Battling Horse Slaughter: The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

Source: Anonymous Contributor

“Below is an actual recent phone conversation between a well known equine advocate (name withheld to protect the innocent) and a horse hater (name withheld to protect the stupid) who crawled out from underneath his rock in an obvious effort to display his lack of knowledge, education and social mores.  True, it is just another day in the life of an advocate but often it helps to share some of the joy with other like minded souls.  Enjoy!” ~ R.T.

A redneck sounding guy from (deleted) left me a voice message to call him this morning. Five minutes later, he left a second and identical message. He said it was about horse slaughter. I told (delete) it did not sound like one of our folks! She said “I think that is a safe assumption.”

I called him back and the conversation went something like this (although he continually talked over me):

Eaten  horse is good fer ur complection, er, looks
Eaten horse is good fer ur complection, er, looks

Him: Are you (delete)?.
Me: Yes

Him: Are you against horse slaughter?
Me: Yes

Him: Can I ask you why on earth you would be against it?
Me: It is a cruel betrayal to the horses and the meat is unfit for human consumption.

Him: I could understand that if you were a woman who had raised a horse as a pet, but for a man to think like that is ridiculous.
Me: I can see how a person like yourself might confuse compassion and femininity. Still, I am against cruelty and selling contaminated meat.

Him: Bull s**t!  Ever since the GD Congress closed the plants you can’t get jack for a horse and they are suffering.
Me: Well, how do you say that given there was no reduction in the number of horses going to slaughter. They just went to Canada and Mexico.

Him: I don’t say we should kill all horses, I wouldn’t kill a really good one. But you used to get $1,500 for a nag, now you can’t get $300. I have a load of horses here that I am taking down to Mexico to get knocked in the head and make me some money. (I think he was trying to get me upset with that imminent threat. Like I would panic at the thought given the river of horses we have had to witness going to slaughter all these years.)

Me: You better hurry, the Europeans won’t take the meat any more because horses are not raised as food animals and they have found lots of dangerous drugs in the meat. I am sure you know why slaughter animals have ear tags.

Him: Bull s**t! We use exactly the exact same drugs on cattle as horses and just keep them up for 30 days.
Me: Then you better hope you don’t get caught! Besides, I have studied the statistics and found closing the slaughter plants had nothing to do with the rate of abuse and neglect. Again, how could it if we still slaughter just as many horses?

Him: Bull s**t! It destroyed the horse market.
Me: Then you can tell me how many horses we sent to slaughter last year?

Him: Probably about 20,000.
Me: Over 150,000. Ask the USDA.

Him: It wasn’t enough!
Me: How many would we need to kill to make the market improve? Did you know that breeding is way down since 2005?

Him: Horse crap. The auctions are full of horses and you can’t get anything for them. Every jackass in the world is breeding a horse in their backyard because they think they need a colt.
Me: We agree on breeding! However, if you don’t believe breeding is down, talk to the AQHA, their registrations are off more than 50%.

Him: The AQHA is disgusting. They wrecked that breed. Quarter horses are just pigs on stilts now.
Me: Hey, we agree again! But it is happening to all breeds.

Him: You are the stupidest men I ever met.
Me: Perhaps, but I think you confuse your strongly held opinions with knowledge. I have had my work reviewed in a law journal and they found it accurate. BTW, if you want to know what really causes abuse and neglect to increase it is the price of hay. It has increased 250% in many states over the past decade.

Him: Of course feed is important. The drought has hurt a lot of livestock business, but that all happened after the plants closed.
Me: No, one of the biggest droughts was in 07-08. It hit the Southeastern and Northwest US hard, just as the US plants were closing. Besides, the biggest impact has been from the shift of land use away from hay and into subsidized corn for ethanol as the price of gas went up. Hay crops were dropping every year until about a year ago.

Him: What is wrong with slaughtering horses right here and creating some good jobs for Americans?
Me: The jobs wouldn’t go to Americans, they would go to illegals like they always have, and they are not “good” jobs. They are dangerous and low paying.

Him: So what?  Illegals need to earn a living too. (I can’t believe this guy would be pro-immigrant!)
Me: Do you know what a horse slaughter plant does to the crime rate in a town?

Him: You have to be an idiot not to see that this all happened after the plants closed.
Me: Perhaps you should look for some facts to go with your opinions. It really helps drive your points home.

Him: Where the hell do you live? I bet you live in New York City?
Me: Virginia

Him: I bet you never even owned a horse in your life.
Me: We have 15 and I have owned horses for 50 years. You?

Him: Then you are a GDMF dumb ass <click>

Gotta love it!


  1. Hi, I’m an animal advocate and I shared on FB with an equine advocate… She should appreciate the Dumb Arse conversation, I know i did… LOL… Have a good day…


  2. Well, so much for a good college try. I am sickened and shocked by the laziness of these killers. Is it really as easy as collecting living creatures and selling them or killing them to make a living? I mean, how dampened down is your spirit to keep from feeling the pain and fear of these beauties as they realize their existence is ignored? We have a very real societal glitch happening and most media just keeps plugging at keeping the “man” (violence and murder) behind the curtain. You cannot be bleeding to death and deny the knife is sharp.


