BLM selling wild horses & burros like used cars

imageprint (2)
A mare/foal pair in the sale program because they were offered 3 times on the Internet adoption

by Grandma Gregg
Remember when we saw how the BLM was posting lots and lots of wild burros online in order to get them 3-strikes fast so they could sell them to Guatemala?   Recently, and now, the BLM is running our wild horses (and burros!) through the same way – like used cars – and are advertising them for sale on the internet.  (A few links and pics attached, but there are many more online – see the links – and a “new” internet adoption is starting in a few days.)
The BLM is doing this because they can’t use Tom Davis to dispose of horses anymore – so they’re now advertising them to get rid of them as fast as they can, and as I know from personal experience … all the buyer has to do is sign a paper that says they won’t send them to slaughter.  BUT the BLM will NEVER check on them and the buyer can then sell them that same day to another person and bye bye … off to slaughter.
Nobody EVER, EVER, EVER, checked on my wild horse, ACE, and I could have sold him that same day to a kill buyer.
The internet “adoption” has become a bargain “fire sale” clearance rack for our wild ones.  The BLM has to make space for the horses they’ll be rounding up in upcoming roundups.

?????????? in the sale program because he was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption

Sex: Gelded Jack Age: 4 Years   Height (in hands): 12.2Necktag #: 4325   Date Captured: 11/01/10Color: Gray Captured: Born in a Holding Facility

#4325 – (Freezemark 10184325)
4 yr old Gray Gelded Jack. Born Nov 1, 2010 at CAF56 Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse & Burro Corrals.

This Gelded Jack is in the sale program because he was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption. If you are interested in purchasing FM 10184325 please contact Palomino Valley at (775) 475-2222 for the paper work.

Pickup location Palomino Valley Wild Horse & Burro Center Reno, NV

imageprint in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption

Sex: Jenny Age: 3 Years   Height (in hands): 12.2Necktag #: 4584   Date Captured: 10/01/11Color: Brown   Captured: Outside an HMA

#4584 – (Freezemark 11184584) 3 yr old Brown Jenny. Gathered October 1, 2011 from Outside Herd Area in California.

This Jenny is in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption. If you are interested in purchasing Freezemark 11184584 please contact Palomino Valley at (775) 475-2222 for the paper work.

Pickup location Palomino Valley Wild Horse & Burro Center Reno, NV


?????????? in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption


?????????? in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption


imageprint in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption


imageprint in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption


imageprint (1) in the sale program because she was offered 3 times on the Internet adoption

and many more…


  1. Can it get any worse??? Thanknyou for bringing this to our attention. Its so disgusting. I hope that we can stop them from selling off these lovely animals. When I called the White House the other day, I told them that I expected a full accountability for every horse. Evidently someone else had called before me because he asked me if I had called that same day. Its obvious that we are making some head way. Let’s burn these phone lines up and jam the fax machines of every Legislator in Washington DC. How dare them!!!!


  2. This stuff makes me frothing mad… how can there only be so few horses and burros available for adoption when there is, what… 50,000 in holding? The BLM are DISGUSTING non-human waste products. Where are they all going? Where are they all at? They just ignore us, they break the law! Something has got to happen!


  3. Mustanging is still in existence and the majority of the American public don’t know that it is. The BLM does so much to cover this up that they had to create their own so-called “Myths and Facts” page on their website. They assert that the slaughter of wild horses is a myth, but there are too many things that refute their claims. This is a government that is supposed to be “By the People, For the People”, and it’s about time that they start taking us seriously when we say we will not condone the slaughter of OUR wild horses and burros.


  4. WHY can’t the BLM get it right? The morans way up in it will never get it right and in the mean time the horses suffer! What a pity!!!!!


  5. The BLM’s internet adoptions are supposed to be just that … “ADOPTIONS” … where new adopters are required to have good homes for our wild ones and although we know that not all DO end up with good homes … at least the risks for the animals are reduced a little because they are sold for ~$125 each and BLM is supposed to check up on the animals.
    These 3-Strikes horses and burros are sold for next to nothing and nobody will ever see them again … they are being advertised online as if they were a “blue light special”. Call & email BLM and ask them why they are SELLING our horses online and is it legal to do so on a website that is advertised as “adoption” and what kind of guarantee they can give you that the WH&B won’t be on the slaughter block the next day after they are sold. Let BLM know we are watching every move they make and WE DO NOT APPROVE OF ANY OF IT.

    Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief
    Division of Wild Horses and Burros
    (202) 912-7260

    Bolstad, Dean
    Senior Advisor
    (202) 912-7297

    Spencer, Sally J
    Supervisory Marketing Specialist
    (202) 912-7265

    Roberson, Ed
    Assistant Director, Resources and Planning
    (202) 208-4896

    Collins, Debbie
    Wild Horse and Burro PR
    (405) 790-1056


    • GG, I find this as onerous as anyone, but due to amendments to the original law, it IS legal. Seems to me we need to pressure Congress and our state legislators to remove the amendment allowing this sort of backdoor bargaining. If it was illegal (as was the original intent of the law) then the BLM would have to cease these activities or be held accountable in ways they aren’t now.


      • Thank you Icy, but as with most readers of this blog, I am completely aware that selling our wild ones is deemed “legal” – that is not the point. The point is that the average wild horse and burros sales in 2009-2011 were 735 WH&B each year but since the Davis fiasco was made public (i.e. the BLM’s easy disposal method), the average WH&B sales have dropped to only 70 per year in 2013 and 2014 so they are now using the clearance rack method of getting rid of our wild ones – and many will be very “questionable” buyers. This gives us no accountability and definitely no protection for our wild ones.


      • GG, I think the legality IS the point, as there can be no constructive dialogue or change unless and until the laws are changed. The ongoing poor to nonexistent accountability of the current situation provides a new definition of “transparency” which will not (and cannot) change from within.


  6. Shared with: BLM’s 3 feeble adoption attempts – 3 Strikes and can sell for slaughter policy should be illegal! We don’t want to HAVE to adopt/rescue our wild horses and burros! We WANT THEM on our PUBLIC LANDS, running free and taking a big whack out of the big budget the BLM continues to squander on wild horse and burro roundups. The intent of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act is very clear, protect them not kill them.


  7. The problem lies with all the amendments that have been added to the WH&B Act over the years, that have taken away their protections .. I pray that what ever restorations Victoria McCullough is working on for our Wild Ones happens soon.


  8. This is precisely what I anticipated when I first saw the dubious en masse adoptions with the ugly mug shots. We can’t count on Congress to solve this. Congress can’t pass pay raises for themselves right now. Our two options are Justice Courts – an injunction citing irreparable harm being done to wild horses & burros thru these en masse fire sales based on bogus 3 strikes claims.

    The second is the court of public opinion. To win there, we need some visual evidence of ‘lambs to slaughter’. Not easy to get, but very effective if & when we do.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get some -or at least paper trails ? Maybe a damning interview w. a leaker ?


    • Since the BLM reads our blog, it’s best not to strategize about anything online. If anyone has any ideas, you should ask people to contact you personally through your website or Facebook page, and exchange private contact info.


  9. oh my god , just how barbaric these s/o/b/’s have become . ya know just when we think we are making progress and they are smiling in our face an all the time handing the wild ones out the back door . i really hate being nice and speaking with these people and all their underling that answer the phones . make no progress .especially when they are going to do nothing to help our w/h/b/ .


  10. FYI
    re: Scott City BLM holding facility wild horse deaths

    (my request to BLM):
    Ms. Collins,
    Please provide me with an update of the Scott City, Kansas wild horse situation.
    I understand that preliminary necropsy reports are generally available within 48 hours and final reports are available between 15-45 days.
    Have the necropsy reports been completed for the Scott City wild horse deaths last summer?
    When will the necropsy reports be available to the public?
    What is the total death count?
    How many horses were examined, i.e. underwent the necropsy procedure?
    What facility did the necropsies?
    What were the findings of the necropsy reports?
    What procedures were activated to prevent further and future occurrences of wild horse deaths at the Scott City facility?
    What is the current health status of the horses remaining at Scott City?

