killing several horses.

Federal regulators cited Ayache for a long list of safety violations and for continuing to haul horses under a new company name, even after he’d been shut down by the government.

It turned out that most of the charges against Ayache couldn’t be criminally prosecuted. The case against him was falling apart.

Ayache appeared to be facing very little jail time, possibly even probation.

But Friday, Judge Aleta Trauger took a tougher stance. She was angry after learning Ayache inherited $300,000, but didn’t use any of the money to pay his fines.

Ayache owes the government about $36,000.

The federal prosecutor now wants Ayache to serve three months in prison. But because of the new information, the case was continued.

Trauger had some strong words for Ayache, saying even though the only charge that still stuck was a minor violation, she would consider his entire history.

“He is highly regulated by the government and he could care less what the government tells him to do,” Trauger said.

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  1. I wish the issues with his “couldn’t be criminally prosecuted” were explained! If he has been cited a number of times for violations, it seems there is a record of criminal endangerment on the public roads, so why is this unexplained by the media coverage? Media is so pathetically inept in putting their stories in context


    • Just a reminder, we CANNOT ALLOW ANYONE TO POST A THREATENING COMMENT ABOUT ANYONE on this blog. We need to keep you informed, but even if the subject matter angers you, please do not make threats. We do not condone violence in any way, shape or form.


  2. Leave it to a woman judge to get this horse killing jerk POS to pay his fines, inspite of lack of legal enforcement for ODOT violations and cruelty to horses.


  3. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has many regulations including inspections of vehicles and driving records and drug/alcohol testing and it certainly makes me wonder how he passed these inspections and stayed on the road for years. I know of one case where the federal inspector requested a “gift” from the truck owner and when the trucker refused to “gift” the inspector … the inspector failed the trucker’s inspection.


  4. Elaine, and Diana, I’m w/you. This guy is a danger to humans and definitely all the beautiful horses that came in or will come in contact w/him. This guy is disgusting and a despicable human being – did I say human being. There is no excuse for this individual to harm our beautiful animals.


  5. I think the fact that he does work for our govt. might have something to do with it..we need to actually hold everyone, even the people who try to cover it up accountable..these are crimes, laws have been broken…what is holding up the process…if it were any of us…we would already be in jail…write to the judge, to the politicians involved…Be Brave


  6. How does he get away with this, and why can’t we knowing on ? Several times he has done the same thing and got caught.
    Are we sure it is not the gov. who is protecting him, doing just what they want him to do ? I am tired of looking the other way any one else?
    Enough abuse has been done to these horses already .


  7. Someday (definitely not soon enough for most of us) he will have to answer for his actions against the animals. Money and greed is such a disgusting thing.


  8. Ah, yes. Ayache is one of the many demons walking this planet. I will hold out a hope for justice and also hope that the evil he is attracts more evil to him so that he is saturated in the filth and misery he spews into the world. Maybe he’ll just collapse and suffocate under the weight of it; I do hope so.


  9. demons be damn you know there are to many people getting by with to much ,now days. from the highest position to the lowest. and your right ,if it was you or me — we would be under the jail . when did all the laws become so one sided . this regime is so corrupt and not a thing can be done about it.which avenue can we take, what representative is going to listen to us.


  10. I agree with the comments. I hope he is given jail time. Its incrediable hoiw these people get away with this. Sooner or later there will be NO equines leaving the US for such destinations. As a past hooved humane investigator, I often felt such anger for people who did such inhumane things. But the best way to get justice for our horses was to remain as calm as possible and fight them in court. WE MUST push to get total legislation passed to stop them from leaving the US. Its too bad we couldn’t photograh all the Killers and post their pictures on the internet. It does seem like the wheels of justice are so sloiw for our beautiful horses. Thank you for keeping us informed.


    • Gail, I have often said that killer buyers should be noted on the internet, in papers, and published papers and all information pertaining to them so people wishing to find new homes for their horses don’t fall into letting these “low lifes” get the animals. I think even their kids would hate them when they find out what their fathers (or mothers) do. I know I would forever hate my parents if they ever had anything to do like this to any of our family four legged family members or other peoples animals. These people’s names should appear somewhere they are ostracized by the public mainstream.


  11. No these 2 individuals will literally receive no punishment. Tennessee is a state where animals are seen as a means to an end.Please remember this is a state that was interested in opening a horse slaughter plant.
    The president of the local middle tn appaloosa horse club had applied for a permit to open a horse slaughter plant. Frank Nicely a local state rep. even stated a horse slaughter plant could be a tourist attraction
    The proposed agreement would fine Apache 25000 dollars.Terri Vincent would pay virtually nothing.
    Finally may I express a personal opinion?
    Nancy Amos went out of her way to continue to follow and report this story, unfortunately the humane society in Tn.did very little to expose the individual wanting to open a horse slaughter plant in Tn
    They had very little involvement in going after Three Angels Farm. My statement is my opinion and my experience in questioning local humane society .


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