  3. The mentality of Pro-slaughter desperation lacking the ability to earn an honest living…You can’t change Stupid………….


  4. And this is the voice of reason that drives horse slaughter.. Thanks for the attempt at showing him the way….but as we all know,.you can’t fix stupid…..


  5. Hahahaha! All I can do is laugh at that! Love that you were trying to convince him that he needs REAL FACTS to hold up his end of the argument and then he hung up. Classic!
    Thankfully after Declan’s trip to DC last week truly made us feel that this year is the year! Lots already happening to protect American horses from slaughter and from crossing the boarders for slaughter. His meeting with House Majority Leader McCarthy went very very well and I’m encouraged just by the fact that he evenet with Declan in the first place. It wasn’t a photo op and a hand-shake, he listened to Declan and that tells me a lot! Very rare to get face-time with Leader McCarthy. Hoping soon we wI’ll no longer have to deal with such complete and utter stupidity!!!


    • We dont have to deal with it. The horses do. Thousands still crossing the border. And pens full of burros whose destiny is to shed their skin for boiled tonic for Chinese cures. But every bit helps.
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  6. OMG I had the best laugh at that man’s expense. Ignorance is one thing, you can fix it with a little education, but plain ol’ stupidity can’t be fixed no matter how hard they try. Dumb dumb dumb dumb……lmbo


  7. Gotta wonder what his intent was?? Did he really think he was going to insult and intimidate you into “converting”..?? I pray for whatever poor unfortunate horses find themselves in his clutches..


  8. What it boils down too:
    He thinks he should be able to do it because he wants to do it. And he doesn’t care if it makes sense. It’s inconvenient to him. Doesn’t the rest of the world know he’s god and every law should revolve around what’s convenient for him?



    The three horses, identified with the help of Deborah Jones and additional investigation, were Magickylie, a three-time winner whose last start was March 19 at Mountaineer Park in West Virginia; Marek’s Czech, who won two of 22 starts and last raced Feb. 9 at Charles Town; and Lion R Ess VP, one for 15 and last raced at Penn National April 5. Bliss owned the latter two in the name of his Twenty Twenty Stable, while Magickylie was owned and trained by Jerry Norwood, who asked Bliss to find a home for the horse that would keep him out of “harm’s way” – in other words, a kill auction and slaughter plant. Norwood has since died, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

    Bliss said Lefever told him she never takes horses to kill auctions and always finds them a good home.

    There were, however, some skeptics like Tera Schauer of the Happy Tails Holistic Rescue Rehabilitation and Sanctuary in Paxinos, Pa. Schauer was concerned that Lefever was posting an unusually high number of ex-racehorses for sale on her Facebook page and noticed that when someone posed a question about one of the horses, Lefever would reply that the horse was gone.

    Deborah Jones in California notifed Schauer that Lefever had claimed to be fostering horses on behalf of Schauer’s rescue, Happy Tails. Several weeks before the Beau Jaques incident when Schauer talked with Lefever – who she said had been portraying herself as someone working to save the lives of horses and rehome them – Lefever said she had grown up in a family of horse dealers and kill buyers and had even dated a kill buyer at one time. Schauer said Lefever told her she had undergone a transformation and now wanted to save horses from slaughter.



  10. “Can”T fix stupid.”….Ron White (not that he’d be a supporter of equine welfare as a past bull rider; but who knows).

    Bottom line, and I DON’T CARE what side you are on, I have studied agriculture and animal livestock production and US Equines ARE NOT A FOOD PRODUCT.

    The food companies know this. They (and the phone cretin) have been living on the lie that is Human Consumption Horse Slaughter (HCHS).

    As to the “evil” at the end of a phone line….you are evil.


  11. Awww arent they cute when they are Nuts? About slaughter that is? So by the Very reports. the proslaughter nuts use to argue for horse slaughter they want to say state the prices fell out. No the USDA says it was only a 5percent drop. 5 percent. Their running rumors makes their horses less valuable. Second. He IS a Backyard breeder. If he Not in the Multi Million dollar farm bracket with all horses over a set 1 million floor on prices then your a backyard breeder. If your not reading about the Economic downturn you are Ignorant proslaughter.. people lost their homes and farms so the bottom in horses fell out. People went on food stamps to save their families. Americans waited for hobs for several months to several years. Major corporations went under and many more laid off historical amounts of workers. Next…..the woman comment… then as of this moment Every woman who doesnt matter to the antislaughter campaign would be equal to every woman that is For it. Explanation….then All the work lady horse haters do is irrelevant. By the way if he had horses that wont sell. Take that load in and GET OUT of Horses. Its an industry for horse people. If you care only about money. GET OUT NOW. when your done horse hating people can bring prices up faster and make ownership worthwhile again.


    • Ps dont hold the phone close when u talk these folks for 2 reasons….one they are very Vulgar and rampant rapid fire forceful talkers and you dont want to partake in the lightning strike that inevitably will come from the Heavens for being so spiteful to Gods creations.


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