    (response from BLM):
    Until I have the final report that will be posted online, I do not have the info you requested. However, we will not be reporting any necropsy results. I would have to check to see if those are available or if you will need to request them through a FOIA. I’ll get back to you and let you know for sure. Thank you.
    Debbie Collins
    Bureau of Land Management
    National WH&B Program Specialist


  11. The problem lies with having more animals in custody than you can find homes for by taking EVERYTHING off the range in a roundup with a mane and a tail.

    ‘Gate gathers’ have created nearly insurmountable issues with the captive part of the Program; taking infants and old people makes NO sense whatsoever. But the Program no longer uses any form of logic or restraint, just the “Take ’em all, let God sort ’em out” mentality.

    The BLM has slithered into a major livestock auction and feedlot sales business, sporting that slick smile, spewing the corporate message that this is GOOD for wild horses and burros.

    Sadly, the people GG listed as contacts have eaten this garbage for so long, they no longer question its source – if they ever did.


  12. I have said this several times in the past few years I do not believe there is 50,000 Mustangs in BLM holding facilities. The only ones left are possibly 20,000 left in the pens scattered around the country making it impossible to really get a head count because no one knows for sure where they are being kept. Some are kept for show to trot out for the public to take a tour to prove the horses are in good condition. But the rest of them have went to slaughter I have a good idea. For one thing can anyone really say all of them were freeze branded? Did anyone see it done? What may be pushing the BLM to sell the horses they are offering is because of the of the EU stopping US horses from going to Mexico to be killed. Jan 15, 12015 was the last day any US horses can be killed in a Mexican plant. Canada is on the list too I have a good idea. Because when the EU does pull the plug on Canada the BLM won’t have any place to take them so they are trying to unload them as fast as they can. There are at least two slaughter plants in Canada that have stopped taking horses and are only slaughtering cattle. If someone could have followed the trucks
    after some of the gathers you might be surprised where they went they may have headed for either Mexico or Canada.


  13. I know this is singing to the choir, but BLM’s Internet adoption events are a joke. The ‘three strikes’ program was never intended to include Internet-based adoption events, which are by their very nature, doomed to fail. The market for these horses and burros are people who are scattered all over America, so the animals need to be taken to adoption centers all over America to be exposed to their potential adoptors. Very few people are going to bid on/buy/adopt a wild horse that they can’t see first, and then pay to have it transported hundres or thousands of miles.

    Even Fleet of Angels’ transporters- who offer discounts to at-risk equines, have to at least charge for fuel, so transports of any distance add up to a significant expense. And, to make it even more expensive to transport these wild ones, they have to be hauled loose (not lead or tied), making it much harder to find rides for them. Typical show horse haulers often have an open slot or two, but not a whole empty section of their trailer for these untamed horses- and that’s not even considering the difficulting of finding haulers who are willing to deal with all the associated complications of transporting wild horses for long distances like loading and unloading, overnighting, possible damage to trailers, etc.

    The purpose of Internet adoptions is clearly not to get more horses and burros into homes. The purpose of Internet adoptions is to get more horses and burros into BLMS’s sale authority category so they can be disposed of without any formality, rules, or oversight. Internet adoptions should be held for those few who do get placed through them, but those ‘shams’ of an ‘event’ should not ever count in the ‘three strikes and you’re out!’ program.


  14. On a phone call/shouting match with Debbie Collins about roundups/deaths/handling of horses etc…she yelled back at me “if you want it to change you have to geT an act of Congress”! Well…here is an older version of a bill to repeal The Burns Amendment”. I say we pursue another bill updated. If anyone has connections in DC let present them with this!

    H.R.249 – To restore the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros.
    110th Congress (2007-2008)

    Sponsor: Rep. Rahall, Nick J., II [D-WV-3] (Introduced 01/05/2007)
    Committees: House – Natural Resources | Senate – Energy and Natural Resources
    Committee Reports: H. Rept. 110-93
    Latest Action: 04/26/2007 Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.
    Major Recorded Votes: 04/26/2007 : Passed House
    This bill has the status Passed HouseHere are the steps for Status of Legislation:
    ******IntroducedPassed in the House!!!!

