Equine Rescue

Horse Stuck in Cement Feeding Trough Rescued

Source: necn.com

by Tim Jones

Goshen+Horse+Rescue  photo by Goshen, NH Fire Dept.

Officials worked to rescue a horse that got stuck in a cement feeding trough in Goshen, New Hampshire, Sunday.

Goshen, Newport and Lempster officials worked together to pull the horse from the trough at 700 Mill Village Road. Twenty fire rescue personnel were on scene.

Using straps and lifting together, officials were able to rescue the horse within 35 minutes of the reported call.

Goshen+Horse+Rescue+2 photo by Goshen NH Fire Dept.

The trough was two feet deep and 30 inches wide. The owner did not know how long the horse was stuck in the trough.

One person on scene was evaluated for an injury.

A veterinarian evaluated and treated minor injuries the horse sustained.

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  1. no mention of the horse’s condition prior. This was exactly the same thing that happened in the case of the poor Copiah County, Mississippi horses last month, where a sorrel mare died from thrashing in a concrete feed trough and was so emaciated, she died from exertions to extricate herself. Her photos, and dozens of others showing dead horses and carcasses littering the property, flashed all over the Internet.


  2. This is somewhat off topic but this you must read. This has to do with the USDA and what they have been in the middle of for years. The experimentation on farm animals to try to force the cows to have three or more calves at one time. To me this reads like some of the horror stories about what the Nazi’s did to to their captives in concentration camps during WW-2.
    This is the same USDA that refused to lift a finger to stop any of the cruelty that went on in US horse slaughter plants. Talk about a organization that needs to be shut down this is it.


    • This certainly follows the current treatment of farm animals, doesn’t it? These so-called scientists do sound like the Nazi scientists experimenting with humans. Why is this center exempt from any oversight? This is just downright wrong – to put it very mildly! Good thing there are actual human beings that have spoken out. To allow these people (there are SO many adjectives I could use) to have any dealings with a living creature – they sound more like sociopaths. They don’t know how to gage pain? That is sick…


    • I got to the part where they put 6 bulls in with one constrained cow for hours who was found with broken back legs and tore up. Of course she died, as if they cared. I had to bail for a bit. Will read the rest later. With the piss poor reporting the NY Times has been doing I was surprised to see an article that they actually FOIA’d info on. Well at least someone did a FOIA. Perhaps they could do the same for any future horse articles.


  3. I do not have any kind of container that even a half of a horse would fit in. My Pinto climbs fences, crawls under and over them, after he has ruined them, and would be a serious candidate for this kind of dilemma… and definitely never concrete!


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