Wild Horses: A New Adobe Town Arrival at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

SOURCE:  wildhoofbeats.com

by Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation


Gwendolyn greets Sabrina and Bronze Warrior’s filly

I headed to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary last week so that I could be there to witness the 10 wild horses from Adobe Town getting released into their new home at the Sanctuary – a huge open pasture.


Storm and Sundance


Aurora looks pregnant to me

When I arrived, I was delighted to find that tensions had cooled between the former stallions, and Sundance was keeping a respectful distance from Bronze Warrior’s family. It was so good to see Bronze Warrior with his family. Theodore, Diamond Girl and Snowfall were all busy eating hay when I arrived and I was very pleased to see that Snowfall had gained back most of the weight he had lost at the roundup and at the corrals. Diamond Girl has developed quite a belly, and I speculated about which of the mares might be pregnant. Gwendolyn had lost her foal the the Rock Springs Corrals, but Diamond Girl and Aurora and Sabrina looked as though they might very well be having babies soon.


Diamond Girl




9 comments on “Wild Horses: A New Adobe Town Arrival at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

  1. Thank you, Carol. These horses are gorgeous to look at and it’s wonderful to hear they are safe, but I especially appreciate your inside perspective of their interactions within the herd/family which really explains another special piece of the wild horse world.


  2. America’s Wild Horses & Burros have gone “global” and are getting international attention.
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  3. Thank you Carol for pictures and update on their arrival, since entering the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. It’s so interesting to be able to follow up and know they are safe. What a wonderful and happy experience for you to see them in their new home and even better, providing everyone with your story. Thank you. (-:


  4. The new filly looks so much like the one Sabrina lost in Rock Springs it’s no wonder she’s so attentive. Any updates on what happened to that (her last) foal?


  5. Thank you, Carol for the pictures and update. I hope to someday get over to BHWHS to see the Adobe Town families! Not sure if it will be this summer or next. Going to go see the Cloud families first this summer!


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