BLM to hold public hearing in Fallon, NV, on Thursday (3/19/15)

Flanigan_Dogskin_Mountain_and_Granite_Peak_Horse_Gather.-WidePar-000101-Image.WideParimage.2.2 photo:  BLM

Wild horse & burro advocates, please attend if you can.  All future roundups and Environmental Assessments in this BLM District will be based on this 10-15 year Resource Management Plan (RMP).  Tell the BLM to make sure to use a viable herd number, 120-150 breeding age adults, for the Appropriate Mangement Level (AML) of wild horses and burros on each of the HMAs.  Also, ask the BLM if they are counting the foals as part of the total number.  The Carson City District Office has many wild horse Herd Management Areas, and we have put the low to high AML (from BLM statistics as of March, 2014) next to the name of the HMA, along with the number of acres in the HMA.

Sierra Front Field Office:
Dogskin Mountains (10-16 wild horses)  6,895 acres

& Granite Peak (11-18 wild horses)  3, 886 acres
Flanigan (80-125 wild horses)   17,101 acres
Pine Nut Mountains (118-179 wild horses)   90,000 acres

Stillwater Field Office:
Clan Alpines (503-979 wild horses)   314,986 acres
Desatoya (127-180 wild horses)   161,000 acres
Garfield Flat (75-125 wild horses)   141,800 acres
Lahontan (7-10 wild horses)  11.000 acres
Marietta Wild Burro Range (75-104 wild burros)  68,000 acres
Pilot-Table Mountain (249-415 wild horses)   255,040 acres
South Stillwater (8-16 wild horses)  10,000 acres
Wassuk (109-165 wild horses)  54,000 acres

For more information, click HERE.

Written comments can be sent to:  Carson City RMP,  Bureau of Land Management,  Carson City District Office, 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, NV  89701    FAX: (775) 885-6147    Email comments can be sent to   (You can put your name and e-mail address, but if you put your home address, make sure to prominently state in your letter that you don’t want your home address to be made public.)

BLM to hold public meeting in Fallon on Thursday


The Bureau of Land Management Carson City District is holding on Thursday a public hearing on the Carson City District Draft Resource Management Plan.

Speakers will be required to sign in to speak. There will be a three-minute time limit for each speaker and a court reporter will be present to document all public comments.

Public hearing comments will be incorporated into the official record and will be included in the final document. BLM managers and staff will be available from 5-5:45 p.m. to interact with the public and answer questions.

The formal public hearing will begin at 6 p.m. The public hearing will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. in the Churchill County Commission Chamber, 155 N. Taylor St.


  1. If you can’t make the meeting if you dont live in the area, can we send faxes to their office with our concerns? The public lands belong to all of us in what ever state you live in. So everyone should jam their faxes. I also have heard that there may be a problem at the border exporting US horses. I have been calling the USDA and have been given numbers which ring and ring- No voice mail no nothing. I called Dick Durbins office yesterday and Mark Kirk today. I told him I thought it was a holiday since no one was answering the phone. One woman gave me a fax number..hello!!! I tried all avenues to find out what was going without any answers. I figured I would go right to the source. Believe it or not the European Union has a website which includes an email address for questions and comments. I told them I was doing some research and asked them to give me the correct info. I also shared my feelings about American equines being imported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. I think it would behove all of us to take a few minutes and go to their website and share our feelings as Americans. If they refuse to take US horses there will be no need for the auctions or the Killer Buyers. Hopefully, my calls/emails will be answered. My request to the EU was given a number for follow up. Let thr Killer Buyers get real jobs!


    • Thanks, Barbara! I just added the info above, and here it is again:

      Written comments can be sent to: Carson City RMP Bureau of Land Management Carson City District Office 5665 Morgan Mill Road Carson City, NV 89701 FAX: (775) 885-6147 Email comments can be sent to (You can put your name and e-mail address, but if you put your home address, make sure to prominently state in your letter that you don’t want your home address to be made public.)


  2. Today is the meeting, good luck.
    Those HMAs are shrinking in size and so many small herds are isolated from each other. It’s interesting and very SAD to contrast the size of HMAs in a map form over the past 5-10-15 years. Year by year the HMAS got smaller and he natural migration of horses cut off from each other.


  3. Do NOT be dismayed if you do not get comments in today for the public meeting because the actual final date they will be accepting comments on the RMP is April 27th. So saddle up pals … and let’s give them some good comments before that date.


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