    If it passed in the house where is companion Senate bill? And it probably died in Senate…will be doing alittle research


    • Sioux
      Victoria McCullough is already working on something with her “team” in DC .. im not sure what it is but she has mentioned “restorations to the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971” that are enforceable a few times since the Equine Summit last Spring. so to me that sounds like she has her lobbyists working on legislation that would restore the WH&B Act to its original intent and remove any amendments that stripped away the wild horses and burros protections.


    • My Congressman was on the National Resources Committee a couple years ago and I don’t believe he even botherd to show up to that investigation against BLM.

      This guy signs onto bills protecting animals but when push comes to shove he’s been bought and paid for like everyone else.


  15. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I just watched the so called documentary that Nat Geo did on wild horses and BLM… Shame on you National Geographic! I will never watch another show again. Blatant lies. Always thought National Geographic was the greatest, but I believe it to all be a big pile now. Just makes me sick. Done ranting now. SMH


  16. From US OBSERVER
    By Curt Chancler
    Investigative Reporter

    After four months of looking at the facts and the people involved in an incident that took place on 2-20-2010, at a remote camping area in southern Oregon, I am convinced there is a clear and present danger to the camping public and their families when they enter public lands.

    This clear and present danger comes in the form of out of control public servants that took an oath to protect and serve the very people they are victimizing.
    From the beginning of our investigation on this story, it became apparent very quickly that BLM at both the county and state levels are out of touch and out of control. BLM is an unconstitutional administrative agency that possesses no constitutional police powers or authority to enforce any laws on anyone, yet they do so

    The public’s outcry regarding this type of BLM corruption and abuse of power has been muffled from coast to coast because it is only being reported on by small local newspapers and web sites. The so called main stream media has ignored BLM’s attacks on miners, hunters, and the camping public for years, and these abuses generally go unreported, unless the US~Observer is involved.


  17. Animals Angels has pics of freeze branded wild horses going to Mexico for slaughter.
    Even when a wild horses is “adopted” for $125 a companion can be gotten for $25.
    No compliance check was made when I adopted Corrina and Lily was in the Sugar Creek kill pen . After i year adopters can sell their horses but how many do not wait a year and who ever checks?
    God help our wild horses and burros.


    • The BLM internet WH&B adoption and SALE just ended. Most horses and burros did not even get a bid which adds another “strike” to their record with eventual sale without any restrictions. In addition, many of our WH&B on today’s adoption list were SOLD without restriction for $25 each. Where do you think most of those will end up?
      More used car sales tactics … they want them sold and GONE GONE GONE and they don’t give a hoot what happens to them.


      • When asked about some of our (branded) wild horses being found in a known KB auction facility, BLM’s Debbie Collins said, “If we learned that a purchaser went directly from picking up the horse at a BLM location to a slaughter buyer, etc. then yes we would have a case; otherwise, they can change their mind a month later and resell the animal without penalty.”


      • Was Debbie referring to “adopted” ones or 3 strikes horses? What about the unless agreement not to sell for slaughter regardless. I sure never heard anything about changing ones mind except to return a horse to the BLM.


      • BLM’s Debbie Collins was referring to “titled” mustangs and burros. That would be any older or 3-strikes WH&B that they sold or any adopted WH&B after it became titled. As you said, the agreement to not sell our WH&B to slaughter “regardless” is completely useless. BLM knows it and it is only the good-hearted public that believes our wild ones are safe after being captured.


  18. Besides restoring the WHBAct of 71 to its original intent legislatively, why not also put heat on those Colorado State and County legal authorities who refused to prosecute the case of Tom Davis’ illegal sale of thousands of mustangs, when the evidence (and open confession by Mr. Horsemeat Davis) was already ferreted out by the BLM’s Inspector General? Would welcome any contact details or other info for followup on this.

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  19. Is there a way to get Ford involved (think sponsorship and $$) to help rescue the “Mustang”??? I recently met some higher level engineers for Ford and they didn’t even know Mustang background and they thought it would be a great philanthropic mission for Ford. (I own a mustang mare.)


    • Although I think this idea was tried many years ago and I don’t know the results and things have changed since then. If you know some associates with the FORD company, then I think it might be worth a try. In doing so, I hope you will give them facts and not BLM propaganda. There are no excess wild horses and burros on their congressionally designated lands and THAT is where they need to stay. Good luck and thank you.


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